The Land Of Rape And Honey

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Dummy Spits, Politics

Do you remember that kid who lived near you that went to that posh school with the fancy uniform, the one that thought his shit didn’t stink?

That kid is a bit like Tony Abbott.

Do you remember that school near you that was full of kids who looked down their noses at you, just because your daddy chose to work for a living rather than exploit.

That is not unlike the Liberal Party.

Maybe this isn’t literally the case, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Every time we hear Christopher Pyne with his knickers in a twist, and every time we watch George Brandis get all high and mighty one cannot help but think of privilege off the backs of the poor. Not only that, every time that Sophie Mirabella or Kelly O’Dwyer appear on Q&A spitting bile and venom we are reminded that it is not just the men.

Sophie shows off her caring character as Simon Sheikh collapses during Q&A

Joe Hockey was right when he talked about the “Age Of Entitlement” being over, only I think his definition of entitlement differs to mine ever so slightly. I believe Joe was referring to those at the bottom of the food chain, the pensioners, the disabled, basically those in need of a helping hand. I, on the other hand am referring to those at the top of the food chain who think us mere mortals are here for their exploitation and amusement.

These last months have seen the start of a movement towards a greater balance and I hope it is a trend that gains momentum.

Firstly, I am so proud to have a Prime Minister that has the guts to announce a Royal Commission into paedophile activity within institutions, which was brought on by revelations that have appeared yet again about the Catholic Church. These people need to be shown that they are not above the law. A confession and a move to a neighbouring community does not excuse someone for sexually assaulting children, and anybody who thinks it does is just as bad as the paedophile in my eyes.

Ask yourself, given his dedication to the Catholic Church if you think Tony Abbott would have made the same decision. If like I do you think that he wouldn’t have, then you have actually come to the conclusion that this is a man who would put his religion before the safety of your children.

What kind of party elects this type of person as a leader?

Recent revelations regarding St Johns College shine a new light on attitudes towards sexism, misogyny, and the attitude that women are there as playthings for men, there to amuse and abuse. Both Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey attended this Catholic College where young women had been forced to drink an unholy mix of shampoo, Tabasco sauce, sour milk, alcohol and dog food, one young woman nearly dying in hospital. Never mind though, the near death of the poor girl was celebrated by the lads who had T Shirts made mocking her.

Women were allegedly pressured into binge drinking until they passed out, and were then reportedly passed around the boys. Women who complained of rape were branded as sluts.

Tony Abbott’s view of this type of attitude towards women was on display for all to see as he smirked and laughed about it when asked on camera. I’m not going to try and tell you what his view was, I’ll let you look at the footage and make up your own mind.

Bear in mind, it isn’t just St Johns College where this type of behaviour has become the norm, let’s have a look at the attitude towards women at some of the other haunts of the privileged.

Fairfax has reported that students from St Pauls Anglican College used to have a Facebook page for those with a progressive attitude towards women. The page (since removed) was a “Pro Rape” page that also boasted of being “anti-consent”.

Vandals from St Pauls College had scrawled things such as

“Any hole is a goal”

 Whilst another young Einstein who clearly doesn’t understand the concept of things being unable to be in two places at once, scribbled

“They can’t say no with a cock in their mouth”

Let’s hope this degenerate learned all about teeth and biting the hard way…

St Andrews College even had a revue that was promoted with this slogan

“$10 entry, $3 beer, $0 women: deflowering a virgin: priceless.”

The Saints would be so proud.

A St Johns College function where respect for women is clearly not the lesson

With attitudes like this being on display from societies so called privileged it is no wonder Julia Gillards “misogyny” speech struck such a chord worldwide.

Those who come from this type of background seem to form some kind of bond, like they share some sort of secret or mutual experience. That secret or experience appears to be protected by some kind of pact of silence where speaking out is seen as weakness.

The only problem is, these aren’t war buddies who shared experiences during the heat of battle that must have been horrific and must have seemed dehumanising in the extreme. Instead these are a bunch of rich kids who set out to deliberately dehumanise women in whatever way they could, physically, mentally and sexually. Just like in a war, I’m sure there would be many cases of collateral damage, death by “misadventure” or suicide come to mind. Not to mention the emotional trauma, and sexual dysfunction inflicted on many women who had to suffer this kind of ordeal so the lads had something to brag about.

