We Used To Be Friends

Posted: November 19, 2012 in HSU Saga

Isn’t it nice to know you have friends you can rely on, friends that will go the extra mile to make sure that you are OK, assist you when you’re in trouble, protect you, and never do the wrong thing by you.

HSU Administrator Michael Moore seems to be making friends, but is seemingly also making questionable decisions on the members behalf.

Last week it was announced that Moore was going to take action to retrieve a massive amount of money from some of the elected officials.

These officials had sought external advice and then voted to give themselves massive pay rises, pay rises that far exceeded those of the members they were paid to represent. These officials included Michael Williamson, Marco Bolano, Peter Mylan, Carol Glen, and of course Kathy Jackson. Many of you may remember that Jackson told us all numerous times, including when interviewed on 7 30, how she fought hard to have her pay reduced, because she thought she was hideously overpaid, it turns out she voted for the pay rise. Surprise, surprise…

So how did all this come about?

Beth Jenson was commissioned, and paid handsomely, to review the salaries of HSU elected officials and determine if increases were appropriate.

In what must have come as a great surprise, Jenson discovered that these officials were massively underpaid. Apparently, Jenson seemed to think that salaries in line with an open heart surgeon, rather than a union official were more appropriate. Ringleaders and then friends, Jackson and Williamsons salaries skyrocketed as a result, as did the others. Some have questioned the basis of Jenson’s findings, but not me.

Former Jackson friend and colleague Michael Williamson faces the music

You see, Beth Jenson is the wife of David Langmead. David is not only Jackson’s lawyer, but also a family friend. Who better to assess your salary than a mate?

Administrator Moore has concluded that these pay rises were not only ridiculously large, but were highly inappropriate and totally improper in nature, and is now seeking to retrieve the funds back from those involved via the courts, so it can be put back into the union for the members.

However, it would seem Kathy Jackson has a new friend in Administrator Moore. Kathy has claimed to have reached an agreement with Moore so she does not have to repay the approximately $173,000 to the members that her friend, Beth Jenson, arranged for her to be paid. Moore has reportedly agreed for the money to be taken from entitlements that Jackson alleges to still be owed by the union that under her watch was almost sent bankrupt whilst she lived the high life from her multi-million dollar mansion.

There is only one way to look at this agreement, and that is that Jackson is acknowledging that she has taken $173,000 from the members in a manner that could be described as deceitful at best. Now it would appear as if she is now on hands and knees before the administrator desperately trying to avoid court once again.

This is an admission of guilt from the union turncoat, no other way to look at it really. Guilt of taking $173,000 worth of over pay that her friend arranged, this is on top of all the other questionable payments. The consultancy companies she owned that were billing the union, the atrocious credit card spending from her, the payments for her expensive child minding seemingly fraudulently claimed as staff uniforms, the random payments to her friends like the $22,000 to Wai Quen, the extra money for a car when the receipt from the car dealer shows it to be thousands less than claimed by Kathy, all the BCOM payments that other committee members allege to have not received, it just goes on and on. Now we have another $173,000 to add to the ever growing pile of at best questionable Jacksonville payments.

Kathy treats her friends and colleagues in a special manner. In doing this deal with Administrator Moore on the side, she has admitted not only her own guilt, but thrown people like Marco Bolano under the bus. If Jacksons pay rise was improper, so was everyone else’s, including Bolano’s, as they all came about in the same manner. Kathy has dumped her mates in the crapper, and done a dodgy deal to save her own skin.

It seems ironic that in the upcoming HSU elections that Jackson would be suggesting that people vote for her mate Marco Bolano, while at the same time her actions show that she believes he is guilty of taking the members for a ride to the tune of around $100,000. This makes Bolano about as trustworthy as a used car dealer, as honest as a Liberal senator, and as electable as Sarah Palin on crack hunting moose.

Bolano, as honest as a Liberal Senator? Mary Jo heads for court

Come to think of it, members would be wise to think about Jacksons back door dealings with the administrator on this matter before they vote. There is no doubt at all that Jackson has taken $173,000 of your money, she wouldn’t be doing a dodgy backhand deal otherwise. Given this information I would be having serious doubts about the integrity of those who she is backing in the elections. Bolano, who is also facing court action over this matter, Behrens, and Hart in NSW are all looking decidedly dodgy given this new development, as how can members trust the word of someone who has seemingly stolen from them?

Jackson dines with another friend, one who was responsible for Workchoices. She’s clearly in it for the members…..

If I was a member I would be looking to the facts, not listening to the opinions of shock-jocks and writers from The Australian facing defamation proceedings.

