The New Pollution

Posted: October 25, 2012 in HSU Saga

What’s in a word?

There has been a lot of debate the last couple of weeks as the Macquarie Dictionary were found to be napping, not updating the word misogyny. They have apparently now caught up with the Oxford Dictionary and most others and are in the process of updating it, thanks to a massively popular speech in parliament from Julia Gillard, admired by virtually all, except right wingers and members of the press gallery.

There are some words however that will never change their meaning, not even a remote chance.

Try and imagine this, you have just been to a car dealer and handed over your hard earned cash for what you think is a shiny new sports car. You wait for what seems like the longest couple of days in history and head back to the dealer to take delivery of your new car.

However, upon arrival a nasty surprise awaits. It seems that the new sports car you thought you were picking up is in fact a second hand, clapped out rust bucket, in the vague shape of what was once a sports car.

It turns out the salesman has a different idea of what the word “new” means.

I know what you’re thinking, nobody would have a different meaning for the word “new”. Well think again.

Marco Bolano clearly struggles to grasp the concept of both the written word, and the English language, one only has to hear him speak and that become abundantly clear.

A quick look at the flyer below for Bolano’s campaign and its use of the word “New” may have you scratching your head in disbelief. It did with me…

Here is the Oxford dictionary’s meaning of the word “new”.


  • 1produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before:
    the new Madonna album
    new crop varieties
    this tendency is not new
    (as noun the new)
    a fascinating mix of the old and the new
    not previously used or owned:
  • a second-hand bus costs a fraction of a new one
    of recent origin or arrival: a new baby
    (of vegetables) dug or harvested early in the season: new potatoes

There are a few explanations for the using the line “New HSU Team” for the campaign, none of them good. We can all be sure that these guys are certainly no “A-Team”, they are not even “The Mighty Ducks”, but one thing they certainly aren’t with Marco at the helm is new.

One explanation is that whoever came up with the slogan was dropped on their head as a baby, maybe even repeatedly.

For those with a religious disposition, maybe the parents of the slogans creator lost a bet with God, and the IQ of their child was the consequence. One thing you can be sure of, whoever thought this slogan was a bright idea wouldn’t know a bad idea if it jumped up, slapped them in the face, and bit them on the butt.

Then again, maybe they aren’t really stupid, maybe they just think their members are?

The team may be hoping that some poor ill-informed member who is sick of having their wages and conditions sold out to the Coalition Government running the State by the union who are meant to be looking after them, will think they are actually voting for someone new.

Maybe they hope using the word “new” means that members who don’t want to see the same faction that has rendered number 3 branch insolvent, and financially crippled number 1 branch, may vote for Team Bolano by mistake.

Whatever the reason, it is a disgrace, and I believe it actually breaches the law. I was under the distinct impression that printing deliberately misleading electoral material was against the law. I hope somebody takes a closer look at this. I am crossing fingers that the Electoral Commission aren’t napping at the wheel.

For those of you voting, take a look at the below video and you will get a good idea of what to expect under the “new HSU team” if you ae unfortunate enough for them to be elected, or if ballot boxes disappear again. it also explains what Bolano means by “Fights as hard as I do”.

Yes that is the same Marco Bolano as the apparent new Marco Bolano. Unless of course we were all blissfully unaware that he had a twin brother with the same name…

When you go to vote on election day, don’t be fooled by the misleading use of the word new, by Team Bolano.

These are the things you should be asking yourself when you go to vote:

Do you want a union run by thugs and bullies like in the video?

Do you want your union run by the same faction that has virtually bankrupted the Victorian branches?

Do you want your union run by the faction that is currently under police investigation for allegations of rorting that could amount to millions of your dollars?

Do you want your union to be run by the same people who were the very first to sell out your conditions to the Bailieu Govt, getting the worst result of all of the unions for you and your fellow members?

Do you want your union to be run by the faction whose leader speaks at Liberal Party functions backing calls to weaken the unions?

