Diabolic Scheme

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Politics

I hesitate to use the words grotesquely immoral, however these are the words that spring to mind in light of recent events that involve the O’Farrell government in NSW.  Believe me, those of us in NSW take no comfort in the fact that those enduring Coalition governments in Victoria and Queensland are suffering remarkably similar fates.

Some of you may remember back a few years to 2010, a time when massive chunks of Queensland and NSW were underwater. People were dying, houses were being washed away, dreams were being destroyed, farms and livestock decimated, it was a disaster of epic proportions. In NSW Premier Keneally dropped everything and headed North to support the emergency services and to provide comfort to those whose lives had been uprooted and shattered by this disaster.

Those of you with a really good memory may remember where the then Opposition Leader, Barry O’Farrell was at the time.

Barry had been missing in action for a few days, but at the height of the disaster he popped his head up to send a tweet about how much he was enjoying a trip to a museum in the states west, looking at old cars in fact.

As much as the news of Barry’s pleasant afternoon may have provided comfort to those who were awaiting news of missing members of families, or boosted the moral of the men and women of the SES risking their lives saving others, or maybe even put a smile on the faces of farmers watching their livelihood and means to feed their family being washed away, I remained somewhat dubious.

I mean, call me pedantic, but I thought that just maybe, the person who wished to run the state in a few months time may have thought it prudent to cut his vacation short and pitch in a bit. What does it really take to make Barry put the state before his downtime? Pestilence perhaps?

Last week Acting Premier Andrew Stoner announced a State Of Emergency in parts of NSW that had been devastated by fire. I’m sorry, but Acting Premier?? Where is the real Premier this time, a flower show maybe?

Barry "I'll be off then" O'Farrell

Barry “I’ll be off then” O’Farrell

The State is burning, a state of emergency has been declared, and once again it’s Bon Voyage Barry. Maybe we should call him “Bugger Off Barry” It would seem every time there is an emergency Barry’s gone AWOL.

A few weeks ago I posted an article here on the sheer recklessness and absolute stupidity of the NSW Governments attempts to rip the heart out of the State Emergency Services. The closure of Fire Stations, the drastic cutting of funding to the RFS, and the cutbacks and forced sharing of equipment has left those with an IQ that can be counted on more than one hand utterly dumbfounded. I also mentioned that many of these station closures were occurring in the bushfire prone Newcastle and Hunter regions.

Well, lo and behold, part of one headline in Saturdays Daily Telegraph read “Hunter In Flames…”. What a surprise, I bet Barry didn’t see that coming. It makes you wonder about the mental capacity of Barrys team of advisors. I mean who could have foreseen that closing fire stations in a bushfire prone region during the hottest temperatures the state has ever seen may cause a problem?


In the past month there have been some interesting things happen. The Bureau Of Meteorology has announced that it is introducing a new colour into its temperature charts, purple. The reason for this is as we have now reached such unprecedented high temperatures, a new temperature range colour was required. Then last Friday, Sydney sweltered through its hottest day ever known since records have been kept. Then finally NSW families were told that they would have to pay a $300 fire levy to insurance companies, this is more than the average Carbon Price content per annum on a family power bill, however I strongly suspect we won’t hear quite so much ranting and raving about the levy from the Coaliton.

In the usual Liberal manner of looking after their mates on the big business front, the consumer is once again expected to pay more for less. Because of the drastic cuts to the Fire Brigade the insurance companies will be facing bigger damage bills and they don’t like that, so it seems somebody else has to pay for it, us.

With that in mind, the NSW Coalition concocted a diabolic scheme to help out their mates. You see, the CEO’s of the giant insurance companies are part of working families, so in order to help maintain their multi-million dollar salaries and lifestyles, the O’Farrell Government will have the less important working families, like all of us prop up their company profits by coughing up the extra $300 a year. Lets just call it a great big whopping super dooper fire tax shall we?

From the government’s perspective, money is saved by slashing millions from the budget of emergency services.

From the emergency services perspective, they will be forced to struggle on with fewer personnel, less equipment, closed stations, and far less funding. They will be hoping that we will be able to help out with more donations, as they are forced to increase their fundraising activities to make ends meet. Despite the government and insurance companies having already stolen $300 from our wallets, they will be hoping we have some left over to donate.

From the insurance companies perspective, they will have more dollars to outlay on claims, but they will be raking in an extra $300 per family, so that will more than cover it I’m sure. Given the vast rivers of cash Barry and Minister Michael Gallacher will have flowing into these insurance companies from our pockets, they should have no need at all to increase their premiums, and I’m confident that these honourable companies will resist the temptation to increase rates and double dip, just as I am confident of Elvis announcing a comeback tour later this year.

Of course the taxpayer perspective isn’t quite so bright. We pay extra because more damage is likely to our property, and the chances of a member of our family being burned to death in a blaze has increased. So our money goes towards what? Not propping up the emergency services to help fight the fires, god forbid. No, we pay to prop up the insurance company profits.

