Remember Me?

Posted: October 15, 2012 in HSU Saga

Today everybody acted all shocked and surprised when Fair Work Australia announced its claims against Craig Thomson.

These claims were based on the Fair Work Australia investigation that took what seemed like an eternity to complete, such was its total and utter mismanagement and mishandling.

This afternoon Bernadette O’Neill announced 37 alleged breaches of rules for officers of registered organisations such as unions, and 25 alleged breaches of the rules of the Health Services Union, of which Craig Thomson was secretary.

Craig is not the only one to have had allegations of breaches of union rules levelled at him, you may remember Kathy Jackson faced similar allegations not that long ago.

For a start, we need to understand that these are claims, not “charges” as the propaganda pieces in The Australian are already calling them. There are no such things as civil charges.

Civil matters, civil cases, civil proceedings, and civil claims are real, but not civil charges. They don’t exist, it is like referring to hot ice, total fiction.

Leave it to The Australian to create new terms like “civil charges” to imply guilt before the matter even reaches court.

Craig Thomson has denied all of these findings, and seems to believe that they are politically motivated. Who knows? Maybe he is right, maybe it is something to do with senate estimates, I don’t know, and frankly I’m not going to say I believe that as I haven’t given it much thought. I don’t really think that it matters.

What does matter, and what really surprises me is how soon everybody seems to have forgotten the KPMG Report regarding the sorry excuse for what Fair Work Australia loosely referred to as an investigation. Although as I write this, someone at the ABC has remembered I’m assured.

I say “loosely referred to” as FWA President Iain Ross seemed to want to distance himself from it when he appeared on 7 30 with Leigh Sales. Just the fact that KPMG were asked to look at the investigation and produce an independent report should set alarm bells off.

The KPMG report was thorough, and left the FWA Investigation looking somewhat less than amateur. For those who have forgotten, there is a link to the full report below.

The KMPG report was completed with the co-operation of all of the FWA staff except one, Michael Lawler, Kathy Jackson’s fiancé and appointee of Tony Abbott. However Michael has stated that he had no involvement in the investigation at any rate, despite evidence that seems to dispute that claim.

KPMG review FWA

So if the KPMG Report is to be dismissed, as Eric Abetz seems to think, then one can assume that the only flaw could be due to the fact that FWA Vice President Michael Lawler didn’t co-operate with KPMG. Does that mean that Abetz thinks Lawler influenced the investigation? After all, Lawler refused to hand over his laptop, the same one that had allegedly accessed HSU’s network.

So if we take it from the results of FWA’s own independent report on the investigation than to say that investigation was flawed would be an understatement. How can any of the claims that come from a totally discredited investigation be taken in any way seriously.

To say that a flawed investigation ended up at the right conclusion is like hoping to reach your destination by heading off in the wrong direction.

Once the dust-storm around this has settled, and Eric Abetz has finally calmed down, people will understand that these are just civil matters, the bulk of which Thomson has defended successfully previously. What really matters are the criminal matters and charges, like those being faced by Michael Williamson.

However, I’m sure there will be those hoping to gain mileage out of today’s events.

People like Katrina Hart, Marco Bolano, and Fluer Behrens will no doubt have plenty to say about Craig Thomson being appointed by Michael Williamson, and accusing all but themselves of being factional.

They should remember that their backer and factional leader Kathy Jackson was appointed by Williamson also, and is currently being investigated by Victoria Police on numerous matters.

Katrina Hart in particular likes to tell everybody how tainted anybody who ever passed Williamson in the street is, and when it comes to cleaning out the union

“There is only one way to be sure”

On that statement I totally agree, don’t vote Hart, Bolano, or Behren’s, it’s indeed the only way to be sure.

Thanks for the heads up Katrina.

  1. wrb330 says:

    Nice one mate, hope the claifying between Civil & Crimnal sinks in.

  2. Marian Rumens says:

    It wont sink in for those who are hell bent on getting Craig Thomson like many in the media. They aren’t interested in facts only smear

  3. Marilyn says:

    I reckon laughing at FWA was the only way for Thomson to go because O’Neill is clearly a pathetic joke.

  4. Kane says:

    Agree with Marian..going to wait and see what happens with The LNP’s “Joan of Arc” – Jackson ….you know the champion of the “working poor” …waiting to get a cool $2 reserve mill on her Balwyn home…& taking any gig she can get , Scabs incorporated (HR Nicholls) reasonable offer refused…kissing cameras doesn’t fool anyone.

  5. Thank you for explaining that. I was really surprised when I read a headline saying ‘charges’, as I wondered by what authority the FWA could lay ‘charges’. Your blog has, once agin, made things quite clear!

  6. Catching up says:

    From what Abetz said, it matters not whether he is guilty or not. It matters that it should bankrupt him, then he can be thrown out of parliament.

    Abetz hopes that Thomson will not attempt to delay matters. Surely the earlier claims against the previous lot should be held first. How long ago were those c;aims made against Kathy and co.

