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Posted: July 27, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

There is never a dull moment in Jacksonville it would seem.

Kathy Jackson, apparently, has tired of the idea of taking on Federal Court judge, Justice Flick and his idea of appointing an administrator to the HSU, dropping her appeal against Flicks ruling. Now that so much of the members money has been wasted on the process, she has now walked past a cafe and smelt the coffee apparently. The best option now is to call elections as quickly as possible she tells us.

Does this mean she has found new factional allies suddenly? I have heard murmurs of her doing deals with those running tickets, that until this announcement I would not have thought likely at all.

My gut tells me, and it speaks loudly at times, that this is primarily due to the Temby Reports release.

You see, now that the much awaited Temby Report is out, Kathy, seems to think she has some clear air to make a dash for elections. After all, Kathy has been claiming proudly that the Temby Report exonerates her, and shows she was right all along.

Far from it in fact.

The Temby Report did not go into any of the allegations, actions, or running of the Victorian branches. Branches like the HSU #1 Branch, and the #3 Branch merged with HSU NSW and formed HSU East. While the investigation went into allegations regarding Michael Williamson, pre-merger in NSW, nothing into the Victorian allegations was looked into.

For Kathy Jackson to claim this report exonerates her is totally and utterly ridiculous. This is like a historian doing a report on the history of European war crimes, leaving out Germany completely, and forgetting anything that happenned after 1938, and then claims being made that the report exonerates Adolph Hitler.

Jackson’s claims are that stupid and ludicrous…

As for Temby’s report showing that Kathy was right about saying there was corruption within the HSU.

Well tie me down and call me Nancy, what a revelation that was… One only has to take a quick peek to see it appears rife with corruption, pointing out the bleedin’ obvious does not exonerate you Kathy, it just shows that you have marginally better powers of observation than the average 2 year old. After all, Craig Thomson was talking about internal corruption long before you were, before you took your position actually. Exoneration… pfft.

Here’s a link to a video alleging corruption and thuggery from way back in 2009.

Exonerated? The shady side is still on show

Seeing as though the Temby Report is out, I thought a Wixxy Report might be in order. I’ll warn you, I’m no QC, however I won’t bore you with 91 pages of crap, though I have been looking into the goings on within this Union for quite a while now and have points that others seem to have missed, despite the advantages of time and resorces.

My report may not be as formal as others, but you may be pleased to know, it is no less opinionated than the Temby Report. I just like to think my brief report will be easier to read, and will waste less ink and paper if someone deems it worthy of printing.

The one thing I know members will love about my brief report is this. It won’t cost them Jack-Shit. Some people will say that is what it’s worth, but hey, at least I’m trying to provide value, a little bit of bang for no bucks.

The Wixxy Report

Temby Report

91 pages and $465,300 later, approximately $5113.18 per page, we have the Temby Report.

For this Temby was paid $223,300, and his bean counter Robertson $242,000 including GST.

Kate McClymont of Fairfax however, despite having contributed seemingly vast amounts of the information received nothing.

If I was Kate, I’d be shooting off an invoice. Her work seemed to be the basis of much of the report, and I reckon she has been hard done by.

For the Union members, the cost must seem outlandish. In fact given that the paper Kate McClymont writes for, the Sydney Morning Herald, costs $1.70, the union could have just purchased a copy of the paper each day. They could have done this for over 749 years and still saved money, plus they would have had pictures and TV Guides.

The Temby report suggests that there should be more tenders for services provided to the Union. Given the quality of this report, and the fact that there was no tender process involved when Temby was appointed the job, he may well have a point.

In true professional manner, Temby has chosen to include a few things in his report that others may have neglected. Things others would consider private, like home addresses, and salary details of employees that are not executives or elected officials.

However, just when you think it can’t sink any lower, there is a former employee named, for no real reason it would seem other than to smear them, who retired in 2002. Why on earth would Temby name them? I would suggest that this is bad form, except for one thing, the person involved passed away 4 years ago. In my mind that makes it totally reprehensible, and utterly disgusting, it also shows a total lack of respect.

The Temby report had guidelines, which are detailed in the document below which details the Union Council Motion.

