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Posted: October 12, 2012 in HSU Saga

Although things may seem quiet in the HSU and Jacksonville, with elections coming next month there is quite a bit of factional power play going on. A fine example was in The Australian yesterday.

The article I am speaking of was entitled

“HSU official who quit in disgust still being paid $15k a month” by Ean Higgins.

I would put a link to the article, but I would hate to think of anyone actually reading it.

The article is about a former divisional secretary of the HSU, Carol Glen, who left the HSU when the factional fighting finally became too much for her.

Carol did indeed complain to Fair Work Australia, as reported in the article. The copy of Carol Glen’s below complaint was first published on WixxyLeaks and Independent Australia over a month ago. The complaint was in regards to threatening phone calls from FWA Vice President and Kathy Jackson’s fiancé Michael Lawler trying to ensure she didn’t resign.

Carol Glen Complaint FWA

Lawler, who now says he was not involved in the unions business, also reported Glen to the police as picking up a supposed payoff cheque. This cheque turned out to be a bond cheque she was collecting from the bank for a place that she was renting. Carol had apparently been foolish enough to refer to this cheque in an email to the bank. Carol reported that she had strong suspicions her emails had been hacked as she believed that is the only way Lawler could have known about the cheque.

Carol Glen, given her work colleagues, I’d have left too…

Given this type of work environment, is it any wonder Carol wanted to leave?

Carol was given a package upon leaving that may seem extreme to most, it certainly does to me. This package is the basis of the Higgins story, the continued salary of $185K a year.

In his story, Higgins talks of Glens resignation, and resignation package, as if it was part of some factional power play from NSW, to install a “Williamson Puppet” as he puts it.

Before we look at the “puppet” claim, let’s do something that Higgins seemingly forgot to do, research. Unfortunately not researching facts can lead to defamation, something Mr Higgins is apparently familiar with.

I am of the opinion that Carol’s resignation package is generous in the extreme, however the key question to decide whether she was given special treatment would surely be, “was it unique?”

The opinion that Higgins seemingly relies upon is that of Kathy Jackson’s factional partner, union thug, and the man Higgins was seen giggling in the corner of Federal Court with during Jackson’s recent appearances, Marco Bolano.

Bolano had this to say according to the Higgins story

“It’s extremely suspicious — why would you conclude such an enormous settlement if she had resigned?


What Bolano seemingly forgets, and what Higgins fails to find, or bother to look for,  is that Carol Glens package was based entirely on another officials package when they left. His name is Jamie Martorana.

What is even more amazing, is that Bolano reportedly helped put together Martorana’s package of a years full pay upon his leaving. This package was originally put together by Kathy Jackson, Bolano’s factional partner.

The Three Tenors or The Three Stooges?

I guess, if like me and Higgins, and even Bolano, members think that this package is excessive, then my advice would be not to vote for those associated with who put it together. That would mean not voting for Bolano, Hart, or Behren’s.

Unlike Higgins, I had no problem getting hold of Carol Glen, and from my conversation, and previous conversations, I can safely say that she is no way part of any factional campaign. This is a woman who still works in the health industry as she is passionate about helping others. Higgins is right, Carol left in disgust. Given the way someone as community minded as Carol is being dragged into the saga once again, maybe disgust is not a strong enough word, maybe revulsion would be more appropriate.

She has fled the factional fighting once, can these people not just leave her alone now?

The reason Carol’s name has popped up, as her package is nearly finalised, is so that Bolano can take a swipe at someone he is running against in the upcoming election. This would be the NSW factions “preferred candidate” and “Williamson puppet” Stuart Miller.

From the research I have done, and the numerous conversations I have held with members and other officials, Stuart Miller is what is known as a “Clean Skin”. This means he is known to be non-factional to the union membership. His employment to the role of an organiser was not some sort of factional installment as Bolano and Higgins would have you believe.

Higgins story states

“This was Stuart Miller, who yesterday did not dispute the faction’s intention.

“They saw me as someone they could work with, definitely,” Mr Miller said, while denying this meant he was a Williamson puppet.”


Of course they saw him as someone they could work with. I have yet to meet an employer who hires someone they think they won’t be able to work with. What an utterly ludicrous spin on Millers words.

Probably one of the most redeeming things that Miller had on his side when going for the position, is that he wasn’t part of a faction that we have all seen brawling on countless video’s, or part of a culture that has been the cause of a mass exodus of members away from the HSU, leaving in disgust.

Although I cannot provide evidence that it is related, I can report that Stuart Miller and his family have been the victims of a campaign of threatening phone calls, hacked email accounts, and extreme efforts to cause personal problems. I will not go into these in depth for their privacy, and as I mentioned, there is no proof of where it is coming from, however it would seemingly work in Bolano’s favour.

I have spoken to Miller, and I can understand why Bolano and Jackson would fear him.

Bolano and Jackson, running scared?

Miller, like Carol Glen became part of the union to help those who need it, not to become some factional player. Miller is known for looking after his members, not his factional master like others. This, with a healthy dose of honesty, must be a real threat to a bully like Bolano when facing him in an election.

If I wore a hat, I’d take it off to Miller. His guts and determination to look after the members, despite recieving no income for four months is admirable, and I for one hope he is rewarded for his willingness to go it alone.

The funny thing in all of this is that Kathy Jackson herself was appointed by Michael Williamson, does this make her a Williamson puppet? And if no, why not? That would be seemilngly using the same twisted logic.

