Nice Guys Finish Last

Posted: July 29, 2012 in HSU Saga

Reading the Herald on Saturday a song came to mind, The Real Slim Shady.

Reading about the heroic Marco Bolano, the caped crusader of union corruption, bravely taking on a monolith, nearly brought a tear to my eye. But not quite.

I had that damn Eminem song in my head, “…won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up..”. The picture painted of Bolano in the Herald was the stuff of fairy tales, and pink fairy tutu’s and Bolano aren’t a good mix

The article in the Herald was the fantasy account of blowing the whistle on union corruption by Marco Bolano. Told by someone who is clearly not in any way to be confused with being biased, his partner Kylee Brehaut.

This would be the same whistle that has been blown by Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler,in the past, and now Marco Belano has rolled up for his turn. I believe the only thing that is being blown here is smoke, and it is being blown up our collective arse…

Some of you may remember my article that talked about some of the HSU members, like Maria. The people who work in the toughest conditions for the barest minimum of a wage.

Apologies for the language, but the fucking hide of this man, or his girlfriend to talk about the “hard road”. That is for members like Maria and others like her to talk about.

This “hard road” Belano supposedly took, was instead of the “cowardly one” apparently. The cowardly road, it seems, is not the one where a thug gets his girlfriend to approach the media, and get all weepy about not being able to afford the millionaire lifestyle anymore, then casually dropping in raising her 2 daughters in a desperate plea for sympathy. What is it with these people and dropping their children in the mix, effectively using them as weapons?

Belano, does have a mortgage, Kylee is right, allegedly a brand new one for over $1Million. Not bad for a union man. I don’t think that will gain much sympathy from people like Maria, busting their guts for minimum wage, while Marco’s has gone up approximately 70% according to the Temby report.

Marco Belano, as we all know, is the right hand man of Kathy Jackson. In the article, Kylee talks about bad things happening when good people do nothing, and I completely agree. We differ on our examples of good people however.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at Kylee’s “good people” of the HSU.

The Good Guys Are Comin’

Kylee’s partner, Marco Bolano, the hero of her story, as told in the Fairfax press, or better known to us as the union thug.

Bolano has a reputation, and to say it doesn’t fit the mould of the heroic whistleblower is an understatement.

Actions speak louder than words, even the words of a delusional, yet dedicated girlfriend. Bolano’s actions are notorious amongst union members.

There are many clips on YouTube of Bolano in action, unfortunately, rather than blowing whistles, he is brawling with members. The message seems clear, young or old, male or female, Bolano doesn’t mind lashing out. That courage Kylee speaks of really starts to shine through when he acts the union thug with a female union member, a brave man indeed.

In 2011, at a HSU council meeting on the 13th of November, Bolano showed us his sensitive side. Not happy with the way things were running, Bolano thought a Nazi salute was the appropriate and intelligent way to deal with his issues. Giving the Nazi salute is highly inappropriate, and makes light of the death of millions of innocent victims of the Nazi regime. What a nice bloke Marco is, giving the Nazi salute even though knowing that one of those council members was German, she was apparently extremely upset by the gesture.

The next day, Bolano once again showed us his remarkable sensitivity for the deceased. At a conference, attendees were asked to stand for a minutes silence in remembrance of those who had passed away. All of the several hundred attendees stood in silence, all except one.

You guessed it, Bolano, with his cranky hat on, decided respect for the dead didn’t matter, it was far more important to have a dummy spit at Steve Pollard. Sooking like a little girl with a broken doll, and shuffling papers about angrily. Nice one.

Later, at the same meeting, Bolano showed his cranky hat was well and truly wedged on. Bolano decided it was good form to constantly interrupt members. Not just by butting in, but screaming abuse at them, throwing insults, and being the bully boy thug he is best known for.

At the start of one Convention the Executive were to take their place on the stage. As usual seats were apparently allocated on the stage to fit everyone in. These included The President, who was the chair, the time keeper, Vice Presidents General Secretary, as well as the Executive President, Kathy Jackson and 2 Deputy General  Secretary’s Bolano and acting in the role Gerard Hayes.

