Learnt My Lesson Well

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Local Politics, Politics

No matter what we think of him, it must be tough being Barry O’Farrell.

Imagine how hard it must be to only be able to spend $243 Million on government advertising. You wonder how poor Barry put’s the word out there with such a paltry amount.

Barry says…

“I can’t spend money I don’t have”

…but at least we know his trying.

Since coming into office, his ministers and the government bureaucrats, you know, the “fat cats” have really felt the pinch. They have tightened the purse strings and kept a tight rein on their spending. In fact only $901 Million went on their travel expenses since Barry touched down in the Premiers chair.

$901 Million? Are they trying to outspend the royal family?

Barry attempts to raise funds by doing Burger King commercials

In their defence though, some of those bureaucrats needed a break, particularly in Treasury. You see Treasury’s office has some awfully uncomfortable chairs apparently, and their poor sore arses needed to get away for a break. Not any more though, because budget minded Barry has managed to scrape together some dollars to spend on furniture for them, about 4.43 Million of those dollars actually.

I wonder if Barry discovered the need for fluffier bum cushions for Treasury via a consultants report. He could have. After all he did manage to splurge out on $230 Million on consultancy reports. I wonder if any of them were on ways to cut consultancy red tape?

Still, we shouldn’t be too harsh, Barry has offered financial relief to some of the area’s that need it the most. This has really helped some pull through what must indeed be tough times.

People who live in luxury waterfront mansions for example. Barry has helped out by giving out $5.3 Million in rent cuts for their jetty tenancies, making it just a bit more affordable to keep their boats safely housed when they are not out cruising on the harbour.

The poor struggling poker machine operators have also been given a helpful boost, receiving $300 Million in tax cuts. These pokie people provide a valuable service to the community, and help thousands of people, who are not so well off, make wise short term investment decisions with their families grocery money.

“You spent your childrens lunch money on what???”

With all these important things to be funded, it is no wonder there have had to be some spending cuts in unimportant areas such as education.

With state revenue only expected to increase by $5.6 Billion over the next four years, and the extra $2.8Billion from the commonwealth in GST, we don’t want people educated, they might query where Barry spends the money.

The $1.7 Billion in cuts to schools and TAFE Colleges are a slap in the face to the people of NSW.

It is worth noting also that despite cutting the funding to our TAFE colleges, the fee’s will go up 9.5%, even though 800 teachers and staff will be out of a job and on the welfare queue.

This is all part of Barry’s “pay more, get less” approach, that we are also starting to see roll out with Sydney’s ferry services, despite Barry’s promises otherwise.

Speaking of promises, as we see the TAFE funding slashed, here are the names of one or two of the Coalition MP’s that actually said they would back investment in TAFE during their election campaign.

  • Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner
  • Education Minister Adrian Piccoli
  • Environment Minister Robyn Parker
  • Rob Stokes (Pittwater)
  • Troy Grant (Dubbo)
  • Leslie Williams (Port Macquarie)
  • Shelley Hancock (South Coast)
  • Kevin Anderson (Tamworth)
  • Tony Issa (Granville)
  • Lee Evans (Heathcote)
  • Matt Kean (Hornsby)
  • Gareth Ward (Kiama)
  • John Barilaro (Monaro)
  • Richard Torbay (Northern Tablelands)
  • Geoff Provest (Tweed)
  • Darryl McGuire (Wagga Wagga)

Actually, these MP’s went further than that, they actually signed a document guaranteeing support for TAFE. It was called the “Invest In TAFE For A Better State” Pledge

I am not going to call these MP’s liars, or say that they set out to deceive their electorate, I don’t think I need to. The facts speak for themselves.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli even went so far as to say in a media release

“Studies show that every dollar spent on TAFE returns $6.40 to the economy, so it makes perfect economic sense to invest in vocational training.”

So I guess that means by cutting out $1.7Billion in funding, you are actually pulling $10.88 Billion out of the economy? You have to love financial conservatives.

Still we shouldn’t hold Barry O’Farrell’s ministers to account for their words, after all the Environment Minister, Robyn Parker, did grace us all with her knowledge of all things environmental when she told us that

“logging is good for koalas”.


I however tend to look on the bright side, and believe it or not, there is one.

To those of you who want their children educated, want to learn a trade, or just want to see us keep up with the rest of the world, you are probably wondering what that bright side is about now.


No matter how many teachers get sacked, no matter how much your kids IQ levels drop, no matter how hard it is to find a tradesman in a few years with nobody doing apprenticeships, just remember this….

At least we’re not stuck with Campbell Newman

  1. Marilyn says:

    I note that Piccolo is now blaming the BER on the lack of school buildings, even though the BER built 23,000 new buildings in schools.

    Halls that students don’t need? Science units? What the fuck do the liberals smoke?

    • wixxy says:

      Millions of dollars of what the Liberals called waste got put into special needs schools in NSW last month

      This was from jobs from the BER that came in under their quotes

      These schools desperately needed extra funding

      waste indeed….

