Wrecking Ball

Posted: November 5, 2012 in HSU Saga, Media

It seems in the eyes of the main stream media, helping the police is a bad thing. In fact doing anything to help expose wrong doing is an act of complete and utter betrayal.

Unless of course you are Kathy Jackson, then it is heroic.

This mornings article in the Fairfax media from Kate McClymont portrays a couple who have been completely open with the police, in a light that is less than favourable. In fact, it is utterly disgusting, especially considering that it comes from a journalist that is considered knowledgeable on the HSU matters.

A little about the Gillelands, from someone who has bothered to find out.

The Gilleland’s, as Kate correctly reports, were a supplier of printing services to the HSU, supplying amongst other things the union magazine. These services were never put out to tender by the union as reported, but that does not make them in any way, shape, or form underhanded as insinuated in the article.

Health Standard Magazine – Hardly a newsletter…

The services Communigaphix performed involved large volume printing and mail-outs, and as such they were paid “handsomely”, however they also had handsome expenses. In fact when contracted to perform these services, the Gilleland’s were paid so handsomely that they were the cheapest quote received for the work performed. Something that seems to have strangely been left out in the Fairfax report, along with balance.

Communigraphix performed a service which produced something tangible, something the union members (remember them) could hold and read. This sets them apart from other services that also did not go through a tender process, and considering these other companies never produced anything, they were paid incredibly handsomely. Companies like Neranto Number 10, and Koukouvaos Consulting, owned by Kathy Jackson received vast amounts of member’s money for doing seemingly nothing, while Kathy also received a hefty wage from members at the same time. Some would call that double dipping, for Kathy it would appear to be business as usual.

Kathy Jackson – owner of businesses that never tendered for the vast payments recieved from HSU for alleged services

The Gillelands, who have been subject to financial stress as a result of invoices that have yet to be paid by the HSU, for contracts that were not due to complete for a couple of years as yet, have had a tough time in the press.

Over the last 18 months they have had their property raided on the basis of misinformation and a concocted conversation. They have also been smeared all over the press just for being a HSU supplier, this has, in turn destroyed their business. Their legal bills have continued to mount while they try and avoid calls from journalists who are seemingly only out to smear them.

The Gilleland’s provided legitimate services to the union and as a direct result of speaking out about the misuse of member’s funds, had their services drastically cut back by Michael Williamson. Other companies have profited from Communigraphix loss, also without going to tender, however we are not seeing them treated in the same manner.

I question why after a year of insinuating that this couple have been up to no good with Williamson that the press aren’t singing their praises upon finding out the opposite.

I don’t think there is a “handsome” enough payment for what these people have endured, their involvement with the HSU has left them totally devastated and destroyed their professional lives. These people are not exceedingly wealthy, they do not own combined properties of over $3 Million as the Jacksons do. These are regular people, with a mortgage who were unlucky enough to provide a service to the wrong client.

I wonder what it takes to get favourable press coverage these days. It seems that when assumptions were being made, based on nothing but hearsay that this pair were helping Williamson, that was bad. Now it seems they were not, and were actually helping the members and police, but that is also bad?

At what point can these people do something right? Have I missed something? Where is the side of good in all of this? It clearly isn’t Williamson, it can’t be the members or police going by this article, so where the F#%@ is it?

The article in the Fairfax press today sends a message to anybody who ever wants to help police, or for anybody who wants to distance themselves from criminal acts. Do this and you will be smeared from pillar to gatepost by the press.

The next time police choose someone to trust when putting information out there, and giving the heads up to on upcoming police raids as they have reportedly done recently, I hope they remember who runs articles that actively deter people from co-operating with them.

The attitude of the press in relation to this family has been a disgrace.

They wouldn’t recognise a real whistleblower if they fell over one, instead they’d rather promote the opinions of a turncoat.

I hope they have learnt something, but I won’t hold my breath.

  1. Ross Barber says:

    Still it goes on eh real people telling how it is and getting hurt by arholes and by a simpering inept press in someones dirty pocket. What journalism school did that scribbler get a try hard but should be in another line of work certificate of attainment from?

  2. Sue says:

    thanks wixxy for cleaning up the mess that was the fairfax article this morning.

  3. Marilyn says:

    I read that article and wondered why it was even written, let alone published.

    Kate has been whining for years that some won’t co-operate with the police, now she whines that they have.

    It appears more and more likely to me that Williamson did not really steal all that money at all, it seems likely he just forgot to pay the bills.

  4. ruawake says:

    The Gillelands had 8 boxes of documents and two computers taken from them by the police 8 months ago and they are supposed to have been asked to destroy credit card statements. Crap McClymont.

  5. Susan Scalise says:

    You lie with dogs and you get fleas…..unfortunately there is collateral damage when people undertake services for a tainted organisation….I haven’t read the Australian article so I don’t completely understand the context but a friend of mine’s personal details were revealed when they were shown to have done contracted work for the HSU….this friend delivered a specific training format based on expertise of years of work…then they were slurred by the association with Hell’s Special Unit (HSU)…the Gillelands should be seeking legal advise if the accusations are incorrect

  6. Terry says:

    Mclymont’s selective journalism speaks volumes on where she sits amongst the whole HSU quagmire. She along with many others in the press , have played judge & jury rather then seeking the facts . A Royal Commission is needed not just into the HSU, but the relationship between the press and the police and whether the public interest is being served here. Or whether some in the MSM are just becoming another arm of the propaganda machine , averting our attention from the real miscreants.

  7. jaycee says:

    One really, really has to wonder if those portrayals of corruption portrayed in such movies as we saw on the ABC. Sunday night still do not exist in certain quarters? This renewed activity against Mr. Thom(no p) son smacks of certain parties having to push the envelope to take the spotlight off themselves! Those members of said parties are known to have high-office involvement within certain state enforcement agencies……: “…listen, Peter…if you have any evidence..do..DO, call the police”..!!!???

    • wixxy says:

      Jaycee. Rest assured, all of my evidence is in the hands of the Victorian Police, who currently are investigating Kathy Jackson and apparently have a mountain of evidence to wade through.

      • jaycee says:

        Yes, wixxy…I am aware of your efforts in that direction..I just wish the police would swap some of that “wading” for a quick “sprint” to the finish!

  8. Schoolwastetech says:

    Having grown up in Melbourne with a father who worked at the Age during the Bertram Wainer years, all I can say is here we go again…Clay Lucas’ piece in the Age is encouraging only from the point that KJ’s is mentioned along with Raging Bull Bolano in, what would seem is a bad light but he has to trot out all of the tripe the Macca, Grattan, et al all trot out. Nice each way bet on cup day Clay.

  9. jaycee says:

    When you read the MSM. take on this drama, one is reminded of that great peice of audio theatre by Cheech and Chong : “Chebordnek” (pardon the spelling)…”What dat?..Look like dogchit to me!…”

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