Back On The Chain Gang

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Dummy Spits, Random Stuff

I don’t normally respond to chain mail, or hate mail, but I thought this time I would make an exception.

The below link goes to a PDF of the chain email I received. The bizarre font size changes are as I received it. I assume the brain-dead walking advertisement for contraception who wrote it actually designed it this way.

Australia 2012

I only find it mildly offensive, as for it to really offend me it would have to perceived as believable. I believe that only a half wit, or member of One Nation would believe it.

However, in case someone who reads my posts happens to be visiting a trailer park, a skinhead function, or Scott Morrison’s electorate, I thought I’d go through it bit by bit.

Brace yourself for a peek at those who count their IQ on one hand think…


This is not a funny ….. its what all of us are thinking but not saying”

They are right, it is not funny, not in the slightest. However I dispute their claim that what is on the chain letter is what we are “ALL” thinking. I sure as shit ain’t… Also, I’d rather not associate with anyone who does think that way.

“Nik Ziogopoulos states what  is fact and what we all believe.

Nik would be in his 70’s at least.


I actually believe that most of what is stated in NOT fact, in fact I’d call it crap.

If Nik came to Australia in the 40’s, that is near to 70 years ago, I wouldn’t consider him a new Australian, just as I wouldn’t call a 70 year old car a new car, nor would I call his perspective “great”. This probably fictional Nik, may be Greek, but given it was the 40’s I’d suggest the perspective that travelled with him was from Nazi Germany.

I  emigrated to Australia over 60 years ago – On the  ship there were Poms,Italians (Spags), Germans (Huns), Yugoslavs (Yuges), Poles, Ducchys, Ukes (Ukrainians) and Greeks.  (Note – All European people!!) all looking forward  to starting a new life in Australia ..  I arrived with 30 quid in my pocket and that’s all I had to my name   Did I put my hand out??  Of course not – I  got a job and paid my way just like everyone else who came to this country back then.

Now,  it’s my taxes that subsidize these people who think they have Gods given right (read Allah) to come here and  criticize  those of us who have worked for the  country we now call home.

If  I didn’t like what I saw when I got here I would have  gone home – they have the same option.

OK, so Nik can count, however the 30 Quid puzzles me, if he is Greek, would he not have had Drachma in his pocket? Quid sounds a wee bit English.

Part of Europe in the 40’s Nik may be familiar with

No, Nik, you did not put your hand out, you put your feet forward and stepped onto one of the boats, that’s right, boats, for a trip that was subsidised by the Australian taxpayers. That means you received a kind of welfare before you even arrived.

You are right, it is your taxes that now assist other people who seek the same rights you were granted, however, they are not complaining like you are. The bulk of them are grateful, not whinging dickheads like yourself.

Nik, surely getting on a boat with so many other people, of other nationality may have led you to believe that you may be headed to a multicultural nation, or do we assume you are an idiot? Anyway, you know it now, so just as you say to them, you have to option to leave also.

“They  force our children to eat Halal Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls from the school canteens, so the Muslim kids can feel more Aussie. We were not consulted about this change – they went ahead and  just did it.

Our  foods are slowly all becoming Halal foods, our cheeses, chocolates & even good old sanitarium  foods

Our  Government is ALLOWING this to happen. It has to stop now, while we still have some power to be  able to stop it.”


Ah, the idiotic Halal foods debate again , these idiots are scared of a logo on a packet.

Nobody is forcing your kids to do anything dickhead. Most kids take a packed lunch and are not held at gunpoint while Halal pies are shoved into their mouths. Your good O’l Sanitarium is actually owned by the Seventh Day Adventists, not the really Islamic type…

These companies are adding something to their packaging because their ingredients allow them to reach another market, they are not changing recipes or anything. Just because a lamb chop doesn’t contain pork doesn’t mean some elaborate Jewish ceremony has been performed on it…

Our government tolerates all kinds of things Nik, but the end result of nationalised racism it doesn’t

Why would the government stop it? Last I checked Adolph Hitler wasn’t running the country.

“I am  not against  immigration, just come through like everyone else.  Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past – and  LONG LIVE Australia!!!”


A sponsor, a job, a house…. all the things Nik didn’t have while he was on the taxpayer sponsored boat ride, now Nik seems to think they are some sort of requirement.

