Communication Breakdown

Posted: August 8, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

It has been brought to my attention that some of the suspicions I have had regarding Michael Lawler’s involvement in the FWA investigation into his fiancés Union, HSU, might be circumstantial.

This is true, there are some things that can be put down to chance, and given that the VP of FWA, Lawler is engaged to Kathy “Joan Of Arc” Jackson, Secretary of the HSU, I guess it can be easy to jump to conclusions.

In a remarkable coincidence in December 2011, somebody accessed HSU’s computer network, including all of the personnel files. I suppose these things can happen, people playing silly buggers, someone accidentally hitting the keys in the right order, not that alarming I guess.

However, to be on the safe side, a warning was given out to staff that their details may have been accessed.

The IT team for obvious security purposes decided to trace the user who had accessed the system from a computer that was not a HSU computer, below is a link to the details retrieved.

Trace Of Unlawful Entry To HSU Network

In another one of those funny coincidences, it seems the person accessing the HSU network, and personnel files, has a computer with the client name michael-lawlers. How funny is that?

This other random Michael Lawler also seemingly managed to totally fluke access onto the system, amazing luck, I guess.

Then, to top it all off, the access code, you know, user name and password, that they fluked a guess at, just happened to be Kathy Jacksons… you wouldn’t believe it if it were in a movie would you?

Some of my critics are probably right, I’m sure this is just a coincidence. Nothing to see here folks.

In no way whatsoever, would I jump to the conclusion, that the Vice President of Fair Work Australia had illegally accessed the personnel files of his fiancés union, during the federal investigation of his fiancés union by the organisation he is Vice President of, with the intention of influencing the outcome. Pfff, no way. Not someone Tony Abbott himself appointed, after all Tony looks for talent in all the right places.

Tony Abbott, scouting for talent

I’m sure it’s just coincidence and fluke, probably meddling kids at play here.

Unfortunately, there were some conspiracy theorists who thought it seemed a trifle fishy. One of those was Acting General Secretary Peter Mylan, who fired off the below letter to the President of FWA at the time, Justice Guidice.

HSU Complaint to FWA re interference 15 Dec 2011

I wonder if FWA followed this up?

I did not hear Jackson’s pal, Eric Abetz, ask about this at the senate committee hearings.

Questioned after a senate committee, Eric Abetz gets all constipated

One of the other things mentioned in this letter is Kathy Jackson’s determination to make sure that evidence is not tampered with during the investigation. This may be why she chose to deliver boxes of documents to the FWA investigator, Terry Nassios, herself. Not to access them, tamper with them, or to remove any of them, just to make sure that they all arrived safe and sound. Good thinking indeed.

Unfortunately, those “dark forces” and conspiracy theorists made another mistake in their opinions of Kathy’s gallant actions, which Peter grizzles about in his letter.

Kathy in her bid to aid the federal investigation by her fiancés organisation thought that much of the evidence may have been on a notebook previously used by Michael Williamson. So she sent that notebook to be serviced.

I’m sure my past critics would agree with my assumption that Kathy was only trying to help. She probably thought investigators and detectives could retrieve information more easily if the notebook was serviced. It is unfortunate, however, that there was a miscommunication that ended in all of the data on the computer being erased. Oh well, these things can happen I guess.

But again, those “dark forces” who frown on Kathy have their own wild theories.

They seem to think that Kathy must have thought that there would be evidence on that PC that could incriminate her. They then assume that she had all data and evidence removed from the notebook to protect herself.  They also jump to the wild conclusion that the fact that she did this, without any approval at all is proof of her guilt. I, on the other hand, believe she was trying to have the notebooks performance improved as a pleasant surprise, you know, kind of like an office birthday cake.

I thought cleaning the computer meant making it all shiny…

Below is a link to the job sheet from Premier Network Services.

Premier Network Services Job Sheet

While some may try to paint her as someone under suspicion deliberately destroying evidence of criminal behaviour during a federal investigation, I like to think not. I like to think these are just good deeds that have gone bad.

To give you an indication of just how good, loyal, and hardworking Jackson has been at the HSU, this should be taken into account.