Some of you may have heard of an experiment known as the Stanford Prison Experiment, if not here is a brief description, or you can watch one of the many films based around it.

In 1971 an experiment was conducted in a prison setting where 2 groups of volunteers took on the roles as prison guards and prisoners. The idea was to see if those involved in the role playing would be mentally affected by being given power, or having it taken away. Those playing the part of guards were not allowed to physically harm those acting as prisoners, other than that they could do whatever was required to keep the peace. The experiment was to last two weeks.

After six days the experiment had to be stopped as those involved started to lose themselves in their character. The guards had become sadistic and there were instances of psychological torture and many acts of humiliation inflicted upon those acting as prisoners, many of whom had turned rebellious.

The participants in the experiment had been chosen particularly for their psychological stability so that no personality traits would taint the experiment. The experiment was said to have demonstrated how easily people will conform to and obey a convincing ideology and group pressure.

If this is how these men react to group pressure within six days then it is worth questioning how a man in their late teens or early 20’s reacts and adapts to a culture of rampant sexism and misogyny over several years at college. Is it really that much of a stretch to think that this may reflect on their views after leaving college?

People, we need to wake the fuck up, this is a cycle, and one that we need to break. We are well past the days where women are, or should be viewed as anything less than equal to men.

We need to be sending a message to those running these colleges and those who engage in these activities that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. This is not the behaviour of men, this is the behaviour of gutless bottom feeders.

One thing is for sure the attitude of past participants, like Tony Abbott to the issue do not help.

Not in the slightest.

  1. Drayd says:

    Once again you speak volumes of truth and wisdom. I always eagerly await your articles and so enjoy reading them. It seems to me there are more men like you and me who believe women are equal and are prepared to say so in public. Good on you mate and keep up the good fight 🙂

  2. Karla Mac Donald says:

    Best blog yet, Wixxy … Sincere congratulations.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Wixxy, with Abbott and Pellsie calling for an inclusive not a specific Commission, does anybody not get what that means. It means that the taxpayer will foot the Bill. When in fact that fucking institution can well afford costs to victims and their families, and the cost of the R Comm. Once again they blatantly thrust their high and mighty attitude, and everyone says oh ok. WTF is going on, they need to be called on this proposal. Why do we still put up with such hubris. Surely it can’t be right. Rome is built on Gold, and the land ownership in this country alone is beyond imagination. They own half of Australia, sell the fuckers up, and shut them down, we are all over the bullshit of these calcified fossils. Please think about the Abbott proposal for what it is!

    • wixxy says:

      I’m not sure how the footing of the bill works…. it is an interesting point you raise, as I would hate to see the main perpetrators get away with not paying for it….

      However, other institutions also need looking at, Anglicans for example…

      I’d be really interested to see how the costs are covered by the guilty…

    • Horatio says:

      Robina, my thoughts exactly RC church have covering.up for so long, as well as compensation, it should bear cost pof Royal Commission

  4. Marilyn says:

    Yes, but, Gillard is jailing thousands of innocent people in brutal hell holes and claiming they can stay in limbo for years because some other innocent person in another country might have to be in a hell hole for years.

    20% of them are children, she is the abuser in chief of these children.

    I wonder though how many of the private school brats then join ADFA and Duntroon and go on the same way?

    If you think though that it is only in private schools for the rich you are wrong. There is an epidemic across all schools of social media bastardry and beatings, drunken schoolies nights fostered as good fun, and a complete indifference to humanity.

    LIke the two boys sentenced to 20 years jail in Adelaide today because they hacked an old woman to death rather than simply running away from a crime that would have got them a year in juvenile prison.

    Now I tried hard to report the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of my father way back in 1965 and was laughed at.

    The fact is that the churches all harbour abusers, but most abusers are daddies, uncles, grand fathers, family friends and even brothers.

    30 years ago I watched a film called The Brothers of Saint Vincent set in Canada, 200 priests in Canada alone had already been jailed for abuse and rape of children.

    Ever watched The Leaving of Liverpool and the torture and enslavement of children by the churches and so on after kids were forcibly deported here from Britain?

    HOw about Oranges and Sunshine recently aired here?

    These things have been around since the dawn of time, while I agree with a Royal Commission the last Royal Commission we had in this country netted not one criminal.

