Bullets, Bombs, and Bigotry

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Politics, World News and Events

This week the Liberal Party showed its true colours again, as South Australia’s Liberal Senate ticket was announced with Cory Bernardi in the number one position.

I know many of you will be thinking this is a bad thing, I however disagree. I think that it is vitally important that the public be made aware of the kind of policy idea’s and the opinions and attitudes that will take you to the top in the modern day Liberal Party.

Cory never fully realised that mats are for the floor

Cory never fully realised that mats are for the floor

Bernardi spent a lot of time in the US studying the workings of the Tea Party, you may remember them as the right-wing loony brigade that the Republican party can’t distance themselves enough from these days. These were the party faction that was so far to the right that Dick Cheney needed binoculars to see them.

It all went south for the Tea Party after their darling girl Sarah Palin ran a television campaign that showed various democrats in gun sights and also a social media campaign showing the same. The apparent result of that being the gunning down of 17 people in a Tuscon shopping centre car park in 2011. Of the 17 people gunned down, six were killed, the assassins target Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head but not killed. Giffords was one of those in the campaign pictured in the cross-hairs of a gun sight.

It makes you think of the chaff bag comments in a different light…

Palin sorts out the Bullwinkle issue and is still looking for Rocky

Palin sorts out the Bullwinkle issue and is still looking for Rocky

Cory is best known in Australia for his touching comments comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality. These comments were not enough for Tony Abbott, who promoted him to his parliamentary secretary position, to stand him down, but the public outrage at the comments forced Cory into “resigning” as Abbott’s Parliamentary Secretary. He was not however sacked from the Senate or kicked out of the Liberal Party as many were calling for.

It is also interesting to note that Tony Abbott never condemned Cory’s statements that caused such offense, refering to them only as “ill disciplined”. Words like that only seem to endorse the perception that Tony Abbott shares his closest senate companions views, however is disciplined enough not to air his extremism in public.

Ill Disciplined - Kinda like throwing punches at a womans head and hitting the wall

Ill Disciplined – Kinda like throwing punches at a womans head and hitting the wall

It is not just the gay community and those who believe that gays and lesbians are human and should share the same rights as the rest of us, that Cory has utter contempt for. Cory is also fond of those who think that environmental protection is a worthwhile ambition.

“While Earth Hour activists will be left in the dark, Human Achievement Hour participants will be going to the cinema, enjoying a hot meal, driving their car or watching television”


Cory’s words display for all the Coalitions environmental credentials.

You may have guessed it, but Human Achievement Hour is an anti Earth Hour movement started by Tony Abbotts hand picked former Parliamentary Secretary Bernardi. It encourages people to turn on extra lights etc during Earth Hour and other childish behavior. I wonder if this is part of Abbott’s Direct Action policy that we don’t hear much about any more.

I also wonder if Cory dances on the beach around the dead sea-life after an oil spill.

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour with Cory

Celebrate Human Achievement Hour with Cory

I don’t consider myself an activist, I don’t chain myself to tree’s or anything like that, but I did manage to switch off a couple of lights during Earth Hour. Oddly though, I managed to not be in the dark, because unlike Cory, I recalled another one of mans discoveries, it’s called fire. I lit a candle or two to provide light, I could have had a hot meal by cooking on the bbq, but didn’t as I’d already eaten. I guess what this tells us about Cory, is that not only is he a total knob, but if in the event of a blackout he is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Cory is also known for his embracing of Australia and its multicultural history.

Cory has always displayed his compassion for religious freedom, his anti Islamic stance has shown us the ugly side of prejudice. He has not only made repeated calls to ban the burqa, but he has even linked Islam to rape, despite the overwhelming number of rapists in prison in Australia coming from a more traditional Christian upbringing.

One foreigner that Cory does have respect for though is Geert Wilders, the crazy Dutch racist who has had his visa application rejected from many countries, including here and the UK. Geert’s extremist racist views have made him notorious worldwide, kind of like the KKK meets Hitler and then smokes a crack pipe.

Geert Wilders ponders on the important issues - What would Hitler do?

Geert Wilders ponders on the important issues – What would Hitler do?