I hope Nik, you were fluent in the language from the moment you stepped off the boat and were given government assistance to find housing.

“Will we still be the Country of Choice and still be Australia if we continue

to make the changes forced on us by the people from  other countries

who  have come to live in Australia because it is their Country of Choice??

Think  about  it!



Hmmm Nik, I’ll give that some consideration while you go and ask some of the Indigenous Australians their thoughts shall I?

Australia is Multicultural Nik, you are an immigrant, adapt to multiculturalism of fuck off, it’s quite simple…. you said it yourself.

I don’t apologise for offending anyone with this post, racism is something I cannot, or will not tolerate, no matter what stupid name people call it, such as Nationalism, or whatever dumb terminology politicians may use, such as “protecting our borders”. Where would we be if the Indigenous Australians had been better at border protection I wonder?

I don’t mind being on the email list for jokes, but I hope that next time somebody receives an email from Corey Bernardi, they don’t forward it to me.

Have a great weekend all, if you see someone wearing all the Islamic gear, smile at them. You never know where it may lead.

  1. Marilyn says:

    And Gillard and Abbott are boat people, both infused with racism into every pore of their souls.

    • wixxy says:

      I can assure you that Gillard isn’t racist in the slightest, I’ve seen first hand the support she has given those from the sub continent, and her support for Indigenous Australians…. many times

      • Marilyn says:

        And that is rot. She hates refugees – how else could she giggle with rednecks about turning refugees away and how else could she tell an Iranian homosexual man he can go home and be stoned to death because he is not a refugee.

        It takes a particularly vicious cowardly racist to want to flog babies to Malaysia to join the back of the non-existent queue.

        Not racist? Don’t make me vomit.

  2. Catching up says:

    The numbers do not add up. 30 quid would have been a small fortune. Most left the boats and taken to migrant camps all over the country.

    Many straight to the Snowy River and Riverina.

    If one came out in the 1940’s they would have been babies. and well into their seventies today. I was born 1941. That makes me seventy.

    The migration began in the latter years of the 1940’s.

    It is not true they were not given support.

    They were all perceived as pommies or wogs. Neither were welcomes by many. They were welcome in exactly the same manner as those from the middle east are today.

    They smelt strongly of garlic, and were despised for this fact.

    When it comes to the waves of post www11 migration, nothing has changed.

  3. deknarf says:

    Nice one wixxy! The other one doing the circulating is about how much benefits the refugees arriving on boats are getting from the Australian government. Also playing to the two brain celled (that’s one for locomotion, and one for spare) xenophobics.

  4. Bacchus says:

    As with most of this racist garbage, it’s not even original – this from Canada in 2007…

  5. debbiep says:

    Another story … .

    My father & mother also came to Australia from Denmark in the late 40’s after the war ,by boat, for a NEW life. They too did not receive any government hand outs . However, what they did receive was many thoughtful, helpful, wonderful, Australian people that offered to take them in , give them work , whilst also teaching them to speak some English .

    Recently, whilst sitting in a doctors waiting room with my elderly unwell mother. The only thing that could put a smile on her face ( & others) as by miracle was a lady sitting opposite her. A lady which recognised my mother and had not seen my mother for over 40 years.

    She told the whole waiting room some very entertaining ,light hearted, funny, stories of my mother and father first arriving to town and how funny it was trying to teach them English whilst working at the same place together. We were in sitches with laughter.

    This lady ,and the whole town, embraced my parents with their friendliness….they didn’t need much more.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Debbie, your story rocks… If only there were more people telling this type of story. Thanks for telling us 🙂

      • debbiep says:

        Thanking you, Peter. May I also proudly add my father was in the Danish resistance and helped many Danish Jews escape, by boat, to Sweden.

    • Bella 888 says:

      Debbie, thanks for the beautiful stories above and below. Reminded me of something.

      My sister-in-law is Danish. Last year we spent Christmas in Copenhagen. At one of the many family celebrations I heard the story of how her father had rowed Jews across to Sweden to escape the Nazis. The story was told to me by an elderly family friend. She and her family were among the Jews he’d rowed to safety. After the war they returned to Denmark to start a new life. Your father must have been a very very brave man unlike the idiotic people who are circulating this racist nonsense.

