Mr Jones And Me

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Dummy Spits, Politics

Alan Jones has disgusted most of the country with his comments about Julia Gillards fathers death.

His apology was rather hollow also unsurprisingly. Alan was quick to point out he thought it was a private function and his speech would not be made public. Like that makes it ok? He was also keen to mention that he had come under attack online from trolls, given his comments I’m less than surprised.

Even Alan’s biggest fan is anxious for the speech to be over

In the Telegraphs story on this disgraceful display of less then human behavior, I was interested to note that of the three MP’s named as being at the event, two were from my area.

Federal MP for Mitchell, Alex Hawke, and State MP for Hawkesberry, and parliamentary secretary for Premier O’Farrell, Ray Williams, both there to cheer Alan on and ensure the youth are indoctrinated.

Both of these men came under fire recently when the Hills Shire Mayor, Greg Burnett was forced to stand down over allegations of a $280,000 embezzlement. Although both denied that they knew of the allegations beforehand, Ray Hadley has gone on air calling Ray Williams, who had Burnett as his campaign manager, a disgrace and a liar, now there is a defamation case on the matter.

I can confirm that eyewitnesses saw Burnett, Hawke, and Williams at the Rendezvous Cafe the evening the embezzlement story hit the fan. Also, after speaking to several of the Liberal Councillors, I can safely say that if Hawke and Williams didn’t know of the allegations, then they were the only sitting members of the Liberal Party in the area who didn’t know, and every Councillor I have spoken to on the matter believes that they knew.

In fact, when the questions over this embezzlement, and the goings on within the Alex Hawke faction became too hard, both MP’s disappeared, Williams, I’m told, fled the country. Almost as gutless as attacking someone over the death of a parent, but not quite.

This however, will give you an idea of the type of audience that thinks highly of Alan Jones and were keen to hear him speak at the $100 a head event.

Anyway, I could have just done another post decrying Jones and his lack of any form of decency. After all, his previous statements that he regretted the chaff bag comments have been shown as utter crap, by his signing of a jacket made of chaff bags for auction to the depraved souls who think that it’s funny to endorse the assassination of a popularly elected leader.

The auction list… Dignity and respect not listed for sale

Below is a link to a pdf of information regarding the Order Of Australia. It talks a lot of “service to fellow citizens’, I don’t understand how Jones’s comments and actions constitute any sort of service to our Prime Minister, or any other citizen.

Order Of Australia Information

Instead, I thought I’d make a plea to have something taken from him that may actually make him regret his actions and words, his Order Of Australia.

Below is the open letter I have sent to The Secretary Of The Order Of Australia requesting Jones be stripped of his Order of Australia.

Let’s hope this produces a reaction.

Please vote on the survey below also.

I’m sorry now, and I will be sorry next time too, as I have been every single time I get caught…

Peter Wicks

PO Box 6362

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rouse Hill NSW 2155


The Secretary

Order of Australia

Government House

Canberra, ACT 2600

I wish I were writing to you with better news, but whilst I am sorry to have to bring something like this to your attention, I make no apologies for doing so, as I’m certain you will also see this as an important issue.

The awarding of an Order Of Australia to an individual is a hugely significant event. It is arguably the greatest honour that any Australian can be given, and it is something that is not just earned once. Recipients of this great honour have a responsibility to uphold the outstanding citizenship which this award represents. As long as somebody uses the initials after their name, they should be duty bound to to show respect to the title they have been awarded.

If somebody brings the award into disrepute, it should be taken from them, because the highest award given to Australians should be scandal free. After all, an Order Of Australia Award is bigger than any of its individual recipients.

Last week, one member of this exclusive club has brought the award into disrepute and cheapened the Order with his actions and words in the most public of manners.

The person I refer to is Alan Jones AO, a radio broadcaster.

I am unaware of how he came to be given an Order Of Australia, but frankly I don’t think it matters given his recent actions.

