Posted: August 20, 2012 in HSU Saga

Well, it seems it’s finally going to happen, HSU East is actually going to cease to exist once and for all. Below is a link to the newsletter announcing it.

HSU Demerger Newsletter

It would appear that the Administrator is aiming for tomorrow for the de-merger, thus splitting the union back into 3 pieces again. Those 3 pieces would be HSU NSW, and the number 1 and number 3 branches in Victoria.

This brings us to the election of secretary’s and assistant secretary’s of each of these union branches, something there has been much speculation about.

Kathy Jackson, knowing just what to aim for, is hoping for the position of Executive President, according to her words in a recent interview in The Australian. And why not? Who wouldn’t go after that position?

Actually, there are quite a few who wouldn’t. You see, what hasn’t yet dawned on Jackson yet, is that after the de-merger that position kind of won’t exist. She would have a better chance going for a gig as the lead singer of Pussy Riot.

Still, the members in Victoria should be pleased, Jackson has moved to Sydney for the occasion. Keen to show members she is just like them, she has changed her address to Chifley, a suburb near the airport, in a house that is far from glamorous.

For those of you getting all teary eyed and concerned after this drastic drop in living standards, don’t panic. Remember, Jackson and fiancé Lawler aren’t really struggling, it hasn’t been that long since their combined incomes put them in the top 1% of earning households in the country. You know, just like most of the union members…

What Jackson hasn’t told everybody is, that the house in Chifley is owned by Katrina Hart, and Jackson still has her $Million plus mansion in Melbourne.

Jackson hasn’t come alone though, she has come with Michael Lawler in tow, and there have also been a couple of other people from Victoria that have made the trip to talk about her. They  are detectives from Victoria Police. It seems the woman described by Tony Abbott as “worthy of great admiration”, appears to be more worthy of a great police investigation.

So, who the hell is Katrina Hart you may well be wondering. Well, this brings me to the upcoming elections.

Katrina Hart is running a ticket with Jackson’s support. What this means is that should Katrina be voted in as General Secretary, or a union official, we can expect to see Jackson being paid as an external consultant. Call it a hunch, but I think her hourly rate may be a tad on the higher side.

What I would like to see ALL those running a ticket declare, is that they guarantee not to have ANY former union officials, or relative or friend of former officials, act as consultants for the union. Actually as any form of supplier at all really.

The other 2 tickets in NSW are those of Bob Hull, and Gerard Hayes.

I’m not going to suggest who anyone should  vote for, but I can say who I wouldn’t go anywhere near. I’d avoid Katrina Hart, like a bad case of haemorrhoids. She would appear to be just the front person for Kathy Jackson.

Unless of course you like the way things have been done in Victoria.

In Victoria the branches were formerly run by Jeff Jackson, who ran the number 1 branch, and Kathy Jackson who ran number 3 branch. Ran them into the ground in fact. Many have said it was more about rorting than running, but who can say really? Just because both Kathy and Jeff Jackson live in expensive houses, their kids go to expensive schools, and we have all seen how much they spent on union credit cards, not to mention cars.

But never the less, the union must have been run well for the officials to have all been given enormous pay rises, recommended by an outside consultant. One of Kathy’s mates.

If you were to imagine a dumped stolen car at this point it would help paint a picture. The wheels are gone, it’s held up by bricks, the windows are all smashed, the seats are now just black springs since it was gutted by fire, wires hang where the dashboard once was, stray dogs won’t even lower themselves to defecate in it, even sewer rats worry about what they may pick up in it.

That car resembles the financial state of the number 1 branch post the Jackson’s, with the help of right hand man Marco Bolano. Number 1 branch will be lucky, and I mean extremely lucky not to go bankrupt within days of the de-merger, I am told.

The members in Victoria need someone down there who will bust a gut to get the branches back in shape. Someone they can trust, someone not afraid of doing the hard yards, someone who is not Marco Bolano.

Number 3 Branch so far has Craig McGregor running a ticket.

Marco Bolano appears to be the only one running a ticket in Victoria at the moment for the number 1 Branch. There are rumours of Dianne Asmar, but it seems doubtful she would be eligible to stand. Even if Asmar were to stand, questions still remain over her pay out, from Jeff Jackson, of approximately $100,000, so she ain’t exactly smelling like the roses in spring.

Bolano, I have heard, has the backing of ALP Senator David Feeney, which has left me shaking my head in dismay. I can only assume that he is doing this as a favour for Kathy Jackson, who has described Feeney’s wife as her ”best friend and lawyer”.

Well, Senator Feeney, I’ll try and put this as politely as possible… You wife’s friend Kathy, well, it seems that she has been pissing in the”Party” punch, and nobody likes the salty, sour taste. Except you apparently.

