Posted: November 12, 2012 in Dummy Spits, Politics, World News and Events

If we can’t protect our children, then what do we have left that is worth protecting?

Our religion it would seem.

It is human instinct to want to protect our children, ask any parent. It is also human instinct to feel pity for any child that is suffering, be it physical or mental suffering.

One has to ask, if an organisation or government fails to attempt to protect children, or even worse, if it protects those who seek to harm children, does that make them inhuman?

Some would say that the Catholic Church has lost its way in recent years. Others would say it is finding its way in a modern world. Some would even say it is the root of all that is evil.

The Catholic Church has had a long history of oppressing women, slaughtering thousands in the name of their god, all the while claiming to be a moral compass for society. We all have heard of the witch burning and the inquisitions, here is a link to a video detailing some of the attrocities committed in the 20th Century.

Given their history, it would seem to me that they haven’t strayed too far from tradition, they have just found another sector of society to abuse for their own gratification, one that stays silent a bit longer, children.

Many find it hard to give credibility to an organisation whose spiritual leader supported Adolph Hitler as he tortured and exterminated Jewish men, women, and children by the millions. Ironic when you consider Jesus was the “King of the Jews” according to Christian teachings.

Hitler and Pope Pius XII – besties…

Some think that the Catholic Church has become too modern and prefer things a little more traditional in nature. Looking to be more like the church of the past, one that is even less tolerant of gays, more anti-Semitic than a KKK convention (think Mel Gibson) and believes women should be kept in their place, the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. This group is called Opus Dei and when most think of them they think of the albino character from The Da Vinci Code. In actual fact you are more likely to see them in suits and ties, and more likely to meet them in Macquarie St than a convent.

Opus Dei are like the Mason’s on crack, a secretive society that protects its own. A society that embraces traditions and values of old, values like those mentioned above one would assume.

Members of Opus Dei are littered all throughout our society but in particular areas surrounding the law and politics. There are members in the Judiciary, members in the legal profession, and of course members in politics, both at State and Federal level, in fact many members. The Liberal Party even have a powerful faction run by a member of Opus Dei, which would explain why there are so many members of this antiquated and oppressive organisation within the Liberal Party.

Little wonder then that Barry O’Farrell has chosen to try to dodge calls for a Royal Commission into paedophile activity within the seemingly organised crime ring we call the Catholic Church. Barry has instead launched an enquiry into the NSW police force.

This is a bit like announcing an enquiry into homicide detectives every time a murder is committed. I assumed that’s what the Internal Affairs department were for, clearly I was wrong.

I may be a little off the mark here, and some may accuse me of pushing a revolutionary concept, but I kind of thought chasing the perpetrators of crimes may have been more apt. Monitoring police is one thing, but letting paedophiles get passed around communities like the collection plate is just reprehensible.

With the Coalition having this attitude towards the investigation of violent crimes it is no wonder we are seeing a massive increase in drive-by shootings and bikie crime in NSW.

The current system of the church self policing is clearly a monumental failure of epic proportions. It is not unlike putting the Hells Angels in charge of investigating bikie crime, or a bit like letting the media control their own watchdog, oh, hang on….

The calls for a royal commission reached a deafening pitch at the end of last week after a high-ranking police officer, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, a veteran of over 30 years, appeared on the ABC’s Lateline for an interview that has been described as explosive. Fox appeared on Lateline after writing an open letter to NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell

I have been unable to embed a video of the Peter Fox interview, but it can be seen via the link above. I have included below a video of an interview the following night with Father Kevin Lee.

Although Fox was cagey about names and ranks etc, he was certainly indicating that those above him were pulling strings for the church. His calls for a royal commission into paedophile activity within the church in NSW echoed what Senator Nick Xenophon has been calling for at a national level for years.

Some have suggested that if there is a systematic covering up of paedophile activity by the clergy at the highest levels, then the buck has to stop with the States Attorney General, being the highest Officer of the law in the state. In NSW we are fortunate to have someone named Greg Smith.

Attorney General Greg Smith – Thinks those seeking compensation for clergy abuse are greedy

Greg Smith has shown unprecedented levels of interest in the activities of paedophiles, or one in particular at least.

Father Finian Egan was lucky enough to be mentioned in Greg Smiths maiden speech to parliament, citing Father Egan’s influence on him. Smith praised and thanks Father Egan for his

“Irish wit and pastoral devotion to his flock”

So devoted was Finian Egan that he has now been charged with 17 sexual offences that were allegedly committed against four minors. Utter devotion indeed. Not to be disheartened our Attorney General was keen to show his support for the poor downtrodden accused paedophile, offering prayers for him. In an unforeseen show of sympathy towards to alleged victims he made accusations that they were just after money.