In the United States it is against the law to threaten the president, or to encourage their death, whether in public or private. If only that we’re the case in Australia.

Jones, on his radio breakfast show, has told his listeners that our elected Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, should be put into a chaff bag and dumped at sea. Despite public outrage at his words, Jones repeated his chaff bag comments on air again, this time putting the leader of the Greens Party, Bob Brown, in the chaff bag with her.

Last week, in what was the lowest point in political commentary this country has ever seen, Alan Jones did the unthinkable.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently mourned the loss her father, undoubtably one of the hardest and most heart wrenching things any person goes through. However, it would seem that not everybody has respect for others in these trying circumstances.

Alan Jones AO, made the conscious decision to announce during a speech to Young Liberals, at a political gathering, that he thinks Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister is a liar, and that her father had recently “died of shame”, shame, Jones says, because his daughter is a liar. He then followed up by saying that the Liberals were weak for not using this method of attacking our Prime Minister, just because she is a woman.

Alan was also disrespectful enough to autograph a jacket made from chaff bags for auction at the event.

Clearly class is not a requirement for an Order Of Australia, and misogyny is smiled on.

If you were to ask people what it means to be Australian, I am confident that one of the most common answers would be mate-ship. The spirit of Australians that has even rivals looking after each other when they are down. It is the spirit of the diggers, going through hell to help a fallen comrade.

Alan Jones has not displayed this sentiment at all, in fact he has shown quite the opposite, he has instead taken to putting the boot into somebody in the most cruel of manners when they are at their most vulnerable.

Put simply Alan Jones, by his actions and words has shown himself to be Un-Australian.

This week Alan Jones will continue to try and justify the unjustifiable to an utterly disgusted nation. All the while he will be referred to as Alan Jones AO.

I hope you will consider the future and past recipients of this most prestigious award, and agree that Alan Jones should be stripped of his Order Of Australia.

I thank you for taking this into consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Wicks

  1. Miglo says:

    Go get him, Wixxy.

    • Ohh, look…a failed Labor party scumbag bitching about someone other than Tony Abbot for a change. Get over yourself, you loser.

      • wixxy says:

        At least I can spell Abbott…

      • Matt says:

        LoL, poor Morgan. Things haven’t been going very well lately for the right-wingnuts and their propaganda machine. Its got to sting when your spokespeople keep sticking their foot in their mouth. Whats a poor wingnut like Morgan to do? He needs his daily dose of 3 word slogans(or ‘Mantras for Enlightenment’ to Morgan) to properly function.The cracks are showing, the ‘discipline’ the media seem to revere is slipping, and their true personalities are showing through.

      • jaycee says:

        What’s the matter, china….lose your way to a nose-picking event?

      • kabdoo says:

        Wow, Morgan. Your comment says a lot about the type of person you are.
        Good catch Wixxy. LOL

      • David says:

        Typical hit and run low gutter comment from a low life Tory. You obviously condone Jones comments. No doubt you came here on a 10 quid assisted passage…feel free to hike off back to the coal fields of Wales soonest. You lot are the loudest whingers and the worst type. A Taffy supporting a shite bag like Jones, what are ya?

      • allan1626 says:

        You’re the scumbag Mr Davies, just like your mate Alan Jones.

  2. Catching up says:

    It is not about Jones. It is about the Liberal Party.

    It is time for the villification to stop.

    In the early days of Rudd’s reign, when the abuse by media and Oppsoition was in play, his popularity rosed until he reneged on the price on carbon leglisation.

    The abuse and villification has been working for the Opposition up to now.

    I believe the oppositite is once again occurring. This explains the Opposition’s attempts at changing their behaviour in the last few days in QT. The Opposition appeared uncomfortable in moving from their abusive behaiour to that of statesmen. They just could not bring it off.

    Once again, Abbott has not been seen for two days. A two sentence statement. at three in the afternoon, is not enough. A statement that only states Jones should not have said what he did, and givng him credit for apoligising. In other words, everything was OK.

