Evil Woman

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Politics

As my name would suggest, I am not a female.

Whilst I’m not a female, I still know condescending language when I hear it. I also recognise it when it comes under the disguise of a woman’s voice.

The Liberals latest tactic of referring to any woman from the Labor camp as being part of a “handbag hitsquad” is a new low point in trying to repair Tony Abbott’s female image problem. Just because it is coming out of the mouths of Kelly O’Dwyer and Julie Bishop does not make it any less condescending either, maybe even more so. After all, have they been told what to say by the men in their party?

This so-called “handbag hitsquad” is made up of Nicola Roxon, Tanya Plibersek, Julia Gillard, and Anna Burke so far, all of whom are women I’ve never seen carrying a handbag.

Look Mum, no bag…

The inference is that any woman who can out debate, outsmart, or show Tony Abbott in poor light, is not smarter, or more capable, but is in fact using her sex as a means of putting him down by beating him up with an imaginary handbag.

Not only is this sexist in the extreme, condescending, and downright offensive, but it is also pretty stupid, even for Abbott.

You see, everything has a flipside. In a debate, or argument there are always two sides that are similar, yet opposite.

If four women beating up Tony Abbott with handbags is the image that Liberals want us to picture when Abbott debates these women, then what are we supposed to picture when Julia Gillard debates Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Christopher Pyne, Greg Hunt or any of the other male members of the Liberal Party? A bunch of blokes beating up a female leader?

I would have thought this would be an image Tony Abbott would like to avoid after the all controversy of the past couple of weeks. In fact I would go so far as to say that the Liberal Party would be wise to avoid putting the words “women” and “beating” in the same sentence until after next election, or a new party leader is in place.

It is no wonder that the polls are turning around. In a week where Tony Abbott’s attitude towards women, and where his dodging of questions relating to his throwing punches into a wall either side of a female counterparts head, have only been overshadowed by his Parliamentary Secretary, Cory Bernardi’s bestiality fantasies, I would have thought imagery of Tony Abbott in any sort of violent clash with women would be avoided.

Complete with knuckledusters, this model is called the Mirabella I believe

Maybe this “handbag hitsquad” image is supposed to portray Abbott as someone who has to always defend himself from violent attack from women. Is this possibly being used as a way to soften the impact of his wall thumping intimidation episode? If it is, it is rather offensive.

The Liberal strategists are clearly in a tail spin. The Carbon Price has turned out to be a non-event. Tony Abbott was caught out lying again on television, twice in two days, over the Olympic Dam project closure, and the misleading spin he tried to put on it. Then there was the wall thumping student politician from Hell incident.

The Shooters & Fishers Party head for Canberra

If rather than debating policy, or discussing ways to take this country forward, they choose to put handbags in the spotlight, they have nobody but themselves to blame for their woes.
I don’t claim to be a rocket scientist, or some sort of Einstein, but I do know this much, with Malcolm Turnbull as the Liberal leader we wouldn’t be talking about this.

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  1. does this make Bishop and O’Dwyer just old bags Wixxy?

  2. denniallen says:

    It certainly makes them “handbags” to Abbott….but then Bishop has also been a handbag to Nelson, Turnbull……..

  3. Mike Wilkinson says:

    Actually, I think the LNP women should be the “Chaffbag Cheersquad”!

  4. RoseanneB says:

    I have no time for women who don’t show compassion or empathy for women – so women of the LNP – you will never get my vote. I actually quite liked Julie Bishop for a while there – but not after this. Tony Abbott is a typical bully, he can dish it but can’t take it and he needs his ‘friends’ to support him. Please make a comeback Malcolm – a true gentleman.

    • Marilyn says:

      Yeah, ask Godwin Grech what a gentleman Turnbull is.

    • kazann says:

      I agree. You see it happen all the time from school age often to the grave. Whether it be something trivial like a school crush to cheating partners, breast feeding, working mums and stay a home mums and now federal politics, you see women turn on each other. Women seemingly can’t wait to tear each other down, particularly in defense of men. Don’t they know PM Gillards doesn’t carry a bag? There was even a whole article in a newspaper about it.
      Last time I looked handbags were not defined as one’s own fists or sticking one’s own foot in one’s mouth repeatedly. We can also add to the list opening one’s mouth to take a shot without bothering to check the location of a certain president. Tony Abbott took a beating over the last couple of weeks but that beating come from himself not the imaginary handbags of women.