Regarding the entitlements that Jackson has now started receiving payment for, from the administrator, it is interesting to note that there were apparently huge amounts of leave payments, and sick days owing. This just goes to show how hard Kathy worked, tirelessly it would seem, as she hardly had a sick day, even when there were a couple of days in day surgery that we know of. Not taking holidays is really putting the members ahead of her own interests, and is thoroughly commendable.

Of course there are those who will use the evidence of overseas trips, and hotel stays to say that she enjoyed plenty of leisure time. They will also say, I’m sure that this is just another way for Jackson to bleed even more money out of the union she has put a wrecking ball through, like a vulture picking the last of the flesh off a corpse.

For those who still doubt Jackson’s devotion, take a look at the HSU Number 3 Branch statement via the link below.

HSU 3 Branch Cheque Account Jan 99

That Diners Club payment for $41,305.18 of union members funds is so high because Kathy purchased a car that month.

Most people would purchase a car with a cheque, cash, or bank transfer, not a Diners Club credit Card. Below is a link to the Diners Club Statement for the month of the car purchase.

K Jackson Diners Club Jan 99

I would be of the opinion that Kathy must have known that there was some kind of bonus for using the Diners Club card, some sort of loyalty scheme which she could them pass on to members. That would be why she set out to find a car dealer that would accept payment with a Diners Club card, surely not an easy task at all. Being a savvy shopper, the reward must have been pretty good because most businesses charge at least 1.5% just to use a Diners Club card. It is great to see Kathy going the extra mile, and doing all that extra shopping around with the members interests in mind.

Of course there are others who will think the worst. Some will consider it dodgy that she paid for a car with a Diners Club card. Others will ask whose car it is and what happened to it. Back in those days a $38,286 car would have been a pretty flash car. Despite there being so many questions over the Jacksons and cars in the past, I still like to think she is saintly in all things.

Anyway, I must go and finish my glass of single malt now.

I believe it’s still half full.

  1. DP says:

    I have no doubt that this will eventually become a movie, if not a TV series. It is SO overwhelming . If not now(soon) …it will be in the future.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Abbott found Erica Betz’s twin brother, I wonder how the family reunion went.

    Isn’t unlawful entry into systems a crime?

  3. dafid1 says:

    Another Gem Pete, again you teach the MSM hacks what investigative journalism is all about. I trust the likes of the decrepid Grattan and Libtika Boring are reading these. They will learn plenty in more ways than they could ever imagine

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks, I’m sure many are.
      I like Latika though, I think she’s usually on the pulse, this type of story is not her arena at the ABC I think.
      Cheers for the positive feedback 🙂

  4. debbiep says:

    I can only assume if Jackson and Co can get away with all this and there is no accountability or questioning of their actions. Then maybe this becomes a story of ‘How to Rort a System Successfully’. And others may/can learn from it. As there is/will be no excuse for stopping people. It gives the signal that this is acceptable behaviour.

    • hayzeee says:

      It will be a story told and re-told at sometime in the prison system by those that at one time were the players within this ‘union’ … and I’m not just referring to an industrial organisation by the term union!

  5. Marilyn says:

    Well major corporations get away with giving $300 million to brutal dictators without a single person ever being charged

  6. Ha ha – once again, love your work.

  7. Reg says:

    Wixxy just a question for the Diners Card/ Frequent Flyer experts out there of which Kathy i’m sure was a high valued client .The only reason i can fathom such a large transaction was put through via Diners Card and not say the safer and more conventional method of a Bank Cheque. Given the added surcharge which would be sizeable for such a large purchase , and the points ( one for one) also would have been a fair whack once converted to Qantas or any other partner airline FFps , and then subsequently paid by the HSU Society bank account …as you do , is it fair to say that kathy always operated in a such a selfless and prudent manner always putting members first , even when she was shopping for cars?

  8. Mr wolf says:

    It was common knowledge at the office that Kathy was paid out all her entitlements when she left No3 branch, so her payout as Nat Sec should not have been very high, but then a little magic accounting could show a different story

  9. Steve says:

    Wixxy they definitely had those points programs then. they were very popular and much more generous in terms of flight entitlements and upgrades. remember the uproar when Ansett went broke in 2000 and lots of people lost all their accrued points

    another cracking post and good insights

  10. Reg says:

    Thanks for the update Steve! just astounded at the lack of moral fibre of this lot and how they syphoned off and exploited the entitlements of the poorest workers to live like royalty for years and then suddenly turn around and query union financial Governance ?? when they wrote the book.Huh?

