Every Breath You Take

Posted: October 24, 2012 in HSU Saga, Media

A police raid is a pretty traumatic thing, no matter who you are. Thankfully I don’t speak from experience.

Some have described it as being the mental equivalent of root canal surgery, a colonoscopy, or an enema. Either way, it is not a pleasant experience, and not something that you would like to make a public spectacle of. You cannot get changed, you can’t even take a piss without supervision, you can do absolutely nothing.

I will apologise now for any bad grammar, spelling, or bad language I may use in this post, but what the fuck is going on with the media in this country?

Today’s raid on Craig Thomson’s property was about one person, Craig. Not his wife Zoe, she is what I would refer to as an innocent bystander. She would be under incredible stress, and would be hoping for some privacy.

Not a chance Zoe dear. Not while the Australian press pack is around. Fairfax had a photo which I will not be posting on my site (because I have some fucking respect) of Zoe taken through one of the windows during the raid. How is this even relevant, or legal? Surely the photograph could be used as evidence of trespass at the very least.

This is not the first time Zoe has had to deal with this either. It does not seem that long ago when a heavily pregnant Zoe had one of channel 7’s crew hiding under the bathroom window as she had a shower, classy stuff.

This is not Princess Diana topless on a yacht, nor is it Fergie sucking some accountants toes by the pool. This is just the wife of an MP, in her own house, being put under enormous pressure. The press should do all of us a favour and show a little fucking decency.

The only relevant person in the raid

I have already spoken about Ean Higgin’s and his antics that seem to indicate he is a finger puppet of Kathy Jackson, I just hope Kathy washes her hands thoroughly before eating.

Aside from WixxyLeaks, Independent Australia, Vex News, and now Crikey who seem to be joining us on the front line at last with some great articles the last couple of weeks, no other news outlet appears to be using evidence.

Some like Ean Higgins, just write whatever Kathy tells him to, whether it is a little crappy, or utter crap. Others use things such as someone’s word of a conversation that they think they overheard at a crowded drunken HSU function, and refer to that as evidence.

How many stories are churned out on page one, only to have disclaimers, retractions, corrections, and disputed facts printed at the bottom corner of page 26, six days later?

Most of the press point to the FWA investigation as their bible, and the centrepiece of all that is factual. This is the investigation that they took the piss out of solidly in the years up to it’s arrival, saying how inept and useless FWA was to take so long. Fast forward to now and we have the KPMG report that tears FWA a new one, totally discrediting its investigation and the entire process.

So with the FWA investigation in the crapper, we have the Temby report, alas that is based on the FWA investigation that is now drowning in the crapper, so best we flush and chuck Temby’s report in after it.

Using other peoples dodgy work as evidence is not how I have chosen to work, I have primarily relied on documentation, and first hand witnesses, not hearsay and certified bunk.

The press in this country who seem content to loiter outside bathroom windows, and write whatever shit they are told to by someone who is under police investigation, were always quick to point the finger at the UK press and say how different it is over there.

Tapped phones and dodgy photos were the way press rolled in the UK. But god forbid we have an enquiry in Australia, our press have their own watchdog here to make sure that type of shenanigans doesn’t occur. That watchdog is run by those who are supposed to be being monitored, and every journo that has ever walked past News Ltd has been on Q&A or The Drum to say that it doesn’t happen here.

Well, today we have seen another example of photography that is a breach of privacy, and in my opinion represents immoral practices by the media. I hope that Thomson’s family press charges.

I can also tell readers, that since this whole saga began my phone has been tapped, and my emails hacked numerous times, and yes I have reported it to police. Bear in mind I’m not even directly involved.

I am not saying that it is the press doing this to me, but I am just saying that it does happen.

As for the raid today, we will see if anything comes of it. It is the 3rd highly publicised raid we have had in NSW on this case in just over 12 months, and what has directly come from any of them so far.

Jack Shit

Since this post has gone up, Fairfax have removed the image from their site, below is their statement:

“Thank you for your email. smh.com.au is a breaking news site that aims to bring readers current and reliable news from Australia and throughout the world around the clock. We try to select pictures appropriate to each story.  Upon consideration we have removed the image of Craig Thomson’s wife Zoe.”

They should have never put it up….