This dodgy deal also shows us that Kathy has found a new friend in Administrator Moore, someone I thought would know better. I may be wrong, but I was under the assumption that Moore was supposed to be working in the best interests of the union members, not those he is seemingly accusing of stealing from them.

If Moore was looking to take Jackson to court to retrieve the $173,000 she fleeced from the members, it seems odd that he would be doing a deal now.

I was also under the distinct impression that the reason that entitlements had not been paid to Jackson and the others, that include Marco Bolano, and Michael Williamson, is due to their being a cloud of doubt the size of the Indian Ocean hanging over the legitimacy of those entitlements. I did not realise that the questionable entitlements were there as a “get out of jail free” card to avoid bead press before an election your mates are running in.

Also have tax considerations been taken into account? If Jackson is looking to pay back $173,000 by having it taken from entitlements, then surely those entitlements would have been subject to tax. I would hate to see Jackson avoid paying tax on an amount that is more than 4 years worth of work for many of the union members.

Or is Jackson keen to avoid court before her overseas trip?

Next year Jackson plans to wed fiancé Michael Lawler, dud dancer, and Vice President of Fair Work Australia, the organisation that produced the original, now discredited investigation whose findings diverted attention away from his fiancé. This wedding is to take place overseas, in Massachusetts actually, and given that Jackson is Greek, I hope that the authorities have checked out our extradition treaties with any countries she plans to visit whilst away, as there are many who think she is going to do a runner. I would even question why she would be allowed to travel overseas at all whilst under investigation, after all if we went back a couple of months, would Michael Williamson have been allowed to head off for Switzerland?

If Kathy Jackson is willing to throw her friends under a bus to save her own skin, imagine how quick she would sell out the members, in the blink of an eye I reckon.

Those of you voting in the HSU elections should look at this as another 173,000 further reasons not to vote for Bolano, Behrens, or Hart.

Like you needed more reasons…

  1. Marilyn says:

    Interesting too that while Mylan has been tut tutting about money owed by Thomson he is rorting the system on massive wage increases that Thomson did not get.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for keeping your ever increasing readership up to date Wixxy. That pic of Jackson with the evil conniving ugly Australian Reith should make it very clear to HSU members just what sort of a woman she is. Any one person standing for office who has been associated with her in the past or now should be avoided like a dog with rabies. The solution is in the members hands

  3. Catching up says:

    Kathy lied yesterday. Kathy said that she has come to an agreement and did not have to pay back the money.

    Sorry, taking it out of outstanding entitlements, is paying back the money.


  4. jennhain says:

    I hope they all, Jackson, Bolano, Williamson, Mylan etc, have to pay the union back what they owe and go take jobs as porters and cleaners in the health system. Oh but of course, they can’t,they may be in jail. There are still the jail toilets to clean. That should remind them of what their members have to do daily.

  5. Laurie Kidd says:

    Keep it up Pete

  6. Matt says:

    What I don’t get is, if her pay was deemed too much, how can her ‘entitlements’ be considered legitimate and deserved pay? Surely they are just as outrageous.

  7. jao13 says:

    I just don’t get it; why aren’t the MSM following up on the jackson story? The only thing on the MSM press was an article on the age about her coming up with some kind of an “agreement” regarding the $173k. You’d think there’s a minefield of information now on file and they’d let rip, but nothing so far. I don’t accept conspiracy stories so just maybe something significant is about to be revealed and they do not want to jeopardise investigations on foot….very odd.

    • jaycee says:

      Jao13..The MSM. in this country are so securely fixed to the anal sphincters of their overlords, that upon retirement they have to be surgically separated!…and they don’t give them a gold watch, but a gold-tube of KY gel!

  8. Ingerardwetrust says:

    Is it a mere coincidence you forgot to leave out the Labor party supported candidate Gérard Hayes from the list of people who took massive pay rises?

    • wixxy says:

      It’s not a coincidence, all of the organisers got massive pay rises, however they were not a part of the committee that approved them.

      I was discussing those who were part of the process of putting the pay rises in place, Gerard Hayes was not one of them, Jackson, Bolano, and Williamson were. Sorry that the facts get in the way of your spin, but….

      As for the Labor Party supported, so what? The ALP has always supported unions, they always will, it is part of the parties culture to help the workers, it’s in our blood.

      The Jackson faction alternatively is supported by union hating shock jocks, while its leader Kathy speaks at Liberal union busting think tanks that came up with things like Workchoices.

      If I was a worker the choice wouldn’t be a hard one, despite the shit Jackson & Co are shoveling

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