Open Letter To Senators Brandis And Abetz

Posted: August 23, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

In light of recent events, such as the article that appeared in the News Ltd press today, I thought it would be an idea to see what the Coalitions chief finger pointers had to say on the revelations against Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler.

With this in mind, I have sent the below letter to Senators George Brandis and Eric Abetz.

I will keep you posted on any response that I recieve.

You’ve Got Mail

Peter Wicks


PO Box 6362

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rouse Hill NSW 2155

Senators Brandis and Abetz,

I am writing to you both in the hope that you may be able to share with myself, and my readers, some of your expertise on the presumption of innocence.

It has come to my attention, via the News Ltd press today, that there are calls for Kathy Jackson to resign from the Health Services Union, for numerous allegations of corrupt practices.

I am also aware that there have also been calls for her partner, Michael Lawler, Vice President of Fair Work Australia, to resign also. This has come as a result of allegations of interfering with a Federal Investigation, and after revelations emerged that he would not co-operate with the internal investigation, initiated by FWA of which he is VP, in effect refusing to co-operate with his own investigation.

I understand that the leader of your Party, Tony Abbott, has made his opinion of Kathy Jackson quite clear, comparing her to Joan Of Arc, saying she is heroic, and worthy of great admiration. I also note that it was Tony Abbott that appointed Michael Lawler to his current position. However, I also trust that you are both entitled to form your own opinions on this matter, and are not required to share the opinion of your leader.

My opinions on both of these cases are well known, and I think that I have published enough material for people to determine my opinion of their innocence or guilt.

However, right from the outset of this matter, I have held onto the belief of the notion of “innocent until proven guilty”. This is a belief, and is in fact a right in this country, that I have held onto throughout the Peter Slipper investigation, and indeed the investigation into Mal Brough, and I have also clearly held onto this opinion throughout the campaign against Craig Thomson.

Given your continued calls, or demands, for Craig Thomson to resign, calls that were made on the flimsiest of evidence, and based on an investigation that has been shown to be fatally flawed, to the point of it being worthless, I seek your expertise on the Lawler and Jackson cases. Especially considering the overwhelming trail of evidence on Jackson in particular, and also bearing in mind that there appears to be more evidence against Lawler than there ever was against Thomson.

I also note that you both spoke out regarding Peter Slipper, and demanded that he step down from his position based on allegations that were seemingly ignored whist Slipper was a member of the Liberal Party.

With these things in mind, I am interested, as are my readers, to know whether you apply the same rules to Kathy Jackson, and Michael Lawler, as you have seemingly applied to Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson.

Whilst I encourage the media to give Jackson, and Lawler the same level of scrutiny as they afforded Craig Thomson in order to show balance, I would not like to see them being portrayed as guilty before being given the opportunity to defend themselves in court. Kathy Jackson may even show up for court to do that.

My readers and I await your response and public statements on this issue, as the presumption of innocence is a right that the majority of Australian’s hold dear.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Wicks

  1. denniallen says:

    Brilliant….cant wait for the reply…

  2. What a great letter. How I wish I could see their faces as they read it. I suspect they’ll laugh and dispose of it. Maybe they’ll feel a little niggling discomfort and wonder if you’ll come after them next.

  3. Marilyn says:

    The presumption of innocence has no meaning in Australia.

    Ask refugees.

  4. Sandra says:

    Great one Peter.
    Watching QT right now, reckon TA and the rest of his bunch have been getting a hiding to nothing when it comes to who can tell the truth. Oh the joy!

  5. jaycee says:

    Let’s face it..Abetz is a goofball!…Look at his carry-on with “utegate”. His only saving grace is his ability to do a damn good “Pastor lovejoy” impersonation.
    Brandis would not have gone into such a murky pond without first having an escape plan in place…mind you, I bet he hasn’t told his colleagues about it and probably involves dropping anybody and anyone into the shit to save himself!…..Of all the Liberal filth, he takes the cake!

  6. Tom says:

    Peter! What can I say! Bravo, Bravo…
    Waiting for the reply with great anticipation. Oh, and by the way there is not truth in the rumor that Erica Betz is the grandchild of Joseph Goebbels.
    There is a wind of change starting to blow through the corridors of power. Set the spinnaker lads! Let the battle begin…

  7. Miglo says:

    Hi Wixxy, as someone who is experienced in drafting Ministerial replies I can sadly assure you that you will not receive answers to the questions rightly asked in your letter. You’ll be fobbed off with things like ‘for legal reasons we are unable to answer your questions’ or ‘because of current investigations we cannot comment’ blah blah blah.

    The sad part is that your letter may not even reach Brandis or Abetz as they’ll have staff to handle this for them. 😦

    • wixxy says:

      I know Migs, I’m expecting some sort of standard response from a low level staffer, I don’t really think they will see it.