      The first thought that came to my mind reading IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT.
      Yeah right! We’re all of migrant stock except Indigenous Australians.
      I don’t see any call for us to adapt to an Indigenous way of life.

  6. Miglo says:

    My grandfather was an illegal immigrant.

    Some people regret that he ever came here. :mrgreen:

  7. llordlloyd says:

    Thanks Bacchus, I was going to say there are recycled shite but you went better and did the research. It’s interesting how the joy of the World Wide Web for conservative crackpots is its u8se in widely disseminating their myths in this standardised manner. Manufactured lies that have, at a casual glance, a down-home hayseed honest ‘feel’ as tho their origins. Indeed, it’s usually the American flavour of this that provides a subtle alert that someone has changed a few nouns and passed it off as a local product from an outraged Average Guy Who’s Saying What We’re All Thinking.

    And it’s important to get this line in: those pee-cee fascists are trying to silence you. And just because they think people who know nothing about the topic at hand- who in fact are worse than ignorant because most of what they DO believe is implanted myths- should take a back seat and let us hear the voices of those with some first-hand experience, or who have studied the matter, inform our ideas.

    The kids of these immigrants are the best-performing students in our (state) high school. They work for pittance doing long hours in such joyous occupations as cleaning, serving in dangerous service stations, getting stabbed in taxi cabs. These messages are there to put out the *opposite* of the truth. And repeat it over and over until it’s fact (for the Herald Sun), or accepted as fact (and therefore worthy of being discussed with reverence by Annabel Crabb and friends).

    Of course, ‘Nik’, the recycler of this Canadian story, is either Scott Morrison’s media advisor having a laff, or s tin-hatter named Wayne from somewhere north of Toowoomba. Either way, they’re the ones driving policy in this country because the rest of us, from Gillard down, are keen to explain we ‘understand their concerns’.

    Here’s how to deal with their likes:

  8. michael says:

    I run a workplace course on ethnic diversity in the country of NSW. It concludes with the assertion that there are only two types of people in Australia; Indigenous and boat people and we are one or the other and further it is what is on the inside that is important not what is on the outside

  9. Murphy says:

    ‘what is on the inside that is important not what is on the outside’

    Nail on the head Michael.

    I see two distinct human species banging heads. Empathy gene enabled Vs empathy gene disabled. Those whom confuse empathy with weakness or lack of evidence based conviction are also likely intellectually disabled.

    Is it no wonder we call ‘them’, special people. LOL

  10. jaycee says:

    I remember a slav telling me one of his customers, presuming the slav was as racist as himself, giving a similar spiel and finishing with the “I am an Australian” thing….The slav went up real close to the customer till it got too uncomfortable and he demanded “What are you looking for?”
    to which the slav replied ; ” I am looking for a bit of black!”

  11. Deanna says:

    My parents both arrived on the ship Patris in 1956 when Greece was undergoing very tough economic times. A diaspora that was to make Australia the fourth most popular destination for many Greek migrants today.Diaspora is a Greek word meaning scattered seeds, people are essentially citizens of the world and like seeds scatter , and eventually “thrive wherever they are planted” With nothing but a dream for a better life and just a map with directions on where they would stay often with a sponsor or friend/relative , many Greek migrants began a journey that would eventually contribute to a vibrant and diverse multicultural Australia we have today.

    Since the Eurozone crisis there has been another wave of new immigration of Greeks and Europeans desperate to leave crisis ridden economies , again seeking work , but this wave consists of highly skilled and qualified emigrants Doctors, lawyers, engineers many struggling to find employment , again seeking the opportunities in a country they view as a haven that has embraced them in the past. Australia is perceived by many as a safe haven, for many fleeing, economic hardship, atrocities of war, and political instability.

    What saddens me is the whilst Greek immigrants like Nik have experinced the “philoxenia” of Australia. Greece itself has ,with the exacerbation of the debt crisis seen the rise of an extreme right wing movement called “Golden Dawn”. Expressing views that despite denials..are verging on Nazi nostalgiasm despite many Greeks aversion to Germany and it’s part in championing the austerity measures that have caused Greeks to riot in the streets.Immigration was the key issue that “Golden Dawn ” used to polarize the Greeks into opposing and blaming immigrants arriving there and advocated to “round them up , put them in work camps or deport them” . I’m just wondering if Nik is a bad seed …coming here and spreading the nonsense and vileness of such rising right-wing sentiments?

