A Small Victory

Posted: August 22, 2012 in HSU Saga

George Brandis must be having a coronary.

After he kicked, screamed, rang virtually everyone in the phonebook, and had, as I said in an earlier post, Craig Thomson investigated by everyone except Inspector Gadget.

Imagine his frustration as yesterday, when the only investigation, out of countless others, that found Craig Thomson had questions to answer, was torn to shreds.

That’s right, months and months after I first started raising questions regarding Fair Work Australia’s so called investigation into the Health Services Union, it turns out it does look a little shady. Even though I was referred to as being part of “dark forces” by some, the investigation now  looks so shady in fact, the paper it’s printed on is not fit to be used as bog roll.

Where did I put that FWA Investigation? I’m gonna need it soon…

For those who missed it, last night KPMG released their Independent report on the Fair Work Australia investigation into the Health Services Union. A link to the report is below.


Some would say that this KPMG is actually the first truly independent report on the subject. After all, the now disgraced FWA investigation was the basis for virtually every press article since, and every other report and enquiry into the union that has been left decimated since Kathy Jackson first took over a branch.

So, where to now? I guess that is the big question.

Craig Thomson is clearly a happy man at the moment, and I guess he should be, some may remember this front page…

Well, now that his so called conspiracy theories are backed by both KPMG, and FWA who commissioned the KPMG report, it is the Herald Sun looking a bit like premature ejaculators, firing off early with their ludicrous front page. Sometimes best to bite your lip and hold on fella’s. Check your email spam folder for remedies.

However, Bill Shorten was right yesterday when he said Craig will still have to face court before claiming victory. This report does not prove Craig innocent, it just proves the one investigation that condemned him, to be fatally flawed.

Tony Abbott was missing yesterday from all the action on this, preferring instead to send the man Kathy Jackson seems to have on speed dial out to face the press, Eric Abetz.

The Brothers Grim let go of each others hands for the press pack

Predictably Abetz was all about how FWA is “Gillards Baby”, and it is her mess, inept, badly run, blah, blah, blah….

If FWA is “Gillards Baby” then she adopted it from the Coalition. Yes, Workchoices has gone, but that is a good thing. Gillard may have given FWA a new name, a fresh coat of paint, and some changes to industrial relations policy to work with, but they have been a success largely.

This has been FWA’s first major “balls up”, and why is that I wonder?

The reason so many questions were raised in the first place was due to Michael Lawler, fiancé of Kathy Jackson, and second best dancer at union functions. His alleged involvement and influence over the investigation are to blame for most of the questions that have brought calls for a new code of conduct, a senate enquiry, and even calls for a Judicial Enquiry or a Royal Commission. Allegations against him have brought FWA to its knees, and totally destroyed its reputation.

Michael Lawler is Tony Abbott’s baby in that regards. After all Abbott appointed him, Abbott even sang the praises of his fiancé, Jackson, on the floor of parliament. I can’t wait to see the encore of Abbott’s performance after Victoria Police finish their current and ongoing investigation into her.

Tony Abbott sings the theme song from Joan Of Arc

Tony Abbotts baby, Lawler, also refused to fully co-operate with KPMG. The report tells us

“KPMG has not been provided access to the FWA computers or any smart phones and handheld devices allocated to the Vice President.”

Hmmm, why is that I wonder. We have already seen how he gave Jackson, whose union was under investigation access to the FWA network, we have also seem how somebody else with a computer named michael.lawler hacked into the HSU network using Jacksons log in details.

Great job Mr Abbott, remind me not to accept any references from you. Ever.

Terry Nassios, I kind of feel sorry for. Despite being on long leave since the FWA investigation was released, I bet about now he wishes he was driving that buggy thing that landed on Mars. He could probably not get far enough away. He obviously was under resourced, was given tampered evidence it would seem, and questions also remain as to whether he was influenced from within.

As for the future of the now demerged HSU, things will be tough.

But, things are now in the hands of the members for seemingly the first time in what must seem an eternity.

