Crime Of The Century

Posted: December 20, 2012 in HSU Saga

At first it was easy, a slush fund was set up to smear, attack and destroy Pauline Hanson. All was going well, Pauline was in jail until her damn innocence got in the way and she was released.

Next off the hook was Peter Slipper. After having the audacity to attend his wedding, the Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott claimed “no specific knowledge” as his party set out to destroy yet another life. While Mal Brough and the man he will always be tied to, James Ashby set out to humiliate a defiant Slipper, the goon squad of Abbott, Pyne, Brandis and Abetz cheered and egged them on. Once again however, Abbotts victim proved innocent, and Tonys plan was chalked up as another epic failure.

Yesterday, Abbott knocked up a hat -trick. Longterm Abbott target, and the subject of probably more smear than any politician in recent memory, Craig Thomson was once again vindicated for the umpteenth time.

With seemingly questionable evidence, totally unreliable witnesses and such slanderous claims with obvious motives, many countries would describe a group that attempts the above manipulations of the legal system as a crime ring. In Australia we call them the Coalition.

Crime ring boss?

Crime ring boss?

Yesterday in Federal Court the results of the subpoenas sent out by Fair Work Australia were released. These were the subpoenas that were going to produce the evidence that was once again going to nail Craig Thomson. There was going to be brothel footage, hookers lining up to say they knew Craig, receipts, phone calls, credit cards with names correctly spelt, everything Abbott and Abetz had been drooling over since becoming buddies of union turncoat Kathy Jackson.

Alas, in what came as a monumental shock to virtually nobody, the subpoenas turned up didley squat. Taxpayer money well spent.

Some say it was the talk of men in robes that attracted him there, but whatever the reason, the morally bankrupt and socially retarded Piers Ackerman was in court to witness the further vindication of Craig Thomson, it will be interesting to see his take on the finding of no evidence.

After all of this I wonder if Tony Abbott is starting to regret taking the words of Kathy Jackson as the “gospel truth”.

Many would say Kathy is showing herself to be about as noble as a naked Catholic priest in a confession booth, her motives about as pure as yellow snow, and as a person she seems about as genuine as a $30 Rolex purchased at a Bangkok market. Despite all of this, Abbott has sung her praises in parliament saying she was worthy of admiration. When the Victoria Police investigation into her is over, she may possibly be the most admired woman on Cell Block H. I wonder if Tony will bring her toothbrushes and chocolate when he visits.

For Craig Thomson and his family, this result must be welcomed before Christmas. I would say it would be a relief, however Thomson has said all along it would produce nothing so relief probably is not the right word.

The Thomson family look forward to a merrier Xmas

The Thomson family look forward to a merrier Xmas

Thomsons woes are seemingly yet another case of being declared guilty by a desperate opposition, and a rabid press pack then baying for blood. In addition we have a body with the accusers fiancée as Vice President, FWA, seeking evidence after charges are made. Why after? Am I the only one who thinks that is a bit like the cart before the horse?

Thomsons Lawyer Chris McArdle was less flattering, labelling Fair Work Australia’s actions as “idiotic”, and comparing the subpoenas to a fisherman pulling in a net that is empty except for an old boot, stating “This is an appalling episode”.

I couldn’t agree more.

In other related news, Jackson stooge and union bully boy, Marco Bolano will discover his fate later today it is hoped. Early indicators show a close result but the trend would seem to favour Asmar over Bolano. Watch this space.

Touching wood.


I have been informed of a mistake I made in my post titled “Crime Of The Century”

It has been brought to my attention that Piers Ackerman was not in attendance at the Federal Court when the subpoena’s in the Fair Work Australia case against Craig Thomson were shown to have produced not even the remotest skerrick of evidence. This mistake was mine, and I apologise if I have upset the man who has claimed that dumb women support Julia Gillard. With attitudes such as this, I can understand why a man of such high moral fibre may have been upset.

 It turns out it was Pia Ackerman, the daughter of Piers who was in attendance. I clearly misheard the name due to the howls of derisive laughter in the background over the foolishness of another right-wing witch-hunt gone wrong.