  12. Marilyn says:

    You do realise the extent of the viciousness of what the parliament passed this week entails don’t you Peter?

    • wixxy says:

      Marilyn, there are different trains of thought on this,
      Some would say that the Green position of not trying to stop boatloads of poor asylum seekers drowning is a racist position, as it allows, maybe even encourages people onto crappy boats to their deaths.

      I’m not saying that is right, I’m just saying that there are different perspectives and you are reading them the wrong way in her case. The Iranian I believe you are referring to was under John Howard I believe also.

      The type of person who sent that email encourages racist views, I don’t believe that Gillard has ever, nor will ever have those type of views.

      • Marilyn says:

        What crap Peter, refugees still have to get here before we can push them away and Natalie O’Brien has shown comprehensively that the refugees who drowned did so because we let them.

        1.26 million kids under 5 died of starvation during the 6 week winter break, shall we stop feeding other children so they can die without an advantage over others?

        The Greens are the only ones who are right – we don’t need racist lazy ignorant expensive push offs, we just have to let people apply in our embassies and then let them fly here instead of closing all our embassies to asylum claims.

        Costs us nothing to be decent, breaking the law costs over $1.3 billion a year.

        We now have the stupid army sent to build prisons for Afghans who have fled our war.

        And you call the Greens racist? You need to think more.

      • wixxy says:

        Marilyn, I did not call the Greens racist. As with your argument, you need to read more carefully before racing to the wrong opinion
        How exactly did we let anybody drown, that is utterly ridiculous I’m sorry, the only people who have let them drown are those that put them on the boat. Some would also say fringe parties promoting policies that encourage them to get on boats also caused them to drown…

      • Marilyn says:

        That Iranian was finally rescued by Senator Linda Kirk after 7 years in jail without charge – he is psychotic now.

        Gillard could have intervened as shadow, she utterly refused to do so.

        Same with an Iraqi doctor who only became a refugee because our very own Richard Butler told Saddam Hussein he was suspicious. I had to write to this poor man’s family in Baghdad for years of war because again she refused to intervene.

        She does not care, she has never cared. Read her ridiculous Lowy speech again.

      • wixxy says:

        I was thinking of a different Iranian who was shot in prison.
        I don’t see how you can blame Gillard when she wasn’t even in govt then??? Why not blame Bob Brown? it happened while he was there too

  13. Marilyn says:

    Peter, go and read all the documents on

    No-puts refugees on boats except sometimes the INP, Indonesian army and immigration officers.

    In December 2009 105 Hazara + 3 Indonesians drowned so the AFP could protect a spy, they refused to send out a search party and then covered it up for 2 years.

    In the next one the Indonesian army put refugees on a boat hundreds of KM from any usual launch place and then waited two days to send out a rescue – we control their search and rescue mate.

    They had to protect the AFP spies.

    The next one they waited for 2 days before sending out a rescue party, by then 90 people were dead.

    Under the law of the sea we are utterly obliged to save people, not wait for 2 days after we knew they were sinking.

    Do not ever again tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.

    Read and then tell me we did not let them drown.

    to now use their deaths as an excuse to push away others who don’t drown is disgusting and depraved.

    And by the way – the AFP paid a man called Waleed Sultani $250,000 plus citizenship to work with Abu Quessay on the SIEVX boat that was loaded at gunpiont with AFP and Indonesian police on hand to enforce it. They then covered it up until George Brandis accidentally forced and investigation.

    If they cared about people drowning they would save them, or keep their word to Indonesia and accept refugees we jail there in warehouses in rat infested hell holes.

    • wixxy says:

      Marilyn, please do not attempt to put words in my mouth, I have never said you don’t know what you are talking about, ever.

      All this has nothing to do with my post, so I do not know how we came to be discussing Asylum seekers.