Cory actually invited Geert Wilder to Australia and offered to organise his schedule whilst here spreading the love. What a nice guy.

But to be completely fair, Cory Bernardi isn’t the only lover of Geert Wilder’s extremist views so we shouldn’t judge him too harshly. Anders Breivek, the right-wing lunatic who murdered 77 innocent people,  gunning down mostly children on an island, in Norway in 2011, cited Cory’s mate Geert as a huge influence. Nice company Cory is keeping there.

As an aside that Cory may find interesting, Breivek claimed repeatedly that he was a Christian, although this has been downplayed. I wonder if we would have downplayed it if the had claimed to be a Muslim.

Human failure Anders Breivek

Human failure Anders Breivek

If these are the kind of opinions that will see extremists like Cory rewarded within the Liberal Party, than I for one would like more people to see and hear about it. The more the public are aware of the type of party that threatens to be in power after the election next year the better I say.

It is not just Tony Abbott’s misogyny the public have to fear, nor his inability to stick to one version of the “gospel truth”, we have to worry about the mates that he brings with him and the influence they will wield on the parliament.

It is one thing to tolerate the proponents of racism and hate from those who preach it like Geert Wilder, it is another thing to openly endorse it as Bernardi has.

Bernardi stands with those who respect him

Bernardi stands with those who respect him

As people who are opposed to racism at any level, and as people who believe that discrimination in any form is both evil and a breach of human rights, we need to be letting as many people as possible know what these people actually stand for, and we need to let them know now.

After the next election may be too late.

Way too late

  1. Signe says:

    Interesting and informative piece Wixxy, I totally agree, people need to be aware of the people they are voting for not just the party endorsement

  2. mick says:

    Spot on Wixxy. And we won’t be enlightened by the MSM either!

  3. Edmund says:

    Good article, but please learn how to use apostrophes correctly.

  4. Ricky Pann says:

    This guy is mentally flawed and in parliament, a very dangerous combo. Lots of strange things happen in SA..Penny Wong on the senate ticket for instance. Its the city of churches wher Snowtown went down…say no more.

  5. sue says:

    Don’t forget when Cory lost his job as parliamentary Secretary (which had no additional salary), he ended up with a payrise of $5700. Yes the supposed disgraced Senator Cory Bernardi was appointed temporary Chairman of Committees, now that’s how Tony disciplines his power base.

  6. owen1967 says:

    … Cory Bernardi is a disgrace and you are absolutely correct to want the LNP to openly show its colours by endorsing such candidates (as you say, a la Ms Palin) …

    yet again Peter, you sound more like a Green than an ALP man … human right rants are a bit difficult to swallow from a member of the party that has moved into Howards detention camps … and the ALP has not exactly been playing a very agreeable tune on the gay marriage/rights wedge either …

    fortunately, there is one person in Australia who is doing even more than Tony Abbott to reduce the chances of Tony Abbott becoming our next Prime Minister … a round of applause please, for the Queensland State Premier, Mr Campbell Newman.

    for all of you who doubted the wisdom of the people of Queensland electing this man, think of it as a martyr-style favour to the nation … if ever there was a reason for Newman gaining office, it’s to help save Australia from an Abbott let federal government by putting on display the sorcerers apprentice. seeing Newman in action should be just about enough to deter the swingers from taking their chances with Abbott

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Owen, and yes Campbell is one of our possible saving graces at the moment.

      I’m a Labor man through and through…. I don’t agree with every policy they have, and I am from Labors Left, but it is certainly the Party I have the most conection too, and whilst i agree with some of The Greens policies and some of their objectives I am far more in tune with Labors Left

      I think if the gay marrige think was not trumpeted at every election and used as a vote grabber by other parties, then we would have already had it passed through. If Gillard had been forced to back it, we would have a coaltion govt now as the small swing away from the catholics would have lost Labor a couple of seats. That would only move us further from even debating the idea.

      As for the detention centres, they are not what I would like, but neither were the people drowning, something clearly had to be done, even if I don’t agree with the outcome.

