Play With Fire

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Politics

As I sit here and write this there are currently 70 fires burning across NSW.

Tomorrow will see the worst fire conditions NSW has seen for decades. Temperatures of 43 degrees plus, and that is in the city. Also expected are strong gusts of North Westerly wind and a low humidity will mean that it is a dry heat. On top of that it is still school holidays and there is the problem of kids who like to play with matches.

Last night we saw the devastation in Tasmania caused by the bushfires, as emergency services crews searched for bodies in the carnage, thankfully none found so far.

So as Julia Gillard flies down to Tassie to survey the damage and offer her support to those who are suffering, NSW braces itself for the worst that may be coming tomorrow.

Watching the news last night, just over 12 minutes of the broadcast was devoted to bushfires, which by the time you take out the commercials is around half of the broadcast.

There was a lot of talk of preventative measures, cleaning out gutters, checking of hoses and so on, as well as chats with emergency service spokespeople.

The NSW Government has been right to try to ensure that the people of NSW are better prepared for fires, because the NSW Government has made sure that as a state we are less prepared.

As part of Barry’s Scab Grab for cash so that his MP’s can still enjoy their pay rises and promotions, Barry and his team have over recent months continued in their bid to seemingly cripple the emergency services with fire station closures. Some of these closures are even around the Newcastle region where the bushfires are notorious.

Fire Stations - Who needs 'em?

Fire Stations – Who needs ’em?

It would seem that if Barry and the Coalition couldn’t quite poison the Newcastle region with Hexavalent Chromium from the Orica spill fiasco, they will now have a crack at letting it burn down over bushfire season.

Fire station closures mean two things, greater risk for you and your family, and more expensive insurance premiums for your home. When your premiums skyrocket in the areas of fire ststion closures, watch O’Farrell try and blame the Carbon Price or something equally ludicrous.

Some of you may even remember the $300 levy that Barry O’Farrell introduced that we all pay on our insurance premiums already.  That money would appear to be funding nothing but fire station closures. What a good investment that turned out to be, thanks Barry.

You can sign the online petition against this levy via this link.

Barry O'Farrell, keen to discuss his fire levy

Barry O’Farrell, keen to discuss his fire levy

How many times do you think that the fire station closures were mentioned on the news? If you’re thinking once you would be overly optimistic. I mean who would think that shutting down fire stations in the worst bushfire season for decades might be newsworthy? Nobody apparently.

I like to be optimistic, and I hope that tomorrow passes without major incident, and I know that the men and women of our emergency services will do the absolute best they can with the equipment they still have access to.

O'Farrell disputes claims that budget cuts will mean inferior fire fighting equipment

O’Farrell disputes claims that budget cuts will mean inferior fire fighting equipment

However, if tragedy should strike, I hope Barry O’Farrell is man enough to step up and apologise to the people of NSW for being so reckless with their safety and pursuing these closures against common sense.

I also hope that if anyone loses their home and possessions, that they will find some comfort in knowing that Barry’s budget still found room for a record number of parliamentary secretaries with hefty pay rises, even if it couldn’t find room to pay fire-fighters overtime to save your home. Thinking of those ministry sidekicks sleeping on their new silk sheets might make you feel better as you and your family huddle together for the night on the floor of a YMCA somewhere while your house burns.

To those 1.3 Million of you in NSW who live alongside bush, I wish you all the best throughout what is sure to be a stressful day tomorrow. I hope you realise, that even if the O’Farrell doesn’t care about you, there are plenty of us out there who still do.

Cold comfort I know…

Barry Bunnings

  1. S.Hall says:

    And dont forget his mate Ted the Toff in Victori, $45 million out of the CFA & $16 mill out of the MFB. And they have lied their heads off about it!

  2. Marilyn says:

    A good friend of mine has a son in the Victoria CFA and is stationed in Mildura this week where the temperature will be in the mid 40’s and it is tinder dry.

    He says the cuts have been so savage he is moving back to SA where we don’t do such dangerously deluded things to such essential services.

    One would think that Black Saturday would be fresh in big Ted’s mind with some people still not back in permanent housing after 4 years.

  3. Not to mention making global warming and extreme weather worse for generations to come, by blocking wind, defunding solar and boosting CSG and coal. Vote Green!

  4. clarittee says:

    Reducing the fire fighting capacity of fire prone states coming up to the worst fire conditions yet is imbecilic. These guys have shit for brains. Remember what party they belong to. (Along with Newman)

  5. Maureen Butterworth says:

    Something has to be done about the influence of the selective reporting by the media, for a start. The commentary by community members in most newspapers is so ill-informed and biased and a good indication of the the blatant dumbing down of the public by our newspaper editors. I read the papers every day and have not come across one article which discusses how Ted’s decimation of our fire fighting organisations will affect their resources and their ability to manage the season’s fires in extraordinary heat waves like we are experiencing this month. Oh, well, I guess we’ll worry about it when people die, homes are burnt and people lose their livelihoods. One thing they won’t have to worry about is going back to work…because Ted doesn’t generate anything as complicated as the economy…

  6. oldfart says:

    it seems Nero is alive and well

  7. Save the couch!!! I think I left a billion behind it….

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