  3. Look up the Australian values section of the Department of Immigration’s web site. Alan Jones doesn’t conform so should definitely be stripped of his AO.

  4. Laurie Kidd says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Peter. His so-called apologyis meaningless as shown by his previous form.

  5. Better than mine, Peter, but along the same lines of course.

  6. He didn’t just sign the chaff bag – he also bought it (the question of who buys something they autographed themselves is another matter…)

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the art of public apologies. Seems Jones has added a few more predictable distractions to my guide:

  7. mick says:

    Let’s hope he’s finally hung himself!

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  9. Alan Jones, Adults Only – oh, I thought that was what the AO stood for.

    • Jackie Cam says:

      Go Wixxy. I sent this email to the office of the GG this afternoon, and just found out about your letter. Thank you for standing up for women’s rights.

      “To whom it may concern

      I am writing to you to respectfully request that the Governor General rescind the Order of Australia Medal awarded to Alan Belford Jones, for ‘services to the media’, as I believe him to be a person unworthy of holding this high honour.

      I read that one of the purposes of the Order of Australia is ‘to define, encourage and reinforce community standards, national aspirations and ideals’.

      Mr Jones uses his public position as a broadcaster to encourage a blatant and utter disregard for the office of Prime Minister. This brings the Order into disrepute.
      His recent public comments about the Prime Minister and a number of other women in public office constitute harassment and vilification of women.

      I believe that I am not alone in this view, given the depth of the current community outrage at his most recent statements.

      I look forward to your urgent consideration of this request.”

  10. […] Please also vote on this subject on my website. […]

  11. Stephen Tuck says:

    As a proud Australian I support this poll to strip Alan Jones of his Order of Australia award. He has consistently shown a gross lack of any qualities of honour or decency that should be a prime objective of a holder of this award.
    He has shown a continued lack of respect in the media for the high office of Prime Minister of this great country. All this to push his political agenda. Australia is worth far more than Alan Jones.

  12. deknarf says:

    This piece of slime has an Order of Australia? Just shows what value these really represent — less than zero! I really do hope that he doesn’t have an honorary doctorate also because I’ll have to think seriously about giving my real doctorate back if it’s from the University where I received mine!
    Jones is at about the same level as the moron that produced the Mohammed video!

    • vicsen says:

      And to think this ‘piece of slime’ has been rewarded not only with an AO but an absolute fortune as well. He has been paid millions of dollars for the lies and hate he has spewed out at 2GB.

  13. Marilyn says:

    I do think it is amazing how free speech must always be supported until someone says something like this.

    Gee, golly, is free speech selective.

    LIke is it OK for Gillard to tell refugees if they come here by boat we will make their lives such hell they will wish they had stayed home to die?

    Jones is rubbish, always has been, don’t know how these thugs get to \be on air which is why I never listen to commercial radio.

    • Matt says:

      He is OK to say it as far as prosecution goes, that is part of his right to ‘free speech’. It is also the right of everyone else to exercise their free speech condemning(or supporting) the comments. We do however have restrictions on things we can say – racial vilification, hate speech, libel and slander come to mind. Free speech has a limit in Australia. Jones did not cross that line, just the line of common decency. Most people are capable of realising when something is entirely inappropriate to say.

  14. […] Please also vote on this subject on my website. […]

  15. lorelle sunderland says:

    Thankyou for that. I didn’t know that Alan Jones had the O.A. un-believable! Thankyou for your mails.L.

    wixxy posted: “[twitter-follow screen_name='madwixxy' show_count='yes']

    Alan Jones has disgusted most of the country with his comments about Julia Gillards fathers death.