      However, it gives others ammo to attack them so it was important that the questions be seen to be raised directly with them.

  8. Catching up says:

    We will be waiting a long time. I am sire there are many that would also like to know what their answers are.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I have been waiting 11 years for someone to tell me when we became the owners of Nauru and Manus Island as prison colonies.

    More to the point I have been waiting for someone in the media to ask the lazy pollies when it happened.

  10. wixxy, As a Tasmanian I can say, Abetz is a “cause of constant state embarrassment” he is gone very soon.

  11. Robina says:

    Why can’t you send it to The Age . Or Tony Wright. Or Kathryn Murphy. It’s a great piece.
    I have been following and enjoying all your fascinating entries on what appear to be some very ordinary excuses for human kind.
    Prompted by the ‘guilt by association’ being run by that rag The Australian, I found some fascinating links to Tony’s political career. One Ian ‘Macca’ MacDonald a Manly Lawyer who was described as Tony’s Fundraiser and Cheerleader.(commonly known as Star Fucker) Upon almost being in position to take the Seat of Manly he was nabbed by the coppers and charged ,convicted and Sentenced to 5yrs in the slammer for $5million embezzlement from his Law Firms Trust Fund. Upon getting out of Silverwater after just 3yrs, Tony couldn’t wait to have a beer with him and ‘Honour’ him for his services to Tony and the Lib Party at Tonys’ 10yrs in politics celebrations. That’s a pretty serious attachment to a bloke who stole a very considerable sum from innocent people. And to feel compelled to ‘Honour’ him seems extraordinary. I would love Tony to be asked a few questions. What do yo think of the hypocrisy writ large when you watch what the journos are trying to pin on Julia. Fucking hilarious. Cheers Robina

  12. debbiep says:

    Senators Brandis and Abetz better have the same rules otherwise they will be seen to be hypocrites and NOT statesmen they portray themselves to be. After all, ask them, are they NOT senior politicians, who want to be highly respected for integrity and impartial concern all for the public’s good ???

  13. shane forwood says:

    as a tasmanian, i live on the same island as eric abetz and that is all i will own up to.
    { i heard john howard tried to sell us to NZ when he was in power, thank god he couldent get any one to tow the island away}

  14. Lauriekidd says:

    Keep up the good work Peter. I look forward with waited breath to the response from the 2

  15. Kimwsrd says:

    Brilliant Peter one of your best yet.
    It says it all, how about sending copies to other Libs like Bishop Pyne Abbott Hockey Turnbull
    Reckon send copies to ALP as well Emerson be a good start.
    Any telephone records arrived yet?
    Well done

  16. Emails says:

    Your a bloody legend mate.. You know my feeling on this subject better than I do 🙂 .. Hope you can get this and the response published by MSM..

    Sent from my iPhone

  17. deknarf says:

    Not much point in sending letters to attack dogs. They only have the capacity to snarl and say ‘woof, woof’! 😉

  18. Slumdog says:

    Get stuffed Peter, we have News Ltd and the mining barons. .Sgn….George and Eric..LN no P… Target the disease, not the symptoms . Well done Peter

  19. Google Search : Jacksonville 16: Call me anytime | Independent Australia…/jacksonville-16-call-me-anyti...
    24 Jul 2012 – Linked: Eric Abetz, Kathy Jackson and Greg Pearce. …. liaison for none other than Eric Abetz, our favourite nephew of a Nazi war criminal and, …

    1. You really think Abetz would respond to someone who described him publicly via Independent Australia blog as ‘our favourite nephew of a Nazi war criminal’ ? No matter what one thinks of Abetz, that description was beneath contempt.

    2. Slipper and Thomson are members of Parliament – not uncommmon for MP’s from either side to call for resignations of members of opposite party. (Jackson & Lawler are not MP’s)

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Eithne, your guard is slipping, it seems its not “all for the members” unless of course you mean Liberal Party members.

      That beneath contempt description you accuse me of, is one he gives himself, so I guess you are saying that he doesn’t consider himself worth listening to? But don’t believe me, check out the below link from Fairfax, News Ltd also ran the story…
      News Ltd version

      Mind you, he is not the first Liberal Party powerbroker with Nazi ties, even war criminal have their place within the Liberal Party, see below link

      I don’t expect a reply from Abetz, not because I called him a name in a previous post at recess…. sticks and stones… I don’t expect him to reply because he is gutless, and applies different standards to those who suit his own agenda.

      Slipper and Thomson are MP’s, I’m glad you figured that out. So was Mary Jo Fischer…but oh, that’s right… she was found guilty in a court of law, she can stay apparently and later resign proudly.
      It masy not be uncommon to call for a resignation, but what is unusual is a prolonged smear campaign, calls for resignation or to be sacked, and media harassment of family to the point where they cannot shower in peace whilst pregnant. This has happenned to Thomson and his family for years, and it is uncommon in the extreme.