“Can I top up your Punch Dave?”

Tony Abbott singing her praises, speaking at HR Nicholls, trying to sling mud at Shorten, phone calls to Abetz, begging for Barry O’Farrells choice of administrator… You still don’t think you are backing the wrong horse here Senator Feeney?

Please somebody put their hand up in Victoria for number 1 Branch, Bolano cannot be an option, and Asmar has questions left unanswered.

Bolano is just another puppet of Jackson, the members all know this and demand better.

Speaking of puppets, I wanted to mention something that seems to have become somewhat of a pattern. It seems that investigations, and reports into the HSU seem to turn into witch-hunts, the witch being hunted appears to be Michael Williamson.

We have already seen that Terry Nassios appears to have had his strings being pulled by FWA VP and Jackson’s fiancé, Michael Lawler, who seemingly had influence over what was supposed to be an independent investigation. So much so, that FWA President Iain Ross is proposing a drastic overhaul of the FWA Code Of Practice.

If Nassios was having his strings pulled by Lawler, who then was pulling Lawler’s strings? I guess you would have to go back to look at how Lawler was appointed for clues.

I hope Tony wipes his hand after using his glove puppet

The latest report everybody was panting on was the Temby Report. Temby was appointed by the HSU to perform an audit into HSU East, nothing more, nothing less, it was the HSU paying for his services, all $465,300 worth of it.

As the linked document below shows, Temby seemed to think he was on a different mission. Clearly stating, that he was there to conduct an Inquiry into allegations against Michael Williamson. What on earth would give him that idea? Or while inside the HSU, was he performing someone else’s agenda as well? Who could possibly be pulling Temby’s strings?

Temby Supplier Letter

Also, via the link below is a copy of the minutes, which give the parameters for Temby’s investigation, you will note Michael Williamson is not named at all.

Special Union Council Meeting Sept 2011

It is not only the witch hunt aspect of Temby’s report either. If in fact he was there to look for misappropriation of funds, and dodgy dealings, he was a failure in that regard as well. Below is a link to another letter that show when suspicious financial dealings are even pointed out to Temby, which would be appropriate to look at in an investigation, or audit, Temby’s response is that if it does not relate to Michael Williamson, he is not really interested.

Temby Reply To Mylan

Ian Temby QC, seemingly about as independent as Tony Abbott.

Ian Temby QC, No strings attached?

I am in no way whatsoever trying to say that allegations against Michael Williamson are false, or unfounded, or give any opinion of his innocence or guilt.

I am however, saying that there is more than one person in this union that warrants investigation. It would appear to me that there is an agenda at work here.

It seems everyone looking into the HSU either has a puppet master, wears blinkers, fails to follow trails of evidence, or just knows nothing of due process.

Speaking of due process and failure, Kathy Jackson was due to appear in Federal Court again last Tuesday. In a show of how much respect she has for both due process, and the legal system, she didn’t bother showing up.

I hope in the upcoming elections, members decide to give the union the enema it desperately requires, really clean out the crap. We all know the ones with a stench attached to them, let’s get rid of them now.

We’d all like to see the members regain control of their union.

After all, it once belonged to them.

  1. Marilyn says:

    I find Kathy’s chutzpah to be amazing and when you write this sort of piece you shine with brilliance.

    When you take cheap shots at the Greens you dimish yourself.

  2. Janet says:

    This Commentariat and your precise and often humorous dissection of this Union’s unravelling and demise through these Jacksonville episodes, deserves if not a Wakely , a serious accolade for its service to real journalism and the members who now have seen the whole truth, and not spoon fed Murdoch’s & Abbott’s & FWA’s spin.

    Kathy Jackson and her ilk need to be exposed , and the whole rotten debacle has shown from the highest eschelon’s of the Judiciary to the poorest of membership how agenda’s thwarted by greed and personal power overtake , and wipe-out a once strong Union.

    I am confident with Wixxy’s and others refusal to buy the media “hype” , this story has yet to be really broken by MSM . A little late, but still in time to lay bare any “hidden agendas” before the election, another timely, and excellent post…a genuine wish from who wants to see this union re-built and restored back to members control.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Love it Mr Wicks, thank you. Not sure about how you dimish yourself though?

  4. Marilyn says:

    Taking cheap shots at the Greens because they want to uphold the law diminishes a fine body of work.

    I feel quite sure Peter knows just what I mean.

  5. Sue says:

    Chifley? why that is just across the road from Long Bay gaol.

  6. […] You can find out more about the upcoming HSU elections – who’s standing and who’s pulling their strings – in a longer version of this post on my blog. […]

  7. Marilyn says:

    Simon Benson is reporting this without accreditation to you.