    It is unlikely this matter will be settled before the next election.

    It is likely, Mr. Thomson could be bankrupted.

    What FWA judge will be hearing this matter???

  7. Marilyn says:

    Actually, it’s not like he would be banrupted because claiming the same thing 37 times in the hope that it sounds good is just nonsense, and cliaming 27 non penalty things is a waste of eveyone’s time and energy.

    The fact is a company who kills staff through negilgence faces less than $100,000 in fines.

  8. mick says:

    Eric Abetz is NOT a nice person!!!!

  9. Marilyn says:

    McClymont is claiming he could be fined $450,000 due to already discredited “findings””>

    They live in la la land don’t they?

    Most of the so called claims are so out of date they have whiskers on them.

  10. Paul says:

    What do you make of the Victorian location of the case? Is it logical/reasonable for it to be heard there or is it something to make it harder and more expensive for Thomson to defend?

  11. deknarf says:

    Conspiracy Theory # 12356789: Ahh! Now that Slipper has been well and truly shafted, it’s time to regurgitate the Thomson business!

  12. Matt says:

    Pathetic journalists are referring to these as ‘NEW charges of ANOTHER $2000 spent on prostitutes’. The MSM make me sick(and literally shaking with fury).

    Timing wise, these ‘fresh’ allegations seems to co-ordinate well for some of those currently seeking election in the HSU, who will obviously use it to ramp up their campaign narrative. Not to mention giving the federal opposition another timely gust of wind in their sails(however much it is made up of hot air). The motivations of the person bringing these charges needs to be scrutinised by the relevant anti-corruption body.

    Forgetting that for a second though, lets examine the MSMs shocking performance regarding Slipper and Gillard this week. I, for one, am quite prepared to defend him. The supposedly serious allegations I have seen are thus:

    (1) used the “C” word.
    In a private conversation between two people, a swear word was used to describe a rival. I think any reasonable person would think “So F’in What?”

    (2) Used crude language to describe the appearance of female genitalia.
    Once again, a private conversation between two people, no-ones particular genitalia was referred to. I challenge all people offended by the ‘mussels in brine’ comment to articulate how they describe the appearance of genitalia. No euphemisms – I mean visually descriptive terms. I think all outraged pollies should stand up in parliament, one after the other, and enlighten us all on the wondrous words of beauty they use to describe genitalia. Personally, I can’t say that I’ve heard many people refer to the aesthetic appearance of genitalia(male or female) in a positive fashion outside of soft-porn novels. This is totally ridiculous.

    (3) Called a female a “ignorant botch”.
    Gee whizz, again, a private conversation, and wrongly attributed to Slipper. This is James Ashbys quote, to which Slipper replies by noting Mirabella is ‘intelligent, but can’t behave herself’, before saying ‘perhaps as you say, an “ignorant botch” ‘. Another “So F’in What” moment. This clearly indicates that Slipper has a degree of respect for Mirabella(can’t say I do) and chose to soften the criticism before agreeing to it. How many people can seriously say they haven’t(in private) called someone a bitch or a dick or a sea-hunt? Just more farcical outrage.

    And so the Australian MSM try to twist Gillards brilliant sexism retort to Tony Abbott in Parliament into a cynical defence of misogyny(of which there is no evidence). That piece of crap Abbott shamelessly uses “died of shame” to dog whistle all the arseholes, red-necks, sexists and misogynists(any vote is a good vote for Tony). It was a deliberate ploy to try to get a ‘hysterical woman’ response. Gillard was clearly enraged, and except for the last minute or two(where she started to repeat the final message over and over *sigh*) was riveting. That is the Julia voters want to see more of, forget the stupid insider commentary from journos.

    I can tell you, that there are only two times in my life when I have been violent towards someone who wasn’t physically assaulting me or someone else. Both of these occurred in my early teens, and both times, after a string of abuse(which I was ignoring) the person made the mistake of sledging my mother, who had died when I was 4. We are talking 10 years after the event, and I did not understand why I snapped and reacted so uncontrollably each time. I never thought ‘your mum’ jokes were clever or cutting. The first guy I knocked to the ground, braking my hand in the process(he is since a friend). The second time was a group of several people, who along with insults were making physical threats when I told them to leave me alone. I took the ringleader to town with utter savagery while his friends scattered until I had finished, when they came back and carried him off, bruised and bleeding. I have never before, nor since, done anything like that to another living being. It took me a few more years to realise that I had never properly grieved the passing of my mother, I had always just assumed I was so young I was not affected, but that was BS. Julia’s father has only recently passed, and you could tell in her voice that she would literally have made Tony a bloody broken mess if given the opportunity. Abbotts callousness on this issue, and thereby his endorsement of such personal attacks on grieving people in the wider community, makes me want to do it for her. I find this tactic despicable.

