Dirty Old Town

Posted: July 24, 2012 in HSU Saga

It’s been a while since I took a peek inside Jacksonville, so I thought I should cross the border and boldly take a few steps into the abyss.

Some of you may think that things there have been quiet, but on the contrary, there has been plenty going on indeed.

Some of you may remember Kathy Jackson’s interview on the ABC’s 7 30. That was the one Kathy told us she didn’t deserve to be paid so highly, and had done all she could to have her pay reduced.

For those of us in the real world who doubted her words, and her sudden out of character good intentions, we had our suspicions confirmed at the end of July. That was when Kathy decided to fight for $150,000 she thought she should receive suddenly after all.

Kathy, it seemed had a plan to get more of that money she says she doesn’t deserve. She had thought of what to say, and how she was going to say it, and was set to take on the HSU National Council and tell them what for. She had her ticket to Perth booked, her speech prepared, her bank manager consoled, her hair primped and preened, she was ready to rock.

Imagine both her, and the committee’s surprise when she rocked up just as the meeting finished.

It is an almost comical situation, one can only imagine the look on her face. She must have been shattered after travelling all that way for nothing, but it may warm her heart a little to know that it wasn’t all for nothing. Those who attended the meeting thought it was one of the funniest things they’d seen all year. Just the thought of it makes me grin still. As reported in the weekend Australian of June 30.

“She didn’t ask at the national executive meeting the following day, but she did stick around to hear criticisms of her and to return the favour by calling various individuals traitors and the like. United they stand.”

In Canberra, a Federal Senate Committee linked up with FWA investigator Terry Nassios by video. Nassios was still on holiday from FWA, he seems to have been on leave of some sort ever since the “investigation” became public. We would not want a little thing like a federal investigation, or a senate enquiry to disturb him too much, hence the video hook up. Now he is due to leave the country for a while.

Nassios told the enquiry a few things of interest. He explained that the

“Information from Fairfax was CRUCIAL for making conclusions in terms of expenditure on escort services.”

Really? That would be the one that they now distance themselves from? The one where they have removed all of the “evidence” from their websites? I would have thought that someone who is supposed to be independent may have sought evidence themselves, rather than rely on media reports that Fairfax themselves are trying to seek distance from. In fact, here is a list of other investigations that Nassios could have taken into account when looking at allegations regarding Craig Thomson.

2 NSW Police Investigations
2 Australian Electoral Commissions
BDO Kendall Investigation
Operation Carnarvon

Alas, he seemed to have missed them. Could it be because they came up with nothing? No charges laid, no evidence of any crime committed?

Maybe these investigation results were buried under Neranto invoices, Minifie Child Care receipts, Wai Quen Legal Payment details, or maybe just endless piles of cheque requisitions for cash payments…

In regards to who Nassios interviewed, and any accountability for their statements:

“It is not to be made public who was interviewed or transcripts of those interviews”

When asked if he stood by claims that his investigation was forensic, Nassios explained..

“..it would not stand up to police scrutiny”

That does come as a shock. An investigation that took years to complete, relied heavily on media reports, that had evidence hand delivered by the secretary of the union being investigated, and that missed reams upon reams of evidence, that seemingly incriminate the partner of a senior official in the investigators organisation.

That sort of investigation wouldn’t stand the scrutiny of a game of Cluedo, let alone police scrutiny.

This investigation appears to be well below the standard any reasonable person would expect, and has many question marks over it and the manner it was conducted. It is no wonder FWA President, Iain Ross, when he was interviewed by Leigh Sales on 7 30, repeatedly distanced himself from the investigation, and flat out refused to endorse any of its findings.

Some of you may also remember all the hullabaloo over Kathy Jackson’s affidavit that Justice Flick suppressed so it could not be made public. The affidavit was a lame attempt to smear the name of Federal Minister Bill Shorten.

Although the affidavit was suppressed it still managed to be leaked out to the public in a bizarre manner.