    Good to see Kathy finally moving to Sydney , now that the members are not paying for her trips.

  11. rodfairgo says:

    Wixxy, beauty, however a question? Your opening para talks about someone accusing you about “circumstantial evidence”. Are you being harassed? I think everyone of your conclusions are very reasonable, and it is now up to FWA gurus to dispute and prove your quite reasonable story. Yes, innocent, until proven, but is the case against Jackson, being put up and investigated?. Does it need a union motion to push the case? Love your work, and yes, I look forward to your blogs, and sincerely hope they give impetus to the truth being spoken, someday. Regards

    • wixxy says:

      I have a bit, but nothing that I can’t handle. I have friends being harassed also, but they too are tougher than the gutless wimps who choose to harass people who seek truth and some justice for the membership.

      Someday all of it will come out in the wash mate. I know jackson is on the list for Vic Police

      Thanks for your feedback and encouragement.

  12. Catching up says:

    Still no charges laid.

    • wixxy says:

      Think we will be waiting a while yet…

      • hayzeee says:

        The term “beyond reasonable doubt” resonates continuously…but I guess that charges are being framed now, it seems difficult to know just how many separate charges for each of the players and the extent that conspiracy charges will be applied and in which Jurisdictions.

  13. Sue says:

    great digging as usual. what a shame 7.30 didn’t have a copy of that letter written to FWA in November last year, when 7.30 interviewed the President. It would be interesting to know if they have “received” the letter and are considering investigating the issue, seeing as investigations can take 3 years.

    On the bank statement above is the sale and hire back on 28 jan, also to do with the car on the diners card, the amounts seem similar?

  14. jaycee says:

    Wixxy..This has got soo far beyond a joke, what with, seemingly, no charges being yet laid, I suggest we ; the fifth estate, set up a legitimate “peoples court” replete with legal representation for both sides and a jury of posters AFTER all the prosecution and defence arguements are heard.
    The conclusions can then be forwarded to the Attn’ gen’ dept’ for their consideration.
    What a great public exercise…it need not turn into a kangroo court with sound and thorough control of proceedings.

  15. Kimward says:

    All I could do was just shake my head in despair after reading the latest Jacksonville saga.
    Just how much longer can this go on without someone in the ALP or the MSM or Police or anyone with some authority bringing this scandel to the attention of the Australian people.
    Surely the headline ” Senior FWA judge hacks HSU computers” would make a compelling headline for even the Murdoch press?
    Just what the hell is going on?
    Is it a case of no one willing to open Pandoras box? are they all too scared of just what will be discovered, who else is implicated in this scandel.
    Too many skeletons on both sides of politics so its a just a nod a wink and “we wont ask questions of you don’t?

    Someone please tell me this is not the case and that this apalling abuse of power and position will be laid bare for all to see.

    This is no better than what we see and are told happens in lesser counties around the world for gods sake this is Australia its not supposed to be like this.

  16. Marilyn says:

    Well don’t expect much, Andrew Lindberg gets fined a tiny $100,000 for giving $300 million to Saddam Hussein.

  17. KHTAGH says:

    I too join the growing list of people astounded that the MSM just can’t be bothered reporting on this, or maybe they have been told not to (that is my suspicion).

    I remember a time when proper journalist would be fighting tooth & nail, kicking & elbowing each other out of the way to get such juicy tidbits, but that was before Rupert took hold of the reigns of truth & honesty in this country. Now we are observing the results, who would know about this disgraceful theft & fraud if it wasn’t for our hero Wixxy.

    Great work ,I wait reading the good work of Ad Astra on The Political Sword & other great blogs in eager anticipation of your continuing posts. Fortunately we have other sources of proper reporting to fall back on in the current absence of competent reporters. They are all classed as MIA (Murdoch’s Interference Agenda)

  18. SG Warren says:

    Just flabbergasted that there is not a single journalist in the MSM writing about this. Even if you are only right about 10% of this and the rest is “circumstantial” it’s still one of the biggest political scandals in Australia’s history.