Special Union Council Meeting Sept 2011

The report, it is clearly stated, is to be on HSU East, not any other branches. However there is a point which raises the prospect of looking into related branches that merged to form HSU East, branches such as HSU NSW, and the number 1 and 3 branches in Victoria. That point is

“Other matters as determined appropriate by the Independent Panel”

With that in mind the “Independent Panel” decided that it was not appropriate to look into the older branches like Branch 1 and Branch 3, the ones run by Jeff and Kathy Jackson.

However, in a further display of their independence, in the investigation into NSW, things were a little different. Looking at the HSU NSW branch, run by Michael Williamson, it seemed entirely appropriate to go beyond the report parameters apparently. Well past them.

The companies listed below were investigated, and have had outstanding payments withheld in some circumstances. All of these companies were dealing with the HSU before HSU East was formed.



Access Focus

United Edge

Mah Chut Architects

Studio 19

Imaging Partners

Some of these companies are owned or partlially owned, by the Williamson family, such as Canme, United Edge, and Studio 19, so I guess that is fair enough to delve into. But  why the others?

Also, why not investigate Koukouvaos Consulting, Neranto #10, and Pinpoint Training? They are all owned by the Jacksons, and all have large amounts of union money going through them seemingly. That would show an equivalent standard of practice surely.

I guess that independence is just an aspiration for Temby, as it doesn’t seem to play out that way in practice.

This raises questions over whether in fact Temby is just a puppet, and makes one wonder who may be puling his strings…

Later in the report wage rises are mentioned. After amalgamation, Peter Mylan received a lucky 13% increase, for performing a monumental task of holding the union together through its biggest crisis. Michael Williamson received a 25% increase that is questionable at best.

However Kathy Jackson received a whopping 66%, and Marco Bolano received an utterly obscene 70% rise, for, from what I can see, absolutely nothing.

One interesting thing that did, or maybe didn’t is more appropriate. come out of the report however was the total lack of any evidence regarding Craig Thomson.

Temby talks of nepotism throughout the union, like it is a disease that plagued NSW. There are Jackson family and friends littered all thoughout Victoria, even Michael Lawler’s kids were employed by Jackson. Yet none of this was worthy of a mention? Strange indeed.

Temby, it appears, does not like to see friends, or particularly family being promoted in the workplace. This may explain the image below.

Paedophiles and bitches?? Classy stuff…

People know I like to talk about pots and kettles a bit, so this one was a gift.

The Cupco flyer, pictured above, was attached to documents circulated by Temby within the HSU. The idea being to promote his son Luke, and his upcoming exhibition of dolls.

What good form from the QC, and what a fine display of taste also, to attached a flyer advertising a display of “Paedophiles, Bitches, Shitler, Gadaffi”. Very nice….

So, far from the Temby report being a smoking gun, the final report bears more resemblance to a steaming turd.

But that’s just my opinion.

The Fair Work Australia Investigation

One of the longest investigations in Australia’s history was finally thrust in our faces at long last on the 7th May 2012.

The investigation seemed to have broad parameters, find corruption by anybody whose surname is not Jackson seemingly.

The investigation by Fair Work Australia has seen the President of FWA, Iain Ross, repeatedly refuse to endorse it in any way. The investigation has also launched a Senate Enquiry.

The Secretary of the union supposedly being investigated, Kathy Jackson told the world how she used to discuss the investigation in depth with her fiancé at home on the ABC’s 7 30, a PDF file even shows that she accessed a FWA computer during the investigation. Could that be because her fiancé is the Vice-President?

Michael Lawler, the VP of FWA, appointee of Tony Abbott, and son of a Liberal Party legend and board member of a Catholic Political Lobby group, Sir Peter Lawler, is now best known as the fiancé of Kathy Jackson.

Michael Lawler is also the man whom Jeff Jackson had allegedly complained to the FWA President about, re conflicts of interest due to the HSU, and his wife at the time, Kathy Jackson. Lawler is also the man that General Secretary Peter Mylan, complained to FWA was repeatedly interfering in union business.

Lawler’s fiancé, and HSU’s secretary, Jackson, was also the one who delivered boxes of evidence to the investigator, Terry Nassios. Although Nassios complained that the boxes had been opened and any evidence compromised.

It is of little surprise then, that the findings seemed to totally miss the mountains of documentation that raised questions about Jackson.

The FWA investigation, despite taking years, is worth didley squat in my mind, maybe less. This is due to it relying on hearsay, evidence that has now been discredited by its own source, and allowing documentation to be allegedly tampered with.

