I Wanna Be Your Dog

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Animal Cruelty, Dummy Spits

One of my favourite bands, The Eels has a song called Dogs Life, here are some of the lyrics:

I’ll take a dog’s life
Just layin’ in the sun
I’ll take a dog’s life
’cause i don’t care for this one

It is clear that when E wrote a song envious of the life of a dog he had not come across some of the pooches in the sorry places I am about to talk about.

We have all walked past the pet shop windows and seen the puppies in their square glass jars playing around or sleeping. They are cute, and they make you want to go in and take them home, but what you may not know is where they have come from.

We have all heard about the demise of the manufacturing industry as our dollar strengthens, we have all seen the factories closing as production lines are replaced by outsourcing in China, there are some factories however that continue to flourish. They are called puppy factories, and I hope you excuse the language, but they are fucking ugly places in every aspect.

These factories don’t make stuffed toy puppies, these factories are places where dogs are kept in the most appalling of conditions and bred so that you can be tempted by puppies as you walk through your local Wesfield.

You have probably heard the line “A dog is not just for Xmas” and it is true. Many dogs are dumped after Xmas, or are given away “Free to a good home”. However I guess a good home all depends on your perspective.

A good home can be a huge variety of things, but what it isn’t is what many of these dogs endure. Chained up on chains that are hardly as long as your arm, shoved in cages that are hardly tall enough for some of the dogs to stand up in. Bed for a dog in these cages is just a puddle of piss or pile of its own shit. Food is whatever gets thrown in, usually some mould encrusted crap which will only cause the former pet to become sick, and end up with gastric problems to add to the filth on the floor and make it lose weight faster than an anorexic junkie with bulimia issues.

Clean enough to eat off....

Clean enough to eat off….

We treat our rapists, murderers, and paedophiles better than we allow these dogs to be treated. I guess if the dog is “mans best friend” than rapists, murderers, and paedophiles must be considered family judging from their treatment. The conditions these dogs suffer could be as a kind of concentration camp for animals.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Many dogs, even after being saved from these farms suffer emotional trauma. Many of them continually walk in small circles for example, because this is all they have ever known. That is as far as they could explore on a short chain or in a tiny cage.

Below are a couple of videos that you may find interesting, as well as shocking, appalling, and disgusting. They may also make you angry, in fact, if they don’t I would suggest slapping yourself in the face a few times and then watching them again.

The first in a segment from earlier this year from the Victorian edition of 7 30 on the ABC, sorry I couldn’t embed the video but below is a link.


What I find alarming in this video is the attitude of the minister, Peter Walsh. Mr Walsh said that the dogs in the video are probably trembling due to being scared of the lights and the camera. It would not have anything to do with possible beatings, being scared of being chained up, fever, starvation, maybe they haven’t seen light for months… no, it must be the camera crew.

I’m sorry Mr Walsh, seeing as though you are a member of the Ballieu shamble of a Coalition that vaguely passes as a poor excuse for a government I did not have high expectations for you, however even with the lowest of expectations you have succeeded only in your ability to disappoint.

Nobody falls for it anymore, so Minister Walsh is forced to pull his own finger...

Nobody falls for it anymore, so Minister Walsh is forced to pull his own finger…

The next video is taken at the property of an online supplier of pets named Ann Giles. This footage was taken in 2011, however with a Coalition in government things don’t quite achieve a snails pace in the Victorian justice system. Despite over 30 charges of animal cruelty, it was only around a week ago she was ordered in court to sell off all her puppies. She is however still allowed to keep seven dogs. This is akin to the idiots running Victoria putting convicted paedophiles on the list of government approved foster carers.

This is not the first time either, in 2010 she was banned from owning horses (she apparently still has three) and was ordered to remove all dogs from her property except five. Now with extra video evidence and over 30 charges it would seem she is now being allowed to keep two extra dogs. Victorian judicial logic that I can’t quite get my head around….

I know someone who was on the site last month and they assure me that nothing much has changed.

So, you may well be wondering what to do about all of this, well there are a few things.

Don’t buy a pet you only want for a week. Seems obvious I know, but so many people still do…

If you buy a pet, avoid pet stores, try and find a registered breeder. If you are not sure what breed of dog you want, I would suggest going to the local RSPCA to find a pet, they will have many different dogs to choose from all in need of a good home.

You can support organisations like Oscars Law, and the RSPCA in their fights the stop the so called “puppy factories” and their attempts to strengthen laws and see them enforced far more effectively than they are currently. Links to their Facebook pages are embedded in the above text.

