The Jackson Five

Posted: October 22, 2012 in HSU Saga, Media

In what may come as a shock to many, I have decided not to name this post using a song title, I know that may seem a bit drastic and out of character, but what the hell.

The HSU debacle has brought about some big changes in many peoples lives, including my own, so I thought one little change for one post wouldn’t kill anyone. Instead I’ve named it after a band, not to be confused with the actual Jackson 5, they had talent, although some have said that this group is even more “Whacko” than the original Jackson’s.

The Jackson 5, with the HSU election campaigns in full swing, I figured the timing could not be more appropriate.

The Jackson 5 that I want to talk about are from the Jackson Faction of the HSU. They are Kathy Jackson of course, her factional allies running in the current elections, Marco Bolano, Fleur Behrens, and in Sydney, Katrina Hart. Last but not least is Jeff Jackson, Kathy’s ex husband and former secretary of number 1 branch.

During the election campaign there will be a lot of talk of factions. We are already seeing it in some of the main stream press as those running for election seek any opportunity to point a finger, rather than talk about themselves.

We are sure to hear all about how some seeking office are from the Williamson faction, or have an ALP connection somewhere in their background. We are already hearing this kind of carry on in Sydney by Katrina Hart, whereas in Melbourne it would seem that they would rather eliminate people from the election by claiming they are ineligible to stand, as is the case with Diana Asmar, who was ruled out by the Australian Electoral Commission on Thursday. A court challenge is by Asmar has been announced in recent days.

If we are to try and cut through the bullshit in all of this, we need to remember this is a union, not a country club, of course there will be people with Labor Party ties. Anybody who has missed the link between the ALP and unions best pack their bags now, and get on the next space shuttle to Jacksonville. The unions support the ALP because the ALP support workers, it’s that simple, it always has been.

There are those in this campaign who will say they have no connection to politics whatsoever, however if they are a member of the Jackson 5, don’t believe a word of it.

The three members who are standing for election are backed by Kathy Jackson. Those of you who know her background know that she has a history in political matters.

Although Kathy liked to refer to me as a “failed Labor candidate”, I at least got that far. Kathy is what many call a “Failed Labor Try Hard”. Kathy tried to be pre-selected to be a Labor candidate for a Victorian State seat, Northcote, in 2006 and failed. Not happy with the democratic process, she thought she would fight the decision in court, and lost yet again. A record of failure that seems to continue to this day.

Somewhere along the line, Kathy thought it best to become a turncoat. She now has the apparent respect of accused misogynist Tony Abbott who sings her praises in, and out of parliament, and she also speaks as guest of honour at Liberal Party think tanks.

It is important when voting that this is taken into consideration, as if the person you are considering voting for is part of the Jackson 5, then you may just be voting for someone backed by a Liberal Party stooge.

The Liberal Party, the ones responsible for Workchoices, the ones who have just destroyed your workers compensation scheme, the ones who have just made sure you will not be having your income increase at the rate of inflation, the same ones who right now are looking for more ways to screw you. These are the people you regularly protest about, not vote in.

Anyway, I said there would be a lot of talk of factions during this election campaign, so I guess this is my contribution.

In the name of full disclosure, I will re-iterate that I am not a part of any faction, nor am I a member of the HSU. I am a member of the Labor Party, however being self employed I am not a member of any union. My writing is not funded by any party, person, company, faction or anything like that, and although people can donate via my website, no donation has been taken or attempted by any factional members, nor politicians that I am aware of. Donations on my site go towards the running of my site, and the upkeep of my mental health, it does not get donated to any campaign or union or anything of the kind.

A quick look at any of my other posts will tell you that I am just someone who doesn’t like to see people being abused, or taken advantage of. My motivation in this is to see the union handed back to its members, not run by the factions.

Call me a crusader, or call me a fuckwit, I’ve been called both, I simply call it as I see it.

So, let’s have a brief look at the band shall we?

Jeff Jackson

I have to be honest, I have yet to hear a bad word about Jeff, and from what I hear of him, I’m sure he hates being dragged through the mud in this bitter battle. No doubt he thought he’d left all this behind him. The most common term I hear in relation to Jeff, is lovable rogue, a bit of a lad.

However, we have shown Jeff’s union credit card statements before, and a breakdown of its expenditure. Things like travel, Foxtel subscriptions, furniture, restaurants, and such are all there aplenty, not to mention his numerous visits to brothels.