 I would like to thank the member of The Australian journalistic team who wishes to remain anonymous, for taking the time to contact Independent Australia with this information. I will be putting this correction out as a new post as well as a correction at the bottom of the post involved. I look forward to The Australian doing likewise for all of the errors in their reporting of the HSU story, perhaps an extra lift-out segment may be required rather than burying the correction notice where it won’t be noticed.

 The Australian has previously printed false information about myself on its front page no less, even after contacting me and having the information corrected for them.

 Unlike other publications, I try and correct mistakes quickly, and make the effort to ensure readers do not miss it. I do not call myself a journalist, but it is to be noted that many who do call themselves journalists do not give their readers the same level of respect that I do.

 Once again, I humbly apologise for making an error.

 Peter Wicks

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for the news on Thomson. I am truly glad to hear it. Role on the Victoria Police enquiry into KJ.

  2. Dave says:

    With Peter Slipper attempting to recover his costs in that disgraceful episode, I wonder what costs Craig Thomson has incurred and if there is a possibility they could be recovered? Oh, I forgot that the ALP are picking up the tab for that, so who is going to pay Ashbys and Harmers? If only there was a Deep Throat, and some decent investigators like Woodward and Bernstein with the guts to “follow the money”. Todays announcement by Jason Clare of the inquiry into corruption within the Customs service could very well be extended and end up looking into other Government departments and services, possibly FWA?…………FOLLOW THE MONEY

    • oldfart says:

      I Think you are being a tad hard on Tony, after all he has no “specific” knowledge of this or any other tail you try to pin on him.

      Note to wannabe PM’s and Porkpie Tony; We really do insist you have “specific” knowledge of all subject matter before you open your yap. It’s part of the selection critieria.

    • Marilyn says:

      The ALP are not picking up costs for Thomson, they disgracefully kicked him out of the party based on a report so flawed and deranged it was not worth wiping one’s backside with it.

    • jaycee says:

      They are worse than a “crime ring”, they are cabal of “Mafiosi” W/ Godfather Rupert directing the “crimes”.
      I have reservations that these “mafia” types seem to be able to go about their “business” without fear of exposure by the authorities. It would seem that the appropriate authorities are turning a “blind eye”, like any third world policing authority to the shenanegans of these “crooks”!
      But I am not going to say anymore lest the “apropriate authorities” decide to come after me!!

  3. Ross Barber says:

    Nice work

  4. Another part of the story is the way the PM was lambasted for not sacking Slipper and waiting for due process to be followed. That Abbott and co find it so outrageous to wait until a case is heard is surely a sign of how they would operate in power. The right to a fair hearing seems not to be a part of their agenda – and that is disturbing indeed.It has serious implications on anyone, supporter or otherwise. I would like to see the situation scrutinised in terms of who is behind these vendettas. Sadly a large proportion of the electorate will be blind to the outcomes and mud will stick. Many will still blame the PM, not because she has gone against due process but because she happens to be female (the real crime in many people’s eyes).

  5. deknarf says:

    Ashby/Slipper, HSU business, Gillard & AWU business. All grist to the mill for quality investigative journalism pieces. And what have we got? Nothing, zilch, sweet FA, nada. Nothing except innuendo, rumour, scurrilous allegations, predominantly emanating by way of Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition. So the big story is manipulation and corruption by an opposition party in an attempt to bring down a legitimate government. And what have we got? I don’t think I need to repeat myself.
    While I can understand the incapacity of most of the rag papers and the junk TV media to do REAL quality investigative journalism, I find the reluctance to do the same by the ABC and SBS disappointing, and deeply concerning as these are the only places one can go these days for veracity and journalistic equity.