Bolano found he was not allocated in a seat next to Jackson, and like in some scene reminiscent of a WWF extravaganza, or a blooper moment from Romper Room, Bolano in front of a Hall full of delegates ripped up the name tag and threw it over the stage towards the delegates and took up the seat next to Jackson, presumably so he could hear her Instructions. Bolano doesn’t respond as well to the string pulling from a distance apparently. Things it would seem, need to be explained slowly and at close proximity, Saint Marco is easily confused and could abuse the wrong person by mistake otherwise

Marco Bolano. One of the good people. A union thug, that is prone to the hissy fits of a little girl. Heart warming.

Marco attempts sentence construction for the cameras

This leads us to the next white knight in the army battling union corruption ever so bravely…

Looking at the lady (and I use the term extremely loosely) who pulls Belano’s strings, Kathy Jackson, we see someone else who was clearly out of town when class was being given out.

I will not go into the vast amounts of money she faces allegations of fleecing from the nations poorest workers. Details of those allegations can be found on the Independent Australia Jacksonville page, but be warned, there are reams and reams to go through. This is the woman who spent over $176,000 of union members money on credit cards in under one year, you may remember.

Below are some of the transactions from the HSU 3 Branch cheque account in a summary sheet.

HSU Cheque Account Anomalies

Seeing as though we are looking at those Kylee calls “good people”, I thought we should take a look at how she treats staff, union delegates, her husband (now ex husband) and her fiancé. That should give us a good sense of her character.

We will start with staff.

I’m sure most of you would have seen the “surprise” police raid at the HSU offices in Sydney. You may also remember that the press seemed to know which of those who worked in the skyscraper were HSU staff, they knew who to film as they waited outside the buildings entrance with Jackson, who happened to arrive in town the day before from Melbourne.

Below is a link to a letter of complaint, ignored by Jackson, regarding her actions the day before the raid.

Staff Complaint re Jackson

To try and secretly photograph staff is reprehensible. To pass photo’s of your colleagues to some members of the press so that they can be publicly humiliated after a police raid that has nothing to do with anything they have done, is worse than disgraceful. Some would describe these as the acts of a rat, I wouldn’t, I would give a rat more credit. Much more.

A Statutory Declaration paints a picture of how Kathy deals with HSU colleagues, delegates, executives, and even her fiancé.

On 7th June 2010, at a HSU East annual Convention 2 noteworthy romantic acts occurred, both allegedly involving Kathy Jackson.

One of the delegates from a Sydney Hospital was on the dance floor when a woman he didn’t know at the time approached him and started dancing with him. He then alleges that she said to him.

“I love the way you move on the dance floor and I will fuck you later!”

Later the delegate found out the rather forward woman was Kathy Jackson, HSU National Secretary and HSU East Executive President.

The delegate, was clearly shocked and surprised that someone in Jackson’s position would behave in such a manner, particularly at an official union function. In fact so offended at Jacksons inappropriate behaviour at an official event was the delegate, he went to the trouble to make a formal complaint, and provided a statutory declaration to back it up.

The other romantic act that day, one assumes was a special moment for Michael Lawler. The next morning at the convention Jackson rocked up with a new addition to her ring finger. A sizable diamond in an engagement ring, care of her now fiancé Michael Lawler. How romantic indeed.

If it wasn’t so comical, or if it happened to someone likable, you would feel sorry for someone in Michael’s position. How humiliating it must feel to think that whilst you are planning to go down on one knee and propose, your wife to be is apparently planning to get down on both knee’s for some bloke she only just met. Then again, he was a good dancer

There is another story that has been doing the rounds of when Kathy was married to Jeff Jackson. I have heard this from a number of sources, although I cannot verify it personally.

Kathy Jackson, whilst married to Jeff spent some time in the USA attending Harvard, in an apparent momentary lapse of the college’s standards.

I thought I was auditioning for X factor

Whilst there, Kathy it is rumoured had a wild fling with, I believe, a policeman. One day Kathy and her man were allegedly all hot and bothered and it seemed the best way to fix that was to have wild, uninhibited, and particularly loud sex. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment, she bumped her mobile phone, pressing the green redial button. Even more unfortunate, was the last number Kathy had apparently dialled was hers, Jeff’s, and the kids home back in Melbourne.