    His apology was rather hollow also unsurprisingly. Alan was quick to point out he thought it “

  16. Matt says:

    I’m pleased that Julia Gillard refuses to dignify Jones and will not take his personal apology That is the best decision she could make. Accepting his apology would signal that such behaviour is not a big deal. What incredible arrogance from this man that he feels he should be able to say such things and then immediately call for a private conversation with her, not for her benefit mind you, but so he can make it look as if he is doing the right thing. However the right thing(after not having said his cowardly comments in the first place) would be to recognise that Gillard probably feels like throwing Jones in a chaff bag right about now, and to show respect by leaving her alone. Self serving slime is our great Officer of the Order of Australia.

  17. Mark pratten says:

    Great point Stephen Tuck. “He has consistently shown a gross lack of any qualities of honour or decency that should be a prime objective of a holder of this award.” don’t stop there. The same has to be said for the holder of the prime minister of Australia. Her lies, backstabbing and total disrespect for the ordinary Australian, also warrants her removal from this position. If you are not prepared to hold our prime minister to these same high moral grounds, your double standards will be noteworthy.

    • wixxy says:

      Mark, if backstabbing and telling porkies on occassion meant you couldn’t be PM, we wouldn’t have one.

      Aboott has repeatedly shown himself to be a liar, whith his “Gospel Truth” Olympic dam ravings, and selective memory loss when it comes to violently intimidating women.

      Of the Liberal organisers and Liberal MP’s who were at the event, all of them denied Jones said it until they were told there was a recording… funny thing considering they were labelling Gillard a liar…

      I am not saying that every Labor member is 100% honest 100% of the time, I’m just saying honesty is not a strong point for the Liberals either.

      As for backstabbing, Turnbull lost Liberal leadership by 1 vote to Abbott, who called the vote whilst at least 1 Turnbull supporter was out of the country… Backstabbing has always been a part of politics, right back to the days of Caesar. To think otherwise is completely naive. If you want to see backstabbing, come out to the Hills Shire where I live and watch the Liberal pre-selections…

      The difference is, we all had a chance to vote for Gillard, whether you agree with the democratic process that put her in the PM’s chair or not.

      We never had a chance to vote for Alans Order Of Australia

      • Mark pratten says:

        Surely naive would be to think that the democratic process is actually working. As I recall, the independents decided who would govern, then for a long time the greens controlled the legislation and now that the greens have seen the true colour of labour, they are jumping ship and somehow everything is the liberals fault. If labour is in government, then govern. If they are unable to govern because the greens and independents who put them in power no longer support them, then surely the correct democratic process would be to go back to the polls. All they can do is blame the opposition for things, what a pathetic state of affairs.

      • wixxy says:

        The indies did decide, as is how our democratic process works. Abbott failed his negotiations with them.

        As for the govt, a record number of bills have been passed, many of them big and groundbreaking initiatives, so your talk of a govt that is failing is completely and utterly false.

        You will need to come up with more than spin to convince people mate, the facts are on our side.

      • Savetherange says:

        That 1 vote, I believe is claimed by Peter Slipper, to be his. Talk about backstabbing, hue?

    • Matt says:

      Mark pratten equates changing a political stance to Jones attacking a grieving woman saying she caused her fathers death. Pathetic individuals are yet to cotton on to what even Tony Abbott and his goon squad have come to realise – that this stupid, repetitive, insult to our intelligence sloganeering of LIES BOATS WASTE HUUUUUUUUUUGE(insert animal metaphor) TAXXEESSS!!!!! ROOOOON’D!!!!! is no longer effective.

      Tony Abbott may be communicating a message that people identify with – that liars are bad, diabolical even from Tonys words, but the problem for him is that he is also a huge liar, and everyone knows it, the Libbos just try to conceal it with hysterical accusations at everyone else not on their team. So the more successful he is, the further he pushes himself from office. If he does get in, he has sown the seeds of his own destruction by cultivating a legion of self entitled whiners with a laundry list of grievances he will need to appease(with cash). He isn’t the greatest forward thinking politician.

  18. Mark, stop being a prat, please.

    No-one can show anywhere where PM Julia Gillard had told any lies. She has the utmost respect for this country and the people in it. She, and the ALP team, have done more for ordinary Australians than any other party in the last two decades.