Jeff Jackson Credit Card Statement

Jeff Jackson Credit Card Summary

Jeff just can’t seem to quit the band

As he handed in his union car back to the administrator a couple of months ago (despite not working for the union for years), I don’t think Jeff has much to do with the union and its woes now, but his vital contribution to its financial woes, and his relationship with his ex-wife factional leader Kathy, make him an important part of the band, let’s make him the bass player, the ace of bass.

Kathy Jackson

The leader of the pack, Kathy has seemingly left a trail of financial destruction in her wake at the number 3 Branch as she has fled Victoria and headed for NSW hoping for greener pastures. The struggling union secretary put her multi-million dollar mansion on the market, and is hoping for bigger and better things in the Premier State.

Originally employed by Michael Williamson in the HSU East, and a long time friend of the Williamsons,(even giving Julie Williamson a $3,500 pair of Bulgari earrings), she is alleged to have taken obscene amounts of money from the members, while delivering results that were less than sub-standard.

I don’t want to dwell on Kathy in this post however, as there are umpteen dozen posts full of documentation related to her under the HSU category on this site.

We all know she calls herself a whistleblower, but one man’s whistleblower is another man’s rat.

The main point to raise here, is that although her cronies and her like to point the crooked finger at Williamson, they should be pointing at a mirror. While the Williamson case is reaching a climax from NSW Police, the investigation into Kathy Jackson currently in progress by Victoria Police has prompted speculation that claims of rorting from the Jackson faction may well dwarf claims against Michael Williamson.

Kathy Jackson, with the big ego and even bigger hair, just has to be the lead singer of the Jackson 5 if they were a real band.

Marco Bolano

Bolano the brawler. I will grit my teeth and refrain from linking one of the videos where Marco Bolano is involved in yet another brawl at a union meeting, but we’ve all seen it, numerous times.

The man with the temperament of a disturbed wasps nest is up for election, and this time he faces stiff opposition,. It will take more than dummy ballot boxes to drag him across the line this time around.

Diana Asmar was odds on to defeat Bolano, so something had to be done by the faction to fix this.

I make no claims as to whether she is eligible to run or not, that is up to the AEC, however, as I mentioned earlier, this is about to end up in court.

Allegations have been raised regarding alleged tampering with the union database by Bolano or Jackson. The theory goes that Bolano or Jackson got into the system and stopped the direct debit for Asmar’s Union fee’s, thus making her un-financial. I don’t know if this is true or just an empty claim, but the courts can figure that out. Asmar certainly would not be the first to make that claim, as there have been previous written complaints regarding this type of action.

There was also a Statutory Declaration from an employee of a place where Asmar formerly worked, Complete Family Care that was touted all over the place by Bolano, stating that Diana never worked there. Bolano sent the employee, Jacinta Roleff, a letter grovelling and begging to be able to leak it to his mates in the press. Since then Roleff has recanted her Statutory Declaration. Interestingly, Bolano who seems to think he knows all about Asmar and how she is not the right person for the union, but he did not pick up that in the Stat Dec Asmar’s name was spelt incorrectly. That’s right her name was spelt Asma. It would seem Bolano doesn’t even know how to spell her name.

Bolano has been Jackson’s right hand man for a large part of her controversial career as a union secretary and turncoat. It has been Bolano who acts the bully, the one who has hissy fits on stage at union conferences, the one who gets into punch ups with his pregnant girlfriend by his side, and of course the one who, according to the Temby Report that his faction like to hold up as gospel, is hideously overpaid.

Bolano would be the guitarist in the band, all show and posturing. Bolano and Kathy are the true band leaders.

Fleur Behrens

Some of you may remember Fleur as the charming lady who allegedly asked others to sign false statutory declarations, on Kathy Jackson’s behalf. At the time Kathy wanted statutory declarations to back up her ridiculous claims over Bill Shorten. Luckily Sherida Jacks knows that is highly illegal and refused to do it as requested by Fleur.

Fleur has been also pumping out flyers, one of which I mentioned in an earlier post. They are unique in that they support change and continuation, things that a normal person would consider opposites, however not in Camp Behren’s.

I’d assume the change would be the change to Fleur as secretary, and the continuation would be all the brawling, and factional power games associated with the union under the Jackson faction.

I would love to tell you more about Behren’s, but she has not done much of note. I’m sure that there will be those who have something to say about her in the comments at the end of the post before too long.