Fortunately for Kathy, nobody was there to pick up the phone, phew… Unfortunately though, the answering machine was there to pick up, and pick up it did apparently, picked up all of the sounds of Kathy having wild sex with a strange man. Even more unfortunate was, I’m told, is it was Kathy and Jeff’s then approximately 7 year old daughter who first heard Kathy’s charming message. Still, it must have been nice to know mummy was making new friends.

In Jacksonville, these are the “Good People” apparently.

I bet Sir Peter Lawler, the good Catholic man, with a solid background and proud history, can’t wait to have Kathy Jackson as part of the esteemed Lawler family. He must be absolutely chuffed to bits.

Before Marco goes and get’s his cranky hat on, and starts flapping his arms about like Kathy Jackson in a Federal Court hearing, I should point something out. By pointing these things out, I am in no way attempting to say that Michael Williamson is any sort of saint, legend, do-gooder, or noble being. It is not a comment on anybody other than those your girlfriend chose to refer to as the “good people”.

Bolano, smiling on cue

The real good people in this debate, are the poor members who have put up with the antics, and alleged rorting of their union by the likes of Bolano, The Jackson’s, and of course Williamson.

These are the good people who are going to throw you out on your ass come election time.

Good luck with the million dollar mortgage then champ, hope they pay well at McDonalds.

  1. Marilyn says:

    Of course the Temby report is as tainted as the Nassios report with only one main informant who is herself a bit of a crook and Temby with ties to the HSU through his own son is hardly uncompromised.

    There are two groups of people in this world I detest more than any others – liars and hypocrites – and Jackson is both.

    Not to mention she has delusions of grandeur beyond what could have been garnered in her teachers training.

    Tell us again how she got elected to head this union of health care workers?

    I was in the Nurses union once and even worked for the Nurses Board once and they are terrific people doing a shitty fucking job, this mob though would have let them all croak.

  2. David says:

    Marilyn , you are spot on the hardest thing to swallow here is how hard done those poor members , who have been “short changed” industrially by a pack of crooks for years. The only trauma Jackson & Bolano feel right now is that they’ve been “found out” . I cannot think of one single industrial win for these poor members, they are foot soldiers of all the shitty jobs in hospitals , many pay their union fees in the vague hope of even a fraction of the 70% pay increase these crooks have awarded themselves through their mates.
    The real trauma is that Jackson & Bolano are still circling the HSU carcass like hungry vultures , trying to pick of whats left , which isn’t much after they’ve drained it over the years with so many legal fees over messy internal infightings, to be painted and characterised as wounded heroes of a fight for what’s right is an outrageous fabrication by the media.
    I find it the height of hypocrisy that Bolano& jackson complain and whinge , when they themselves supported administration (conditional off course of choosing their own favourable anti-union administrator Philips) failing that and faced with the prospects of dipping into their own , not union members funds, if they lost the appeal they would have had to cover HSU legal costs , surprise , surprise , they withdrew their appeal.
    You couldn’t fuse a backbone between them both.

  3. DP says:

    If people like Jackson & Bolano are NOT held to account, then this type of behaviour will only continue. As it will be seen as acceptable.

    However, they will have to worry for the rest of their lives that the truth still may come out, at anytime. And whom will THEY themselves ever be able to trust .

    All the money in the world cannot give you a peace of mind, or buy credibility.

  4. Marilyn says:

    How about Keatings shiver looking for a spine that he threw out at Hewson.

    Now you know that I used to be a very low paid nurse you understand my interest in this and my anger at the abuse of members.

    What an extraordinary amount of money wasted on legal fees and cheque accounts and credit cards – as Lemo said the other night to sour Kate “Thomson looks like an angel”.

  5. Brett Drinkwater says:

    Brilliant Peter! The “50 Shades of Grey” edition of Wixxyleaks! 🙂 Balano really does look like a character from the set of Underbelly doesn’t he? I wouldn’t have thought a bank would accept a loan application, for a cool million, when it’s written in crayon. Watch your back Balano. Rest assured you’ll be hung out to dry when push comes to shove.