Jackson claimed, bringing her children into it once again, that one of her children playing on the computer must have accidentally sent it out. This was not to be confused with contempt of court, oh no… Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time. Kiddies get into their mummies email, stumble on files that are suppressed by Federal Court, accidentally attach them to emails, and then somehow manage, to quite by chance, stumble on to journalists names in the email address book, and accidentally email them to these journalists… Like I said, it happens all the time. But only in Jacksonville.

Nobody took the information leaked seriously. It only ran in the Financial Review, and no other major media gave it much attention, choosing to ignore it. The story died faster than a kid can send an email.

A couple of weeks back, there was a report that a couple of HSU members had produced statutory declarations with further allegations regarding Bill Shorten. Again, this received virtually no attention, only really appearing on a couple of right wing websites that are usually associated with “Holocaust Denier” types. These stat dec’s were written and signed by Fleur Behrens and Lorraine Di Pietro One running Kathy Jackson’s ticket in HSU executive election in Victoria, the other the sister of Jackson’s sister in law.

At the same time an official letter of complaint was received by Acting General Secretary Peter Mylan, and acting National President Chris Brown regarding a request allegedly made for Jackson.

Sherida Jacks stated that Fleur approached her on Kathy’s behalf and attempted to coerce her into writing and signing a statutory declaration with false allegations regarding Bill Shorten. Unfortunately for Jackson, Sheridan is not running Jackson’s ticket, she is not a relation, and she is apparently honest. Hence the letter of complaint which throws the other stat dec’s into question. But again, those stat dec’s had not been taken seriously at any rate.

Whilst this has been going on, I thought it would be interesting to see who Kathy Jackson had been chatting with before the Administrator took her phone away.

Due to privacy reasons, I will not be so irresponsible or childish as to reprint, or display the phone numbers of those who probably don’t wish to have their numbers made public. However, below is a link to the front page of the phone bill so you can see that I indeed have a copy of Jackson’s phone bill. Some of you may even recognise the number, which, for those who think they have caught me out, is no longer in use by her.

Front Page K Jackson Phone Bill

There are some curious calls in there, among them the Shooters And Fishers Party, NSW Liberal and Finance Minister Greg Pearce, and even the media liaison for none other than Eric Abetz, our favourite Nazi Nephew and of course Liberal Senator.

I wonder what Jackson was discussing with Eric Abetz’s office while Abetz was asking questions of FWA President Iian Ross, and later Terry Nassios, at the Senate hearings into the FWA investigations. The phone number not only appearing in the dialed numbers list, but also in the SMS part of the bill also.

Maybe more will come to light in the near future.

Below are the details of the Freedom Of Information request that Wixxyleaks has in place on Fair Work Australia.

FOI Request for FWA

I am of the understanding that this request is in progress, and the information has started being gathered. It will be interesting to see whom both Michael Lawler, and Terry Nassios were in touch with during Fair Work Australia’s so called “investigation”. Also how often they were in touch with each other. Unfortunately however, we cannot be supplied SMS details.

There is another thing that I have been informed of from a number of sources, that may make you smile.

At FWA there are committee’s that cover various categories of actions, one of those is Health, which of course, is where any HSU matters would be heard. Michael Lawler headed the Health committee at one time (he has wisely been moved to another now). Upon hearing a case which involved the HSU, a letter of complaint was sent to FWA querying a conflict of interest with Michael Lawler. According to the author of this letter, Lawler was involved in a romantic/sexual relationship with Kathy Jackson, the HSU Secretary. The author of this complaint letter was allegedly none other than Jeff Jackson himself, angry over his wifes affair. I cannot verify this story 100%, but I have heard it from several people, and it is not the funniest or strangest I have heard….

There have been a few who have criticised my work, or disputed it but I had expected that.

What I didn’t expect is just how weak the arguments of those who attacked me would be. None of them disputed any of the evidence, and no wonder, Kathy Jackson herself verified it with her statements, saying that selective documents were being leaked by us to paint her in bad light.