These poor people have already been allegedly abused by a perverted priest, they don’t need further abuse from the Attorney General as well.

Greg Smiths chief of staff, Damien Tudehope, in a show of transparency Coalition style, refused to release related documentation to the press. Meanwhile Damien’s brother, Anthony Tudehope an alleged Opus Dei member was acting as Father Egan’s barrister. Conflicts of interest? Not half…

With people like this sitting in the Attorney General’s office, is it any wonder we aren’t seeing the Liberal’s acting in any kind of manner that may pass for transparent, or in the public’s interest.

There has been a lot of focus around the Newcastle region, and it is easy to see why with statistics like these:

• 400 known victims of child sexual abuse by clergy
• 11 clergy charged and convicted since 1995
• 6 Catholic teachers convicted since 1995
• 3 priests currently on trial
• First priest charged this year with concealing the crimes of another
• 12 priests involved in substantial compensation claims

However we need to remember this is not just Newcastle, this is a plague that is spread throughout the state, and indeed the country.

If you are still unsure of whether or not there is a cover-up, then consider this: Take the above list of statistics and pretend for a minute they are not describing the sick perverted crimes of the Catholic Church, but were instead crimes committed by an Islamic organisation. Do you think we would still be arguing the point?

I tend to think that if these crimes were in the Muslim community, there would be protests, riots, and a barrage of anti Islamic propaganda all over our airwaves and throughout the press. However, that is not likely to happen as I don’t recall ever hearing a single case of a sexual abuse of a minor by a Muslim Cleric.

I don’t think it wis a stretch to say that that the Pope is to victims of a paedophile priests, what Osama Bin Laden is to victims of terrorism. Both are spiritual leaders of organisations that utterly decimate the lives of the innocent.

I got this crown at Burger King

Those who say the world of politics should not mess with religion, I say why not? In NSW at least, one only had to walk into a Catholic Club and you would have seen pictures of Local Labor party members gracing banners, posters, and stands all over the place, protesting their support of those trying to help out the problem gamblers by placing restrictions on the Catholic Clubs vast numbers of poker machines. How Christian of them.

Meanwhile the public purse covers the cost from the fallout of every victim of the churches sick breed of paedophiles. This covers cost of medical assistance, therapy requirements, as well as the investigation and court costs from any prosecutions of priests they could hide no longer.

Never mind though, you would think that the tax the government collects from the vast rivers of cash that flow through the corporation from its churches, clubs, nursing homes etc would more than covers the costs. You would think wrong.

The Catholic Church pays no tax, well not in Australia anyway. The tax they should pay here gets funneled back to Italy and the Vatican, presumably so they can buy more land and gold, and maybe even use some of it for compensation to victims of its paid perverts.

If you have not seen it, I cannot recommend the documentary “Deliver Us From Evil” highly enough, it is a harrowing account of the damage done by one priest in the US, and one final knockout blow courtesy of the Vatican.

I may be accused of bias, as I am what I would call a strict atheist. However being the subject of a religious upbringing and religious schooling, and taking an interest in religious history and religious teachings I do claim to know a bit more than the average Joe on the subject.

It is my humble opinion that given the behaviour of so many paedophile priests, and the deliberate concealment of these crimes by their superiors something may be wrong in the teaching in Catholic Theological Schools. I think there is a line in the bible they have got all confused.

In the St James Version of the bible, Luke 18:16 starts with Jesus saying;

“Suffer little children”

I don’t think what we are currently seeing is what Jesus had in mind.

There are Catholic’s I’m sure who will be angry at me for writing this post, I don’t mind, however their anger is misguided. It is those who are destroying their churches reputation with their acts of depravity that they should be angry at.

Some will say I have focused on the negaitive, and ignored the good things that the chuch does, and I should list some of those to provide balance. To them I say, crap. I will do that when the church adds to their books of self praise stories and accounts of the hundreds of thousands of lives it has destroyed, you know, for balance.

The church should not harbour them to protect themselves. If they really wanted to protect themselves they would hand them over to police.

Only then when they truly get the respect that they seem to think they deserve.

  1. Catching up says:

    I believe that it was Cardinal Pell while he was in charge in Victoria, that drew up the guidelines for how the church should manage the problem.

    These should be discarded and the church face its responsibilities like all other institutions in our society, and refer immediately to the law enforcers.

    It should not be a problem for Catholics in general. It is the problem for those in charge of the church.