    Worse than the antics of these two morons, is the sympathy piece by Kate McClymont in the SHM . Any journalistic credentials she holds should be withdrawn for writing such utter crap, with the firm belief that readers would swallow it? Are you deluded woman?

    I’m really looking forward to these people receiving their karma. Lets just hope our legal system triumphs over evil. I’m certain the full might of the LNP legal beagles are hard at work trying their best to avoid the correct outcome.

    Love your work Peter!

  6. Catching up says:

    I see all the present officials as being tainted by the Jackson factor. This is unfair to some.

    If I had a vote, it would only be for completely clean skins.
    The innocence ones would have to take on some responsibly of not being aware that things were so amiss.

  7. OscarJones says:

    I always thought Keating’s “dessicated coconut” was the beginning Howard’s demise.

  8. OscarJones says:

    Honestly- having just read McClymont’s tosh, I reckon she is having a lend of us.

    • Charles says:

      McClymont forgot to add these to Bolano’s CV
      1 intervention Order for Harassment
      4 Worksafe reports for Bullying and Harassment
      1 Report of sexual assult.
      And let’s not forget the Special Relationship Mr Bolano has with a person who had a previous encounter with no other than JJ, who obviously must be a HSU groupie

  9. Jane says:

    Anyone who calls themselves a unionist , drew the collective line with Jackson and her turncoat mates when she chose to address the HR Nicholls Society. There is an ideological line , and she crossed it when she chose to become a union “troll” for the Conservative think -tank. Sleazing her way into the hands of anti-union HR-hacks has given the Conservatives a war-chest of ammunition against the very workers she claims to represent, though with that mute point we are still searching hard for any evidence of that.
    Her speech was a piece of political apologia in which she provides anectodal evidence she was a unionist but only comes out looking like a fraud bordering comedy i quote . “So just to make myself clear on the point – I believe that the vast majority of unions and unionists do the right thing and protect members’ money. But particularly in light of the HSU episode, stronger regulation has an important role to play in promoting member confidence.” Does the HSU episode alluded to here include the years of financial mismanagement under hers and Jeff’s watch ? the phantom consultancies, unusual payouts, double dipping companies, creative invoicing? and did it continue after she awarded herself with a salary that defies logic post the HSU East merger ? (in which no members actually had a say/vote?) does she really have us believe that all this was all imposed on her ?

    McClymont deserves castigation for portraying these fraudsters as whistleblowers/victims , they make parasites look charming , and are proof everyone has their price .

  10. pete says:

    In a previous life I was an ambo and a member of the HAREA the forerunner of the now HSU. My union looked nothing like this. If these people display such a low level of ethics and honesty when entrusted with the responsibility of protecting members, I dont think even macca’s would have them, as one of the first values they teach new employees is ethical behaviour. These folk are a lost cause.

  11. DP says:

    Hear hear Jane .

  12. Catching up says:

    Was Ms. Jackson ever a unionist. I have only seen it written, that she only an union official from day one.

    What job did Ms. Jackson hold, if she was a member of the union.

  13. […] [You can read more tales of Kathy Jackson’s surprising and outrageous antics in a longer version of this article on Peter Wicks' blog Wixxyleaks by clicking here.] […]

  14. Sue says:

    I see that vexnews are saying that sources say Lawler’s sons have held wild parties in FWA headquarters- the taxpayer paying the cost to clean up. what are your sources saying?

  15. d0ubtful says:

    Ah Wixxy, you seem to have everything you need to bring down Jackson and Bolano and well they may deserve to be. But show some balance and do the same to Williamson who in a pissing contest between them would be hitting the roof with the amount of money he has ripped off. But then as you know there is NO legal requirement within ANY union to account for ANY of the spending that occurs on behalf of members or otherwise.

    It has been that way since Bruce Wilson did exactly the same thing nearly 20 years ago using AWU funds into accounts set up by the current Prime Minister Julia Gillard in her capacity as a legal partner for Slater & Gordon. So as far as the union is concerned Bruce Wilson did nothing wrong then, Craig Thomson definitely did nothing wrong and Michael Williiamson was far from out of order extracting over $20 million from the HSU.