FWA investigator Terry Nassios said it best when describing his own investigation, when he said it “would not stand up to police scrutiny”

Well Terry, we kind of hoped it might…

Wixxy’s Opinion and Recomendations

Facing court in Victoria currently, are Pauline Fegan and Shaun Hudson. These people are bit players, however justice should run its course, and we should wait and see what the court decides their fate should be.

Also facing court in Victoria is Jeff Jackson. Jeff however, is not a bit player, not at all.

I would recommend a forensic audit of the entire HSU number 1 Branch, Jeff’s old branch. There are many questions raised in my earlier posts raised by credit card expenditure on things such as brothels, travel, restaurants, and even Foxtel subscriptions, which appear on Jeff’s union credit card statement. There are also issues with Jeff’s entitlements after his employment ceased at the union. For example why did he still have a company car until April 2012, and why was he allegedly still receiving payments from the Union years after finishing there? The forensic audit should go back to a year before Jeff Jackson became secretary, is my view.

Jeff Jackson, looking over his shoulder…

Craig Thomson, in my opinion should be left alone. If he has in fact done something wrong, and I’m not saying at all that he hasn’t, it is minor. The media talked up the allegations against him, plastering them all over the front pages, but largely ignored the explanations that have so far cleared him. He has been investigated by everybody but Inspector Gadget, and yet no charges have been laid. If there is something there with substance, let’s save his poor family the death by a thousand cuts and deal with it, otherwise, let’s build a bridge and focus on bigger things.

When it comes to Michael Williamson, I don’t know how much more needs to be done…

I mean,seriously, Michael has more questions to answer than a contestant on Jeopardy. Let’s just get on with it, enough of the delays and dragged out investigations.

There are many people who would like nothing more than to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, their fate is tied up with the Michael Williamson investigation through no fault of their own. All they did was accept work in good faith it would seem.

There is seemingly a mountain of evidence for the courts to wade through, and it gives the appearance that Williamson ran the union like a family business.

Let’s roll our sleeves up, grit our teeth, and let rip. If we need more investigators, let’s get them, this whole mess has taken way too long.

I think Kathy Jackson is 100% right, she is overpaid. The HSU number 3 branch needs a forensic audit, and needs a forensic investigation into its activities, its expenditure, and above all its management and leadership.

Kathy Jackson should be investigated as heavily as Michael Williamson. With the sheer amount of unexplained expenditure allegedly connected to her, I do not understand what is holding things up.

Below is a leaked letter sent to the Victorian Police Commissioner from Peter Mylan detailing items that need police investigation.

Vic Police Letter

My investigations have uncovered more information on some of these queries, as have internal HSU investigations, however it is well past the time for police to ramp up their efforts. I am aware Victoria Police are investigating, however again things are moving way too slow.

A Judicial Enquiry is required for the FWA investigation which has become a farce, with the President refusing to endorse it, and the investigator claiming it would not stand up to police scrutiny. Questions have been raised such as, why was the investigation so weak? Why did it take so long? Why did the union secretary have access to FWA computers? And why did Michael Lawler become so involved in HSU affairs? These questions need to be answered.

A Senate Enquiry has failed to address these issues. One member of that enquiry, Eric Abetz, has already seen his name appear on Jackson’s phone records, so a Judicial Enquiry is necessary.

Eric Abetz, the Jacksonville Speed Dial Senator?

I would also recommend a Royal Commission, or an investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption into Liberal Party involvement, and influence over the investigations.

We have seen phone calls and texts to Eric Abetz’s staff and NSW Finance minister Greg Pearce. Tony Abbott has been making passionate speeches in Parliament praising Jackson. We have also seen Jackson making speeches at HR Nicholls events.

I would also like to see Rob Elliott stop receiving a wage despite not having worked at the union since 2002.  Marco Bolano’s right hand man, Jamie Martorana also still recieves payment despite no longer working there. This is not good enough, members money should be spent defending members, not paying mates.

For anything less than the above to occur, is to deliver a half-assed effort, and is in my view only going to confirm suspicions of corrupt practices at work.

It is also worth noting, that this union controls over 600 delegate votes at ALP conferences. That is quite a substantial number, and quite a bit of power.

The union members are predominantly left leaning, however the votes under the management of Michael Williamson have propped up the ALP Right vote.

I for one, would like to see the members delegates vote in a way that that reflects the wishes of the members, not the leader being investigated for corruption.

