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Posted: September 21, 2012 in Politics

Some would have you believe that Tony Abbott should be praised, or at least admired, for having the decency to sack Cory Bernardi after his comments during the week.

This has been an interesting month for the Coalition across the country, both at Federal and State levels, with some true colours showing through.

Cory Bernadi’s comparison of homosexuality to bestiality was not only downright offensive, but could it also shine a light on Mr Bernardi’s choice of porn?

The store had sold out of Mein Kampf…

Tony Abbott was right to sack Cory Bernardi from his Parliamentary Secretary position, after all comments like those made by the Senator many describe as a dangerous extremist, were both inflamatory and uncalled for. Mr Abbott was right to sack Bernardi as quickly as he did, credit where credit is due.

However, before I get too carried away with credit, I recall that Bernardi has been saying these comments regarding bestiality for months, offending all and sundry. Why then would Abbott decide now was an appropriate time?

I guess the real reason for the strong stance would be the polling released just beforehand that shows clearly, that Abbott’s antics are wearing thin.

Basically, what Abbott is telling us, is that he approves of these comments except when his polling is looking dodgy. Perhaps why he chose his words carefully, choosing “ill disciplined” rather than saying things like absolute disgrace, totally unacceptable, or less than human.

Some may say that this makes Tony Abbott a right piece of shit. You may well be surpised, but I disagree. You see, a piece of shit was once a decent meal. From what we have learnt about the apparent best the Coalition has to offer over the last month, decent is not a word that comes to mind.

Here’s a pick for next time someone whips out the banjo in the Coalition Caucus

This is a man who in the past has been happy to use violence to intimidate females. When confronted with his past, Abbott had the opportunity to take the high road, own up to his thuggish behaviour, express remorse, and make a huge point about violence against women being wrong. Instead Abbott chose the “I have no recollection” method, then denial, and at last reverting back to the “I have no recollection” method when other witnesses came forward.

One thing that intrigues me in all this, is that if I lashed out at a woman, it would be out of character for me, as Abbott claims it is for him, however if I were to do something that far out of character, I would have a vivid memory of it. Abbott, if it is out of character, should therefore remember it. Given this, does that mean this is yet another example of Abbott being liberal with the truth, or could it be something far worse?

If this event of throwing punches into a wall on either side of a females head does not ring any bells with Abbott, there is another disturbing possibility. Could it be that this type of behaviour was so common with Abbott that he struggled to recall this incident amongst all the others?

The mind boggles…

Here in NSW this month, we faced local government elections, so most of us trudged off to the local schools to vote. The school I attended I was disappointed to find had no sausage sizzle.

There was no doubt after the count that there had been a swing towards the Liberal’s, it was expected. Not the swing that we saw when Barry came into power however, as Barry has been losing some of his gloss of late, after the elections we saw an example of why.

On Saturday, NSW voted. On Sunday, the count was in, and seats won and lost. On Monday, it was time for Barry to gloat all over the television, and for his big grin to be seen all over our papers. On Tuesday, it was time for Barry to cut $1.7 Billion from the state’s education budget.

Call it a hunch, but I think if Barry had been a bit transparent with his plans a few days earlier, we may have seen different results locally. It is a cruel irony that so many voted Liberal at the very schools that are having their services slashed and burned as a result of these Coalition cuts.

I also think, had these cuts been announced earlier, I would have been able to enjoy a sausage sandwich or two at the school I was at on the day. They would likely have been desperate for the funds.

Today friends and family mourned the death of Connie Zhang at a memorial service, after she suffered fatal injuries after leaping from a burning building in Bankstown. While in Macquarie Street, Barry O’Farrell and his coalition continued with their planned cuts to the fire brigade.

Not to be outdone, up north Campbell Newman once again put his best foot forward and shoved it in his mouth.

The man, who by sacking thousands, appears to seek to wreak more damage on Qld Health’s reputation, than Kathy Jackson has managed with the Health Services Union, has come out with some utter crap.