    Not one person was charged with the theft of $300 million from starving Iraqis and giving it to Saddam Hussein.

    • Mercurial says:

      Yes, Marilyn, but the AWB royal commission was instituted by Howard – what would you expect its outcomes to be?

      • Marilyn says:

        Precisely what it was, a whitewash. LIke the dozens of reports into the many atrocities inflicted by states, churches, the salvos and others against children going back to the stolen generations, the child migrants, forced adoptions and brutal institutions for so called way ward children, refugee kids in prison and so on.

        They have the reports, put them in the bin.

  5. llordlloyd says:

    Couple of things.

    1. We could go a long way by reversing the university ‘reforms’ of the last 20 years. Dawkins made students pay and set up the HECS system, Howard and Costello tore the guts out of university finding in 1998, and despite years of supposed economic clover, never restored it. So universities are basically K-marts of education. Re-establishing university entry as PURELY merit-based and reducing the tendency of educational content to be ‘market-driven’ would help clean out these privileged fuckwits, and many others who shouldn’t be there besides. I say this as someone without a degree.

    2. Robina, I took Abbott’s maneuver as a minor change of tactic by the papists. First, with the NSW inquiry, the aim was to ensure the target was much smaller than the Catholic church. Now, they are keen to ensure the Catholic Church is lost among a multitude of targets, even though the Vatican-based organisation produces four times more kiddie fiddlers than other churches.

    It’s a shame Gillard didn’t have the guts to make the Royal Commission aim squarely at Catholic institutions, but obviously some credit is due. This investigation has the potential to damage Abbott whilst correcting a grave injustice, normally Labor leaders avoid doing both those things.

    Am I correct in thinking Gillard turned over a number of key advisers about two months ago?

    • r says:

      llordlloyd, I would and do see Abbott as a protector of Pells, who is his Confesser and mentor. Abbott I believe was the first to step up and say the Coal. would not support a targeted Royal Commission. Now Pells has just actually said he was glad that this option had been agreed upon, but added the caveat that it would be found that the problem was/is no where near as bad as given by the Press, who have been waging a vendetta against the catholic church!!!!! Again he is trying to diminish the horror. His boss, the now Pope, was between 1978-2005 given the task of ensuring that priests and teachers etc did not abuse children . There is a priest in Italy now being protected by the Vatican he was a monster, and they won’t let anyone near him, they probably hope he will die before being brought to justice. The very point you make about the ratio of abuse is THE salient point here about why the R C should be specific. I am at my wits end at what appears to be yet another insult to the rights of the abused to achieve full justice.

      • oldfart says:

        I would have to disagree, there is compelling evidence that other organisations both religious and non religious have harboured or are harbouring their own particular brand of predators. I feel it is far better to go after the lot, thereby providing Pell with the evidence he says does not exist in relation to the ratio of overall abuse within his church in relation to other organisations. Mind you he will deny it or retire. He was looking a tad frail when fronting the media. I think this will kick his quest for the papalcy in the nuts.

  6. deknarf says:

    Basically Tony Abbott would appear to be a Richard Cranium with thuggoid tendencies. And it would appear that the Australian voting public want this 19th century trogdolyte for a Prime Minister?

  7. Marilyn says:

    And while he is waving around the manual on sexual abuse that he wrote Pell still does not seem to understand that abuse of children is a crime for the police, not for the church to cover up.

  8. mindmadeup says:

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  9. Stephen Tuck says:

    Another well written exposé, Thank you Peter. I think the major problem is they really believe in their Sense of Entitlement. As you state re several years in college the main motivation is the greedy lust for their almighty dollar. I came to the conclusion long ago that the race for the dollar was a false race. At the end of your life the only things you can take with you is honour and respect. Without those easily acquired values you have nothing. You can not take wealth and possessions with you. Decent values in life are a choice.
    On another note as a possible lead for you. For a couple of days I have been pondering the massive sacking of Public Service Workers in all the conservative states. There is nothing positive in this except to their financial mind. Yes it saves them money and the Federal Government has to pay the unemployed via Centrelink payments. Is this a larger plan to bring down a good government that has vision,policies and a direction for Australia. Just a seed for you. Regards,