  1. Ross Barber says:

    If it looks like intimidation, smells like intimidation, it sure hell is. keep after this it stinks to hi Hell

  2. David says:

    Wixxy you are saying that which tens of thousands of honest, democratic loving Australians are saying. I am appalled your privacy has been invaded by way of phone taps and other. Your open, well investigated, factual reporting has rattled some chains and they don’t like the truth.
    I was most impressed with Thommo’s lawyer serving it up to Abbott. He and his puppet Pyne seemed to know what was going on with the police action, although nowhere near and giving a PC. I believe everyone has been served verbal notice, by Craig Thomson’s legal team, the outlandish untruths and misinformation being thrown around by certain members of the Opposition and the media must cease or there will be legal action.
    Abbott warned he would be getting dirtier in his campaign to bring down the Govt. it seems we have seen the beginning.

  3. owen1967 says:

    disgraceful isn’t it Peter … the mainstream media is up to their eyebrows in complicity … bending over to accommodate whomever is playing their preferred tune … no facts considered or required …

    so whilst we are on such a rich vein of rhetoric, might i add the ALP to the list of USA arse-licking bags of crap … yep, the ALP who is contradicted every couple of days by their own reports on WikiLeaks and Julian Assnage … yes, our foreign minister Mr Carr … Mr The USA Does Not Want Assange (no, there is no ongoing investigation) … Mr Bullshit Bob … backed up by a chorus of equally dis-ingenious bullshit from the PM, the Attorney General and The Australian … all conforming to what the USA wants … deny … lie … betray … sell you arse …

    so whilst i love the work you do on behalf of the HSU members and Zoe Thomson … and the spotlight you hold on the poor show that is the mainstream media in this country … take a minute to remind your colleagues in the ALP that they are Australian, and that they should be above representing illegal and immoral causes on behest of the USA …

    • dafid1 says:

      Owen what has your diatribe to do with the article we are discussing, apart from SFA. Your views are well known on the US, notice how few are interested?

      • owen1967 says:

        my apologies David – yes, it’s quite irrelevant. Peter’s passion infected me (bless him). I’ll try harder to stay on brief.
        just how well known are my views on the US? i just finished an essay on how great the US is and why i want to vote at the US elections … could that be correct?
        as for who is interested (apart from being off brief – i concede) … i am not a populist David … i’ll leave that to the experts.

  4. Magnus says:

    When the NSW office was “raided”, the media and Jackson were there a full 30 mins prior to the police turning up. As was Katrina Hart who was revelling in the atmosphere, laughing, clapping and filming it on her phone. The poor admin staff and other officials were publicly ridiculed as if they had anything to do with top tier decision making and the police uploade videos on their YouTube channel before their “raid” had concluded. Sensibility continues to be sadly lacking from a number of parties. The irony is that if the media, Hart, Jackson etc were after convictions then they wouldn’t keep turning this while thing into a circus. Their actions significantly compromise the hopeful outcome of convictions being leveled against people who have allegedly committed offenses. There is no shortage of kindling is Salem it would appear….

    • Ross Barber says:

      Yes an irresponsible police raid is truly traumatic. We were subject to one ourselves with the Tactical Crime Squad allover our place when we arrived home one day. A payback because we had made a formal complaint to the police ethical standards mob about local police allowing a person of interest who had stalked, threatened and attacked our family members on racist grounds to keep operating his various activities for reasons 5 years down the track we are still seeking questions why.

      • Matt says:

        My friends were raided, had the apartment door bust in to be awoken by armed edgy coppers. Turns out they had a little trouble discerning the large “1” on the door from the “2” on their warrant. So the actual criminal(an armed robber and home invader), who was home next door, was able to come out and observe the raid and laugh at the police, and have ample warning to rid his place of incriminating evidence.

  5. Marian Rumens says:

    Coincidence? Newspoll misses publication. Next thing Marge & #sensitiveTony spread out in News Ltd paper. Newspoll published Second time Newspoll misses publication. Craig Thomson is raided by police. Not a fan of conspiracy theories but really, it makes one think

  6. Marilyn says:

    So what is driving it anyway? The elections for the HSU of course and a compliant dingbat police in Victoria.

    The Temby report didn’t even cover Craig Thomson but if the VicPol wanted the papers Craig has not been hiding them, why didn’t they ask without staging a dirty raid.