There were those who said that my insinuation that Lawler and Nassios worked in the same building was misleading. I would like to clear that one up now.

I no longer insinuate this, I declare it, I confirm it 100%, it is fact, it is not something in doubt, it is completely true. I hope I have made that clear for all.

Apparently working in the same office means didley squat though, they may as well be in separate cities according to some of the more feeble minded among us. What a load of cobblers… Mind you, the same inbred half-wits think I am in the neighboring electorate to Craig Thomson. My neighboring MP’s are actually Michelle Rowland, Julie Owen’s, and Phillip Ruddock, none of whom resemble Craig Thomson in the slightest.

Some have made comment that they believe Thomson is guilty, and therefore I am wrong because Jackson is the whistleblower pointing at him.

I have never declared that Thomson is innocent, I have just suggested that there are holes in much of the so called evidence against him.

Even if Thomson is guilty however, that certainly does not make Jackson innocent, far from it. In fact if the amount of money that has allegedly been misappropriated from HSU members was chocolate, even if Thomson was guilty of all his alleged wrong doing, his crimes would be an M&M on the Chocolate Mount Everest of allegations facing Michael Williamson, and Kathy and Jeff Jackson.

Michael Williamson once again appeared in the news over the weekend. It would appear that he had a bit of a chat with Gerard Hayes regarding the upcoming union election. Gerard Hayes was allegedly offered the backing of Williamson and his faction. In return Williamson was looking to act as a consultant for the HSU once Hayes, or Williamson’s man on the ground, Bob Hull, took over. One can only imagine the exorbitant hourly rates Williamson would charge for consultancy fees’s.

Mind you, most suspect a similar deal has been done between Fleur in Melbourne and Kathy Jackson.

In my view, members need to ensure that anybody associated with either Jackson or Williamson is not elected. But that is just my opinion, based on the evidence I have seen.

Tomorrow Jackson takes her case to the full bench of the Federal Court, hoping to set a date for a hearing. I don’t mean to make her sound childish, but her appeal is to have everybody but her friends booted out of their jobs, and her factional buddies put in their place.

Below is a video-clip link of a young boy in a supermarket acting in a Kathy Jacksonlike manner over some sweets.


I don’t fancy her chances, but you never know with court. How she managed to escape her last court appearances without being charged with contempt, or attempting to pervert the course of justice is anybody’s guess.

All I can be sure of is this, I know this won’t be the last time in venture into the world of Jacksonville.

I just hope the poor HSU members don’t end up back there again.

  1. debbiep says:

    Interesting interview On ABC radio just now with Kate McClymont. Listening to her account on all this no wonder many are distancing themselves. Its a horror story.

    Good on YOU, for trying to seek the truth Peter.

  2. Bella 888 says:

    Keep it up Wixxy! Great to see you’re still on the trail.

  3. Catching up says:

    I loved Abetz defense of the good lady today.

    Mr. Abetz is indeed correct. There needs to another inquiry. into the role the Opposition has played in this saga.

    Wixxy, I live in the next electorate to Thomson’s. It is indeed a long, long, long way from you.

    Worse luck, as if we were closer, we could get to socialise

  4. Sue says:

    So EricA Betz possibly getting information/questions from Jackson during the Senate hearings of the FWA. You think he would have learnt something after Grech.

    Does anyone from the msm read your articles? You think one of them could have some fun with Abetz. Or maybe Senator Sarah Hanson- Young could ask some questions of Abetz. Afterall she was fed written questions from the Ombudsman, who then had to resign.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Yeah but McClymont is still whining about Thomson even though he was not being investigated.

  6. seb says:

    Kathy Jackson was introduce as HSU secretary and whistle blower on ABC-JJJ news this afternoon before a sound bite with her saying something, maybe how terrible the people in the report were.