After all, that what it’s all about isn’t it?

The Members

Some of you in the union may remember them.

The ones who pay your wages…

If you would like to see the total investigation, so far, into the HSU scandal, check out the dedicated Jacksonville page at Independent Australia.

  1. Catching up says:

    My advice from a oldie from HAREA days. Vote in a complete new team.

    • Min says:

      Wixxy, I do really like this one from you..

      Craig Thomson…has been investigated by everybody but Inspector Gadget, and yet no charges have been laid.

      • Anne Milligan says:

        Wixxy, I hope all the paperwork you have collected are in the hands of the right people so the Courts can go ahead. You are doing a super job and please continue. I can’t wait until Jackson is exposed through all your investigations. And will be great when Craig is not charged with anything. Thank you. Anne

      • wixxy says:

        All paperwork is in the right hands Anne, I’m sure Kathy will have her day soon enough
        Thanks Anne

  2. We have the recipe, just need to cook it says:

    Setup a campaign for a royal commission, campaign for a thorough investigation, is time to put the pressure cooker lid on..all the ingredients have been added and let it steam..create a link and spam the crap out out of it, twitter it all over the place until the gov or whoever are forced to do the will of the people and finally give all those in the HSU that put faith into the union closure once and for all. Just a thought..Brilliant piece.

  3. Kimward says:

    Good article Peter but worrying also. I have been concerned ever since you started the Jacksonville saga that it may all amount to nought.
    There are many factions at work here and quite clearly this muddies the waters and if it suits certain factions then KJ will survive and CT will quietly be allowed to just fade away and the Govt will very much keep him at arms length until the election.
    As Sir Humphey Appleby says “do not start an inquiry unless you know the outcome”
    The problem is that FWA is seen as very much a creation of the PM and regardless of any individual within FWA being seen in a bad light that bad light will reflect on the PM, the LNP and the MSM will see to that.
    I think we will get a clue when Nassios appears again in August in front of the Senate select committe.
    Who will ask the hard questions or better still will the hard questions be asked of him. like “How did you miss all the evidence that implicates KJ.?”
    If he does not get asked question such as this or along similar lines then I suspect the Govt will let this whole saga quietly fade away to protect whoever needs protecting.
    What has happened to the KPMG into the FWA reporting procedures that is due now? I think this was requested by Shorten.

  4. mafalda says:

    “Maintain the rage” – well done Wixxy – and when are we going to see KJ investigated to the hilt? There must be a lot of dirt there – that’s the only reason I can think of that is delaying the investigation. Waiting patiently tho, and thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Graham Worrell says:

    All this,CThomson,Jackson,P.Slippper has all evolved because of Abbotts desperate fling at being the PM. Bring on a Royal Commision. Lets see how much influence in all this has Abbott contributed.

  6. debbiep says:

    Hear hear Peter…time to put the pressure on . You have enough supporters that want to see ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’, come out.To many unfinished pieces……& why?

    Until then, if questions haven’t been answered, who could/ would/can ever possibly TRUST any of these people in this tangled web. They will have a black mark of doubt to carry next to their name, and worse , including their children, and I wonder if they care?

  7. owen says:

    ahhhh …. your senses have returned Wixxy … glad to see that! … now, how about getting on board with a workers political party … may i suggest The Greens …

    • wixxy says:

      Ahhh, isn’t that the party that shut out the workers voice stopping unions being able to fund campaigns…
      Think I’ll stick with the workers thanks all the same…

      But yes, I feel I’ve vented on that one now…

  8. debbiep says:

    BTW, I gather there are many ‘high profile people’ who are not in this ‘clan’ that are watching this with great interest also. It should not be going away unfinished for the sake of ‘accountability’ and for the rights of workers at HSU, after all ,this is what it ‘s all about.

    • savetherange says:

      Right on. It won’t go away, they should deal with it. Even if we have to hire an investigation team from another country (surely, there is someone untainted that could be trusted in this country somewhere?).

      • wixxy says:

        they must be hiding under a rock…. 🙂

      • debbiep says:

        We need a ‘Superman’, who fights for truth, justice, and the Australian way and I say one will turn up and remove that rock ,Peter. I have a lot of faith. Between you, Independent Australia and Vex a few facebook pages , a wide circle of people are being informed on the goings on at HSU. It’s all about timing.