Barry goes bush

Barry goes bush

This $300 levy is just for families, we await with trembling knees to find out what small business will be slugged with. The Liberal Party who claim to be on the side of small business, are about to deal it yet another crushing blow. But I guess they can just put up their prices to compensate, as once again we will be forced to pay more.

Earlier on I did say I would hesitate to use the words grotesquely immoral, so I guess I will settle on describing this government as grossly negligent for their total lack of respect for the wellbeing of the states citizens and their property.

For those still sleeping on a YMCA floor or awaiting news on whether their house is still standing, you have all of my best wishes, and you can take comfort in the knowledge that our fearless leader is probably enjoying his break.

Barry Bunnings

  1. Steve says:

    His behavior is disgusting as a political leader,arrogant non-caring typical Liberal trait.

  2. Catching up says:

    Yes, that $300 will hurt, especially when it will be on top of massive insurance rises over the last couple of years.

    Maybe wixxy, you could look at that.

    Will the insurance be charging less, since they no longer have to pay.

    • wixxy says:

      Nothing has been finalised as yet, it is in planning, but the plans were leaked out.

      Insurance companies won’t lower rates, this is to cover the cost for them of more damages, less emergency services equals greater insurance risk….

      Can you imagine the damage a Federal Coalition govt will inflict on us all???

  3. Catching up says:

    Yes, and all pay the same, whether they insure a mansion, or a three bedroom Fibro cottage. Yes, a very progressive levy.

    It stinks. I had trouble paying ,my insurance this year, with the massive increases.

    I live in a gate estate, with no flood and very little fire risk. Very little criminal activity.

  4. debbiep says:

    Seriously often I am in shock that reporting like this Peter isn’t in the front pages of the papers. This IS an important topic and a great example of character , priorities and being duped by a Govt. They will continue to get away with it because Liberal Govts never seem to be held accountable.And THATS what is so damaging. And worrying.

    Anyway I think even Liberal supporters will see through the O’Farrell Govt on this issue especially when they have to start paying $300 more, for less. There is ONLY so many rich or wealthy people out there.

    • twobob says:

      Do you think they will be told the bones of the story or fed a line about how we are all looking after our mates? I expect very few media outlets will cover it and those that do will phrase it all in such a way as to be incomprehensible to even the smartest amoung us. I am more in contempt of the MSM than I am of the ofarrell government and that is really saying something.

  5. Catching up says:

    As long as the $300 is pointed out on the bill. Expect insurance companies will not be in a hurry to remind us, that we are now paying, what they used to.

  6. clarittee says:

    Glad you have picked up on it Peter. Imagine IF labor state governments had ripped the guts out of the fire services when the forecast was for bad fire conditions! You wouldn’t have heard the end of it from The MSM.
    LNP governments can get away with anything without media criticism from Murdoch press in australia. HOW does a news “empire” devote resources to get a government installed that suits it, blatently and get away with it.. It would be nice to be “free” of this kind of “free” press.
    PS the Slipper /Ashby thing and Rares judgement has got to be important . Can’t just pretaend IT didn’t happen.

  7. Catching up says:

    So now, we pay more for less.

    That seems to be true, for all this government touches.

  8. Catching up says:

    Well that one does not worry me. No longer drive, Mainly because I cannot justify the cost now.

    I am surprised they have not put the cost of our $2.50 pensioner excursion ticket up. Very good value, I must say.

    I suppose the rise can go along side of those speed cameras that they did not get rid of, but put the fines up instead.

    (Actually I have nothing against cameras)

  9. clarittee says:

    I think I will get in early with my window stickers. I DIDN’T vote for BoF Did You!. Should make a quid ..
    Contest coming up. “Spot the NICE guys in the LNP front row.” HUGE prizes!!

  10. Marilyn says:

    My friends son is a firey in Victoria, they had their funds and services cut to the bone and they are all totally exhausted.

    Never cut back fireys, ambos. health and education – cut back the damn wars.

  11. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with issues the MSM avoid.

    Everybody should become an investor in Wixxyleaks by way of a small donationn to ensure we keep getting the truth.

  12. hayzeee says:

    Wixxy, the diabolical nature of this BOF Liberal Govt knows no bounds, they have plans that this new Fire tax will be collected by adding it onto your local government rates thereby disguising it as a local government levy, not as a State govt. charge…..

  13. jalvaradogui says:

    Yes, the liberals are a treat to NSW families safety and have lunch the most extraordinary attack on all workers conditions, to the point that John Howard may start calling Mr O’Farrell the man of steel.

  14. Saaq Madiq. says:

    They are the Liberal Party – that is what they do. No special skills, just slash and burn. And people vote these misfits in.

  15. clarittee says:

    More accurately BoF the man of STEAL.

  16. MikeA says:

    I disagree, I am glad he didn’t cut short his break.
    While the fires have been terrible, we need to have an agreed system in place to handle/manage/support in such circumstances. I hate seeing politicians turning up to see for themselves the devastation and then announcing support as if from their own pocket.
    What does need politician’s involvement is Global Warming – and what action would be enough

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