      • owen1967 says:

        you will have a difficult time convincing me that The Greens are not closer to the ‘ALP Left’ than is the entity that now sells itself (no pun intended) as the ALP.

        will the Royal Commission into Altar Boy Abuse erode the catholic vote for the ALP? Runs the risk of doing so … we both know Abbott would have called for a church rug (preferably not too semen stained) under which the issue would be swept … so if a Royal Commission diminishes the ALP’s re-election chances by eroding the catholic vote, is a Royal Commission the wrong thing? good – we agree, i dont think so either.

        you say ‘Gay union is trumpeted at every election as a vote grabber and this will never change’.
        i’m not gay and i dont believe in any marriage – for me – but i am against denying anyone their rights based on sexual preferences, religion, colour etc… (i’d even stand up for the rights of Cory Bernardi’s pet alpaca … if he had one … does he? … he appears to be a quite a tall man, maybe a pet Llama?). for this issue to be a ‘vote changer’ the ALP would have to have become far too much like the Coalition to remain a credible alternative. yes, it’s a sad indictment.

        i doubt the implications of passing gay union changes (to make the law fair and equitable – you’re a smart and fair guy Peter, i know you understand the issues) would be – electorally speaking – any more serious than the re-election issues born of the introduction of a carbon price.

        And please tell me how redecorating Howards detention camps does ANYTHING about people drowning … i am not quite up to making that logical leap. i dont think we can appreciate the level of desperation people must feel to go to such lengths (to clarify: i am referring to the asylum seekers, not the politicians).

        i continue to hope that a more open and transparent trend will emerge in politics. that the voting public will respond favourably to real respect and representation by their candidates. support as a reward for honesty and courage. but of course, i’m being optimistic and naïve …

  7. Sandra says:

    Keep up the great articles Wixxy. Many moons ago saw Ray Martin interview someone from the KKK who came out here sponsored by some group here in OZ. We all wondered what the heck he was at the time, but he said after the interview that people should never not be allowed to be heard. It is the only way the general public will ever get to really see what radicals are like and how much damage they can cause.
    Exposure is the only way. Good for you.

  8. Peter says:

    Interesting article, really important facts that the public need to know. I wonder though if the tone of the piece is too “crazy”. It would be very easy to write this piece off as coming from the “loony left” and not, therefore, being credible. I’d like to think that Liberal voters could read this and end up rethinking a few things. I just suspect the style means it will only talk to the already converted. But keep doing it! Thanks

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Pete, I think as much as one tries, it is hard to write the facts about a character like Bernardi without sounding like a loony lefty…. he is just that plain sacry…

  9. Edmund says:

    Wixxy – please don’t buy into the nonsense view that the detention centres will stop any drownings. The real lie is that the numbers of refugees arriving on boats is anything other than tiny. The real “queue-jumpers” are the yanks and poms overstaying their visas. But then, they are white ….

  10. Edmund says:

    The policy was supposed to work by “stopping the boats”. But they haven’t stopped. Meanwhile Australia is detaining people indefinitely, even though they have committed no crime.

    • wixxy says:

      “Stop the boats” is a Coalition slogan, not a Labor one
      I don’t think there is any way of stopping the boats…
      It was be nice if all parties would negotiate to each an outcome though, rather than complain about what is happening now
      I don’t like it either, but I was not in a position to negotiate, if I was and refused to negotiate, I would understand the hypocrisy of complaining

      • Marilyn says:

        You do not understand that there is nothing to negotiate. WE simply need to abide by the laws we agreed to with the rest of the world. They are not onerous on us, they are not intended to damage and destroy those we are damaging now and Gillard’s slogan has always been to stop the boats.

        Why the hell that is the case beats me as they invite 14,000 other boats here every year.

      • wixxy says:

        Stop the boats has NEVER been a Labor slogan

      • owen1967 says:

        17 August 2010

        On asylum seekers, Ms Gillard said she wanted to “stop boats before they leave foreign shores and the way to do that is to take away from people smugglers the product that they sell”.

        “I don’t want to see desperate people risking their lives,” the Prime Minister said. “I don’t want to see people smugglers profiting, so that’s what the regional processing centre is for.”

  11. Jenny says:

    So Bernadi is Abbott’s shadow. That makes sense. Is anyone seriously monitoring Tony- he may be a danger to the state- he certainly is to democracy.

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