    The few occasions I saw Slipper preside over Question Time I thought he maintained decorum better than his predecessor or successor. He was not Labour, and as a hunted ex-Liberal, he did not have strong allegiances to either side. Coupled with the fact that his political career was drawing to close, he had no masters to impress to ascend the pecking order This allowed him to be more impartial in his stewardship. Tony Abbot could not have that, it is poison to his wrecking ball strategy. It wasn’t just his frustration at being snookered on numbers in parliament that saw him go after Slipper so badly.

  13. A lot of people’s lives are being ruined in Tony Abbott and the LNP’s quest for power. We are lucky, in my opinion, that so far there has not been a suicide. If this keeps up, it is only a matter of time.

  14. Ian says:

    just sent this letter by snail mail to Mr. Thomson

    Dear Mr Thompson,

    You don’t know me.

    Please find enclosed a money order no

    I offer this as some help in your fight to overcome the legal challenges you face. It may pay for some photocopying, though not to much I would think.

    I offer no judgement on your innocence or guilt. It would be neither right nor proper to do so.

    I do offer support in this fight against, what is to me anyway, an outrageously political tactic that cares for neither the presumption of innocence nor the ruining of lives.

    Never, in this country, should anyone, any individual, be forced into financial difficulties by defending politically motivated strategies initiated, aided and abetted by those whose interests are not necessarily pure of heart.

    I will be posting this on the internet on several sites.

    My best wishes to your wife, your young children and yourself.

    Kind regards


  15. Judge Dred says:

    McClymont has other matters to worry about as she finally accepted a summons in a defamation case yesterday after dodging process servers for 3 weeks. It involves a former candidate in the council elections in Sydney.
    Against protocol she immediately phoned the solicitor representing the claimant and ranted to him that he was a disgrace representing his client and had to be counseled by said lawyer that it wasn’t the way things were done although he did inform he that her articles claiming fake personas was all wrong as he had taken Stat Decs from 3 people she claimed didn’t exist and that he was surprised how many enemies she seemed to have queueing up to aid the claimant.

    Will Fairfax cover the legal costs of a hack who fails to do proper research?. I predict a quiet settlement in the case and a quiet retirement of the said hack.

  16. Marilyn says:

    Why are the morons claiming that Thomson owes one cent for the elections when his funding was approved by the HSU executive both times, the AEC has stated endlessly that he has no case to answer.

    And why is Chris Brown sticking his oar in over this case? He knows the KPMG report found that there was little or no substance to the FWA case and there is a 2 year statute of limitations.

    There are entirely too many fucking MSM tittering again over things they know are bogus and too much glee at the notion of Thomson being done over again.

    He has done nothing wrong.

  17. Marilyn says:

    AND FWA have no mechanism for ordering compensation to be paid. And when companies kill people and only get fined $95,000 for it what do our MSM think seriously will happen to Thomson?

    STocks in the town square.

  18. Marilyn says:

    More details Dred.

  19. Marilyn says:

    And still the ABC morons are claiming that there are charges.

    Are they cretins.

  20. Bridget says:

    The question I would like answered truthfully is did Craig Thompson use HSU members funds to pay for prostitutes? If he did and a Court shows he deceived union members and lied to the Australian Public should he have a conviction recorded against him and/or a custodial sentence? The way I see it either he or Jackson are lying – question is which one? Your thoughts Wixxy?

  21. Matt says:

    A custodial sentence? You do understand what prison is for right? Do you think the public needs to be protected from Craig Thomson? You worried he might use a hooker? If it is true(something I do hold my mind open to the possibility of), this entire pursuit and your suggestions are still a ridiculously contrived over-reaction. Craig is not facing any possibility of a custodial sentence from these actions by FWA(it is NOT a criminal matter) and all the bodies that CAN lay charges have decided time and time again that they have NOTHING to charge him with. AAARRGGGG!!!!!

  22. Matt says:

    I should add, as time(and many investigations and revelations) has gone by, my belief that CT may have used hookers on the union card has diminished to the point that I consider it a possibility only in the sense that anything is possible. Most here have long since passed on to being concerned with what is going to happen with the likely engineers of this fiasco.

    • Bridget says:

      Couldn’t agree with Matt more – just wondering what the consensus is if it is proven in law that CT used union members funds on hookers -what should happen? A warning with no return of funds to the real heart of our Party – the workers ? I pay my annual subscriptions – but not, I hope, for someone to get their rocks off.

  23. Bridget says:

    Don’t regard the FWA Matt but must apologise as I didn’t realize that both the NSW and VIC police forces had exonerated CT and closed the case with no charges. Clearly he is innocent so I apologise for questioning his now proven integrity. Here’s hoping he can rejoin our Federal Ranks to repel the Invasion.

  24. Matt says:

    No worries Bridget, I can understand that happening with the concerted efforts of our media in attempting to crucify this man and cause a federal calamity with all the lies and garbage they print. It just frustrates me sometimes, and I also apologise that my post was a bit harsh in tone.

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  26. […] Williamson being formally charged with offences on 4th October at Maroubra Police Station, and the FWA Civil cases regarding Craig Thomson being […]

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