    It is not a matter of attacking the Catholic Church. Yes, it happens in other institutions, which many have faced up to their responsibilities.

    The Catholic Church, by its structure, simply has more opportunity to abi\use. The culture of this church has to change.

    Hockey is wrong. Victims are traumatized by no one believing.

    An aside. I watched a program last night on ABC 21, Compass, at 6.30 called the Devine women. It opens up a few myths about the role of the woman in Christianity. For the first three hundred years, if appears they were equal. Will be repeated. (About history, not religion really) Good series.

    It was the men who took their role away, not god.

  2. mick says:

    And that’s just NSW! Fortunately the Age is giving plenty of coverage down here in Victoria too. Meanwhile, George Pell pretends to be concerned, while bullying anybody who questions the cover ups under HIS watch and those of his predecessors!

  3. Sue says:

    How about if you ask the Attorney General of NSW,Greg Smith or Premier , Barry O’Farrel just how many police investigations,prosecutions or enquiries by eminent persons into the Catholic Church and or their priests are currently in progress? The second question could be how many prosecutions of priests ex- priests have concluded in the last 15 years?

    Once the numbers are divulged then the calls for a royal commission could become deafening.

  4. Heather says:

    A Royal Commission is the only answer.

  5. owen1967 says:

    Are we to believe that none of this was apparent / obvious when the ALP was in power?
    Hopefully the Federal Government will be pressured into calling for a (relatively) serious investiagtion so that we might see a little more into how far and how deep the implications of this cover-up go – for the Catholic Church, the ALP and the Liberals.

    Brings to mind a couple of cliches that mention hands:
    1) Careful that you ‘dont bite the hand that feeds you’!
    2) I’m quietly confident that both major political parties will have ‘blood on their hands’.
    … (and now the bad pun) both very handy references in such situations.

    In the meantime, what will ‘Jasper’ say?
    The finger pointing may well soon become a two-fingered salute.
    Cant wait for a few of the facts to be shared.

    • wixxy says:

      Not at all Owen… This has been going on for decades, and the ALP also has traditionally had strong ties with the Catholic Church for a long way back. However the Opus Dei connection that represents extreme views is only apparent amongst the Liberals

      However both parties have let this go unchecked

      I will be putting a motion forward at my branch meeting tonight, and I hope others do the same.

    • Hypocritophobe says:

      This needs to be separate to political point scoring.

      If it drags down hundreds, on both sides so be it.Think of the potential prevention it would unharness.

  6. Vince O'Grady says:

    Peter, Once again you have nailed the issue. Its about firstly abuse by the Catholic Church, secondly about the cover up of that abuse by intrenched parties and thirdly Political and Moral cowardice by a whole spectrum of people.

    In other words a disgrace. Its time for a cleansing of the church and the secular interests by an Australian Royal Commission. This will out the wrong doers and help to heal the people who have been offended against. Thirdly it would prosecute them with the full majesty of the law.

    Fourthly this requires Political Courage. It is not an ALP/Coalition issue. Its a human one.

  7. deknarf says:

    The amount of ‘tulip tiptoeing’ on this begins to smell, not so much of bruised tulips, but more like the Church corrupting the State. A Royal Commission need to be held into this whole affair, just because it’s related to a religious order should not make one iota of difference. But it is! I’m beginning to wonder why. And that why is beginning to smell of corruption and manipulation of elected officials.

  8. Catching up says:

    This has nothing to do with who is in power. it has to do with the separation of church and state.

    Founding fathers realised this a couple of centuries ago, across the globe.

    All parties are guilty of bowing to the religios bodies.

    I would say, it should be true of all religions and all countries.

    If one is a believer, they should follow direstions of their founder. I believe that Jesus recognised there was a difference between church and State.

    ” He replied: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Mt 22:17). Clearly there is a difference between Caesar’s state and God’s Church”

    • Catching up says:

      PS. It is not the role of the church to invedtigate child abuse, or any other abuse for that matter. It is the role of the state law enforcerment agencies..

      End of argument.

  9. oldfart says:

    One wonders as to the reason for resisting the call for a royal commission. could it be that we will have a result similar to that as in Ireland where governments were found to have been fully aware and turned a blind eye because they were to close to thechurch. My fear is that if we just investigate the catholic church then others equally as guilty in other organisations will slip through the net. we should have a royaly commission on institutional child abuse

  10. Marilyn says:

    I reported my father to an Anglican priest way back in 1965 and was told to be silent because my father was a good bloke who played golf with the priest.