  10. Student says:

    Hi Peter, I’m a female student at St John’s College. Your comment that “women are there as playthings for men, there to amuse and abuse.” strikes a cord with me mainly because it is insulting and wrong.
    I sick of being portrayed in the media as a poor defenseless female who skulks around the corridors afraid of the evil boys. It is degrading to my intelligence and my independence that I would choose to stay in a college that treats me like this (and indeed, no one would).
    With regards to the “sexist” picture, this was taken in a rare night in the college where boys and girls were at separate events. At this moment the girls were just upstairs with male strippers. This doesn’t make either event any less objectifying, but it does represent equality in it’s purest form, and it’s hard to truly objectify women, when they are right upstairs objectifying you.

    One of the things that never seems to make the news is the Colleges extensive volunteer networks. This year alone we have sold bracelets for Tonga, supported Young care, and thrown a charity ball that raised thousand of dollars for their organization.
    As for a sense of entitlement, many of my friends are either paying for the college fee’s themselves (one worked a for a year to save up, another relies on Scholarships, and another is currently working while also attending uni to pay for his fees). Yes, some adults with rich parents go to the college, some identify as Liberals. But an equal number identity as Labor, or Greens, or whatever unique views they have.

    I cannot speak for other colleges, nor can I speak for how mine was in Tony Abbots time. But to lump all college students together as victims of brainwashing of Stanford Prison Experiment proportions is ludicrous, and to then blame the college culture for sexism in the wider world is a bit extreme (we make up 3% of Sydney Uni students). Ultimately college is a microcosm of the real world, and any sexism in college originates from wider society. I am all for education in schools to tackle the very real issues of sexism in society, but forcing changes upon adults and blindly attacking their homes is unproductive.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks for your response, and I am glad that you enjoyed or are enjoying your time at college.

      A couple of points though, I have never said that every woman was victimised, and have not referred to your intelligence anywhere, hard to do that when you post anonymously…

      Whilst I don’t doubt your word, I have heard from many others who have had first hand experiences or have witnessed events. Many of these people I know and trust, none of them have been anonymous, and none of them would I describe as lacking intelligence. Admittedly these people have not attended the college you claim to attend.

      You have clearly been a student for quite a long time, as the photo you refer to was taken many years ago and not an event like you describe I believe.

      I am not saying every woman is a victim, and I am not saying every man is a misogynist or perpetrator, that would be rather daft. However I also believe it is rather daft to not realise that there is a culture of this kind of activity. Sexual assault, rape, and having someone almost die in hospital may not raise your eyebrows, but it does raise mine.

      Good luck in the rest of your studies

  11. goodrumo says:

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    The environment of Tony Abbott..

  12. Catching up says:

    wixxy, it is well known that bullies, along with paedophiles always pick their victims. They seek out the weak and vulnerable.

    Therefore, those that are capable of looking out for themselves will never come within their range.

    Does one realize, when cornered, they take the coward’s way out of suicide.

  13. BBode says:

    You are really able to sleep at night writing this rubbish?

    Envy is one of the deadly sins, friend.

    You were born into a country that lets anyone who is prepared to work hard the ability to do well. It is not an unwritten law that what I have, you also must have. The tone of your article smaks of socialism and you continue to deliberately ignore the fact that Peter Slipper is a mysoginist, sexist by the very proof of the sms s that have been taken from HIS phone. Why on earth does no one think that that is worth more discussion. If you are going to be a quasi journo. you need to investigate with both eyes open and moral fibre.

    Honesty and valour.


    Envy and lies.

    I know which path I choose.

    • wixxy says:

      I sleep like a log

      I am not envious of any of these areseholes, I can assure you, I did quite alright when I was that age and had no need to work in a pack, or poison girls to get laid….

      The reason I haven’t mentioned Slippers text is it is totally irrelevant to the post, unless Slipper was also at the college. The text you are refering to is no doubt the text from Ashby to Slipper.

      If Slipper said something sexist, so be it, I won’t defend him for that. He was a Liberal member for how many years again? and was preselected time after time as representing Liberal values, including the time of the texts you refer to… all those years as a Liberal would prove the saying “If you lie with dogs, you will end up with fleas” correct I guess.