If the Jackson 5 were a real band, Fleur would be a backup singer. No talent for a real instrument and whose lack of vocal ability can be drowned out by the racket coming from the other four.

Katrina Hart

Katrina Hart uses a charming picture of a rat in a bow tie for her campaign logo. Maybe this is to remind people of the rat who is backing her ticket, the notorious union turncoat Kathy Jackson.

I would suggest to members that whenever they see that rat logo they think of the Jackson 5 faction, as that what those on the ticket represent.

Jackson even went so far as to use Katrina’s Sydney address as her postal address when she fled north to NSW not that long ago, that is how close Hart is tied to this factional overlord.

Katrina’s campaign flyers that feature the cartoon image of Rat Jackson in a bow tie say a lot about Katrina and her ability to do the job.

They do this by saying nothing. Anybody that cannot even find something to say about their own ability does not inspire confidence. Even stating that she made it through high school would be a start. Instead she focuses on everyone she is running against, claiming they are all factional puppets of Michael Williamson, just as Jackson was before becoming a turncoat.

Hart calling eveyone else black for being factional

Those who are running against Hart are promoting things called plans, something that Hart seems to lack. Maybe Katrina should look up “plan” in the dictionary, or is her plan the usual “pillage and plunder plan” that Jackson is alleged to have done.

In fact the only thing on her campaign flyers that isn’t negative smear, is the bit where she tells us all how noble Kathy Jackson is, hmm.

If the Jackson 5 were a band, Katrina would be the drummer, because it would appear that she may possibly be on some sort of mind altering medication, prescribed or otherwise, to think anyone will fall for her smear campaign.

Four of the Jackson 5, Bolano, Jackson, Hart, Behrens

I could have added a sixth member to the Jackson 5, but allow me to explain first.

Although WixxyLeaks, Independent Australia, and to a lesser extent Crikey (who have lifted their game lately), have given the HSU story continuous coverage. The main stream media has given it coverage at particular points.

Those points would be Williamson being formally charged with offences on 4th October at Maroubra Police Station, and the FWA Civil cases regarding Craig Thomson being announced.

However, suddenly we are seeing blanket coverage of every aspect of the HSU in the News Ltd press, so what has happened that is so important?

The answer is that the election campaign is underway, something that press wouldn’t usually follow this closely, except maybe just a short story on the election result when it’s all over.

Ask yourself this, when have you seen so much coverage of a union election, particularly in The Australian? How much do you know about the inner workings of the CFMEU, or the MWU? Not a lot I’m willing to bet.

However, Ean Higgins of The Australian has run a story virtually every day on the HSU goings on. You can bet your bottom dollar that if someone on a Non Jackson union election ticket farts in public, Higgins will have a quarter page article with vivid descriptions of the ensuing odour. Bolano, Behrens, and Hart on the other hand, could raise campaign funds with Balaclava’s and sawn off shotguns and it wouldn’t rate a mention.

Jackson 5 Backstage Boy? Ean Higgins

Higgins has seemingly become the minister for propaganda and campaign material for the Jackson faction.

If this Jackson 5 were a real band, Higgins would be a roadie. It would seem in this campaign he is doing all the heavy lifting.

I guess by pumping this post out, I am as bad as the others at putting out factional propaganda, I can accept this.

However, I am on the side of the largest faction, the member’s faction. This is the only faction that counts and the only faction with the power to put the corrupt factions out on their ass. Therefore I will not shy away from the cause.

Now, if you are going to go looking for something to blame my temporary change of tactics with article names and song titles, don’t blame the band, don’t blame the factions, and don’t blame the HSU.

Blame it on the boogie.

  1. Paul says:

    So who is running for Vic No 1 other than the bully Bolano?

  2. Ken Atkinson says:

    It seems to me Peter that you are the most capable voice able to enlighten the groundroot members of the HSU. I sincerely hope that there is a readily available way that they all get to read your posts. I fear many would not know of, or have access to your blogs, but if there is a way where perhaps your writings are distributed as leaflets for them, it may well have a positive impact on the election outcome.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Ken, I believe they are widely read, however if anyone reading this wants to print out anything from my posts and use them on flyers etc they certainly have my permission to reproduce anything they like

      I’m also happy for people to post it on websites or Facebook profiles etc

      We need to get rid of both the Williamson, and the Jackson factions
      It is ironic that the Jackson factional candidates are the ones pointing the finger at everyone else for being factional

    • David says:

      Ken as I understand, going on responses to Wixxy’s earlier articles on the HSU, there are a few members not aligned with the 6 he has mentioned here, who read his posts. I guess if they are concerned with the best interests of the unions future, they will ensure this information is distributed generally. The facts need to be told.