      • Marilyn says:

        I wonder why the liberals think kids don’t need decent rooms, halls and facilities? The new buildings in SA are brilliant.

  2. owen says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Peter … that is cruel … up until the last line i was enjoying your analysis … and then i finished the last sentence … i live in QLD and do have to out up with Campbell Newman … your biggest concern should be exactly what give you hope and relief … when the spotlight stays on QLD, the slashing and burning that Big Bad Bazza is perpetrating in NSW will go virtually unnoticed … unfortunately, we’re all in a deep pile of poo … mine is just a bit deeper is all … quick, grab a breath!

  3. Reblogged this on DarinSullivan.net and commented:
    Imagine how hard it must be to only be able to spend $243 Million on government advertising. You wonder how poor Barry put’s the word out there with such a paltry amount.

  4. Lynnie says:

    That’s pretty fricken rich. The state was actually left in surplus, so how the hell do you end up with a deficit when you’re cutting services and jobs? What kind of budgeting is this?

  5. Sue says:

    And how are the shock jocks of Sydney calling these cuts to TAFE? How many of the Coalition who pledged support to the TAFE system now have the infamous name tag LIAR?

    etc, etc

  6. Matt says:

    “The poor struggling poker machine operators have also been given a helpful boost, receiving $300 Million in tax cuts. These pokie people provide a valuable service to the community, and help thousands of people, who are not so well off, make wise short term investment decisions with their families grocery money.”

    You are fn kidding me…

    I was already in disbelief after reading about submissions calling for children and parents to be fined instead of the poor helpless clubs if minors are caught drinking on their premises: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/fines-for-minors-who-enter-pubs-and-clubs-20120922-26dm2.html

    With the travel expenses though, one needs to put that in perspective. There are 69 Lib/Nat MPs and 19 senators totalling 88 elected officials who need to get around doing vital work for our cash starved state. Baz has been in power now for one and half years, so when we do the math:

    9.01*10^8/(88*365*1.5) = $18,700.71

    So, they have been frugal after all, only $18,700.71 per person, per day, every day, since elected. That’s $1.65 million per day for the team. I can’t fathom how they manage to travel around our state on such paltry sums. The rest of us slobs should take a leaf out of their book with their efficiency and down to earth approach towards parliamentary expenses. Or perhaps we could tar and feather them in the hope Robert Brown MP might seek to have them mounted on his wall.

    I don’t even wan’t to contemplate the destruction these fools will slavishly dish out to our environment in their pursuit of short term wealth. Or the braindead types I have had the unfortunate displeasure of knowing who identify themselves as ‘shooters’ that are seeking to be let loose in our national parks. Or the many people who seem to think our environment serves no purpose unless we are harvesting and processing it…

    How long until the next election? Labour needs to get their ass into gear. A Liberal emboldened with the sense of a large electoral ‘mandate’ is a scourge people are starting to realise they could well do without.

  7. Signe says:

    For me Wixxy the saddest part is many of these ministers actually enjoyed/benefitted from the Free education brought about by Whitlam et al, these ‘b*stards happily deceive and mislead and its our kids, our teachers, our Firies that suffer. BTW did you hear his latest..adding $300 to your rates bill to save the poor insurance companies… for fire insurance. Seems his buddies in the Insurance brigade are struggling, probably under the weight of their money… and its to be offloaded onto residents via their rates… we only have to the 8th October to object…www.nonewtax.org.au and say NO.

    The look at super… someone close to me was advised by their super company that they have to use, that their dividend was $14.90 for the year…. the poor insurance company stuggled under the $900 fee. Something is wrong and we need to say NO…much more often.

  8. Signe says:

    sorry passion prevents typing correctly… then look at super …. struggled under the money..makes more sense. That $14.90 btw was on a 6 figure investment. something is very wrong

  9. jane says:

    The idiots here in SA have the Liars 57%:43%. Redmond is a clown and the rest of the Liars are no better. And these are the idiots that Rupert is protecting and promoting?

    The only saving grace is she may not be quite as bad as Newman, but there’s no guarantees. She HAS stated she’ll cut thousands of PS jobs, so they’re all tarred with the same brush, I guess.

  10. […] In another recent post I look at some of the money that the NSW Government was wasting, this added up to over a billion dollars. At the time I thought it was worth taking a look at what the government considered vital spending while Barry and Baird cried poor and blamed the former government. In hindsight looking at this is probably even more important, as when you add what has been wasted to what has been lost and now found, it shows just how unnecessary all of the recent cuts have been. […]

  11. […] They have done this while “misplacing” a billion dollars, giving $300 Million in tax cuts to pokie machine operators, giving $5.3 Million in rent cuts for jettys to …. […]

  12. […] Barry O’Farrell thought it was more important to spend money purchasing new furniture for treasury, the Nepean Hospital seemingly just extended their maternity ward into the car park. Unfortunately […]

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