      As for your quasi journo bit, I hope you have sent similar childish remarks to others who have written similar stories, some I have provided links to in my post. I don’t claim to be a journo, or a quasi anything, but I am sure that those other “quasi’s” from Fairfax, News Ltd, ABC, Sky News, AAP, Reuters, and every other news agency that covered this disgrace would welcome your judgement.

      I too know which path you chose, it leads to the crapper…

      • BBode says:

        … What is it that I hear? Denial. Hero the texts were clearly from Peter Slipper – gee I know that doesnt suit your story, sighhhhhhhh.

        Coward you are making it up as you go!

      • wixxy says:

        Are you trying to say Sliipper was texting himself? It was a 2 way conversation between him and Ashby, and it is totally irrelevant to what I am talking about, as much as that does not suit your agenda

    • Marilyn says:

      Envy, of what? Rapist priests?

    • Matt says:

      “Envy is one of the deadly sins, friend.”

      Really, if you managed to read all the way down to number 6 on the list, surely you glimpsed number 7:


  14. Mariah says:

    OMG I’m speechless….what an objectionable piece. You must have been in a special headspace when you came up with this.

    • nesy says:

      Totally agree Mariah, perhaps Tony and Joe need to sue for defamation??

      • wixxy says:

        Bring it on, if they think the issue needs the publicity and media attention

        We’ve already seen what a short trip into Abbotts learning years has produced, thumped walls and intimidated women…nice

      • Matt says:

        Oh poor dear nesy. You can’t be guilty of defamation when speaking the truth, it is the primary defence. If speaking the truth sullies Tony and Joes reputation, there is nothing you can do about it.

  15. oldfart says:

    St Johns college;
    ” attitudes towards sexism, misogyny, and the attitude that women are there as playthings for men, there to amuse and abuse”

    Well with the teachings and examples they no doubt got in their earlier school years from their “teachers”, why are we surprised at these attitudes? the cycle is continueing, if victims are exposed and subjected to abuse and degradation long enough, yesterday’s abused and degraded run a high risk of becoming tomorrows sexists, misogynists and abusers.

  16. Anne says:

    Dear Marilyn S.

    Did you watch the Press Club on ABC today??? It was about the HOMELESS HERE IN AUSTRALIA????? Why don’t you put ALL your efforts into looking out for these very yound to old people instead of strangers from other lands that you go on about everyday everywhere.
    AND, leave off the vile ravings you have of the Prime Minister.

    • Marilyn says:

      Anne, here is the thing dear, refugees are the ultimate homeless and allowing a few thousand of them to arrive and ask for help and jailing them costs billions.

      Why not stop jailing them and spend the billions on social housing.

      Your continual ability to blame refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other places who have nothing at all left for the situation of one Australian is absurd in the extreme.

      Do grow up, Gillard is torturing innocent people and wasting billions in the process just to appease racist bogans.

      Way back in 2002 I said the Howard dirty deal would cost so much that 5,000 homes a year could be built out of the money.

  17. BBode says:


    Are you a clever boy……………….. Ok slowly, just for you. Peter Slipper was texting to Ashby the most vile, crude and lewd thought bubbles. So, let me see- that means he is a sexist, mysoginist pig – but not called out by Gillard. Strange the day she ranted about TAbbott. Not once did she look over her shoulder to the real mysoginist in the room. And you and all her lefty supporters just heap it on T.Abbott. Deal with facts.
    Now little man, print this……………… Are you male or female not sure with that bitchy comment you made to “Student”

    • wixxy says:

      This is the last one of your comments I answer big man

      I’m glad you think that I’m clever for recognising that a conversation consists of more than one person.

      Why is there a need for Gillard to “call out” someone who sent sexist comments to someone while he was a Liberal MP?

      My post is not about Slipper vs Ashby, but I know there is more on this story coming and you will be taking a big bite of humble pie then….

      Unlike most of the right wing critics I get comments from trying to turn a subject into a different one altogether, I use a real profile picture, a real name, and real details… I know that is probably a revolutionary concept to some.

      So in this conversation, (now you understand the concept) it would appear you think the one not hiding their identity, or sex for that matter, is a coward.
      That sounds rational…

      • BBode says:

        You really are a bitter twisted person definitely sickening and yes this is the last comment from me. For your info I am a woman who has survived cancer and you sunshine havent left the kindy room yet with your smart alec comments. Now do YOU understand.?