Do you want to vote for somebody who treats you like your stupid before they are even elected by trying to tell you they are new?

Do you want a union run by Jackson/Bolano/Behrens?

I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  1. DP says:

    I think adding the word’ NEW’ suits their agenda.

    * The ‘new’ Jacksonville Group
    * A ‘new’ tainted variety
    * This tendency is not new

    (as noun the new)
    * A fascinating mix of the old teaching the ‘new’, old tricks.
    * A ‘new’ second-hand group that will cost the same as the old one.
    * Of recent origin or arrival: a ‘new” lot to continue on doing what they do best..which is???

  2. Marilyn says:

    Sorry Peter, but the speech was a cover up for what Gillard was really doing that day to abuse women.

    1. cutting payments for single parents and their kids, 90% are women who will be driven into serious poverty – she did this against the advice of caucus and her own committee and every NGO in the country – to save just $700 million over 4 years to pay for
    2. passing the most evil law to ever pass a parliamentary democracy – dumping and trading humans to a country called New Guinea where there are epidemics of rabies, malaria and other diseases, poverty, no law and no human rights protections for them – she did this against the law, the constitution, the warnings of the head of the UNHCR, the UN general secretary, HREOC, Amnesty, Human rights watch and every lawyer in the country. – cost $1.4 billion which is added to the $1.4 billion for Nauru, the $1.2 billion on shore here and the $2 billion to import other refugees who have no legal right to come here.

    She also walked all over 4 male leaders to get the job, conspired with the US as far back as 2008 to do so, she sold out the Palestinians, she will over ride everyone and sell uranium to India even though they are faced with a violent nuclear neighbour and their own nuclear power is in dire straights.

    Feminist hero?

    Not to many women I know mate, to us she is a child trafficking war monger who punishes the weakest and poorest in the communidy to safisfy the richest and most bogan.

    You need to take off some blinkers because while Abbott is a bully and thug she is too only more so.

    • Jane says:

      @Marilyn, just to clarify the single mothers’ pension cut – Howard actually did it in July 2006. Anyone who left their spouse after that day got ported over to the pension when their youngest kid turned 8. I know because I went on it in January 2007 when I left my husband. And yes, it was cut by approx $70 per week when my younger daughter turned 8. What Swan did was even it up, all the mothers who were on the pension before that date got to keep their higher pension until their youngest turned 16! So basically one group was luckier than the other group. You may argue that they should all be on the higher rate, I agree. I actually think that all people on newstart should get the same rate as the pension.
      Don’t forget that single mums also have family tax benefit A & B, a pension card, health care card, free child care and if they have a responsible ex, child support payments. I can tell you that the newstart payment barely allows one to eat.
      You can’t really blame Gillard for making it a level playing field for every single parent.
      You can really blame the government for not raising the subsistence level of the unemployed.
      But until the media and opposition continue to rabbit on about a surplus at all costs, there won’t be any help for this most unfortunate (and growing) group of society.

  3. Wixxy, I enjoy reading your coverage of the HSU implosion. But I have to object to you using this Diana Asmar campaign video as proof that Marco Bolano is a brawling union bully.

    If anything, in this footage it looks like Bolano’s the one getting attacked.

    Bolano may in fact be a thug and bully like you say he is, but this footage doesn’t support that claim. You do yourself a disservice by using it.

    • wixxy says:

      Really? I didn’t see it that way… brawling is something Bolano is notorious for in Victoria…

      • Dylan Nickelson says:

        Yeah, but I’m just a punter who’s interested in the HSU saga and comes here because you have the best coverage.

        I don’t know Bolano’s history at the HSU. It may be the case that he’s notorious for brawling. But when you post that video as evidence that he’s a thug, I just think, “Fair shake of the sauce bottle”.

      • wixxy says:

        Thanks Dylan
        He does have a log history of it, I agree the video is not the best, but it reminds those who were actually there of what occurred which alas the video doesn’t really show.