    So why the Jackson and Bolano witch hunt Wixxy? Were they not just following union protocol? Why single them out or are only you doing so because they might have had a “Road To Damascus” moment and turned on the mighty union movement? They would know that when the long awaited royal commission is finally called into the trade union movement, they will have to face the music as will several current and past union leaders. Maybe even Shorten himself. One things for sure, if current FWA Commissioner Ian Cambridge’s affadavit and request made for a royal commission into the union movement had been heeded twenty years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation and the HSU wouldn’t be short millions of dollars. Perhaps even Craig Thomson would have kept his honorable member in his pants.

    • wixxy says:

      Why the wish for a Willionson witchhunt Doubtful?
      The fact of the matter is I don’t need to hunt Williamson, it is all over the MSM at any rate…
      I have done an article on Williamson before, maybe 2 I can’t remember, but everything with him is on record.
      Plus he isn’t claiming to be some sort of Joan Of Arc figure.
      My readers don’t want to read what they can read in the Fairfax and News Ltd press, otherwise they would, instead they are seeing the stuff that most of the other media aren’t reporting.

    • Marilyn says:

      It appears well and truly as if Craig Thomson did keep the honourable member in his pants except with his wife.

      What a grubby little troll you are.

      I wonder though how you feel about the many company directors caught with their hands in very large tills to steal from the public.

  16. Catching up says:

    Yes, wixxy, well and truly on record. Also been rehashed many times over the last decade or more,

    The last time, the Australian was forced to make a formal apology.

    There are some that have been trying for a couple of months to breathe life once again into the allegations. Bolt, with the help of Robb having another go yesterday. It appears the the MSM is not taking the bait. Wonder why?

    As for the HSU, all allegations seem to come from the mouth and pen of Ms. Jackson. That is what this site is about, if I am not mistaken.

    I can only come to one conclusion. Everybody that has ever had the misfortune to deal with Ms. Jackson is guilty. That includes high court judges, That HSU officials are all bent, over a decade or more. This is so, even after the HSU was in administration during that time.

    There is one official that has been there the whole time, that is Ms. Jackson. It could also be possible that the problems lie with her.

    What is also puzzling, why has there been no charges made against Mr. Thomson.

  17. Marilyn says:

    No charges against Thomson because he literally broke no laws.

  18. Trent says:

    Dear Doubtful , Kathy and Bolano had a well timed “Road to Damascus” moment after they had drained the union coffers with years of mismanagement , tapped that credit card at every opportunity and rewarded themselves ,against their will off course- with hefty pay increases and made public union meetings look like amateur boxing gigs , with Bolano in Jacksons corner a union light-weight. Watching recorded excerpts of that meeting (on Independant Australia website) not only brings shame to unionism , it shows that Jackson is the central theme in this unions continuous infighting, dysfunction and malfeascence.

    Kathy’s well timed epiphany , that after years of misappropriation suddenly realising that Unions don’t comply to a “business model” !!! found herself the toast and darling of the Conservative’s HR Nicholls scab club , where she shared her ASIC model for unions drawn up by Lawler , who surprisingly didn’t have to finish her speech off…unlike the last time when she was too drunk.

    Kathy is misguided if she thinks being a unionist means wearing a HSU east shirt and posing in front of an ambulance/cameras/tv shows pontificating , and Lawler’s unorthodox behaviour for a judicial officer has lead to the whole FWA having to revise a new code of conduct released in todays mejia which includes “Members must avoid political controversy in their public comments, not belong to a political party or attend political fundraising events.”amongst other derelictions of duty leading to the tribunals huge “reputational damage”.

    And in keeping with Wixxys “Good guys come last” theme it really perplexes anybody how MSM have continued to purport these moral vagabonds as “whistleblowers” i can only offer these words of true wisdom.
    It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies -Arthur Calwell – Politician

  19. DP says:

    Possibly it will not be long now before we see the same ‘explosive twist’ that has just happen regarding Ashby Case, happen soon on this issue . Truth finds a way to come out. It is all to do with in timing.