  9. savetherange says:

    Why has it been such a dogs breakfast? I worked in job for a time where there were winners and losers and colleague referring to an always-winner coined this useful phrase ‘I wonder who he’s got pictures of?’ My guess is all those people have been highly hypocritical, perhaps knowing embarrassing things about each other and fear of exposure is driving the thing.

  10. Sandra says:

    Great article again Wixxy! Just how can the voices of the people who agree with you be heard apart from the usual blogs? Perhaps a petition could be set up so that we could all have a say – deliver it to the Govt. so they feel that they have some support behind them before they can act. This petition could also be put to other unions who work hard for their members so they can also voice their indignation.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Sandra, they are all aware of it, but I don’t know how to make them act on it…
      It is a tough slog…

    • savetherange says:

      Facebook is good. It goes all around the world. This is an national embarrassment, don’t worry about that! Not many countries, esp in the Asia Pacific have unions looking after their workers and some like it like that. There is a danger to the unions and workers in this country of not dealing with this effectively.

  11. Marilyn says:

    And thanks to our initial reports on Ashby the documents released by the court show a little man with delusions of grandeur treating Slipper in a manner so vile no person should ever have been subjected to it.

    Blackmail, extortion, misuse of commonwealth offices and funds, collusion, conspiracy to destroy – they are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head about Ashby’s behaviour and I think he and Jackson should be sharing cells.

    I wonder though how long their super expensive lawyers will be bothered with them because one thing is for sure, Ashby won’t get a red cent.

    • wixxy says:

      I think we are only at the tip of the iceberg with Ashby, I think there is for more to come re his relationship with Pyne for starters…

      The plot will get thicker…

  12. Sue says:

    Thanks wixxy

  13. Marilyn says:

    Certainly Pyne is well known around certain traps in SA.

  14. Marilyn says:

    If you want the goss send me an email address for confidential briefing which will explain much.

  15. The bull says:

    Despite her denials, Jackson is moving to NSW to run for HSU office. This is where the real power is. It’s also not Victoria where members know her only too well and where she would have no hope in any election. Any injustice associated with the lack of investigation of her Vic no.3 activities would be compounded if she gained office in NSW. The HSU voting bloc would oce again become a bargaining chip in labor power plays and the interests of members sacrificed for the ambitions of a grubby few. The way to stop this happening is ensure that HSU members get the truth about Jackson and what appears to be a history of scheming and manipulation to exercise political power from within the union movement. This is the worst sort of exploitation of the trust of these people. who earn little money and are too busy just making ends meet to enter the sort of political engagement necessary to protect their own interests. The same disadvantages that render them vulnerable to ruthless bosses at work also make them available to political predators like Jackson and her ilk. The distance she hoped to put between herself and Williamson by blowing the whistle on him is illusory. Let’s hope truth and integrity win out. But they will need some help. Keep up the good work Wixxy.

  16. OscarJones says:

    “do not start an inquiry unless you know the outcome” Indeed.
    And Justice Temby has a n odd track record on these investigations including the one in NSW re: police corruption where days were wasted talking about “cottaging” of which I know nil about,
    Perhaps Chrissy Pine does.

    Does anyone know what the HSU has actually done for the members?. Would they vote again for Wacko Jacko?

  17. LOVO says:

    Wixxy.. you da man 😉 …. Maybe she cooked all this up trying to get into the Lieberal Royal famalies good-books ….. would all so like to know how matey Lawler and Abbortt were/are, their Daddies were mates from the old days, maybe Tones and Mick played in the same sand-pit pull’n the heads off of dollies and such…… 😀

  18. incredulous says:

    peter have you thought approaching getup about mobilising a petition to get things moving?it seems nobody is interested at the moment.

  19. jaycee says:

    As I have said before…AND in regards to the Temby conclusions….I hold grave concerns that those arm-in-arm in the legal/judicial fraternity “hold court” in their casual gathering clubs and “pass-the-bottle” (25yr.old Scotch) while agreeing on the outcomes of certain “embarrassing-to-the-establishment” enquiries.
    “The law must not only be done, it must be SEEN to be done”.

  20. Eric says:

    It seems that whoever does an investigation in to this mess can only make conclusions from what is put in front of them . FWA had plenty of information on CTcare of KJ and partner .The fact that Nassios declared his report wouldn’t stand up to a police inquiry ,That’s like admitting to wasting 4 years of work , wasting lots of money and worst of all setting the media unesscersarily on to Craig Thomson . Nassios you are an incompetent fool or your somebody’s puppet ? I’d really like to know if Nassios was compromised in some way. The only way to get to the bottom of this mess is with a royal commission whether it will happen or whether it’s worth it will have to be decided .