  5. Kate says:

    From a strong Australian woman, and on behalf of my son and three daughters, thank you for these words of insight and wisdom. It will be a ‘good’ day for women and men when political leaders stop using sex politics and vicious personal attack and start using compassion, empathy and active listening when leading the country. I am hoping this will be in my children’s lifetime…and one of them told me she wants to be the prime minister the other day (and has these qualities in abundance) but she is only 7….!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Fascinating isn’t it? When the Leader of the Stopposition’s true nature is finally being noticed by the electorate, misogyny is used in an attempt to counter the slide in poll results. The fact that women are delivering the appallingly patronising “handbag hit squad” just makes it especially offensive.

    Tony Rabid can call the PM a liar over and over again and berate her character; that’s just the argy-bargy of politics. If someone recalls an incident of violence and chauvinism from Mr Rabid’s past, then he’s being picked on by those harridans of the ALP (notice the “faceless men” have had a brief reprieve).

    “Diddams” to the coalition! Who would have thought the former pugilist would have such a preciously glass jaw!

    • Matt says:

      Diddams indeed. My favourite part is seeing pyne acting all upset and hysterical over the injustice of the ‘attacks’ on Tony Abbotts character. “Waaaah! they called Tony mean names *Sniffle”. I like how they try to make out as if Tony is pure and above mud slinging, and how grossly unfair it is. So hilarious. Keep it coming libs.

  7. Brilliant article! I don’t have anything more to say, you’ve said what a whole range of us have been thinking.

  8. Critical mass says:

    The Mirabella model? Gold, wixxy!

  9. Heather says:

    Kelly O’Dwyer made a twat of herself on quanda last night. Couldn’t answer a straight question. Smug and self satisfied. Tanya P. was a class act next to her.

  10. Glenn Watson says:

    Agree with Heather. Kelly O’Dwyer, introduced as a “rising” Liberal, showed how properly slippery their technique is for avoiding all actual answers. On the other hand Tanya Plibersek oozes maturity and credibility. I wish more (all!) Liberals were like Malcolm Turnbull, whom I’ve never seen resort to the tawdry political claptrap so endemic to of the rest of his party.

  11. Anne Milligan says:

    Glen, regarding Turnbull. What about Utegate? He tries to look so innocent.
    Brilliant Wixxy.

  12. Matt says:

    Looks like they found a woman that most people can’t hate to stand up for Tony. Most people – not me – being a jaded cynic and all…

    In this video Craig Reucassel allegedly inappropriately approached Tony Abbott outside the Bali memorial garden. It is obvious that Tony defensively reaches out and clings to the nurse as a shield once he registers the question being asked(so he didn’t risk putting his foot in his mouth), as opposed to the media spin of him chivalrously protecting her from the distress of hearing him asked a question on freedom of speech(though she was fine hearing Tony answer questions on the carbon tax and a range of other issues, INSIDE the memorial garden).
    Then they both walk off looking like smug assholes. Tony had initially completely refused to talk to Craig after the other press asked their questions(when his nurse shield was not at arms reach). He only listened to the question once he had his escape in place. While no doubt this woman has performed remarkable actions during a tragedy, she has clearly manipulated public sympathy at this event for political points. Absolutely shameful, pathetic behaviour, the both of them.

    • wixxy says:

      Good on you Matt.

      Thanks for sharing that, it is indeed shameful

      • Matt says:

        I forgot to mention, Reucassel cleared this encounter with Tony Abbotts media staff. He did not want to interrupt the event at the memorial garden, so he asked what would be the best time to approach Tony. He was advised to wait until after the other media had finished asking their questions. This is when Reucassel first approached him(as agreed with Abbotts media advisor), and Tony completely flipped him off, having no nurse(and likely no friendly media hack) at hand. This was immediately after Tony chose to answer questions not related to the memorial, and had walked away from the press. Reucassel then approached as he left the garden, where Abbott and his nurse ‘pranked’ him.

  13. goodrumo says:

    Great blog, thankyou.

  14. goodrumo says:

    Reblogged this on iheariseeilearn and commented:
    Thanks to Wixxyleaks

  15. goodrumo says:

    I reblogged this post, hope that is okay with you, if not I will remove, but thankyou again, articulate and sums it up well.

  16. […] the Liberal party comes out with terms like “handbag hitsquad” to describe female MP’s who know how to debate policy, don’t think that it ingratiates you with […]

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