        The video that does show more is a candidates former campaign video, but I didn’t want to come accross as pushing someone else on the psot so I used this one….

        Thanks again for your comments

  4. sue says:

    Asmar case opened well today.
    the Judge has ordered an inquiry tomorrow into why the Asmar’s credit card payments were not accepted. He said it is commonsense that they should have been processed.

    The Judge hasn’t dealt with KJ though.

  5. wrb330 says:

    Nice effort Wixxy, but it seems I mis read it or something.
    I thought it was over a HSU problem until Marylin pointed out it was really about Julia Gillard and something to do with Palestine, refugees and Gillards job obtainment..
    Freakin crazy stuff.

    But you did good big fella…


  6. deknarf says:

    When are we actually going to see criminal charges laid against any of the players in this farcical rort. Are there actually HSU members still?
    I’d be off to another union or, heaven forbid, forming a new one without the current dross inhabiting the leadership positions.

  7. Matt says:

    Indeed wrb330. I also have it on good authority that Hitler enjoyed potato. I’m sorry to anyone who eats potato, but they were enjoyed by a mad-man!

    Or in other words, most of us are able to agree with certain things said or done by a person, even when we don’t happen to like other things about said person.

    • wrb330 says:

      Exactly Matt,
      Wixxy has provided many examples of problems within the union, up to and including union documents, reciepts and letters pointing directly at potential guilty persons. Yet many cant get past blaming the current Government for troubles that are irrelevant and far off topic I have concerns for their perception of reality.
      It does not bode well for the selection of our next PM that people rely on one slice of a huge pie to help them decide something so important. And even then, they cant seem to tell if they are eating apple strawberry or poo pie.

      I am gravely concerned for what is to come.

      • Matt says:

        I’m somewhat optimistic. I think that Abbott may finally have started his inevitable terminal decline. Provided the Libs don’t replace him with someone even more churlish and belligerent(unlikely), then the level of political discourse should rise.

      • SG Warren says:

        I suspect that the results in the US Federal election may have play a big part in determining how the state of our political discourse runs. We seem to be taking all of our queues from the American system and anything you see being said by a member of the Tea Party will be a Liberal talking point a few weeks later.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Elections postponed by Federal court.

    It’s just a little union with a few thousand members, the power plays have reached the point of utter lunacy.

  9. Janet says:

    Marilyn is spot on. The factional power plays and fierceness to control the HSU turf is what has destroyed it. The control to return to the rank & file members not has-beens, Short/con political apparatchiks , or anyone connected with a political agenda , other then to Re-Build the union and stick to the basics of representation and improving the wages.

    No amount of flash in the pan, and razzle-dazzle leaflets should confound and confuse members. Vote for real unionists , not turncoats that shared the podium with HR NIcholls & ratted on Labor (after realising she actually had to do some work if she’s given a safe seat, prospects nil) and openly now advocates the corporitastion of unions , not wasting a nano second for future jobs prospects bringing an end to unionism altogether. Watch this space.

    The video shows a union in dissaray, a union that has been plagued for years by internal infighting, secret pay-outs, lack of proper overall financial governance, nepotism, thuggery and Political expediency. No amount of gloss and interviews with new Shock-jocks media chums, and scab-supporters will scrub the malfescence clean. The Jackson ticket , Bolano and Behrens , Harts are not new , they’re old-hat , and have expensive life-styles to maintain.

    Vote for real change

  10. Matt says:

    Janet, I don’t think it is realistic to remove the political connections from unions. The only way that workers rights can be protected is if the law protects them. Laws are decided by politicians. It makes perfect sense from a unionist perspective to try to get people into power who are supportive of workers rights. Of course with Jackson et al, workers don’t come first(unless they happen to be employed by the HSU in a friendly faction). They are clearly more addicted to the trappings of power and rorting the $500k per week the HSU receives in membership fees.

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