Pimping Ain’t Easy…

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Media

If there is one thing people in this country despise, it is double standards, or hypocrisy.

It is arrogant, judgemental, and some would say it is downright Un-Australian.

If there are two things that a CEO, business person, or politicians in particular, don’t want to find themselves caught up in, they are corruption, or prostitution, it does not make for a good look at all. If the suspected corruption should happen to involve prostitutes, then that’s even worse.

I have lost track how many times that someone has been portrayed in the press as being somebody of poor character, or somebody not to be trusted because they were involved in prostitution. It doesn’t really make any difference in what aspect they are involved either, whether they are a brothel owner, a pimp, or someone who uses prostitution services, any association with this industry is viewed as dodgy, any direct involvement with it is portrayed as though it is proof of guilt of something or rather.

It would seem that only someone like Snoop Dog can hold their head high when it comes to being a pimp.

Snoop Dogg, the pimpmeister

Snoop Dogg, the pimpmeister

This picture of apparent evil and perversion is thrust at us almost daily via elements of the mainstream press. The press would have us believe that the worlds oldest industry is also the worlds seediest.

Today I wanted to talk about one of the unsung leaders in the sex industry, and arguably the country’s largest promoter of prostitution services. Some may draw the line at referring to them as a pimping service, however I think if the cap fits… This is a company that unquestionably draws a huge income from promoting brothels, sex lines, and prostitutes.

So huge is this company that it has approximately 8,000 employees nationwide, and offices spread across the states promoting sex services from each one of those offices. So determined to promote prostitution for profit is this company that it even promotes services at a local level, probably in your town or suburb.

This company is called News Ltd, printers of propaganda, sex industry advertising, and the occasional news story.

We have all seen the articles denouncing those for using prostitution services, or being involved in the sex industry, but how many have stopped to contemplate the hypocrisy of this?

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph for example has so many advertisements for adult services that they have felt the need to include a locality guide in their paper for Adult Services. In my local News Ltd paper, there are pages of advertisements for adult services, and in todays Telegraph alone there are 151 advertisements from the sex industry, in fact more space is dedicated to sex industry services than any other category in the classifieds, and Friday is considered a quiet day.

One page of todays Telegraph, note the handy locality guide

One page of todays Telegraph, note the handy locality guide

Don’t try and tell me that these are legitimate therapeutic services either. My local gymnasium when it advertises massage services doesn’t feel the need to use words like “fantasy” or “discreet” in their advertising.

Prostitution and pimping pay for the services and opinions of journalists and opinion writers alike at News Ltd.

But is it just prostitution that makes News Ltd a dodgy, immoral company that is not to be trusted? I come to this opinion based on News Ltd’s own portayal of those others involved to a lesser degree in the sex industry.

Many of the “Indian Beauty’s” and “Saucy Young Asian Girls” at these News Ltd clients are believed to be illegal immigrants, who allegedly work “off the books”.  I contacted some of those advertised in todays paper regarding this, they would neither confirm or deny allegations of illegal workers.  Those people who do work illegally, pay no tax, and are the kind of people normally described by News Ltd publications as bludgers or queue jumpers bleeding the Australian taxpayer dry.

I had kind of reached the opinion by now that News Ltd weren’t the greatest fan of illegal immigrants, certainly their columnist’s give that impression.

However, based on the content of their publications, it would now appear that illegal immigration, working illegally without visa, evading tax, and the use of public services others pay for is quite OK if News Ltd receive a piece of the action. In fact, News Ltd will even help promote it.

People like Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman must sleep well knowing that their propaganda services are paid for by prostitution and with advertising paid for by employers of illegal immigrants, possibly even the people smugglers they claim to despise.

Pimpin' Piers Akerman

Pimpin’ Piers Akerman

On page eight of todays Daily Telegraph is a full-page advertisement for Woolworths. I wondered if there were any double standards at play here when it come to the treatment of customers who purchase products or services that the News Ltd advertise.

