Slow Hands

Posted: January 23, 2013 in HSU Saga

For many years now people have questioned whether police are ever booked for speeding, however based on the length of time investigations seem to take, I would doubt speed comes into the equation.

There is a snails pace, there is glacial pace, and then there is the pace in which the police investigation of rorting the Health Services Union seems to move at, impossible to detect with the naked eye.

There are allegations against those reportedly involved in the apparent missing millions and the factional power playing within the union, Michael Williamson, Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler, and of course Craig Thomson.

It was all the way back on 21st December 2011 when Fair Work Australia Vice President Michael Lawler first involved himself in the scandal by complaining to police about a private email from HSU Divisional Secretary Carol Glen that he miraculously seemed to have knowledge of. This complaint was made to Strikeforce Carnarvon, and further fuelled the media circus. Strikeforce Carnarvon was formed in early September 2011 on the back of allegations made by Kathy Jackson.

So what stage are we up to in the investigations after all this time?

In Sydney tomorrow, Michael Williamson fronts up to court yet again to make pleas on the multitude of charges that he faces, it is also expected that there will be new charges laid against him as well.

Craig Thomson, who has had more investigations into him than Al Capone is yet to have any criminal charge brought against him. The Fair Work Australia case however still looms for him in February as investigators frantically seek to find evidence of Thomson being within a 10 mile radius of a brothel. While previous subpoena’s served on brothels turned up didley squat, more subpoenas have now gone out to other brothels.

More subpeonas for brothels? Craig wears the face of concern

More subpeonas for brothels? Craig wears the face of concern

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was conducting the investigation and I was confident that I knew of Thomson visiting a particular brothel, then that brothel would have been on my first list of those to receive a subpoena. This second round of subpoenas gives the impression that the first was either based on misinformation supplied to them, or a complete fishing expedition. Given the first rounds failure to produce anything, it would appear to the onlooker as if someone has pulled out the Yellow Pages, looked up B for Brothel and sent more subpoenas out with fingers and toes crossed.

I also wonder about the supposed Fairfax evidence of brothel visits that created the media circus and ensuing harassment of Thomson and his family. I am referring to the receipts that we have discussed previously that Fairfax pulled from their websites. If Fair Work Australia are not deeming these receipts worthy of using in their case, given the amount of time, effort, and resources spent on trying to find the flimsiest of evidence, my uneducated guess would be that this evidence is about as rock solid as a marshmallow in a microwave. It is also worth remembering that this disowned evidence formed the entire basis of the public perception of Thomson.

Dodgier than a 3 day old kebab? The apparently disowned Fairfax evidence

Dodgier than a 3 day old kebab? The apparently disowned Fairfax evidence

In 20 years will there still be a public interest in chasing Thomson I wonder.

Things have gone quiet on the Jackson front. The woman who last year could not find enough cameras to stand in front of, or find enough microphones to read pre-prepared scripts into seems to have gone terribly quiet all of a sudden.

Kathy Jackson who is finally being investigated by police for the overwhelmingly vast number of questionable financial transactions, enormous union credit card expenditure, and statements to the press that have been shown to be false, may have good reason for her silence. She is hoping to leave the country in March, and questions have been raised as to when and if she will return to face allegations.

Kathy Jackson, whose entire career has been spent with the financially struggling union, now has her multi-million dollar mansion on the market, and is seeking to leave the country and marry Michael Lawler. As we know Lawler is the Vice President of FWA, the organisation that investigated the HSU and ignored Kathy’s Number 3 Branch, and the national office from the time she took over from Thomson. Ain’t love grand?

The happy couple, getting ready to bail?

The happy couple, getting ready to bail?

So I have a couple of queries.

Where is the police investigation into Kathy Jackson up to? Are the allegations and evidence against Michael Lawler being investigated? Are we happy to allow these two to leave the country during such a major investigation? Has anyone checked extradition procedures from counties such as Greece given they plan to honeymoon in Europe and Kathy may have dual citizenship?

These are important questions I’d like to see answered by Victoria Police, however in the absence of these questions being addressed, I have another one.

Has the Victorian Police Minister, or Victorian Police Commissioner, or any of the investigating officers been asked to ensure the investigation doesn’t move too quickly?

Given the praise publicly heaped on Kathy Jackson by Tony Abbott, and given Michael Lawler was appointed by Tony Abbott it has raised doubts in my mind.