      What I do know is this. In an attempt to stop people drowning at sea, and to discourage the people smuggling trade, the Malaysia Solution was put forward by Labor, it never passed as the Liberal Party would not back it.
      At the time, the Greens hailed this as a huge victory for them and claimed their policy was now in place. Now, a few months, and a few hundred deaths later it’s not looking like such a victory.
      Now again in a bid to stop people dying, the debate raged again until we were given this new solution by the only party willing to negotiate.
      Whether you agree with the Malaysia solution or not, it was designed with saving lives in mind, right or wrong.
      I note that during all the turmoil, that while Labor has attempted to negotiate a solution, there have been 2 parties willing to gain as much political mileage as possible out of every single death, and they have both milked it for all it’s worth

      • Marilyn says:

        But Peter, what is the point of pretending to stop people drowning when we are the ones who let them drown. You talk around in ridiculous circles.

        The is no legal right to negotiate a solution, there is no question that needs solving.

        They lie and you buy their nonsense.

        shame on you.

      • wixxy says:

        We are not going to agree on this one Marilyn I’m afraid.

        If the Greens somehow know when there are people about to drown, why don’t they do something to save them?

        I know enough about my party to know they are trying to do the right thing

        I am also aware that as they try to do what’s right, that other party’s will continue to try and gain cheap political points from those who have died.

        I should be thanking you for helping illustrate this.

  14. Marilyn says:

    What’s worse is our moronic media who rush off to interview refugees in Malaysia who have already been told they will never be accepted here.

    Because we still claim they are safe as refugees in Malaysia.

    the first thing Houston and co. said we should do is help those stranded in Indonesia and Malaysia and clear the back log.

    instead we refuse to clear the backlog and then continue to punish those who are in danger.

  15. Marilyn says:

    Peter, they are not trying to do the right thing, they are trying to keep marginal seats with many bogans in them by punishing innocent people.

    How stupid are you.

    They have stripped out human rights, the right to legal help, have deliberately breached the constitution and you will not find one decent lawyer to agree with you.

    The Greens cannot save people, it is the government of Australia who watches people for 6 days, lets them drown and then covers it up from everyone who has to save people.

    BY LAW.

    Over 300 Australians drown every year, have we stopped all water sports here on the pretext that no-one will drown?

    1280 people were killed on our roads, have we banned cars?

    Thousands of Afghans were slaughtered last year, who will not letting them be safe here help them be safe in Afghanistan.

    If I beat you to a pulp will that make my sister any safer?

    Have some logic.

    • wixxy says:

      Oh I see, like the Greens are trying to win inner city seats with idealism you mean? Then declaring victory before a single vote is counted, then losing. How progressive….
      I am not stupid, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t insinuate that I am.
      Just because I don’t share your view that our politicians are finding out about these boats and then letting the passengers drown does not make me a fool.
      That view appears to me to be born of extremist propaganda, and I’m sorry but if that is the type of utter crap the Greens are shoveling then they are a disgrace. One Nation at their absolute lowest did not peddle lies like that.
      To me, if a political party portrays themselves as credible, and then tells people that our leaders have been allowing people to die intentionally, then I’m sorry but I think that party is even worse than the scum who wrote this chain mail

  16. Anne Milligan says:

    Marilyn S, I cannot see one shred of evidence of hate in the PM. Are you jealous of her the way tony abbott is???? But I see venom and hate in what you write. Be careful as it will destroy you the way it is destroying abbott.
    And wixxy, you are very patient with her.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Anne,

      Marilyn’s heart is in the right place I know that

      We all want and wish for the same thing, it’s just our methods that differ.

      Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate them 🙂

  17. eebee says:

    Good one. Some one less enlightened (read: idiot) send this chain letter to me and I forwarded your piece to him to shut him up, hopefully enlighten him a little.

  18. Surrey says:

    We are what our childhood made us.

    If we were raised with compassion and thoughtfullness that is what we will think is normal and that is what we will do when we grow up.

    If we were raised with fear and violence that is what we will think is normal and that is what we will do when we grow up.

    Just ask any police officer. The jails are full of violent, thoughtless humans. Violent and thoughtless because they didn’t learn any different when they were a child.

    That is why all of us, all who value our Australian freedom, need to stand up for our precious Australian culture and not standby and let it disappear under the disguise of Multiculturalism.

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