      • wixxy says:

        OK one more comment….

        “Are you a clever boy” “Ok slowly, just for you” “Deal with facts” “Now little man” “Are you male or female” “What is it that I hear? Denial” “Coward you are making it up as you go!” “You are really able to sleep at night” “quasi journo”

        I have always been a smart ass, deal with it, or don’t read my posts. But given the quotes above from your comments, I’m glad you took the time to distinguish who the smart alec is for everyone.

        I am glad you beat cancer, but that does not make you a higher authority on misogny, or the criminal behaviour of college students, I hope YOU can understand that.

        If wanting to see paedophiles put in jail, and seeking that colleges be made safe places for women to attend without fear of abuse makes me bitter and twisted, so be it, I can live with that.

        But I hate to think what it makes you….

    • Marilyn says:

      No he wasn’t, that is only what the media report and it has no basis in fact.

      • mick says:

        Keep at ’em Wixxy. Good to see a few ignorant conservatives proving their bigotry and stupidity on here of late. Probably Jackson/Lawler/McClymont/Bolano trying to trick you up. I was educated by the Christian Brothers, and luckily for me, that Best monster came along after I left. It was a very new school, but closed shortly after a student victim suicided there. Pell and his predecessors have done the church no favours by not referring all accusations to the police. Thousands of lives have been ruined, and all Pell wants to protect is the good name of the church. The real victims seem to be a nuisance to him. 9 out of 10 abuse cases by clerics are from His church. And Abbott says of Him “…one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen”. That’s why I’ll always vote Green with a preference to Labor(unless their right wing dickheads keep poking their heads up!). Good Onya

    • Matt says:

      The description of a vagina as “mussels in brine” is the most vile thing you have ever heard?

      Bit precious are you not? Did you curl up in the foetal position trying to scrub your mind after reading the above line? Does that make every woman who has(in a private conversation) described a penis as a ‘one-eyed monster’ or ‘alien in a crash helmet’ a man hater? Sexist? Ridiculous.

      Someone can be far more offensive without using blue language, and someone can be less offensive swearing like a sailor. Tone and intent are everything, but everybody already knows that, we just pick and choose those to vilify, all too often on the basis of shady motivations. You people who called for the blood of Slipper made me sick.

      But this is all way off topic, and a distraction from the real issues, just like the entire Slipper saga.

  18. nesy says:

    What a disgraceful display, so because my son went to a Catholic School, does that make him a woman hating rapist or do you only reserve those disgusting comments for Tony and Joe? You are an oxygen thief of the worst kind!

    • wixxy says:

      If your son went to a decent college, maybe you should get him to read the post to you next time.

      Nowhere have I said that every male student is some misogynist, nowhere have I accused Tony or Joe of it either.

      Al I have pointed out is that his laughing and smirking when asked about behaviour that caused a girl to almost die in hospital doesn’t help.

      If that girl had been your daughter you would be singing a different tune….

      I’d suggest you read what I actually write, not what others tell you I’ve written

      • Marilyn says:

        Peter, there is a certain group who see the headlne and spray without ever reading a word.

        You should see the same old names writing the same old lies about refugees every time they see the word.

  19. MikeA says:

    Can I indulge your readers?
    Perhaps not everyone understands the makeup of the Catholic population in Australia. As an active Catholic I can only comment on the members I have contact with, although I know the other faction also exists.
    I have never met a priest who supports celibacy for priests, is anti-contraception, is anti-gay marriage, a priest who thinks Cardinal Pell is a good guy.
    The other faction describe us as cafeteria Catholics picking and choosing which bits we want. Well I always preferred ‘cafeteria’ to ‘all you can eat’.
    I remain active as I want a spiritual dimension to my life, and I admire the social justice movement that the Catholic people have helped foster.
    I remain ‘active’ as I don’t want the conservatives to think that they have won. The problem with the Catholic church is the basic power structures. These fail dismally to deal with the catastrophic shortage of priests (arising from the restrictions on candidates), and now almost unbelievably this widespread sexual abuse crisis
    I read of Fr Frank Brennan calling for external intervention 2 weeks ago – he is one of the guys my ‘faction’ support wholeheartedly

    • wixxy says:

      Of course you can Mike, and thanks for pointing those things out.