    To hold Julia Gillard to a higher account for behind-the-scenes party argy-bargy than male politicians of all political parties is sexist.

    The Liberal Party and its members have lost their heart, their soul and their way. People who vilify the Prime Minister and the ALP instead of encouraging the Liberal Party to reclaim its heritage, and develop decent policies, are part of the reason and most of the problem.

  19. Miglo says:

    Wixxy, this is a comment I posted on my blog and across Facebook:

    Who do I consider to be the consummate Ugly Australian? That person whose behaviour goes against everything that we grew up believing epitomised the great Australian character: the Australians who believe in a fair go for all; who believe in an egalitarian society; who respect others no matter what their background or beliefs; who’ll stick up for their mates against the schoolyard bully; who’ll give someone a helping hand when they are in need, whether they are friends, family or strangers.

    Who is the ugly one?

    There are five definitions of ugly and I use the last four criteria in determining the winner (although criterion number one certainly applies to the winner in this case):

    1. very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty.
    2. disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable.
    3. morally revolting.
    4. threatening trouble or danger.
    5. mean; hostile; quarrelsome.

    And the winner of the Ugly Australian goes to . . . Radio 2GB host Alan Jones.

  20. Eva Varga says:

    Peter, Any chance you can start an official petition page (see based on your letter, that we can circulate through various social media sites (similar to the the stop sponsoring 2GB petition) as frankly I agree with you, anyone with an OAM calling for the murder of our PM, love her or hate her, is un-Australian and really should not have the privilege of keeping such an honour as an OAM

    • wixxy says:

      I will try and contact them tomorrow I think… Thanks 🙂

      • Eva Varga says:

        awesome. FYI AJ got the OAM for services to Rugby… I think you can just do it all online dont think it costs anything either… check out the site I’m pretty sure is cut past and click kinda thing.

    • Matt says:

      He actually has a more senior award than Medal of the Order of Australia(OAM). The medal is the entry level award for the Order of Australia. Both my grandmother and father have received it for services to their fields. Jones however is two ranks up on the third teir, being an Officer of the Order of Australia(AO). There are 5 levels of awards, so at least he isn’t a Companion of a Knight.

      My family is flawed, recipients are human just like the rest of us, but Alans continual public transgressions are a mockery of the status and intention of the award.

      • Eva Varga says:

        Ahh thanks… I didn’t realise the distinction and thought they were interchangeable. Thanks for explaining. And yes we are all flawed but AJ doesn’t seem to ever have to suffer the consequences of his actions. Be they ones in a public bathroom or misogynistic comments on or off air.

      • Matt says:

        Here is the list of Alans awards from the Order:

        I forgot when I posted earlier, that my grandfather(other side to the grandmother mentioned earlier) and my cousin are both Officers of the Order(AO). I have incredible respect for the contributions these men have made locally and internationally. After remembering, I started to take this whole issue a little more personally. Jones is smearing my family by way of disgracing the Order.

        Jones is cited as receiivng the AO “For service to the community as a supporter of and fundraiser for a wide range of not-for-profit organisations, to the media, and to sports administration.” I wonder how many of his ‘not for profit’ organisations have dubious agendas and activities, like the Young Liberals fundraiser? I bet he also ‘supports’ that poor community urchin the IPA.

  21. Matt says:

    Forgot earlier that my grandfather and cousin are also Officers of the Order of Australia, same as Alan. I’m starting to take it personally now. I have a huge amount of respect for the work of these two men, and Jones is tarnishing their recognition.

    Alan actually has 4 awards, below are the links to them, which contain a brief description of what Alan did to earn them, as well as links to the general criteria for each.

    “For service to Rugby Union Football.”

    “For service to the broadcasting industry and to sport”

    “services to rugby union and sports administration”

    For service to the community as a supporter of and fundraiser for a wide range of not-for-profit organisations, to the media, and to sports administration.