  20. Sue says:

    Today Brough was saying that a reporter telephoned him on Saturday to say the Labor party would be muckraking.
    tonight on 7.30 we had Uhlmann with the Ashby story.

    question did Uhlmann’s mate Steve Lewis phone Brough?
    In Lewis’s court case he didn’t want to give up a “source” under journalism protection, however the telephone transcripts see Lewis getting Slipper diary copies from Brough?

    connect the dots?

  21. Adam says:

    Wixxy, enjoying the posts, and appreciate the evidence based reporting (current media needs to get back to this).

    Although a little disappointed that you moved into a gossip type reporting through this post based on heresay and nothing else. Sordid stories can spread quickly through office environments especially when the target is not liked. Reporting heresay will do nothing other than devalue the rest of the information you are able to support.

    • Lizzie says:

      Adam, the only element in this article that is reported as heresy is Kathy’s Harvard affair – Wixxy has document links or has viewed documentation on the others. Several hundred delegates witnessed the hissy fits of Bolano as did more than two dozen Council members. As for the Harvard affair, yes office gossip can spread sordid stories very quickly, however I will vouch for that as fact. I was told first hand by her ex!

      • wixxy says:

        Thanks Lizzie 🙂

      • Adam says:

        Hi Lizzie, my first comment was i appreciate the evidence based reporting. Its a reason I keep reading IA/This blog with respect to this topic.

        However, you hearing something from someone else (even though they are the ex), still makes it heresay.

        The rest of the article, reporting information that can be supported by documentation/stat decs/video of union meetings etc is what I commend and consider reporting.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Adam, normally I would agree, however the piece in Fairfax brought character into question, so I thought it was balanced to look at the character of those whose side was being portrayed.

      Nobody likes a hypocrite, and Bolano & Jackson are writing the book on hypocrisy.

      • Adam says:

        Wixxy, agree that the Fairfax article needed critical review. I wasn’t referring to those sections as gossip (ie witness to their actions, video of union meetings). Was more referring to the bedroom antics/preferences of K.J. Further, I wouldn’t consider that behaviour to be anything other than noise surrounding the issues of the corruption that your reporting would indicate she was involved in.

        Consider the “expose” that Channel 7 (i think) did on Campbell and his attendance at a Gay Spa (or whatever it was). It had no bearing on his performance in his duties (the ridiculous tie to having a govt vehicle was nothing other than a smokescreen to show something sordid on tv and gain some ratings).

        I would compare that reporting by 7 to the 2 paragraphs on K.J’s private life you included and wonder, what was the public interest that was being served by reporting those stories? By all means, keep up with the corruption, the ridiculous expenditures, the cash cheques, the missing cars/money. That absolutely serves the public interest and the MSM media is failing there.

      • Lizzie says:

        Adam, I’ll be a little more specific: the person I heard it from is now her ex but at the time I was given the “details” he was still her husband and was defending her actions. I was told that three months is a long time to be away and it is a big ask to expect someone to be faithful to their spouse for such a drawn out period, very understanding! JJ was explaining what had happened and who was responsible for starting the gossip. KJ was present and at no point did she deny what was being said. It was simply part of their joint explanation into why the factional warfare began in Victoria.

      • Adam says:


        You repeating something you heard from a “witness” is hearsay. No matter the source of your information, if you did not witness it, you repeating what you were told is hearsay. Wixxy has put together a great report over the last 18 (i think) articles about this corruption. One of those talked about how the FWA investigation wouldnt stand up to police/court scrutiny which he found disappointing as the evidence he unearthed ina short investigation was substantial. Yet, he then uses hearsay in this articel? Why the deviation except to add gossip to the story.

        This section of the above report adds nothing to the story of corruption within the HSU. I hope future reports remain stories based on evidence that has been unearthed instead of “juicy” stories.

  22. To be honest I don’t care who Kathy Jackson had sex with or if rather improbably the answer machine recorded it or not (and by bringing her children into such tawdry rumour-mongering you are post facto justifying Kangaroo Court’s critique).