  3. Catching up says:

    I can only hope that the members ignore all the present holders, and vote in a completely new team.

  4. owen1967 says:

    *The unions support the ALP because the ALP support workers, it’s that simple, it always has been.*

    not *ALWAYS* Peter.

    my ex-Commercial-Pilot ‘father-in-law’ would strongly contest this remark … he never fully recovered from the Hawke ALP ‘betrayal’ of the Pilot Federation and subsequently lost all faith in unions and the ALP … and i am sure there are other examples of the ALP not backing unions … *ALWAYS* is INCORRECT … i wont contest *SOMETIMES* or *MOSTLY* … or even *USUALLY* … but that *ALWAYS* is *a politicians ALWAYS* … in which the definition of the word ‘always’ morphs into something else.

    • wixxy says:

      Good point Owen, I’ll cop that. I think the party usually has the best intentions, but nobody is totally immune from screwing things up big time

      It sounds like your father in law was involved in one of those things that got screwed up…

  5. Marilyn says:

    I don’t think I would hire any of that lot to clean the country dunny block down the road, they would steal the paper and soap.

  6. smiling assassin says:

    Wixxy your article makes false claims. Comparisons to the Jackson 5 fall short. The Jackson Five lived lavish lifestyles, (some would call bordering bizarre) , but they had talent . They have a lexicon of music that defined them, they put soul on the map , they added value to this world, and leave a great legacy.

    The Jacksons (HSU) on the other hand did also lead a lavish & bizarre lifestyle, amassed wealth and properties (Balwyn $2mill) , went on member sponsored overseas jaunts ,remunerated themselves handsomely $270k p.a., shopped at Bvlagri, drove Volvo & Mercedes sports cars , only chose the best private schools , yet had NO talent. Leave no real legacy except a big fat legal bill to the members for their internal legal jousts , decimated a once strong union and are now selling up and fleeing the coup to NSW , lucky people.

    Oh, pardon me, Kathy Jackson does get a mention in the top10 most influential unionists. Not because she achieved anything for still very poorly paid workers . No , nothing noble like that , because she became a “whistleblower” after she amassed all the above with her poor members paid memberships. Still some like Ean Higgins, Tony Abbott thinks she is a superstar ..

    Perhaps they are still clinging fans hoping for an expenses paid wedding invitation to their nuptials in the US and then Italy? Hangers on

  7. Nifty says:

    We should start a petition to cancel Mr.lawlers and K.Jackson passport until the HSU affair is cleared up or no more investigations into them and both have been cleared – Remember they are supposed to be getting married in Italy or something. This is about the members – remember everyone, even the opposition cried about “the members” it should be supported by them and the govt and if they have something to answer or found guilty – then they can get their passports back once what is owed is paid – simple. Can you imagine if they were found guilty of something; how the opposition would spin it..Govt let them go, poor members if we start now and ask both the opposition and Govt..let see how they they would support such a move

  8. Nifty says:

    Should ask Kate Mc to see if she would support such a move – being such a leading investigative reporter

  9. Matt says:

    you mean leading opinionator, which makes her eminently qualified to answer your question.

  10. Marilyn says:

    The Australian are bizarrely reporting a new code of conduct for the HSU using a picture of Craig Thomson.

  11. SamSpade says:

    It occurred to me this morning after the news of a police raid on Craig Thomson’s house that Fairfax crowing that Kate McClymont’s nomination (and these ‘nominations’ are self nominated) over her HSU reporting is really quite outrageous.

    Much of the HSU matters are before the courts or still being investigated by police. For a major news organisation to promote their own reporting when nothing has yet been legally settled is an interference with the process and implies truth in their reporting when the opposite may be found.

    The awards will happen well before all this is settled in the courts and could have significant influence.

  12. Matt says:

    Kate McClymont is desperate to cling to the idea that she is important. Nothing makes a journos head swell more than the idea that they caused the establishment to move. She must realise how tenuous her links are, so is seeking to cement their validity in public opinion before anything is resolved in the courts.

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