I decided to do a little research and scoured through Google’s archives. I could find no examples of a News Ltd publication condemning someone for shopping at Woolworths, no photos of MP’s trying to hide their face as they flee the shopping centre in shame, no businessman being publicly humiliated for loitering in the frozen food aisle. Yet when it comes to New Ltd’s vast adult services section, different standards seem to apply.

 Maybe it’s just me, but if I were a business I would think twice before advertising with a publication that seems to set out to publicly humiliate the customers I spend vast amounts of money to attract. In particularly if I were advertising a service as discreet, I wouldn’t expect those I advertise with throwing my clients face all over the front pages of a paper. But that’s just me….Some would say, it is too easy for someone who writes articles which are paid for by the donations of readers for the most part to criticise News Ltd for being such prolific pimps, pushers of prostitution, and possible profiteers from people smuggling. To those people I say, look at the Sydney Morning Herald, or The Age, they seem to manage just fine without that type of clientele or advertising.

Just thought I'd throw this picture in. Not for any particular resaon...

Sex Sells?

If I ever run advertising on any site or publication that I may one day manage, I hope I never feel the need to stoop quite so low.

As some of you may know I am looking for work at the minute, and would be thrilled at the opportunity to write for someone somewhere. It is fair to say that given this, you may be scratching your head as to why I would be shooting myself in the foot in such a manner with a company that controls as much of the media as News Ltd, and I guess I won’t be expecting emails or calls from them any time soon. But I’m sorry, where I see blatant hypocrisy on such a grand scale I’m gonna continue to call it…

That’s how I sleep at night.

  1. jaycee says:

    Jeesus, wixxy!..That last pic..do you think you can put a “veil of discretion” over it with a “choose at your own peril “if one wants to see it!!?

    • wixxy says:

      I know, it’s a shocker eh….
      Maybe I should run a competition to guess the colour of his togs… winner gets 3 Therapy sessions and a bottle of Vodka…

  2. Kevin says:

    Talking about Woolworths. I am wondering if the ex-Senator Fisher got caught shoplifting at Woolworths?

  3. dafid1 says:

    Well said Wixxy, that pic of the AkerBuddah is a danger to shipping, should have warning lights…deserves a much wider publication.
    Whats this you are looking for work, thought you were with IA?
    Best wishes

    • wixxy says:

      Some of my writing gets published on IA, but that doesn’t really pay a salary…

      IA are just getting started really and don’t have huge funding…

      • dafid1 says:

        Hope you will be advising the Guardian of your excellent credentials for when they kick off here, you can be assured the twitter family will support you, will make a point of letting my followers know. Through them we can reach tens of thousands 🙂 You are a good man Wixxy and talented.

  4. Bamm Poww….. Wixxy great piece mate. Love the linked metaphor. Mate great piece of thinking and so incredibly apt. It’s like when they have Jon Ibraham on the front page, in the social pages with a full page ad promoting Underbelly .

    The double standards of these smut peddlers is as offensive of that picy of coke sniffin Wackyman, ( where’s the disclaimer by the way , I scrolled down and had trouble holding my lunch down) wrong on so many levels.

    Keep up the good work mate and good luck with the gig hunting.

  5. sue says:

    So the only businesses willing to pay money to News ltd for advertising are the brothels. A good match.

  6. Dez says:

    Ah….Akerman (aka Poisonous Toad, public inciter of the extremely thick and the gullible)…….
    Pimpin’ would be 2nd nature to lecherous cretin like him.

    A quick read of his Wikipedia entry shows he is perfectly qualified to write for News Ltd and conduct a little pimpin’ on the side.

  7. You got my attention – I thought you were going to suggest Federal Govt. for pushing single mothers off well fare…Great piece for Australia Day weekend to ponder – the flesh/ slave/labour markets exploited by damned publishers and hypocrites. Thanks for highlighting.

  8. Anne says:

    Peter, a great story and one which I was unaware of in Victorian Regional.
    Does Murdoch sitting up in his castle know about this, or is it like Phone Tapping, he doesn’t know
    Wishing you well on getting a great position, we all recommend you.


  9. Marilyn says:

    Australia has a terrible record for sex slave trafficking but the only thing we do about it is treat the women like criminals instead of victims.

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