    The Mulligan enquiry here in SA a few years back showed child sexual abuse spread to every organisation tasked with caring for children, including the salvos who are now embroiled in egregious human rights violations on Nauru.

    But still in Australia most sexual abuse of kids is by their daddies, uncles, brothers, grandfathers and close family friends.

    1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18.

    The thing is this sort of abuse leaves many adults unable to cope with relationships, there is always a part missing from their psyche, I know that from first hand experience.

  11. Hypocritophobe says:

    I also acknowledge Marilyn’s speaking up.
    However I must question Marilyn’s numbers here(pretty please)
    as I did elsewhere and ask that she backs up the numbers, in name of accuracy and for readers reference..And yes I do realise many assaults go unreported.

    Where is the data to be found that supports this claim,
    “1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18”.

    Either that or PLEASE reword it to reflect what is actually known.

  12. Fordman says:

    “Many find it hard to give credibility to an organisation whose spiritual leader supported Adolph Hitler as he tortured and exterminated Jewish men, women, and children by the millions.”

    1.Please prove this statement.
    2.There is no way that the clergyman with Hitler is Pius XII. Pius the XII was tall and skinny.

    You research/bias this time has let you down!


  13. mick says:

    And here’s a very worthwhile watch on the subject of Jews/Catholicism

  14. Reblogged this on and commented:
    From WixxyLeaks – Protection re: #RoyalCommission

  15. Wixxy in reference to your query about sexual abuse in the muslim quarter. Sweet heart did you never get to watch the expose on the horror in Bradford England. You can probably still find it on google. Anal rape was/is the order of the day. Little boys being heard screaming, crying etc. Parents unable to stop it as the Cleric is such a powerful man to be feared. And even here in Melb. recently a school for jewish children finally exposed for failing to respond to children and parents reporting a paedophile teacher who kept assaulting the kids. It went on for years, and due to religion being more important than the victims the fee payers did not go public but tried to keep it within their ranks. And it’s 2012, go figure. It’s all so gruesome I’m ashamed tat we all fail children so badly. And that’s the the thing ‘we are the Toll’ like the Ad says. So maybe you can do something about pointing out to your colleagues that if we allow the R C to be non specific, we are actually reinforcing the mantra ‘this is our little secret’ I’ll join the fucking Labor Party if you can help turn this thing around. R

  16. Matt says:

    I don’t know if the broadening of terms is a bad thing. Cardinel Pell may feel that he has a reprieve and can hide amongst the other sinners, but if the same pattern we have seen for the last 40 years or so holds true, then I suspect the sheer volume of complaints against the church will ensure they remain front and centre of this commission. And if it isn’t the case – if, as they claim, they have been subject to unfair weighting of blame, and it turns out there is just as significant a problem in the rest of societies institutions, then why would anyone not want that investigated?

  17. Sue says:

    yesterday Barry O’farrel expressed a personal view in parliament about confessions made to priests in the confessional.
    Rather than a personal view O’farrell should amend the State laws. O’Farrel could not be assured that his attorney General, Smith, would consider the laws before his personal beliefs

    “Under the NSW Crimes Act, a person must disclose knowledge of a sexual assault or risk being charged with concealing a serious indictable offence, but priests are one of a small class of occupations that cannot be prosecuted unless the Attorney-General consents.

    Read more:

  18. All these complaints on Catholic child abuse and sexual abuse is strictly filthy rich only to what fills the Royal Commissions staged for the wealthy and healthy. Societies real poor in public housing are still suppressed and are not allowed to participate what so ever, like orphans from Christian bros institutions who dumped their victims in squallas of public housing to rot and die all over Australia who havent been added to the list. Mast live in slum regions like Cambelltown public housing such as Arids Bradbury. Lumea, Minto, Claymore, Ambervale. also Mt Druit, but in the Redfern city, Glebe, and Camperdown have thousands more victims that dont stand a chance because all public meetings in Sydney is strictly rich only and if any one of us like me come forward police visit and remind us on detention procedures and which mental hospital awaits. Many victims in public housing are terrified to speak out as there is consequences when we do, Charities bann any of us to discuss these issues and Vinnies uses Karacatz to prevent us from even attempting.. Police are misused and people in DOh who are affected where there are thousands more who remain silenced and no media anywhere will assist and still we are all suppressed.Over the years many have committed suicide as they cant live with their condition,others were murdered to silence them. St Maarys wont see us at all when we approach security boots us out to awaiting police and the worse imaginable is a spell at Karacatz or nearest mental facility of choice to police attending which is hystory repeating

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