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Posted: December 21, 2012 in HSU Saga, Media, Random Stuff


I have been informed of a mistake I made in my post titled “Crime Of The Century”

It has been brought to my attention that Piers Ackerman was not in attendance at the Federal Court when the subpoena’s in the Fair Work Australia case against Craig Thomson were shown to have produced not even the remotest skerrick of evidence. This mistake was mine, and I apologise if I have upset the man who has claimed that dumb women support Julia Gillard. With attitudes such as this, I can understand why a man of such high moral fibre may have been upset.

It turns out it was Pia Ackerman, the daughter of Piers who was in attendance. I clearly misheard the name due to the howls of derisive laughter in the background over the foolishness of another right-wing witch-hunt gone wrong.

I would like to thank the member of The Australian journalistic team who wishes to remain anonymous, for taking the time to contact Independent Australia with this information. I will be putting this correction out as a new post as well as a correction at the bottom of the post involved. I look forward to The Australian doing likewise for all of the errors in their reporting of the HSU story, perhaps an extra lift-out segment may be required rather than burying the correction notice where it won’t be noticed.

The Australian has previously printed false information about myself on its front page no less, even after contacting me and having the information corrected for them.

Unlike other publications, I try and correct mistakes quickly, and make the effort to ensure readers do not miss it. I do not call myself a journalist, but it is to be noted that many who do call themselves journalists do not give their readers the same level of respect that I do on matters such as this.

Once again, I humbly apologise for making an error.

Peter Wicks

  1. denniallen says:

    May not have been there in person but would have been there in spirit…hovering over the proceedings with baited breath for the decision to go according to his agenda….

  2. Suzanne says:

    Little details like ‘the truth’ haven’t been paramount in The Australian’s reporting in recent history. Lovely to know they are embracing a new era of journalistic integrity. Well done Peter for helping their editorial team back to the path of goodness and light. Shame the end of the world is due tomorrow.

  3. debbiep says:

    And THIS is why u have more creditability are hopefully slowly getting more reading you r posts. As the Australian gets less.

  4. sue says:


    It appears that members of the Murdoch press read your blog.

    Even they don’t believe the cr@p they try to sell.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Truth, intergrity and an apology to MSM but you do not call yourself a journalist…..

    Dictionary definitions:
    Journalist: a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.

    Thesaurus: reporter, correspondent, columnist, writer, commentator, reviewer; investigative journalist, photojournalist, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, newshound, newshawk, HACK, STRINGER.

    Wikiapedia: A journalist collects, writes and distributes news and other information….A reporter is a type of journalist who RESEARCHES, writes, and reports information to present in sources, conduct interviews, engage in research, and make reports. The information-gathering part of a journalist’s job is sometimes called “reporting,” in contrast to the production part of the job such as writing articles….Journalism has developed a variety of ethics and standards. While objectivity and a lack of bias are often considered important, some types of journalism, such as advocacy journalism, intentionally adopt a non-objective viewpoint.

    Investigative: (of journalism or a journalist) INQUIRING INTENSIVELY into and seeking to expose malpractice, the miscarriage of justice, or other controversial issues.

    Investigative journalist: a person who inquires intensively into and seeks to expose malpractice, the miscarriage of justice, or other controversial issues and reports this information for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.

    The Higgins and McClymonts of the MSM report happily within the most basic dictionary description knowing that that they have the huge financial safetynet of their organisations when they constanly fabricate and falsify the truth or simply “create” all or part of a story for a headline. No facts, no checking, no responsibility. “Truth” is not in their vocabulary.

    Kate McClymont : Sydney Morning Herald : Incorrect, Smacks of Gross Dishonesty
    Kate McClymont, Journalist……
    This journalist deliberately perpetrates stories which are errors of fact, but has her own brand of sarcasm and seeks to be malicious. Even with the opportunities to verify facts, she fails to do so and plagiarises the tabloid media, thus continuing the errors. To do so when she knows they are incorrect, smacks of gross dishonesty. You are unlikely to be contacted as she can better fabricate a story if she is not deliberately informed that it is false.

    Ms McClymont – update your profile pic, even here you deceive – lets see the real you as scary as it is!

    Mr Higgins feels Ms McClymonts “work” is the “benchmark” (of what I am unsure) and is constantly running in her shadow, re-reporting her errors. Which part don’t you get Ean, check the facts…..your are the laziest of journalists…. KER CHING!

    I have experienced firsthand the lies and mistruths reported by both these journalists and have never spoken to either. Their printed apoligies are exactly as your report them “burying the correction notice where it won’t be noticed.”

    I understand why you would not want to assocaite yourself with journalism as we experience it – stand tall and proudly call yourself an investigative journalist.

    • Matt says:

      I would love a law that required newspapers to print corrections on the front page before any headlines, same with TV and radio broadcasters, make them present the corrections before they are allowed to present anything else. Currently they have almost no incentive to be accurate.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Why do the lazy dingbat media keep claiming that Thomson faces fines of $6,600 for 37 claims of spending on a credit card when almost every thing has already been disproved and how much more of taxpayers money is FWA through Bernadette O’Neil on a non case?

    The $6,600 didn’t apply in 2003, or until this year and is not retrospective and in any case they are corporation level fines.

    Fair dinkum, I am glad he has McCardle because at least now someone is talking sense.

  7. Yes poor, sensitive, misunderstood Piers! Wixxy be careful. I bet this cane toad is litigious. Wixxy what do you make of Ashby taking the next step via FWA and spreading the word via his MEDIA ADVISOR? Is Michael Lawler still onboard at FWA? Haven’t heard a squeak about him lately. Can we look forward to the involvement of super sleuth Michael in Ashbygate do you think?

  8. deknarf says:

    Prominent apologies from the MSM? You little optimist you, Wixxy! :-O

  9. Part of life and education is making mistakes but the measure of a person is what they do about it. Well done Peter, oh and by the way please don’t hold your breath waiting for any integrity from The Auystralian. They have shown none in regards to HSU nor AWU.

  10. mick says:

    Give it to the pious, pontificating morons Wixxy!!!!!!!!! Surprised they haven’t found a way to canonize George Pell on behalf of his mate Abbott as well.

  11. SG Warren says:

    The most hilarious thing here is that someone named Pierce is such a narcissist that he named his daughter Pia.

    The fact he gets offended when someone confuses them both, when I’m imagining he got the name he was planning on calling her mixed up with his own (or just likes the sound of his own name) when the nurse asked him what he was planning on naming his child (fortunately the nurse must have adjusted that for sex) made me chuckle anyway.

  12. clarittee says:

    Been following you for months peter. Keep it up

    • mindmadeup says:

      We received this missive in error so are passing it on:

      Dear Wixxy

      We wish to apologise for the existence of Piers Akerman and the Murdoch Press. We have revised our production procedures in an effort to ensure that such dreadful errors do not occur again.

      Yours sincerely

      The Godhead


  13. brad gunn says:

    Easy mistake mate, Piles Piers Pia ..Fuck the lying fat prick anyway..

  14. Marg says:

    Pia is doing same cr@p journalism as Piers. so what’s the difference.

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