  7. Slumdog says:

    Australia needs a Guardian Co UK..comment is free and welcome….Murdoch brand democracy.Regarding the entrapment of Peter Slipper by News Ltd and the LNP.. Murdoch media have used the freedom of the press act to commit all sorts of crime ranging from Hacking to Insider trading, bribery, blackmail, extortion etc and the time is long overdue for the law to step in. Like most freedoms, the right to free speech and freedom of the press come with a certain amount of responsibility….Deja vu Godwin Grech… Grech admits he was paid by a News ltd journalist to create an email from inside Australian dept of treasury+provided inside information from Aust tax office to a foreign power
    http://www.crikey.com.au/topic/godwin-grech/ ..What happened to Godwin Grech.He simply resigned, was put in protection under the mental health act for 12 months,he then disappeared. Where is sad man Grech to-day,?. Probably in a shallow grave somewhere…..
    .: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/dangerous-double-life-of-grech-20091126-juha.html#ixzz1QlQFbnPpSee..

  8. Heather says:

    Hmm, saw the item about the HSU on the 7.30 report tonight. It seems that Williamson is to be the bad guy (which he is) but no mention of any question over Kathy’s head. Instead she’s given several sound bites, where she declares herself as one of the honest ones….
    When is KJ ever going to be brought to account?

  9. jaycee says:

    I have a suspicion that the LNP. is sooo deep in this scheme to overthrow the sitting govt’ that any serious investigation by the federal police or a judicial inquiry would bring the whole house of cards down and with it all chance of the conservatives winning the next federal election….I fear that certain entrenched conservative establishment organisations are using their influence to block and divert any spotlight falling on the LNP. and its’ ministers so suspiciously involved it this scandal because they themselves have a lot to lose should the LNP. not win the next federal election. After all, the conservative establishment IS one big club!

  10. Lana says:

    As Jaycee touched on there are too many crossed lines, too many questions on why the HSU & Ashby case lacked closer scrutiny of the so called “protagonists” . People like Wixxy & IA have been chipping away slowly at the layers of cover up, but there is i feel much much more still to be revealed. Not in their worst Machiavellian nightmare did the Conservatives think that Kathy and Ashby themselves are as ricketty and flawed as they come ,Kathy looking more nervous than a long-tailed dog in a room full of rocking chairs each day. But these are the hollow people they chose to “champion” to get to the spoils of power themselves , at any cost.

    • wixxy says:

      “Kathy looking more nervous than a long-tailed dog in a room full of rocking chairs each day”

      I love it, absolute classic Lana 🙂

  11. jaycee says:

    Lana..I read that Tabbott has been advising the Chinese to clean up their political act!!…You know, those people you mention..: The “handlers” must be smacking their hands so many times against their foreheads in frustration you could identify them by the bruising there!

  12. Ex-Abbott Staffer says:

    And The Media was silent on the above reality, because they were based on facts told to by Abbott.

  13. Steve says:

    Wixxy, good to see that you are still on the case, and the blade of your shovel is as sharp as ever.
    I too believe that the LNP are in it up to their scrawny necks, and are being protected from investigation.
    Keep up the good work and I, like many others here I am sure, look forward to your future articles with great anticipation.

  14. Nick W says:

    I saw Jackson on tonight’s news saying how she had “no idea there was so much corruption in the HSU”. The gall of the woman is staggering but anybody who is not familiar with these investigations would probably be none the wiser.

    When is the media going to pick up on this story? I’m beginning to suspect they have an agenda.

    Please, please, please continue!

  15. Lachlan Ridge says:

    The Jackson-Lawler affair (all pun intended) has has been the end of the MSM for me.

    I now read Andrew Elder, Independent Australia and The Conversation, the last highly recommended as a source for those tricky but unavoidable facts the MSM, including teh ABC, seems to have such a cavalier attitude towards.

    I have surprised myself about how open minded I have become about the world I live in and how much less I am irritated by intellectual nothingness; like the goings on of the Gatto Clan, what Lara Bingle has been up to or which footballer has shat their pants in a pub lately.

    Abandoning the MSM and striking out in search of your own sources of fact from around the globe is a course of action recommend it to all thinking Australians. When one does happen across a mainstream news source it is shocking how riddled with errors of fact something as simple as a five minute radio news bulletin can be.