      Jackson and Lawler may not be MP’s, but they are related to a Senate enquiry into the botched investigation, something both have commented on, being part of the senate. Lawler was a political appointment by Abbott, who is of course their leader in parliament. Abbott has seen fit to comment on Jackson in parliament, singing her praises in fact in a lengthy speech.

      I will wait and see if they man up, or show us that they are not just hypocites in suits, but I’m not holding my breath.

      I note the last open letter I sent to the Independents did get a response

      • Peter I was well aware of Abetz’s family history (an uncle that was dead before he was born) my point was that your method of using this relationship to colour your story was unnecessary and contemptible. From what I’ve seen Abetz can garner revulsion or otherwise on his own. By you stooping to this low level tells me more about you and calls into question your own personal motives. This feeds my ongoing cynicism in relation to much of your writings and the motives of those who provide you with the information sourced/relied on for your articles.

      • wixxy says:

        As I have said right from the start my personal motives are for the members of the HSU, I want what is best for the members, full stop.
        You told me on Twitter you were interested in what was best for members, unless you are refering to Liberal Party members, that is clearly not the case. You decieved people, but that is your choice.
        Don’t come crying that I am contemptable when you are proven wrong, I have been upfront the whole time about who I am and what I stand for.

        The information that has been sourced, and yes relied on, as I do tend to rely on facts rather than pipe dreams and rumour, have been endorsed not only by the Unions General Secreatry, but even by Kathy Jackson herself. It has been enough to launch a major police investigation, but clearly not good enough for you.

        The questions I have raised about the FWA investigation have been shown to be totally justified by FWA’s own endorsed KPMG report, which I note Michael lawler refused to co-operate with.

        My description of Abetz was something he has discussed openly, you may not like it but it is a FACT he is related by blood. What I find contemptible and offensive is members of the Liberal Party calling Jackson a Joan Of Arc type character, as far as I am aware, Jackson is not related to her in any way shape or form.

        It’s really simple, if you don’t like what I write and it causes you that much concern, don’t read it.
        You will not be missed I can assure you…

      • Lizzie says:

        Nice return Pete. I think Eithne should meet Shane Dowling, similar blinkered views…..

  20. Ken Atkinson says:

    Just a thought Peter but perhaps you could post this letter in a comments box on Eric Abetz’ Facebook page. Who knows, he might even get to read it [I somehow doubt it though] but at least it will get some exposure until they take it down :)))

  21. Ken Atkinson says:

    Got a bit impatient and posted it myself :))

  22. wobbles says:

    Wasn’t it Brandis who first named Howard a “lying rodent”?
    Well I suppose you would have to get some things right sometime.

  23. oscar jones says:

    Brandis & Abetz are cranky enough when they are in power. On the other side they become intolerable.

  24. Marilyn says:

    Even David Marr has become so out of touch he still thinks Thomson is being investigated by the police – but that investigation is based only on a discredited FWA report.

    How can anyone be investigated due to a report that is factually flawed?

    They have all become nasty snakes.

  25. Wonderful! I just wish you had included Christopher Pyne, as his red-faced, vicious abuse of Craig Tomson – day after day in Parliament – was the best (or worst ?)) example of work place bullying seen in OZ for many years. Or ever. Congratulations – but don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

  26. Marilyn says:

    David Marr has just replied that the facts speak for themselves. What facts he did not say but so far not one fact proving that Thomson did anything wrong has ever surfaced so I sent him that dodgy credit slip again.

    David as a lawyer should know that facts are not facts until proven but he has joined the pursed mouth tittering prudes sniggering over the use of prostitutes while travelling with wife 6,000 miles away.

  27. galileodarwin says:

    Tonight’s “7.30 report” on Kathy Jackson, and Chris Brown’s charges against her, mentions the flawed Fair Work investigation of the HSU and Craig Thomson. However, Chris Uhlmann’s report is very, very superficial. It does not mention any of the following crucial facts:
    (1) the major criticism of the Fair Work investigation: Michael Lawler’s failure to cooperate with the investigation, refusing to hand over any of his “hand-held devices” that would, no doubt, incriminate him and Jackson;
    (2) that the so-called “findings” against Thomson match Kathy Jackson’s original fraudulent allegations against him, raising questions about what Nassios actually investigated and who pulled his strings;
    (3) the brilliant and evidence-supported work of Peter Wicks. Leigh Sales preposterously described the ABC report as “exclusive”!!!!
    Make sure you get everyone you know to sign the Independent Australia petition against the appalling decline of the ABC, which is now no better than the right-wing controlled mainstream media.

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