You may recall when Craig Thomson was being investigated, a lot of questions were raised when Shadow Attorney General George Brandis contacted several influential people to try and hurry things along. Given there is a Coalition Government in Victoria it has made me wonder if some sort of “go slow” is in progress.

Now that there are Secretary’s in the Victorian HSU Branches that are not a part of the Jackson faction, the full extent of the damage is starting to become apparent. As factional bully Bolano faces questions over breaches of his court intervention order put in place to protect Diana Asmar, and those now in charge attempt to rebuild the union for the members, the factional leader that presided over all of this carnage packs her bags and checks her passport.

As for the case against Williamson, there are still some questions to be answered, as I’m sure that Williamson was not working alone. If he was receiving kickbacks, or secret commissions as the statements from police would indicate, where did these kickbacks come from?

Back on 24th February 2012 the police raided the property of John and Carron Gilleland, owners of Communigraphix Pty Ltd, a supplier of printing services to the HSU. Documents and equipment were seized and 11 months later nothing has come from this aside from this statement made to The Australian:

“Police have indicated to The Australian that they do not expect to bring charges against Mr Gilleland or his wife Carron.”

Suspicions regarding Communigraphix were raised as it was deemed by some to be suspicious that the company invoiced approximately $680,000 per annum, which is apparently a large amount for the publishing and distribution of 11 glossy colour 48 page magazines to tens of thousands of members. As it turns out, the Temby Report states that the approximately $680,000 was in fact Communigraphix total income per annum, not just the magazine.

So what of other suppliers?

The Temby report mentions Communigraphix as a high cost supplier, but amongst others also mentions another company named Access Focus. According to the Temby Report Access Focus received a little over $4.5m ex GST from 3 October 2007 to 30 September 2011. That is over $1.1Million a year, and almost double the income of Communigraphix according to Temby.

Access Focus owner Alf Downing

Access Focus owner Alf Downing

When asked about providing secret commissions Fairfax’s Kate McClymont was told…

”I don’t give backhanders because I don’t make enough money”

…by Alf Downing, the apparently short of money owner of the Viwa Island Resort in Fiji, and owner of Access Focus.

Doing it tough at the Fiji resort

Doing it tough at the Fiji resort

One would hope that Access Focus is being looked into closely.

Another interesting person who is still a current supplier of IT services to the Union is a man by the name of Bruce Daniels. Bruce’s services were retained by the administrator and I am curious as to why.

United Edge were an IT company who were paid vast amounts of money to provide services to the HSU. The directors of United Edge according to the Temby Report were Michael Williamson, Brad Bird, and Bruce Daniels.

Michael Williamson as we know is facing charges regarding his financial practices whilst running the HSU, as well as charges for the recruiting and attempts to recruit others to hinder the police investigation. One of those named as being allegedly recruited by Williamson to “carry out a criminal activity” in order to hinder a police investigation was Brad Bird. This criminal activity was allegedly to do with the destruction of evidence such as electronic files from the network managed by United Edge. Based on the salaries of the directors of United Edge it is easy to come to the conclusion that Bruce Daniels held a position of far greater power and control than Bird given that his salary dwarfed Birds, yet he still receives payment from the Union for services. This seems a trifle odd to say the least.

Given the amount of information that has circulated, and the amount of resources dedicated to this case, I am bewildered as to why it would appear that Williamson seems to be the only one in the sights of police in NSW.

I am even more bewildered as to why it took so long to launch an investigation into Kathy Jackson in Victoria , and why it is taking so long to lay charges.

One more thing, if Michael Williamson has had his passport revoked, could I be so bold as to suggest the same for Kathy Jackson?

Just a suggestion…

  1. David Horton says:

    Worth noting too the once ubiquitous presence of Jackson on 730 Report, softly interviewed by Uhlmann night after night.

  2. Colin says:

    Fancy being so bold to suggest revoking her passport; particularly with March looming at the speed of light! She may already have another one in some other name…I mean they missed the refugee smuggler at the Border after his face and alerts were placed on national television;because of ???

    As to the extensive police investigations, they need to be carried out in a thorough and orderly manner with fair due process, unhurried, in a manner as to not jeopardise a legal outcome; nor prejudice anything especially an election outcome!

  3. John O'Callaghan says:

    I believe certain members in the AFP,the Federal LNP,the NSW Government,Jackson and her cronies,the MSM and that idiot Ashby are corrupt and should be investigated.

  4. captain51 says:

    Keep up the great work, Peter.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Colin the man was not a frigging people smuggler, he was a refugee.

