The Beginning Of The End

Posted: October 5, 2012 in HSU Saga

After a day of guessing, blind finger-pointing, and pure speculation, we can be sure of one thing, Michael Williamson is in a bit of a pickle sandwich. Although many would suggest it is another type of sandwich.

Williamson was charged with 20 offences yesterday, and let go on $50,000 bail while his house was searched, and items such as computer equipment removed.

Most of the charges relate to alleged attempts to hinder the police investigation, these have included allegations relating to destruction of evidence, and falsifying documents.

Mentioned by Detective Superintendent Colin Dyson were American Express Card statements, and the famous black bag that was allegedly attempted to be removed during the police raid on the HSU Pitt St offices back in May. Dyson has also told us that there are five former and current HSU officials under investigation who were allegedly recruited by Williamson to help destroy evidence.

We’ve only just begun…

In relation to these investigations, so far it can only be confirmed that Chris Williamson, Michael’s son, is one person being looked at for his part in the “black bag affair”. However, Bob Hull, who currently has a ticket in the upcoming election must have had a restless night, as it was his car that Chris, Michael, and the black bag were making a bee-line for.

Not only were the arrest and charges predicted here the evening beforehand, it was also predicted that the alleged bullshit blower, Kathy Jackson, would be standing in front of anything that resembled a camera and claiming vindication. This was, I am told, quite a problem with local kids using their camera phones, however, she did manage to find a couple of TV cameras and sprout the predicted spiel.

Kathy Jackson, who in the upcoming election is backing the tickets of Katrina Hart in NSW, Fleur Behrens, and Marco Bolano in Victoria, would do well to remember a few things.

Any of the spotlight that she seems to so desperately crave, when shining on her, also throws light on ex husband and former HSU Vic No 1 Secretary Jeff Jackson, and her current fiancé, Fair Work Australia VP, and average dancer, Michael Lawler. These blokes I’m quite sure much prefer the dark at the moment. Jeff has questions of his own to answer re HSU members money, and Michael is facing growing concerns over his alleged involvement in both the HSU’s running, and the FWA investigation into his fiancé’s union.

Dark days ahead?

Some of you may remember this piece I wrote a while back that gave the details of Jackson having all of the data cleaned off one of Michael Williamson’s old notebooks, via Premier Network Services, below is a link to the job sheet. I’m unsure if Strike Force Carnarvon are looking at this evidence, but if not, I would strongly suggest it may be an idea.

Premier Network Services Job Sheet

In the meantime, Acting HSU National President, Chris Brown, reminded us all last night that Victoria Police have an active investigation into Kathy Jackson in progress now, however allegedly due to the volume of documentation, this investigation is expected to last several months.

In regards to the Michael Williamson charges, this is just the tip of the iceberg. These charges are all to do with hindering investigations, and attempts to pervert the course of justice. These charges alone could carry up to seven years imprisonment in total in Michael is found guilty on all.

The real substance in the sandwich will become apparent when we come to the actual investigation that was attempting to be hindered, which is of course the Canme investigation. However, it needs to be remembered that there is also United Edge, which Willaimson is a director of, and Studio 19, which is owned by Williamson’s son, these also have HSU connections.

Yesterday, Kathy Jackson was quoted as saying

I just want to say to the members that I understand that today is a confronting day for union members, but hopefully this will help members in their decision to vote for a fresh start in union elections”

I tend to agree, however where we would disagree, is that I tend to think that a fresh start does not involve replacing one allegedly corrupt faction in NSW with the faction that has left the union in Victoria utterly decimated.

A truly fresh start would not involve any connection with Kathy Jackson, Marco Bolano, Fleur Behrens, or Katrina Hart.

  1. shane forwood says:

    just a suggestion peter, do you think it would be helpful to send your and independant aus web add to the vic detectives, might save them a LOT of time
    regards mushroom2

    • wixxy says:

      Cheers Shane, I can assure you they have all of the documentation and probably plenty I don’t know about, rumour has it there is a whistleblower in Victoria blowing the whistle on the self proclaimed whistleblower and her posse…. 🙂

  2. scott says:

    I’m gald to see these fowl landing in the roost at last. Can’t wait for the Victorian episodes to hit the air!

  3. mick says:

    Ahhhh……could explain why it’s taking so long!!! I wonder if they’ve interviewed her. And why are they investigating Thomson in Vic?

    • Lizzie says:

      At the time Craig was in national office which is based in Victoria. KJ initially handed everything to NSW police but they passed the information to VicPol as it is state relevant.

  4. Lizzie says:

    The twists and turns this case takes will be interesting to watch. There must be some very nervous people.

    Looking through the news footage taken outside Williamson’s home:
    Can anybody shed light on the ugly old frump traipsing behind Williamson and the police – who is she?

  5. Catching up says:

    Can anyone enlighten what good would be achieved by destroying credit cards and other records within the office Surely thje institutions that issues the card etc, would have their own records.

    Maybe meetings and internal discussion, but destroying anything else would be wasting one’s time.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Gee catching up, commonsense? You are talking about the NSW plod don’t forget.

  7. Ivan Tipp says:

    Who’d vote for any one called Fluer??!! Sounds like a tampon!

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