The Oscars Law website has a list of things that you can do to assist, simple things like signing petitions, and sending letters to politicians etc

Standing room only?

Standing room only?

Below is a link to a PDF leaflet for Oscars Law, you can send around to your mates if you feel so inclined.

Oscars Law Leaflet

Remember activities such as those described above and shown in those videos will continue unless the public react. The public has a history of not reacting to that which they know nothing of, which is why it is vitally important that anybody who cares about issues such as this spreads the word faster than a Hill$ong missionary on amphetamines.

Anyway, now you know, it’s in your hands.

  1. We support “Oscar’s Law”.

    We encourage people to get new pets from rescue groups.

    Our whole philosophy is dedicated to dogs and cats welfare.

    Check out our website. We do things differently.

    Please stop the abomination that is “Puppy Farms”

  2. Ross Barber says:

    The dog trots freely in the street
    and sees reality
    and the things he sees
    are bigger than himself
    and the things he sees
    are his reality
    Drunks in doorways
    Moons on trees
    The dog trots freely thru the street
    and the things he sees
    are smaller than himself
    Fish on newsprint
    Ants in holes
    Chickens in Chinatown windows
    their heads a block away
    The dog trots freely in the street
    and the things he smells
    smell something like himself
    The dog trots freely in the street
    past puddles and babies
    cats and cigars
    poolrooms and policemen
    He doesn’t hate cops
    He merely has no use for them
    and he goes past them
    and past the dead cows hung up whole
    in front of the San Francisco Meat Market
    He would rather eat a tender cow
    than a tough policeman
    though either might do
    And he goes past the Romeo Ravioli Factory
    and past Coit’s Tower
    and past Congressman Doyle of the Unamerican Committee
    He’s afraid of Coit’s Tower
    but he’s not afraid of Congressman Doyle
    although what he hears is very discouraging
    very depressing
    very absurd
    to a sad young dog like himself
    to a serious dog like himself
    But he has his own free world to live in
    His own fleas to eat
    He will not be muzzled
    Congressman Doyle is just another
    fire hydrant
    to him
    The dog trots freely in the street
    and has his own dog’s life to live
    and to think about
    and to reflect upon
    touching and tasting and testing everything
    investigating everything
    without benefit of perjury
    a real realist
    with a real tale to tell
    and a real tail to tell it with
    a real live
    democratic dog
    engaged in real
    free enterprise
    with something to say
    about ontology
    something to say
    about reality
    and how to see it
    and how to hear it
    with his head cocked sideways
    at streetcorners
    as if he is just about to have
    his picture taken
    for Victor Records
    listening for
    His Master’s Voice
    and looking
    like a living questionmark
    into the
    great gramophone
    of puzzling existence
    with its wondrous hollow horn
    which always seems
    just about to spout forth
    some Victorious answer
    to everything
    Lawrence Ferlingetti

  3. Helen says:

    Thanks Wixxy for doing this story. Aussies are great. When they know about animal cruelty they refuse to accept it. Awareness is already helping more rescue dogs find homes and every story on this issue helps.

    When it comes to animal protection successive govts protect industry despite public outrage and lobbying so the best hope to stop puppy mills is still awareness.

    People please “adopt don’t shop” when it comes to your next pet. In Sydney I highly recommend paws.com.au as a great place to look for your next friend or check out petrescue.com.au for your local rescue groups across Aus.

  4. Matt says:

    please, avoid the breeders altogether. There is already an abundance of animals that require homes. Pets are not accessories. As long as people are prepared to pay a small fortune for a designer animal, these vermin breeders will continue their cruel exploitation. They also heavily inbreed the animals causing problems in the offspring. Have not bought a pet in 30 years, they have all been strays or from the pound.

  5. Sonia Bellhouse says:

    Thanks for telling us about this- I have circulated it to my friends, posted a link on Facebook, signed the petiton, sent letters to state Mp’s, and donated. I also know another friend did the same- neiether of us would have done so without this post. So thank you for being the compassionate person you are.

  6. Kay says:

    Having worked in my local pound, I have seen the result of puppy factories and the little lives that have been so badly affected by the inhumane treatment that makes up the majority of them. Thank you for your article.

  7. Bridget says:

    Being cruel to animals is nearly as low as smearing people without the right of reply – just like the animals. Just like Craig’s treatment – though thankfully you’ve jumped into the gutter Wixxy to extra smear his attacker. She clearly bit off more than she could chew taking on the superior smearing team. Does this mean she goes to jail and Craig is now exonerated? And Go Diana !

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