Those wishing to rid themselves and the Union of the influence of Kathy Jackson, best remember these names in the upcoming election, and avoid them like a dose of the clap…

Katrina Hart – NSW

Marco Bolano – Vic

Fleur Behrens  – Vic

There is also talk that those members in NSW may be face with paying the bill for the Administrator and all of his staff, as he was appointed out of NSW office, despite him being there to sort out the mess from Victoria.

Kathy Jackson it seems, has only just moved up here and already members may be going to be paying for the mess she seemingly created. Maybe her entitlements should be garnered to pay for it all.

But it’s not all bad news. Down in Victoria where there is already a financial wasteland with approximately $1.3Million in legal fees still owing after an internal fight between Pauline Fegan and Kathy Jackson turned legal and septic, a new employee could be coming.

Some of you may remember an article I did about Rob Elliot, the man with the greatest job in the world. Guess what? If his contract is continued and not torn up, he may well be coming back, maybe even going on the payroll in Victoria with his immense salary and benefits.

Rob Elliott Contract

If he does come on board, don’t hold your breath waiting for him to turn up….

  1. Sue says:

    I just watched Nassiois on TV, don’t bother feeling sorry for him.

  2. Catching up says:

    I would not feel that sorry for Terry Nassios. Why are not the enquiries back to the last time the union was in administration. A time when Jackson also has a lot to say with the administration body.

    It is my understanding that another industrial body was in play at that time.

  3. Catching up says:

    Sue, you beat me to it.

  4. mafalda says:

    Finally the light at the end of the tunnel….great work Wixxy and I look forward to the police investigations into KJ’s activities.

  5. Marilyn says:

    There is nothing Thomson can be charged with when it is based only on that report that was a pack of worthless lies.

  6. jaycee says:

    Here’s a prediction…Jackson will be sacrificed by the Libs. Nassios will be sacrificed (in absentia?) by the Libs…Lawler will be “disappeared” by the Libs (to later reappear in a promised position if and when the Party gets elected!) and Godwin Gretch will be welcolmed back and asked to give an address at a H.L. Nicholls Soc’ function!
    George Brandis will be asked on to Q&A. and will shoot his mouth off…….(AGAIN!!).

  7. Lynnie says:

    I’m just wondering, and this may well have already been brought up, but did Kathy Jackson also name Craig Thomson in an effort to distract from her own questionable practises?

  8. Marilyn says:

    Yes she did Lynnie, in fact the entire thing started off with Kathy giving that bogus credit slip to Mark Davis at SMH which he swallowed like a good little goose.
    and also because he had been trying to clean up the mess created by La Kathy and hubby Jeff and they didn’t like it.

  9. Ken says:

    Kathy & Jeff are knee deep and Lawler Kathy’s squeeze with benefits.They will all unravel as it strongly appears they have stage managed this investigation to make themselves look fresher then daisies , but as the stench of the FWA courtesy of the KPMG report shows tampering, exclusion of vital evidence, and unorthodox judicial behaviours , ie Lawler refusing to co-operate with his own investigation (does this privelege extend to others?) how fair and un-biased is it? And how much faith would anyone have in the FWA upholding any decision with people like Nassios decrying “I think i’d try to run away as fast as i could” what from Mr Nassios?

  10. oscar jones says:

    Kate McClymont on ABC radio accused Craig Thomson of “going feral” because he claimed he had been vindicated. Which gives a good insight into her thinking

  11. Marilyn says:

    I wonder if Kate has learnt to spell yet?

  12. KOrd says:

    The whole thing is even uglier when you look at KJ’s ex

  13. […] himself from it when he appeared on 7 30 with Leigh Sales. Just the fact that KPMG were asked to look at the investigation and produce an independent report should set alarm bells […]

  14. […] own investigation, this was after their investigation appeared to be tainted in the extreme. The findings of this enquiry by KPMG made the entire investigation seem a farce. FWA VP Lawler, who seemed happy to get involved in the […]

  15. […] own investigation; this was after their investigation appeared to be tainted in the extreme. The findings of this enquiry by KPMG made the entire investigation seem a farce. FWA Vice President Lawler, who seemed happy to get […]

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