    Union officials, Federal judges, members of regulatory bodies all involved in a massive criminal conspiracy (if nothing else trying to prevent a Federal member of Parliament from being able to vote is a crime) and they just ignore it.

    For all their claims about being the Fourth Estate, it seems the media actually does serve no real purpose except gaining advertising revenue.

  19. jaycee says:

    Yes, Marilyn…It’s got a sort of “clubby” smell about it….and then the “outside the court” mea culpa..”Oh woe is me!…(then the Groucho Marx whispered aside…: “I got caught!”).”
    Then later that night, down at the club..:”Ah!..Andrew…I see you took-one-for-the-team…good chap, good man.”

  20. Steve says:

    Let’s not get our knickers in a knot on this one. Not so long ago a member of the legal club was given about a 1 hour head start to ensure his laptop containing troubling images disappeared. Then the law knocked on his door. He was given that 1 hour of grace by someone in the DPP. The MSM didn’t sleuth the matter so why get excited over this ‘computer’ issue?


  21. On 21/05/2012 Kathy Jackson spoke to Chris Uhlmann on the 7.30 Report.

    “CHRIS UHLMANN: Is there a conflict of interest here because your partner Michael Lawler is the vice President of Fair Work Australia?

    KATHY JACKSON: No, not at all and I reject that claim totally. And Craig Thomson’s allegations are totally wicked against him. Michael Lawler is the Vice-President of Fair Work Australia, formerly the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

    As Craig Thomson knows – well knows, the regulator arm of Fair Work Australia has nothing to do with the tribunal and for him to try to link him in to that is totally wicked.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Are you concerned at all about perceptions of conflict of interest?

    KATHY JACKSON: That’s what he’s trying to do. Craig Thomson is obviously trying to smear everybody to get himself out of the hole that he has dug himself into. My advice to Craig Thomson is to you know the more he says the worse he looks.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Has Michael Lawler ever been involved with you in any of the strategy meetings with the HSU about any of the actions that you have got going?

    KATHY JACKSON: Well obviously as my partner I talk to Michael about what I’m doing and as my partner I talk to him about not just HSU issues but other issues as well.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Is it that appropriate?

    KATHY JACKSON: I think it’s very appropriate as my partner that I ask him advice and assistance. But he is not running the case for the HSU. I tell him what I’m doing, not the other way around.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Does Michael Lawler have connections with the Liberal Party as Craig Thomson suggests?

    KATHY JACKSON: Not that I know of.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Anything that might lead to you believe that he does?

    KATHY JACKSON: No. But that’s like when they said last week made statements against me for you know going to the HR Nicholls society. We live in a free society.”

    Did Kathy mean ‘no specific knowledge’ or possibly ‘I don’t recall.’ If only she could erase 7.30 Report stories.

    I found a few connections between the Lawler family and the Liberal party
    Compare the silence over this story to the mad frenzy by the LNP and the media over Thomson a few months ago. The ABC is funded by taxpayers and has a duty to report stories in the national interest, such as stories about the integrity of Fair Work Australia, an important organistion. There are questions in the national interest, to be asked about the Senate estimates workplace committee hearings into the FWA HSU investigations by @SenatorAbetz

    What did Tony Abbott say about Kathy Jackson? Is it on YouTube? The inconvenient truth.
    “OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has described the controversial national secretary of the Health Services Union, Kathy Jackson, as ”heroic” for her whistleblowing.”
    April 11, 2012

  22. On 28/05/2012 the 7.30 Report broadcast this story about Fair Work Australia being before a senate estimates committee hearing. It questions President of Fair Work Australia, Iain Ross about FWA’s investigation and Michael Lawler’s involvement with the Health Services Union. The transcript is incomplete, leaving a lot of content out. I’ve never seen an incomplete 7.30 Report transcript before. I used to catalogue stories including 7.30 Report stories at ABCTV Archives.
    Ian Ross seems so concerned about the tribunal’s reputation. What about the damage done to Craig Thomson’s reputation?
    “CRAIG THOMSON, INDEPENDENT MP (Last week): Rarely has it been raised in the media that her partner is the second-in-charge of Fair Work Australia. Didn’t stand aside. The body that’s investigating these issues, the main accuser, their partner, is second-in-charge.

    ERIC ABETZ: Are you aware of any interference by Mr Lawler?”