    Jones doesn’t actually have an OAM, As mentioned before though, his AO trumps that. An AO is supposedly for “distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or humanity at large.” I wonder how many ‘not-for-profit’ organisations he supports have dubious agendas and activities? Like the Young Liberals fundraiser?

  22. Great post Wixxy, and great idea with the AO Letter.
    I hope you actually sent it.

    Many folks are debating if Jones nasty comments about the deceased Mr-Gillard are political, each taking their side, screeching or distancing, depending on their side.

    I still have concerns, further than politics, and I think this example of Jones, along with Bolts RDA case, shows that the embedded media in Australia is becoming so polluting to not only political debate, but also common decency.

    If you have any influence which you can bring to beare, please send some of that influence to revisiting the Finkelstein Inquiry and Convergence Review. The Australian embedded media, are too often Attacking, Lobbying or engaged in questionable behavior to be healthy for our country or democracy.

    • Matt says:

      Really, people are debating the political nature of it? I would have though that seeing as he said it at a young liberals speech, in the context of saying they are being politically weak when NOT viciously attacking the PM on a personal level, that no other conclusion could possibly be reached? I would say, many are denying, as opposed to debating. Then again, I never did debating – something about being passionate for ideas you personally find repugnant…

  23. Mark Pratten says:

    Is there anywhere online (where Australians like me) can discuss public issues in a common sense forum without biased liberal/labor or male/female overtones? I believe from the information publicly available, from non politicians, that our Prime Minister has lied to the Australian Public multiple times. (I am open minded as I hope you are. Please give me some evidence that proves them wrong and help me change my view.)

    I feel that the attack on Alan Jones, (Who has admitted he was wrong and publicly apologized) is way over the top (sorry for having a different point of view) so I have made a comment about holding our Prime Minister to the same moral standards. (What I should have added, is holding all politicians to the same moral standards, which definately includes our Prime Minister.)

    Wow!!! From that you start talking about Tony Abbott. Where did that come from? It is a great assumption that I am of any political persuasion. (There are some Australians who attempt to look at the facts and try to are not swayed by emotional/political rhetoric).

    Then there is a reply of a suggestion to holding the Prime Minister to a higher account than her male counterparts. Where did that come from?

    Aren’t you critical of people that just make stuff up? Please forgive me for thinking that some people here do just that.

    If you know where I can get some common sense discussion I would be most appreciative. For the record, I think our political system is broken and I will always try to vote for good policy, regardless who that might be. Can you say the same? I am dissatisfied with all sides of the floor and I also have a solution which I would love to discuss with people of similar opinions.

    • Matt says:

      Once again Mark, what you did, is equate Jones cruel public attack on a grieving woman(something only an incredibly callous person could do) to a politician changing their stance(something they ALL do). That says quite enough about your personality for one to draw many assumption, none of them positive. You are welcome to your opinion, and I for one thank you, and Jones et all, for voicing them, and letting us know exactly what kind of people you are. You say you want to discuss serious politics then fall back on to harping about our PM being a liar. I don’t think many thinking political minds would want anything to do with your discourse. I’m sure the lib slogan unit would love to have you as a mobile loudspeaker though.

      Personally, I prefer people to change their minds on things when there is good reason for it. Like the carbon tax. And I despise people who oppose such things for political expediency, like Abbott(who we know supports the concept, just not out of a Labour or Greens mouth).

      You come on this forum whining that JG should be held to the same standard as AJ. We are discussing AJs character suitability as an Officer of the Order of Australia, an honour JG has not been awarded. I have sworn my fair share of times at the telly when the PM is talking(who hasn’t?) but try to forget for a moment that the victim is Julia Gillard, and pretend it is a public female figure who you actually like(if you are capable of such) and ask yourself if it is acceptable public speaking behaviour? As JG does not have an Order of Australia award(of any type), what character based award do you wish us to petition to be taken away from her? You are clearly an agenda driven tool, one of exceptional arrogance, judging by your claim to ‘have a solution’ that you are withholding(strangely like all the Libs secret wondrous policies). Please, keep that solution to yourself, I can imagine the numbers of holes one could punch through, like fighting a wet paper bag.