  6. Congratulations, Peter, on another piece of fine journalistic commentary in which all of your conclusions have been derived from concrete evidence, a fact which places you above the rest of the media, mainstream and non-mainstream. What you have so pertinently reported shows that the persecution of Craig Thomson by the Jackson forces, supported by the mainstream media and the Federal Opposition, is no less criminal than the persecution of Alfred Dreyfus by the powerful forces of the establishment during the Third Republic in France in the 1890s. Dreyfus,a Jewish officer in the French army, was falsely declared guilty of betraying military secrets to the German by a military tribunal. the campaign against him was driven by an anti-Semitic campaign designed to protect the criminal activity of powerful political and religious interests in French society. You, Peter, are our contemporary Emile Zola, the great French writer who did most to establish the innocence of Dreyfus with his newspaper article entitled “J’accuse!”
    Following yesterday’s Federal Court findings about the actions of Fair Work Australia, we now need to know:
    (i) What exactly did Terry Nassios actually do in his so-called “investigation” of Thomson’s alleged activities, beyond simply reproduce the allegations made by Kathy Jackson and call them “findings”?
    (ii) what role in all of this was played by Michael Lawler AND the Liberal Party, AND the mainstream media?
    When we get answers to these questions, i think you will find we really do have our very own Dreyfus case

  7. Danny Lewis says:

    I’m becoming a very, very big fan of the formidable Mr McArdle …

  8. dannylewis says:

    Okay, I am very seriously falling in love with the awesome Mr McArdle

  9. Phil says:

    Great work Peter. I doubt very much that Victorian police will lay any charges against Kathy Jackson. Police minister Peter Ryan would never let that happen

  10. hillbillyskeleton says:

    Maybe Mark Dreyfus,MP can run a government investigation into the FWA matter? 🙂

  11. kazann says:

    What do conservative writers, supporters and sheep usually do when an event doesn’t pan out the way they believe it should? Invent a conspiracy theory so they can restore balance and feel comfortable in just knowing they are right.

  12. SG Warren says:

    So at what point can we get the lot of them charged with sedition?

    And can the taxpayer sue the Liberal Party itself for the costs associated with all these investigations?

  13. Saaq Madiq. says:

    Wixxy you almost got it right but I believe that Piers is a 100% fully fledged retard, not just a social retard. And to think the creep gets to spruik his garbage on The Insiders tells us all a lot about Mark Scott’s ABC, but then the ABC really are Abbott’s Broadcasting Cronies. Please keep up your great work.

  14. Marilyn says:

    I wonder when FWA is going to concede that the witch hunt started by Brandis and Abetz was always a dog and stop wasting millions over small things that attract nothing but tiny fines.

  15. dafid1 says:

    My concern is when are the police going to see this complete fraud that are the accusations against Craig Thomson, dismiss them and go after the real criminals.

  16. Can’t people join the dots ……

    Hanson, Thomson (I can spell), Slipper – who’s next?

  17. Matt says:

    Ashby and Harmer are now laying fresh allegations of sexual harassment with the oh so reputable FWA. They want a new trial with a new body that has proven itself malleable to liberal party interests. Though they will still have no hope in hell of achieving a ruling against Slipper. But that isn’t the point, the point is to keep the smear in the media right up to the next election. On that aspect, I am glad McArdle is out there to smack down the narcissistic overgrown children and gossiping hags we have masquerading as journalists in this country.

  18. deewhytony says:

    Join the dots ….

    Hanson, AWU, Thomson (correct spelling), Slipper ….

    Not a good look for the Libs.

  19. Matt says:

    I can’t say I shed a tear when Hanson was stitched up by Tony. I knew what it was, but I could also see what she was stirring up, and I considered it the lesser of evils. I didn’t realise that he was only destroying Hanson to retain the racist vote(and would continue to whip up their fears right to this day), which they eagerly courted after her demise. Keating stated clearly he would not be appeasing such attitudes in the community. Howard had no such reservations, and it would not be the last election he won on the back of racist fear mongering.

  20. cmskinner says:

    Thanks for this, Peter. Good to see a different point of view that is refreshing in its clarity.

  21. Jeff Duggan says:

    Thank God someone has the balls to report the truth!
    I`m sick of the rumour, innuendo journalism that pollutes our media.
    As for the electronic media,the likes of Bolt,Jones,Stefanovic, Kosh, Nakkerman, etc should all be put in a “Chaff bag” along with a dozen or so besser blocks & dropped in the ocean!

  22. Reality Hurts says:

    When you appoint Kathy partner to The FWA, of course Abbott has sung her praises in parliament saying she was worthy of admiration.

  23. Annette says:

    Somebody has to do something! this is just so pathetic and unjust! They cannot be allowed to get away with it!Tony Abbott would be at the root of it all!
    Good on you Peter,you are doing a great job!

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