    Then something very unusual happens. There is a break in the transcript and the story goes onto another topic. There are parts missing. These are the parts (continued from above):

    3.34 WOMAN: None whatsoever senator.

    3.36 ERIC ABETZ: None whatsoever.

    3.38 CHRIS UHLMANN: But while Mr Lawler clearly had no hand in the Fair Work Australia inquiries, 7.30 can reveal that he appears to have been deeply involved in the protracted in-fighting in the Health Services Union. On December 21 last year, Michael Lawler wrote to the NSW Police Strike Force Carnarvon, set up to investigate the Health Services Union. He noted he was Vice President of Fair Work Australia, but was making the complaint in “my private capacity on behalf of Kathy Jackson and myself.” He made serious accusations of misconduct against two HSU officials Gerard Hayes and Carol Glen and the union’s national president Michael Williamson. The multiple attachments include minutes of an HSU executive committee meeting, photographs of text messages sent to Kathy Jackson’s phone and details of complaints sent to the then president of Fair Work Australia about Michael Lawler’s interference in HSU affairs.
    Michael Lawler told 7.30 he was obliged by strong convention to refrain from making any public comment in relation to matters of public controversy. In a later message he said he strongly rejected any imputation of wrong-doing, and would place any imputation in the hands of his solicitors. Fair Work President pointed out that the members of its tribunal enjoy the same status as judges.

    JUSTICE IAIN ROSS: In any event, the conduct of a member of Fair Work is fundamentally not a matter for me, it is actually a matter for the parliament.

    CHRIS UHLMANN then goes onto another segment of that story, about more woes Julia Gillard’s government has apparently inflicted upon itself. Strangely, every word of that part of Chris Uhlmann’s story continues word-for-word. So it seems that what I have transcribed above is the only section that was left out. I wonder why.

    Justice Iain Ross is the President of Fair Work Australia interview

  23. It is becoming increasingly clear why the pertinent questions being asked by readers of Wixxyleaks are not being answered:
    (i) Why did it take so long for Fair Work Australia to report so-called “findings” that coincided with the false allegations made against Craig Thomson by Kathy Jackson in April 2009 and which she handed over to the negligent Sydney Morning Herald journalist (Mark Davis) who accepted them – and her fabricated documents – without conducting any investigation of their authenticity or the background situation in the HSU? In reproducing Jackson’s claims as his report, Terry Nassios appears to have done nothing at all except to carry out higher instructions.
    (ii) Why are the mainstream media taking no action to report the documentary evidence being passed on to them by the investigative journalism of Peter Wicks?
    (iii) Why is even the so-called “independent” ABC so reluctant to go where the commercial media fear to go?
    The answer is that these three organisations either have their own vested interests to protect or fear the power of the vested interests they would threaten if they were to report Peter’s facts. The Sydney Morning Herald is in financial trouble and fears the possible outcome of Thomson’s being vindicated. The Murdoch Press wants to get rid of the Gillard Government. Kathy Jackson’s self-interest is to have Thomson blamed for her own criminal actions.
    However, as well as these more obvious reasons, there is also a group of eminent people in powerful and responsible positions who want the Government changed to protect their own interests. They are people of influence and not all of them are politicians. What they and their politician allies share is the belief that they have a divine right to rule and that right justifies breaking the law if it has to be done to keep society the way they like it; that is, controlled by them. They have a vested interest in preventing Australia becoming a real democracy because they don’t like what they see as too much equality. The status quo of rule by privilege and power suits them because it has led to their attaining and retaining the positions they hold.
    The political conspiracy against Craig Thomson replicates the treatment of Lieutenant Alfred Dreyfus under the Third French Republic between 1892 and 1906. Dreyfus was a Jew and a convenient scapegoat for the act of treason that was committed by a member of the French establishment, Colonel Esterhazy. I don’t think that Thomson is Jewish, but he is something equally threatening to the establishment here as Dreyfus’s religion was in France: he holds a parliamentary seat that would change the government if the Opposition could usurp it. As the less than scrupulous “little Richo” said some years ago, there are some people who are prepared to do “whatever it takes” to retain their positions of privilege and power.

  24. […] of you may remember this piece I wrote a while back that gave the details of Jackson having all of the data cleaned off one of Michael […]

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