    Anyway you can rant and rail all you like, but the fact is that Kathy Jackson won’t be called to account – if something was going to happen, it would have happened by now. But it appears she is protected. Just as the people behind that mysterious credit card voucher also seem to be protected – and which will simply be left with the tacit agreement of all major parties and media to remain a mystery.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    • wixxy says:

      Nothing justifies what was said on kangaroo court, if clicking on an article from The Australian, or The Herald where Jackson mentions her children is online child stalking, I guess we are all guilty… Mentioning them because Jackson has involved them does not make me some kind of pervert…

      I did find it interesting that he should jump so quickly to that way of thinking though… not a conclusion most would jump to…

      Anyway, I will leave the child stalking to the likes of Ashby, the man endorsed by Mal Brough, how proud the Liberal Party supporters must be…

    • DP says:

      littlegreyrabbit. I disagree.

      Whether Jackson & co will be held to account or not, they dont have a good resume based on this information.

      I also think Jackson and Co will never know who they can trust. They will have to continuously be watching their own backs. There is a big story in this. Sometimes the longer it takes to come out – The Bigger the story. Being ‘protected’ could make that story bigger and add more players.

      I say many will start running just like we see with Ashby. Again , it only a matter of time. A week ,a month or even a year, is nothing. I wouldnt be surprised if its quietly happening now. To many people now know and to many unanswered questions.
      We will have to wait and see.

  23. yes well says:

    I was reading a little bit of the Temby report.

    It says regarding the Union Journal:
    “2.3 What did Communigraphix do for this? Most of the money went towards publication of the Union Journal, which is sent out to each member a number of times – formerly 11, now 6 – each year. Communigraphix has done the work for many years. It is supplied with copy and photographs, and attends to some editorial and all layout functions, and the printing and postage of the Journal. The cost of each issue, excluding GST, went from $45,185.20 from March 2007 to $47,869 from August 2009, and then to $87,149 from October 2010. The earlier figures were for 11 per annum, and the last was for 6 (larger) issue each year.”

    Yes, you should always have tender processes in place, but how many members was this Journal going to? 30 000? 40 000? 60 000? If it includes the postage and printing this might not be an outrageous rip-off? It would help if Temby had given us a per member breakdown. Of course, there appears to be plenty of other rorting.

    • wixxy says:

      I believe that this was going to 60,000 members, and the newsletter had also increased significantly in size over this period according to members I have spoken with

  24. Stratton says:

    Wixxy – thanks for keeping us informed on Kathy Jackson & Co (something the MSM finds hard to do). The only couple of comments I disliked was when you compared Bolano to a girl. Boys can have hissy fits you know, and they can throw a tantrum over a broken toy too.

  25. David says:

    Nice to see Ms Jackson reads your blog for inspiration Wixxy , i see she may have read this post and directly quoted from it , probably in agreement with what i wrote because it resonated so heavily with the truth , off course she moved to NSW to be with Michael Lawlers kids and nicer weather .Not for a grubby power grab.

    The truth via Wixxy
    “The real trauma is that Jackson & Bolano are still circling the HSU carcass like hungry vultures , trying to pick of whats left , which isn’t much after they’ve drained it over the years with so many legal fees over messy internal infightings, to be painted and characterised as wounded heroes of a fight for what’s right is an outrageous fabrication by the media.”

    Kathy’s poorer re-worked version today in the Australian “battle for succession” blaming everyone except herself off course.

    “They are behaving like vultures, saying ‘Let’s get as much out of this dead carcass while it lasts’,” Ms Jackson told The Australian.

    Jackson is a piece of work.

    • SG Warren says:

      Wow David.

      So she’s so poor she has to plagiarise other people’s work now just to make a crust writing articles for the Australian newspaper?

      I feel terrible for her. 😛

  26. Chris says:

    “Ms Jackson, who with her predecessor Craig Thomson was also the subject of the FWA probe and the former executive president of the East branch, is also expected to resign within weeks.

    “Watch this space,” Ms Jackson told AAP when contacted on Wednesday.

    The HSU national secretary said she had bought a home in Sydney and planned to move there soon.” Herald Sun

    Hilarious…watch this space? Kathy’s got big-ticket-syndrome again- for a change ,which is going to go down so well in Sydney where even Lawlers as popular as a turd in a lunchbox these days.

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  28. […] Some may remember McClymonts article on the sorry plight of Brehaut and Bolano from July 2012, or my reaction to her disgraceful cheerleader antics. […]

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