  21. Scrag says:

    Peter, brilliant as usual. I really believe, and forget the HSU rules, that the only way they will have a clean union is, forget the rules, advertise Nationally for executives, there are some brilliant ones around from other unions, okay the members can elect the BCOM, but no member of the HSU is happy with the way things have gone. For Gods sake the wages are obsene and the EBA that was agreed to in Victoria is an absolute disgrace, obviously Victorian No. 1 accepted the base amount 2.5% for 2 years and then 1.25% for the next two years. These poor people have been screwed. Yes Peter you should start up a group of Facebook for somewhere else and get this thing rolling. It is doing the ALP and the unions terrible damage.

  22. Chris says:

    The reputational damage and the strong perception that justice has not been seen to be done , after the massive amount of resources and time report took by the FWA to complete ,only to find it is nothing but a “toothless tiger” is an aberration of Justice and needs to be formally investigated through proper Royal Commission.
    Even Ian Ross admitted to the brand damage and even went as far to say that it needed a name change through legislation , to clarify it’s it’s role.If there is confusion about it’s role, then how can we accept it’s report as bona fide ?Clarification is also needed on Judge Lawler’s role as a sworn judicial officer. It appears that whilst he’s denied any role of misconduct , and wears various hats, when he wishes to decline comment he wears his judge’s hat, yet he also puts the civilian hat on to make a formal complaint with Kathy as her partner about the union, and also call up a HSU union organiser asking them not to resign proferring that Kathy needs her as an ally ? and recently fund Kathy’s court action to appeal the appointment of an administrator the proximity of Lawler to the internal going’s on of this Union does not sit well with many .
    The FWA will need more then a name change to rescue it’s reputation, the report has become another piece of legal flotsam , the relevance and integrity paper thin. Restoration of faith in our legal tribunals after this debacle will require a proper Royal Commisision, with teeth and outcomes.

  23. kazann says:

    Again Kate McClymont writes on this issue. This time from the perspective of Marco Bolano’s partner. Interestingly she seems to say that Kathy Jackson and Marco Bolano’s whistleblowing efforts were because Michael Willliamson was untouchable and because Marco had a fiduciary responsibility” to HSU members.
    She again mentions Craig Thomson, the prostitutes, the credit card, without a single acknowledgment of the flaws in that bit of so called evidence or the fact that there have been multiple investigations and not a single charge.
    What I find most curious is how a whistleblowing effort to bring attention to Michael Williamson became a lynch mob for Craig Thomson. For the most part he was the person people went gunning for. He was the target of a FWA investigation. Why wasn’t Williamson the focus from the start if he was the intended target of the whistleblower?

  24. Natasha says:

    Great to see Kate McClymont continue her “velvet glove” treatment of union thugs like Marco Bolano. Misguided and totally “off the mark” in her puffery “Trauma of HSU man who blew whistle” i suggest she invest in a ticket to Vic and speak to some actual Victorian HSU members about REAL trauma . Bolano was nothing but a Jackson puppet , who walked behind her on a small leash and footage exists though has suddenly dissapeared off you tube at a disgraceful Union meeting where Jackson whispers into Bolano’s ear her directions and he compliantly repeats.

    Bolano and Kathy lived the high life of mamon way before they hit the panic button on Williamson , and do not deserve in any shape or form the mantle of “whistleblowers” .Wixxy and IA are the only decent investigative bloggers who has really scratched the surface to reveal the true picture of the Victorian Branch entrenched corruption , which has been widely ignored by McClymont and MSM because it’s hard work. Talking to Bolano’s wife , is hardly consulting widely ?Giving this bloke hero status is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story , and it’s a slap in the face for all the Victorian members who will ensure in the upcoming fresh elections that Jackson and her quislings are given a reality check.

    is it any wonder Jackson has moved to Sydney? Must be the better weather….

  25. Sue says:

    Just joining kazann and Natasha,

    Kate McClymont has just done as much investigation of the subject as her infamous
    ThomPson expose’

  26. OscarJones says:

    McClymont is a disgrace. What a hide she has to write of Bolano’s “trauma” when she put the knife into Craig Thomson without a scintilla of care in her stupid head about Thomson and his family’s trauma.
    She is a muckraker and one reason Fairfax is slipping. I think she is auditioning for News Corp.