  7. SamSpade says:

    Unfortunately we have seen the Australian media used by the police and it’s pretty evident in the HSU matter. You don’t have to be Einstein to know they tipped of the media. It’s one very ugly aspect of policing.
    While I haven’t a clue about the what went on with the HSU some things are disturbing and Wixxy is correct in his analysis this time and to date has been well ahead of the MSM in this case.

    You also have to remember that Fairfax is now run by businessmen, not experience newspapermen..

    One idiotic decision they made about 7 years ago was to fire their in-house lawyers and use an outside firm of expensive lawyers in the belief that will cut costs.

    It has done the opposite but also means stories are no longer run and vetted, as they always were past an in-house lawyer who would sit, day and night in his office amongst the journalists. Even show-biz stuff was vetted let alone complicated legal tales like the HSU, Craig Thomson etc.

    Glaring mistakes are still being made which will cost Fairfax a lot of money in the long run.

    Also Tony Abbott has made an absurd and outrageous claim today that Thomson’s vote should not be accepted by the government. Not only are all these matters still before the courts and Abbott is skirting dangerously close to contempt of court, how dare he demand that the the voters of Thomson’s electorate be denied their voice in Parliament.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Kate the egregious is still claiming that Thomson is being chased for the election funding that was cleared by the unions and the AEC twice already and that he used his own credit card in a brothel.

    Who the hell uses a credit card in a brothel?

    Thank goodness he now has McCardle.

    And that was a good piece in Crikey.

  9. silkworm says:

    Here is a great interview given by Chris McCardle, Craig Thomson’s lawyer, commenting on today’s raid, and really ripping into the media.

  10. Marilyn says:

    Awesome, I bet Kate is the one already being sued.

  11. Marilyn says:

    And why is Peter Mylan being all self righteous, he was happy to suck up a pay packet of $223,000 under Williamson and Jackson.

  12. Mr.Interested says:

    I thought I saw an interview last week with a LNP person – won’t name name but they have been involved from the start. I believe he stated that Thomson was going to be charged, etc..I’m sure it was last week or so..What did this person know? – I wonder if vicpol or nswpol will investigate?

  13. Phillip says:

    I wrote the following note to the SMH:

    What is the news value of publishing a photograph of the wife of Craig Thomson (Police raid Craig Thomson’s home)? A photograph taken through the window of her home where she has a reasonable expectation of privacy. What exactly is Mr Thomson’s wife accused of? The SMH is a once great newspaper reduced to gutter journalism and to the acts of peeping toms and perverts. I am disgusted.

    SMH reply:

    Thank you for your email. smh.com.au is a breaking news site that aims to bring readers current and reliable news from Australia and throughout the world around the clock. We try to select pictures appropriate to each story. Upon consideration we have removed the image of Craig Thomson’s wife Zoe.

    Perhaps they should use some consideration before they publish invasive photographs rather than wait for readers to identify their bad judgement for them.

  14. Schoolwastetech says:


    Victorian police also want to know who leaked about the early morning execution of a search warrant (notice I didn’t say raid) (damn..I just said it)

    • scotto says:

      You’ve got think something is awry when the Vic Police come out and specifically agree with a person’s lawyer as they did with Thomson’s, rubbishing another police force about the way they conduct themselves. It seems like there are some very dirty games going on beneath the surface.

  15. Laurie Kidd says:

    Great article again Peter.

  16. DP says:

    Hi Peter- It is getting to the stage where one needs to hold on to the faith that, given time, those that are corrupt or act wrongly ( from Media to police to political mps & other faceless men), will eventually come back to haunt them and they will be caught out. They may just reap what they sow.
    Often I say a quote so I remember- or to remind others , to do ‘right’ and importantly for the ‘right’ reasons.
    ‘There are good deeds and then there are good intention -They are as far apart as heaven and hell’
    We all have to live with our conscious, credibility and judgement . You along with the other ‘Independent’ media are telling the story from the other side. Nothing wrong with that and if your being bugged – it makes one think others must have something to hide….

  17. maveleanor says:

    Thanks for your terrific article…….loved the McCardle interview as well. There’s nothing like righteous anger……..he had that interviewer on eggshells !!

  18. smiling assassin says:

    In the Age
    “A senior police officer has questioned how media knew about raids on Craig Thomson’s house before warrants had been executed.

    Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin of Victoria Police’s serious crime operations said he was outraged that information about the joint raids with New South Wales police had been leaked.”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/police-anger-at-thomson-raids-leak-20121024-285eb.html#ixzz2ACRfJlRE

    There is something not kosher in all of this. Who tipped off the media? The Lynch-mob mentality of the Australian media is just astonishing…truth in reporting has hit it’s nadir . Slander , innuendo , sleaze and smear has replaced evidence -based reporting. All media that turned up must be investigated to find the “source” of the leak and if it indeed had “political” motives ..what we saw today was a travesty of people’s rights .

  19. Bronwyn says:

    It’s high time for our own Leveson-type Inquiry into the the Australian Media. Particular scrutiny is required into the relationships between the media and the police , and to the extent that has operated in the public’s interest. As well as unethical phone-hacking, and other hacking activities and the relationship between the media and politicians. Leave no stone unturned Wixxy.

  20. Geezlouise says:

    Excellent analysis. Hell yes, somehing is wrong, very wrong.

  21. Catching up says:

    Has not so called whistle blower’s boyfriend have brothers in the police force, that happened to be reared with Abbott.

  22. mick says:

    How does Ms Jackson have the gall to continually comment on arrests and raids connected to the HSU???? Is she confident of not facing charges for her shenanigans???? Why doesn’t Labor use what’s common knowledge to attack her, Abbott, Pyne, Lawler, etc???? Why are the opposition so confident???? They must know she’s a time bomb………..surely! Something just aint right!

  23. sue says:

    Have just read that 2gbs Ray Hadley, just happened to be on holiday on the central coast, so was able to give a first hand account of the whole raid and all that would be happening. Now hasn’t Hadley’s son just graduated as a copper and been assigned.

  24. Interesting to note how Ch 7 managed a live cross complete with footage of the Cops entering Thomson’s house and coming out with “Evidence” when a) it is a good 2 hours from the Sydney CBD and b) it takes at least 30 minutes to setup the remote unit for such a cross.

    Methinks Ch 7 were briefed several days ago

  25. Janet says:

    Is the Lawler connection Kathy’s exemption from Scrutiny? Why was Kathy allowed to hand deliver boxes of evidence to the FWA judicial officers? of which that investigation has been found to be a complete sham from start to finish. A litany of incompetence now becomes the basis of a very much “staged” raid . Kathy Jackson’s false bravado on the 7.30 report speaks volumes on the comedic sham this has become , that she constantly precludes herself as an “interested party” implies she may have some “special dispensation”? Nothing surprises.
    What’s not so funny is that Police need to be perceived and act as a completely independant constitutional body , for the Victorian police to feel “outraged” about the tip-off yesterday warrants scrutiny on how the media satellite dish appeared and such early footage as shown above was captured.

  26. Heather says:

    Brilliant job Mr McCardle!

  27. silkworm says:

    McArdle was on telly this morning with the whistleblower (cough) Kathy Jackson, and had to tell her to stop defaming Craig Thomson, after she said the raid was to gather incriminating evidence against him. I wouldn’t be surprised if KJ was involved in the media tipoff.

  28. Matt says:

    McCardle is definitely entertaining 🙂 I love how all the smug journos who have been vilifying CT are now watching their words, and looking over their shoulder for defamation suits.

    Linda Mottram on ABC 702 always slanders CT every time she mentions his name, however today was the first time I heard her say it without adding false assertions. She was interviewing a guy on the matter, and instead of defaming CT, she said something like ‘his lawyer is a bit up tight isn’t he?’. No Linda, his lawyer is spot on, and long overdue, as your interviewee pointed out. If you want to remain ignorant, please save your commentary for the type of trivial subject matter you generally excel at, where you are not helping destroy a man and his family.

  29. Marilyn says:

    Well all the media slugs have got away with lies for too long.

  30. Schoolwastetech says:

    Just viewed the Chan 7Sunrise interview with Chris Mcardle ……Andrew O’ Keefe should stick to the game show shtick. KJ puts in an appearance and is advised by C Ma to stop slandering his client.
    If you haven’t seen it here is the link… http://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/-/watch/30946154/craig-thomson-case/

  31. Marilyn says:

    Today Steve Lewis is slandering McCardle because he has links to the ALP. They have no shame these grubs.

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