Newman has shown utter contempt for Queenslanders, and has shown us that he believes he governs a state of fools by trying to convince us that “no-one’s being sacked”, as he continues to wage war on the public sector he told were safe during his election campaign.

“There are many dedicated men and women in the Queensland Public Service and I say it to them today: Do not be afraid of me.”

Maybe Newman should have a chat to his own treasurer, who just days prior confirmed that there were still 14,000 more jobs yet to be cut from Qld’s public sector. 10,600 of these would be via redundancies.

Still, at least it was good news from The Coalition Camp in Victoria. Ted Baillieu has ensured that the Coalition don’t all look like a bunch of fools.

After the loss of a measly 4,200 public sector jobs in Victoria, Ted Baillieu had decided that enough is enough, and is no longer spending the States money on Pussy Patrol.

Apparently, Ted has decided that looking for panthers and other big cats, is money not wisely spent, and is scrapping the panther project. Ted has instead purchased a DVD of a film he describes as a documentary, about a family that lives with a big animal.

Rumours that the funding for the Pussy Patrol has now been allocated to a public awareness campaign, aimed at tourists, warning them of the dangers of Drop-Bears, are as yet unconfirmed.

But I would not be surprised…

  1. fleasworld says:

    A very enjoyable piece. I had to laugh at a few of the comments and pictures, without underplaying the serious side of your blog.

  2. owen says:

    … another excellent piece Peter … does violence against women/females carry that much more weight than violence against men? … seems almost as though you are implying that violence against another man is OK, but women need extra protection … cant say that i agree with that particular slant … sounds like discrimination … i’m more for equality … but otherwise, well said.

    … as a Queenslander, any chance you would be interested in swapping Big Bad Bustling Barry for Cabmo the cammo loving militia? … we’ll throw in Clive Palmer and Barnaby Joyce as an added incentive … i didn’t think so … i’m sure you understand me asking.

    i love the irony of the anti-government rallies we are having in QLD at the moment … there are more people marching that the total number of votes the ALP managed at the last State Election … it’s almost an argument for Compulsory Voter Transparency … a system where you are compelled to admit where your vote went at the last election … that way we could explain to the numb-nuts who voted for Newman and Co (now out of a job) what the hell just happened … as Julian Assange says, “the goal is justice, the means is transparency” … worth considering? … then again, perhaps not…

  3. Matt says:

    I read Tony Abbotts edited comments before hearing them from his mouth in full. The printed version made him sound like a great guy. The complete picture shows him to be even worse than expected. Hollow words from a hollow man, coupled with his “ill disciplined” gaffe. Does that mean it is generally accepted amongst coalition members that homosexuality==beastiality?

    He has a point with polygamy, but it doesn’t work against gay marriage. Rather, it just serves to highlight the inconsistency of its illegality. I’ve always thought it curious that it is ok if I live with as many women as I like, as long as I don’t marry more than 1 of them. Though I’m not sure how he connects the dots from there to beastiality.

    Owen, violence against women per se is no worse than violence against men. However, Tony Abbotts situation was a severe power imbalance, and most victims of domestic violence tend to be women, where there is also a trend of power imbalance, as men are generally bigger and stronger than their partners. “Violence against women” is often shorthand for such situations, and is how I read it. One of the Green pollies(I think sarah hanson young) was saying something along these lines about immigration detention facilities that did bother me. She said something like ‘these facilities are not fit for women and children’. If that is the case, what makes them fit for men?

    • SG Warren says:

      Well “traditional marriage” was initially between a man and as many wives as he could afford to maintain, plus his concubines, his wives and concubines maidservants and slaves.

      So it’s probably more accurate to say polygamy lead to monogamy which has lead to gay marriage. 😉

  4. deknarf says:

    Right on! Abbott ‘damned with faint praise’, leading this little mushroom to consider how similar Phoney Tony’s views might be to those of Barnardi. Now that’s food for thought!

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