      It is good for any institution to clean out the bad on occassion, and I don’t think religious institutions are any different.

      I hope your faction gets behind the Royal Commission and also seizes the opportunity to embrace some long overdue changes

  20. An excellent article. You have made the morons on the Liberal national Chat Page jolly cross, and for that I commend you. Apparently it’s ok for their members to make violent statements about what they would like to do to the PM, but they can’t handle a few home thruths in return. I guess more than a few of them would be allumni of the establishments mentioned in your article.

  21. Catching up says:

    Wixxy I do agree with much you have to say,. I also have very strong views on sexism and sexual abuse of children. This post has little to so with either.

    I have some problem with the label that has been applied to Mr. Slipper. I cannot see the sexism within the texts released. Yes crude and childish behaviour, that most leave behind in the school yard. There is simply no evidence that Slipper hates women. He has been married twice and both women stand by him.

    As for attacking the church for the causing the sexual abuse of children, does not help the cause in any way. Yes, the abuse does thrive within the walls of the church, but it is a long bow to say the cause can be found there.

    The debate that is going on in this post worries me a little. It is allowing the focus to be diverted from the victims and paedophilia.

    I suggest we listen and follow the lead of the Attorney General, Ms. Roxon, if we want to see an end to this abuse.

    Those responsible will be rooted out if we do so.

    Those who still believe and support the church should be putting their shoulders behind the PM, and help her to succeed.

    The winners will be the children, and possibly the churches. One never knows.

    It is about the cultures that exist in our society, churches and institutions. Not the churches, and institutions themselves. There is a difference.

    It is not and should not be allowed to become about politics. It is just too important for the well being of our kids and now disabled, which are also easy targets.

    • Marilyn says:

      Ms Roxon has been jailing and torturing children in refugee prisons and adult prisons, she didn’t care a jot about either.

  22. Jon Lawson says:

    so I gather you have some actual evidence regarding the rape of passed out women? or is this just another smear ploy to get the heat off of Gillard who IS actually entangled in criminal activities…

    • wixxy says:

      Most of the girls assaulted did not have the good fortune to fall unconcious under a cctv camera if that is what you mean, but here is an article from last year that may interest you

      You seem to have found us out, clearly the Labor Party has had these assaults organised for the last 20 odd years in preparation for diverting attention away from a future Prime Minister.

      Unless you know something the rest of us, including police/press don’t know, all the crap and real smear thrown at Gillard hasn’t stuck.

      On the other hand, your mate Abbott who wants it to be business as usual for Catholic paedophiles, his assault of a woman, a criminal act, threatening a woman, a criminal act, to intimidate her, was witnessed by many, and attempts to portray the poor woman who is a respected member of the community have lead to a pending civil case against Michael Kroger, one of the Liberal’s faceless faction failures, and an on air apology from a guy who couldn’t give his advertising space away, toilet loiterer Alan Jones….

      Go back to your gentlemans club and drink another lite beer shandy with mostly lemonade with your misogynist mate Tony….

      • Bridget says:

        Read your link Wixxy but no comment of St. John’s College. If you know rapes have occurred there PLEASE go to the authorities. It would be cowardly if you didn’t. I know you don’t lie in this blog

      • wixxy says:

        I don’t lie in any of my posts Bridget, I’m not sure what you mean about no comment.
        Alas, it is not up to me to report any rape or sexual assault, that is up to victims, not me, many choose not to report these things for their own reasons. Others may think it is ok to make decisions for other people, not me.
        My information has come from other media reports, some of which I have linked, as well as some people who have experienced or witnessed such events, some of which I gather was reported at the time.
        It amazes me that people get their noses pushed out of joint when someone puts something up that says the abuse of women is bad.
        It truly says something about those who seem to want this behaviour to continue

  23. mick says:

    Whoa there Wixxy!!!!!! I don’t mind a light beer meself!!! But beautifully said anyway. Hold ’em off over the weekend. I’m heading to Harrietville to sing cowboy songs for a few days with 500 friends. And we’re all going to relish the impending fate of Pell and his mates!!! That’s who’ll i’ll be dedicating the hanging songs to! And that’s no disrespect to the poor bastards who’ve done that to themselves directly because of those unholy mongrels!!!!

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