  24. Aleks says:

    Somehow we have started at Alan Jones having no respect for someone who has just lost a parent and wound up at the issue of Julia Gillard’s alleged lies. Mark, I do realise that the there are voices in the media who claim that Ms Gillard is untrustworthy and a liar, but just because words appear from more than person in the media does make them true, or even able to stand up to the laziest bit of scrutiny.

    Let’s talk about Ms Gillard’s supposed lies. She has copped the most over her line about not introducing a carbon tax, but there are a few problems with that.
    1. The media largely ignore the end of quote, wherein Ms Gillard said that she was determined to put a price on carbon. Anyone who heard her speak that day knew that some kind of carbon price was coming.
    2. It’s not actually a tax! I know, Ms Gillard made a concession on some tv show or other which seemed to indicate that it is a tax, but the more you use, the more you pay, rather like paying Australia Post for stamps. It’s a price, not a tax, so there really was no lie in the first part of her original statement.
    3. A lie is defined as making a statement which the speaker/writer knows is false. When Ms Gillard gave her plans for the future of Australia if elected, she was working under the assumption that she would form a majority government. We all make that assumption, because federal governments are nearly always majority governments, not minority ones. There has not been another federal minority government in the time that I have been following politics. She had no way of knowing beforehand that she would be forced to compromise in order to form a minority government. Not that it matters in this case, because as I already demonstrated in points 1. and 2, she still didn’t lie anyway.

    There are other issues such as Ms Gillard changing her position on issues like restrictions on pokie machines, for instance. That one was caused by a large public outcry. I personally believe it was misguided for the ALP to change on that one, but I will concede that they listened to the public. Again, it is clear she preferred her original stance so can’t have lied, because she did not intend the change.

    So, I have done some debunking for you. Do you have other examples of lies? If I can disprove them, then I will very happily do so.

  25. AngryBee says:

    Totally agree Wixxy, great post as usual. You might want to refer people to the petition to revoke Jones’ award.…/australian-honours-and-awards-secretariat-at-government-house-in-canberra-revoke-the-title-of-order-of-australia

    More effective if all the support is in one place..

  26. Sue says:

    Can someone who has to apologise for racist rants on air still retain his AO?
    ALAN Jones must apologise on air for a racist rant where he called Sydney’s Lebanese Muslims “vermin” who “infest our shores” and “rape” and “pillage” our nation, having failed in an appeal”

  27. Mark Pratten says:

    Aleks, Thank you for your considered and non inflamatory or derogatory reply. We could all do well to follow this type on contructive conversation. Simply by toning our conversations down without the use of colourful and emotional words, would really help us to focus on the issues. Like you say a change of position for whatever reason, means more discussion rather than being a lie. Thank you.

    I really felt lied to by Julia 4 days before KRudd was removed from Office. I was listening to her on the Radio and I honestly believed her that she was supporting Kevin all the way. She sounded honest and genuine and I believed her. Then 4 days later…. I could not believe it and my disrespect started there and then. With hindsight, I really think there is much more to the story and unfortunately the media ask questions they have no right to because they knowingly put people in impossible situations.

    Matt, Alan Jones said a stupid, cruel, insulting, unecessary and unprofessional statement. Everyone agrees with you. What did I do to you to deserve that response? I am trying to be open minded but your emotional outbursts are not helping the cause. If we can’t talk rationally, really, what’s the point? We can’t all agree on everything, why don’t we start with that. Have a great day.

    • Matt says:

      Third(and final) time I will say it, you equate Alans remarks with Julias ‘lying’. To me that says that you are being manipulative(and hence I don’t believe the rest of what you say) or that you are delusional(I can disregard what you say).