I guess it is fortunate that Higgins wrote his story, as it provides a chance for the truth to reach the membership and for them to become aware of the factional goings on behind the scenes. It also helps Stuart Miller in his campaign I’m sure, as it is my understanding that the number of members that read these articles on WixxyLeaks or Independent Australia vastly exceeds the number of members who read The Australian.

For good measure, Higgins mentions at the end of the story that Michael Williamson “did not return calls”, seemingly to add a sense of conspiracy.

Higgins may have missed it when I broke the story here, or may have been living in a cave for the last week or so, but Michael Williamson was charged recently with a number of offences relating to the HSU. One result of this, is that as part of his bail conditions, he is not allowed to discuss HSU matters with anybody but his lawyer and police, this would most definitely count Mr Higgins out.

Higgins may as well have included Barrack Obama, The Pope, or the Queen as part of his conspiracy, he would have had a greater chance of any of these people returning his call.

The public perception of The Australian over the last couple of years has been that of printed propaganda. I am also aware that this is something News Ltd is attempting to address. However it is articles like this that encourage that perception.

In fact, I would suggest that stories like this go a step further to become factional printed propaganda.

The public expect better.

  1. deknarf says:

    This saga never ceases. I’m surprised that there are still members in the HSU. I certainly wouldn’t be! Not until all this business was sorted and there were clean skins right throughout HSU management.

  2. This saga has more twists than a Sopranos plot. Maybe we should be pitching a series to one of the networks.

  3. Heather says:

    Yes, I’ve been a unionist all my working life, but I would run as far as possible away from this union. Let’s hope that those left will vote for anyone other than Jackson’s faction.

  4. llordlloyd says:

    I watched two union members at one of my workplaces, not related to the HSU, reading a flyer from a candidate. Their engagement with the election was zero… indeed, I had to suggest to one the reason she was receiving a flyer about an election (“I’m not part of any election!?”) was because she was in a union, and they operate like this.

    There are large numbers of disengaged workers, who, perhaps fairly, are just in the union on the understanding it will look after them. They are ripe to be exploited by anyone seeking to capitalise on this trust.

    It is typical of The Australian to run this opportunistic stuff, and this failure to take an objective view, or at least provide a few salient facts, is why few people bother to buy it. There is better information online.

  5. Lizzie says:

    It is imperative that members vote for “clean skins” to ensure that the demerged branches sole purpose is to represent the membership.

    Rules have been put in place by the Administrator which will see the elected officials of each branch held accountable by ordinary members be they part of Council in NSW or Branch Committee of Management (BCOM) in Victoria No 1 and 3 Branches.

    It would seem there are no “clean skins” running for HSU NSW:
    Hart = Jackson
    Hull = Williamson
    Hayes = Williamson, Jackson and the NSW ALP

    Hayes couldn’t decide where to place his loyalties, he played both ends against the middle between Jackson and Williamson for approximately two years. He was a “close friend” of Williamson for a long period and spent weekends and holidays at the beach house. Hayes was also a regular at the Williamson’s Sydney home. At no point did he “question” the lavish lifestyle that he enjoyed as a guest of the Williamsons. While based in Victoria he also enjoyed more than one long lunch at the Jackson/Lawler $2.1 million mansion.

    Rumour has it that Kathy Jackson’s close friend David Feeney is supporting Bolano for Vic No. 1 while Shorten is backing Asmar. The NSW ALP is supporting Hayes. The support and backing possibly includes considerable financial assistance with the respective campaigns. Interesting that the ALP would be “supporting” candidates when they are no longer affiliated with HSU. Very generous?

    If members want democracy, transparency and accountability vote for those with integrity: Stuart Miller in Victoria No. 1, Craig McGregor in Victoria No 3 and look at voting for individuals rather than “teams” on the NSW ticket.

    That said definitely consider Kerry Seymour as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. She has been “on the ground” looking after members for many years. Kerry has all of the above attributes and many more. It’s a shame Kerry isn’t running for Secretary.

  6. UnhappyCleaner says:

    Lizzie is correct that’s part of the Administrator’s legal obligation to ensue no more illegality goes on with this union. They would not however be able to intefer with the selection of candidates so the so-called ‘cleanskins’ must get out there and do their job and educate the members who are probably keeping their heads down and laboring away in their jobs.

  7. Matt says:

    Whatever happens, they need to sort out the culture of rorting that attracts these scum ‘officials’ to the job. I have not seen Millers campaign material as yet, but the garbage from all the others raises my hackles. Every single one of them is attempting a cult of personality, some more slick than the others, but all atrocious by any kind of standard. There is zero substance to any of them. To think that these slime can rort a luxury lifestyle under the noses of the members makes me furious. The HSU has become a sandbox for ambitious people of little scruples and intelligence to battle it out, and to the victor goes the spoils.

  8. Marilyn says:

    And FWA have seriously brought civil action against Thomson based on the most ridiculous report in living memory.

    What about Lawler and precious Kathy J.

  9. Marilyn says:

    And the ABC has finally got around to pointing out that KPMG found the investigation to be flawed and worthless.

    O’Neill is not doing much to make the credibility of the FWA any better and what do the charges mean – good governance.

    How do you prove bad governance led to anything.

    And she is charging him with things that have no basis to charge him with which has never been done for anyone else.

  10. scotto says:

    It seems the dirty tricks leading up to the election are well underway in NSW. This week members received a mailout from an annamed source stating that Bob Hull was the owner of the car that Williamson was taking ‘the case of materials to’. Obviously a smear at Bob Hull – it’s not that I’m defending him, but this kind of anonymous smear is the worst kind of politics.

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