    Why you believe such idiotic propaganda is beyond me but the spiv. for Sarah Ferguson was so reliable the UNHCR cancelled his protection status due to evidence of war crimes he had committed as part of Saddam Husseins murderous gangsters.

    The people he claimed were smugglers were refugees, Ferguson knew that and did not care.

    As for this – why do the ABC through Simon Cullen endlessly have to claim charges have been laid againt Thomson but he has denied them?

    Almost everything claimed by FWA and Temby was thrown in the bin by KPMG and the AEC, are their memories so short they can;t remember their own frigging newscasts?

    • wixxy says:

      Simon Cullen has actually been probably the best reporter on the HSU matter, he is one of the few willing to look at all the facts.

      • Marilyn says:

        Yeah, but he endlessly reports the same crap.

        I had a debate with him a few weeks back pointing out that the refugee convention and the rights of asylum seekers is nothing to do with border protection.

        He said “who cares, that is how I will report it”.

  6. dafid1 says:

    It is time Thommo started throwing defamation writs at a few people. Maybe that will get those trying to drag out what is now obviously trumped up accusations, off their backsides. The whole affair is a joke, a cruel one. He and his family deserve better at the hands of the law in this country.

  7. Catching up says:

    Where does the judges siblings work?

  8. Hi Wixxy, just wanted to ask if a person owes Tax is it true they cannot leave the country owing the ATO. She does not seem the type to be diligent in paying what is owed!!!

  9. Kevin says:

    “She is hoping to leave the country in March” read Kathy Jackson is skipping the country, to escape Criminal Charges, because she knows she done wrong and is too weak to face the music.

    Also there should be a police investigation into Fairfax and their links to Kathy Jackson and their deals?

  10. jaycee says:

    Peter..It is a known fact in certain legal circles that “Scotch-on-the-rocks” tastes so much better when being drunk from a cut-crystal tumbler rather than an old vegemite glass after “licking arse” !
    Actually, I believe that tip can possibly, maybe, perhaps be found in certain “authority” manuals!

  11. scotto says:

    Absolutely top article. Thanks.

  12. Lizzie says:

    Another great article in this sorry saga, hope you are reaping some reward from your readers for the time you invest in bringing us the real story.

  13. Well at least you can’t complain about the police not moving!

    Anyone who thinks the police are honest needed their head read, I put the chances of the police not backing Kathy Jackson’s frauds at best 50/50. If you needed any proof of that look no further than the alleged collar bomb hoax – the poor bastard serving time had the lack of good sense to threaten his former asian business partner with exposure and/or blackmail. So he and his neighbour fixed him up with the collar bomb hoax – and what was the piece of evidence that caused Peters to fold? You guessed it – a credit card statement for the purchase of a balaclava and baseball bat. The NSW police cheerfully winked at that one, what made you think the Victorian police were going to be any more honest?
    If Craig Thomson doesn’t wake up to his predicament and start proactively proving his own innocence he is going to wind up in a cell next to Peters.
    And don’t talk to me about justice or innocence until proven guilty etc – we are talking about judges, police and courts – since when did any of that nonsense matter to them?

    I have said from day 1 if the credit card vouchers were falsified then every single document in the chain would prove falsified, since the vouchers are technically the most difficult piece of paper to create. The others I could forge in a couple hours if I had a high quality scanner and credit card statements of guilty party and the intended victims.

    Anyone who talks about phone cloning and people wandering about with fake credit cards for over 5 years is either seriously deluded or a false friend. I expect a small coterie of false friends and a larger group of the seriously deluded.

    As far as I can tell the police are going to use the footage at the Westin hotel to verify the credit card statements. There is apparently also a statement from one of the brothel owners – the same brothel that appeared on the forged vouchers? Craig Thomson has to break those credit card statements, probably to avoid conviction, but certainly to salvage his reputation.

    This could be done either by issuing a sub poena to the financial institution and phone company for their records. Or if these are unavailable by getting a forensic examination of the paper and inks used in the originals of the credit card statements and those genuinely issued. Sefton Delmar spent a lot of time matching paper stocks for MI6, I don’t think the HSU are going to be so professional.

    Anyone who tries to deflect from this goal does not have his best interests in mind.

  14. NellM says:

    Great read Peter, the truth and nothing but the truth.

  15. Diana says:

    Great work Pete….u r a shining light for all of us that seek the truth…or at the very least a brilliant investigative journalist! I think u are but one in the entire country atm….I am sick of every single one of them running their bias down our throats and am horrified at just how many people lap it up!

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