      You are trying to argue against our outrage at this continuous grubby behaviour from an AO recipient(the victim is irrelevant), by arguing against the character of the victim. I don’t think I need to explain just why this is so disgusting, and I believe that you are fully aware of what you are doing.

      Strange you have not been vocal in expressing your desire to learn about politics here until an extreme shock jock(and the audience he speaks to) needs defending in the media? Are you sure you didn’t have a ticket to that young liberals dinner? Anyway, I’m sure anyone of meagre intellect can appreciate that we won’t forget how much you all think Julia is a liar if you give it a rest for a few weeks after Alans actions. If it hadn’t been tied to her fathers death at this time, I wouldn’t ’emotionally’ care how much you banged on about Julia lying. But as it stands, you know what I(and I dare say a lot of others) think of you.

  28. Mark Pratten says:

    Matt, (Also my final time) Thank you for your reply and now I see why you are so inflamed. Just as you didn’t read my notes very carefully, I also did not take the time to study yours.

    At no time have I defended AJ, and I am not defending AJ. My very first comment was in agreement of your outrage but because I think you are blowing it all out of proportion (which does not mean I am in support of him), then it would stand to reason that we should hold others to these high moral grounds as well.

    At no time did I attempt to equate Alans remarks with Julia’s ‘lying’, however I understand that you took it that way and can understand your response based on this. I apologize if I have chosen my words poorly to give you the wrong impression.

    To finish, How can you use justify using such colourful and derogatory statements when you are supposedly against this kind of behaviour?

    It would appear that you and Mr Jones are not so different after all.

  29. Matt says:

    I never said I didn’t read your comments. I said I don’t believe you(in terms of your honesty) or that I disregard them.

    “How can you use justify using such colourful and derogatory statements when you are supposedly against this kind of behaviour?”
    Wow, now you are equating what I have said with Jones(but yet you say you didn’t with Gillard, gee I MUST be bad). I stand by what I said earlier, and have no idea what particular language I used that you think is anywhere near as offensive as Jones. Do you have a disability that causes delusions? Was that the offensive part? I did not say anything bad about delusional people, only that I disregard what they say(I still listen to them). Colourful language, even outright hostility is one thing, we are all used to that in the political debate(some of it is highly entertaining). You are the only one who seems to think that Jones in this case has not crossed a line.

    And this, you initially said:
    Great point Stephen Tuck. “He has consistently shown a gross lack of any qualities of honour or decency that should be a prime objective of a holder of this award.” don’t stop there. The same has to be said for the holder of the prime minister of Australia. Her lies, backstabbing and total disrespect for the ordinary Australian, also warrants her removal from this position. If you are not prepared to hold our prime minister to these same high moral grounds, your double standards will be noteworthy.
    This is obvious defence of Jones using the “attack the victim” approach(a very common line for people to take unfortunately). You clearly equate the issues in this opening salvo. Your statements to the contrary are completely absurd. You come out swinging but cry foul when confronted. Please.

  30. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Alan Jones and Tony Abbott….. Mr Jones And Me

  31. Aleks says:

    Mark, regarding the four day turnaround, they say that a week is a long time in politics, maybe four days is too! I confess I don’t recall the details of those four days too well, there must have been something happening in my immediate circle at the time. I do recall though, that Mr Rudd did not stand against Ms Gillard in the leadership challenge, so I can only presume that at that time, the nomination of Ms Gillard must have seemed like the right thing to quite a few people.

    I know that in recent times, Rudd has disappointed me no little and quite some. I recall reading an interview with him from months before he won the election, and being very impressed with the things he said. Now I think of his behaviour around the last election, and his backing down on the climate change bill and I wonder if power changed him. Whilst not being 100% happy with the ALP at the moment, I do appreciate the change.

    And to the matter at hand, I think that people who prefer not to listen to Alan Jones and company can forget just what they might say, and when we hear it full force, it’s a shock. Which is by no means an excuse, and saying such stuff does not befit the Order of Australia. Wixxy, I will take the general thrust of your letter and write my own. Here’s hoping!

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