    And she is one of the most sued ‘reporters’ for libel and has lost several times but always had legal fees paid by Fairfax but the hypocrite crowed about Thomson’s fees paid by Labor. I hear that may soon change though as a law suit is winging her way with lawyers tactically suing her alone and not the publisher for a recent piece of her venom.

  27. Jan says:

    In Vic the joke doing the rounds is McClymont is doing Jacksons election PR for her second crack at the HSU gravy train. McClymont spruiking for morons like Bolano who is a known bully boy, crony , who’s only real” trauma” is that he and Kathy got “found out” . A knucklehead who throws his weight around , one really wonders how he was ever allowed a 66% pay increase and the silly duffer went and took out a massive loan based on his income servicing it , maybe Kathy can rent him cheap rental of one of her investment properties in Melbourne , while she follows Lawler’s cheque book back to Sydney.

  28. Aaron of Darwin says:

    I simply find it hard to belive that many here what Jacksons blood, that in itself is fine – but too have so many comments that seem to suport the actions of both Williamson and Thomson, just make thier comments laughable. 2 simple facts –

    1) the union branch that was run by Mr Williamson has been shut down by the government – that is how bad a job he did.

    2) Mr Thomsom has admitted to paying for credit card transactions that can never be seen as legitiment union exspenses – again a extreme poor work performance.

    While it seems also Mrs Jackson has a few shadowy dealings – facts are there is a lot of scum on the water.

    • wixxy says:

      I in no way endorse the actions of Williamson, and have yet to see a comment from anybody who does.
      As were the branches run by Kathy and Jeff Jackson shut down
      Mr Thomson has not admitted paying these transactions at all, in fact he has repeatedly, and strenuously denied it, quite the opposite in my version of the English language
      If by shady dealings you mean allegations under Vic Police investigation of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from union members, those facts and documents are being investigated now
      The scum in the water you refer to, is most likely the scum Jackson seems to bathe in

    • SG Warren says:

      I don’t think anyone here thinks Williamson is innocent – far from it. Most people here think he is as guilty as sin.

      What we are concerned about is the fact that Fairfax seems to be giving the Jacksons a free pass when on the face of it they are just as corrupt as Williamson.

      I’m genuinely unable to work out where I stand on Craig Thomson. If he did simply ok CC payments without reading through them I would say that he was extremely negligent but given the fact that there seemed to be zero oversight or corporate standards in the entire union and also given they had his CC records on file there it could just be that it was standard practice for people there to use his CC and he had other issues to fight over.

      Then again maybe he did actually abuse his CC privileges but in the end the total amount he is responsible for is measured in 4 figures rather than the 6 figures we are looking at with the Jacksons and Williamson. Nearly all of the the “misused money” found by the FWA report is bogus.

      $150,000 of the “misused” funds were Nassios declaring that Thomson used union funds to pay for two staff members who according to him had no other functions at the HSU other than working on Thomson’s campaign. So how did Nassios work out they had no duties? Well he asked Kathy Jackson if they had any duties and she did a Carmen Lawrence (I can’t recall). But that’s ok he followed that up by asking Williamson about the same staff and he had the same answer. So obviously this meant Thomson had only hired them to run his campaign right?

      Only the AEC also investigated the same people. Only they weren’t a bunch of slackjawed yokels and actually asked the two staff members and their supervisors what their duties were. Surprise, surprise it turns out they actually did both have duties for the HSU and the AEC found their renumeration to be in line with their duties.

      If only Nassios had a source of information that wasn’t Jackson or Williamson he probably wouldn’t be looking at never being able to work anywhere in Australia ever again after this screw up.

      I could go on but nealry all of the $450,000 Nassios claimed he stole turned out to have been spent legitimately and the only reason Nassios thought otherwise was because Kathy Jackson lied to him repeatedly about it.

  29. Questions says:

    Question – When Ashby sent txt to that qld mp about slipper hurting alot of people?? Did he mean Slipper hurt alot of people within the LNP?..I think this is what he meant??? That’s my view..I don’t think he meant slipper has hurt alot of people that are the public..unless ashby has proof?..Thats the line slippers lawyers should use and see how Ashby answers it..would be interesting

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