  16. WatsonGirlsDad says:

    Whilst my sympathy goes out to all of the HSU members who have been affected, I have just been reading some comments from Zoe Arnold (Craig Thomsons wife). One way or another these people deserve there lives back.

    I refuse to believe that there is a financial mess that is so complex in its nature, that Craig Thomson could not be either cleared or charged after all this time. Even the Feds have had the information for how long now ??

    Wixxy (and wife of Wixxy) seem to have turned out some very interesting facts with limited time and resources. Am I to believe that all investigations, past and present, could not by now have shown just exactly where Craig Thomson stands.

    • jaycee says:

      WGD…I have grave concern that certain parties who have shown brazen disregard for the process of law, yet still continue to be outspoken and demanding even after all the disclosures here and elsewhere, proves a case for bias toward conservatism in this country. I have doubts these persons willl be brought to account as those who exercise investigation and justice have it in their personal and political interest that such a situation does not eventuate. Otherwise, as you have so correctly pointed out, such a case should already have eventuated….given that Mr. Wicks has already given all his information to the authorities.

  17. Savetherange says:

    An outcome I would like to see is money repaid to the union to be used to benefit union members’ working conditions, criminal charges against any and all executives and previous executives who have misused funds and abused the apparently scant processes for spending union funds, their assets frozen until repayments have been made and much much better governance procedures imposed on all unions. What to do about political party members’ and pollies’ involvement, I’m not sure but we really shouldn’t have to accept skulduggery by public figures and public servants.

  18. Catching up says:

    One must ask, where are the charges.

  19. Marilyn says:

    The maximum fine Thomson could possibly face is $1100 but the statute of limitations even for that is done and dusted.

    they just keep the poor man unhinged.

  20. In the light of the fact that the so-called “findings” of Fair Work Australia against Craig Thomson coincide with the very allegations made against him by Kathy Jackson in April 2009, we might well ask what kind of “investigation” Terry Nassios actually carried out and what he was really doing during the intervening years.

  21. I am surprised that no one appears to have considered the possibility that Thomson’s move to the HSU National Office in Melbourne was engineered(by Williamson) to get him out of the way because he was starting to suspect the possibility that the NSW secretary was engaging in corrupt practices. Temby describes Thomson as “Williamson’s protege”. He may have been when he became Assistant Secretary in NSW, but that relationship did not last very long at all. He has become the “fall-guy” for the activities of Williamson and Jackson. Just look at the disputes he had with the corrupt Jackson crowd in Melbourne.

  22. Alan says:

    Kathy’s appeal just got dropped! anyone know on what basis? Was her credit card declined?

  23. Sue says:

    I read Kathy Jackson has dropped her Federal Court appeal.

    I wonder if that is because she had to fund it herself and the Union wanted her to pay their costs in the appeal.?

  24. The bull says:

    More likely deals have been done and hatchets buried with a view to her getting elected at upcoming union ballots. Interesting to see if she is still dumping on Shorten and Gerard Hayes in coming weeks. She wants campaign funding and Shorten wants hsu factional grunt. Sitting organisers on the other election ticket have the members loyalty and the members want nothing to do with labor right and with Jackson in particular. Jackson needs to turn that around. Dirty deeds galore ahead.

  25. The bull says:

    Look forward to it. Struggling HSU members need some honest and accurate information about those intent on exploiting their trust and money for self serving and grubby purposes. It’s gone on too long.

  26. Denis says:

    Dianna Asmar former mayor of DAREBIN COUNCIL yesterday resigned her position on council ,there are 2 Trains of thought 1 being that there is about to be an adverse report by the Victorian ombudsman of which her husband will be named,Dianna is also under investigation because of her links with developers also under investigation are Gillard government Ministers Stephen Conroy and Bill Shorten . it may also co incidental that Asmar who has not been seen at the council for a number of months is about to nominate for the number 1 branch of the health services union.

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