    • wixxy says:

      I know…. That’s the way it goes.
      It was more important for the story to get out there than worry about getting credit

    • kazann says:

      Only took him almost a month. The letter to Vic Police from Peter Mylan was published on this site weeks ago. Hard to believe Kathy Jackson is unaware of the formal complaint. Particularly as we know she is aware of Peter’s work.

  8. jaycee says:

    I have this disturbing picture of the establishment ; political, police, judicial, legal and journalistic authorities standing in line, each with their hand in the pocket of their neighbour, playing “pocket billiards” with eachother!

  9. DP says:

    Gee Katrina Hart must be a VERY good Friend of Ms Jackson. Bet Ms Jackson is thankful.

  10. WatsonGirlsDad says:

    Hi Peter

    Just to let you know –

    In the ‘Ashbygate’ article on the Independent Aus site:


    it was mentioned that ABCs 7.30 and Lateline had not followed up initial interest in the Jacksonville saga.

    I sent them an email asking why they had taken this course of action given that it was very much in the public interest and there appears to be supporting primary documents.

    The reply from a commissioning editor was thus:

    ‘Thanks for your email. We are still examining these and other HSU related issues. Please stay in touch and keep us posted if you see anything you think we should cover on 7.30’

    Despite this brush off (at least it felt that way), I would urge others to contact the ABC:



    Who knows what might happen if they get sick of people banging on the door.

    Keep up the good work Peter – its obviously a marathon not a sprint.

    • wixxy says:

      Right at the start of Jacksonville, I sat down in meetings with producers from both 7 30, and Lateline, both I and independent Australia even held stories back so that it could be broken at the ABC first.

      Unfortunately we had 2 asylum seeker boats go down with many drowning, which took news priority, and rightly so. This was unfortunate for us, but alas even more so for the poor asylum seekers.

      At the time there was a bit of a buzz around the story, which is only starting to pick up again now, however I fear many are concerned, particularly those on the right, about where this will lead for Michael Lawler

      We will keep pushing however…

      Thanks for your efforts

      • Marilyn says:

        And did you notice that the people drowned because we refused to rescue them, now we use that as an excuse to brutalise people who don’t drown just in case some other people will turn up that we can’t be bothered saving.

  11. Marilyn says:


    I am shocked, flaws in their bogus investigtion..
    Shocked I tell you.


  12. Been there, done that says:

    Second ticket being run for branch #3 is another KJ puppet, – Fleur Behrens http://withfleurwecan.com/

  13. critical mass says:

    I posted a comment on Crikey in response to a Bernard Keane article on the talented smear campaigners of the right, and just for fun, tacked on a question about why they hadn’t reported on the HSU saga – to me, an obvious smear campaign concocted by the right. Four hours later, my comment was still in “moderation”. I edited it and re-posted it, and viola! there it was. Here is a copy of the one that was posted…

    Posted Monday, 20 August 2012 at 9:38 pm | Permalink
    And all for what? As if there aren’t enough valid grounds for critical analysis of Julia Gillard’s prime ministership on policy and political grounds alone.” For what, you ask? Isn’t that obvious? THE RIGHT HAVE NO POLICY. Repeat. THE RIGHT HAVE NO POLICY. So, they need to make up cr@p to make the government look bad. What is really frightening though, is how the media is complicit in the smear campaign. Will you publish this version of my comment, moderator? Now that I have left out references to “you know who”

    I am starting to think that KJ has some damning photos or video of someone very powerful. I can’t understand why else the silence is so deafening.

    • Rob says:

      “I am starting to think that KJ has some damning photos or video of someone very powerful. I can’t understand why else the silence is so deafening.”

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  14. Marilyn says:

    And that idiot Shorten claims things flowing from a flawed report will be settled in court, is her seriously deranged?

    No court in the world would allow a single charge arising from a report that was lies from start to finish.

  15. wirilda johnny says:

    I had the same trouble today with a comment under Grattan’s latest diatribe. This was rejected:

    “After the Thompson beat up, and now News Ltd finally reporting on the Vic Police investigation of Kathy Jackson’s fingers in the HSU pie, there should be some high profile opposition front benchers and high ranking FWA officers dashing for cover. Are there still FWA officials on “long leave” since a couple of days before Thompson’s address to Parliament?”

    Where did I go wrong?

  16. One of the criticisms that KPMG has made of the Fair Work report is as follows:

    “KPMG has not been provided access to the FWA computers or any smart phones and handheld devices allocated to the Vice President.”

    Not looking good for the Vice President.

  17. […] Yesterday’s Andrew Crook article on Crikey tells their readers about issues involving the election ticket of Diana Asmar. Breaking news indeed, at least it was when I broke it all the way back on the 20th August. […]

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