The Winner Takes It All

Posted: November 28, 2012 in HSU Saga

Well,  it seems in NSW and in the Victorian number 3 branch, it is all over bar the shouting and finger-pointing in the HSU Elections.

For those awaiting Victorian Branch number 1 results, you will have to wait a little longer, due to the court action between Marco Bolano and Diana Asmar.

The “Jackson factions” bully boy and frontrunner Marco Bolano showed his factions love of the democratic process by allegedly tampering with the payment process of rival candidate Diana Asmars membership. The object of this was to make Asmar unfinancial, and therefore unable to stand for an elected position. Bolano succeeded in his bid to stop members having a choice, however Asmar contested this in court and was successful, with the judge being particularly harsh towards Bolano.

It has now taken a judge to bring back the democratic process to the election that the Jackson/Bolano faction seemingly tried to steal, this election will drag on well into December now, as voting is yet to start.

In NSW, Gerard Hayes has succeeded in his bid to bring the NSW branch back into line his way. Gerard has had a decisive win over his opponents, Bob Hull and Katrina Hart.

Gerard Hayes and the Our HSU team stormed in with a massive margin, winning with ease. Results for President and Assistant Secretary positions will be announced by Friday, although early indicators show a likely win in all positions by the Our HSU team.

Our HSU concentrated on the members needs during their campaign, and chose to announce reform plans, rather than join in the mud-slinging. The Our HSU teams “Charter Of Reform” proved a real hit, with members reacting positively to someone trying to put in place a path forward for the members, and a means of keeping the corruption out of the union.

Bob Hull never really stood a chance with so many questions remaining about his relationship with Michael Williamson, and his alleged link to the now infamous black bag.

Katrina Hart tried to win the trust of people by not talking about herself. This is probably a good idea when aligned with Kathy Jackson, however it is hard to trust someone who appears to think any sort of look at themselves would be perceived as negative by a voter. Voters have a tendency to want to hear about their candidate, and little things called plans.

Instead, Kathy used her pals at 2GB to get her mate Katrina endorsed by the shock jocks. Katrina seemed happy to take the endorsement from a radio station which has been the subject of so much scrutiny lately for the behaviour of its presenters. Advertisers have been pulling out of the radio station so fast lately you would think it was an Olympic event, as the community has come to acknowledge that the opinions and ethics of those shock jocks do not seem to match community standards

Anyway, evidently Katrina’s bright idea of seeking right-wing, union hating, shock jock support for a union election didn’t appear to work. It would appear that the members are not as daft as Katrina and Kathy seemed to think. How anybody standing for the role of a union secretary could think the endorsement of well-known union haters would work in their favour is beyond me.

For someone who says she does not have time for smear, the Katrina Hart campaign was 100% smear from what I could see. Childish publicity stunts backed by smear and right-wing propagandists.

Katrina Hart, second from extreme right, and the smear team

It is just like I have always suggested, it is a unique state of mind out there in Jacksonville, and one look at the Katrina Hart campaign is all one needs to see the proof of this.

Kathy Jackson even tried to portray these candidates as “Clean” candidates. While Bolano was being dragged into court and was facing the scorn of the judge.

“Mr Clean” even has an intervention order on him now after an unfortunate incident on the campaign trail, where the “Big Man Bolano” allegedly stalked Diana Asmar around a hospital making threatening comments and gestures. As a result of this intervention order Bolano cannot be within 5 metres of Asmar. Mr Clean indeed, only in Jacksonville would this kind of thug be considered a “clean” candidate.

Marco “Mr Clean” Bolano and the faction behind him

The race in Victoria’s number 3 branch was much closer.

Craig McGregor, described by many as the only true “cleanskin” candidate in the entire election ran a slick campaign, and appears to genuinely want to take the union back for the members. After years of working and watching his union being seemingly systematically rorted and destroyed with Kathy Jackson at the helm, Craig decided the time had come to stand up for change.

Craig’s opponent, Fleur Behrens came from the Jackson faction, although wisely, she held them at a far greater arms length than Katrina Hart in NSW. Many of the voters were unaware of the relationship between Behrens and Jackson, and that was proving a challenge for the Cleansweep team.

Yesterday the news broke on Independent Australia that Craig McGregor and his “Cleansweep” team had soundly defeated Fleur Behrens in every position, actually making it a clean sweep. Clearly all the hard work campaigning from McGregor and his team paid off.

Craig McGregor strikes a pose

One of the other things this tells not only members, but candidates in the number 1 Branch elections, is that you can make a difference in this union without the backing of the factional players.

This resounding victory takes the Jackson influence out of the branch where Kathy Jackson was the former secretary. Under Kathy’s watchful eye, members saw the union go from riches to rags, and almost into bankruptcy. Kathy managed to oversee all that financial ruin whilst struggling to get by in her shack that she now has on the market for over $2 Million.

Craig and his team now have the enviable task of pulling the union back from the brink of collapse, rebuilding member confidence, and increasing the member numbers.

However assuming that Bolano and his team don’t succeed in the democratic process they attempted to manipulate, that being the number 1 Branch election, increasing the membership will be easier in Victoria with the Jacksonville influence gone for good.

After all, union members don’t really want to get involved in factional fighting, nor do they want public bloodletting and brawls. These members just want to get on with an honest days work and know that the union they support with their membership fees is watching their back.

All these members want is a change, so far NSW and Victoria’s number 3 Branch have voted for a change, let’s hope number 1 Branch follows suit.

It’s about time these members caught a break.

  1. deknarf says:

    Hopefully new people at the helm criminal action can be taken where clear evidence is found that previous office holders were acting illegally. Confiscation of any proceeds of crime would be a great outcome in this sad and sorry affair.

  2. Bob Lloyd says:

    Congratulations again Wixxy for your hand in this and to the members of the HSU who have voted to take back their union.

  3. Catching up says:

    wixxy, maybe this site has had some influence in this state, that has sadloy not spread to Victoria.

  4. Catching up says:

    wixxy, glad to hear that.

  5. Stephen Tuck says:

    Excellent results so far for the members of HSU Thank you wixxy for your work for these members and the continual information that has allowed so many to keep updated regarding Jacksonville.

  6. Denis Evans says:

    Peter can I use some of your material on my Radio programme on Friday 30th of November I have been on top of this matter for a number of years having worked in the Trade Union movement for 35 years ,and supported the Clean Sweep Team of Craig Mc Gregor . thanks in anticipation.

  7. Marilyn says:

    Is the complete vote in for NSW yet? I hope members get a better deal now than they did before.

    How Jackson can just waltz away though beats me.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Justice rules. Peter your work is outstanding, but it is disgraceful that McClymont won Walkleys for her stories that were lies and unsupported allegations.

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