The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Dummy Spits, HSU Saga

I have been called many things before, occasionally complimentary, and plenty of things less than complimentary. I have had people accuse me of all sorts of wicked deeds, and immoral acts, even by my standard.

I don’t normally mind, as that seems to be how it is these days when you upset those on the far right of the political spectrum.

This week however, things reached a new low.

I will keep names out of this post, out of respect for somebody who realistically deserves absolutely none.

Many of you may have read my posts on the allegations of corruption at the HSU, known as the “Jacksonville” posts.

It seems Kathy Jackson still has a couple of fans out there, and this week I have found out the type of people that admire her, aside from Tony Abbott of course.

On Sunday the 1st July, I received an email from a bloke, whom I will refer to as Mr Spineless.

Mr Spineless claimed to be writing a piece for a blog site about my HSU posts. He asked me several questions, some of which I found irrelevant, some of which I found personal, and all of which I could have refused to answer.

In good faith I answered all of his questions, honestly and quite quickly, all I asked was that he call me so we could discuss his piece. He then sent me more questions, which I also answered and again requested he call.

When he called, we discussed his piece and the direction it was going to head, he told me it was a piece I wouldn’t like. He told me his theory on the corruption of virtually everyone involved in the case except Jackson and Lawler. Everyone else, including the administrator Michael Moore, and the Federal Court Judge, Justice Flick was corrupt apparently. Big calls indeed.

Anyhow, this week Mr Spineless’s piece of propaganda finally surfaced. What a disappointment it turned out to be.

His piece was so well researched, he couldn’t even spell Wixxyleaks correctly, despite it being the subject of his post. There are better researched stories written on the toilet walls frequented by right wing shock-jocks.

So far, I have posted 17 articles on Wixxyleaks and Independent Australia, most of which contain something I like to refer to as evidence. Evidence that the NSW and the Vic Police have taken seriously, evidence that has been reported in The Australian, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald Sun, and of course the ABC. Thanks to Australian Associated Press, it has also appeared on every Australian news network that uses AAP, this includes every TV station, every major radio station, and every major newspaper.

Mr Spineless’s piece doesn’t dispute any of that evidence. None of it…

Instead it tries to attack the sources. Myself, Independent Australia, even my wife Felicity came under fire.

Independent Australia is not independent he says. I can assure you IA is not a part of News Ltd or Fairfax. Mr Spineless, probably doesn’t know what the word independent means. When he goes to his local independent bottle shop, or his local IGA, he is probably surprised not to see Wilkie, Oakeshott, or Windsor behind the counter.

I will provide you a copy of Mr Spinless’s post, just to be transparent, it doesn’t warrant reading, but for those who seek context it will be handy. He appears to be desperately trying to get hits on his site, judging from our phone conversation, and the way he shamelessly begs people to repost his blogs via Twitter and Facebook. He even explains to people not to copy and paste in emails… how desperate, then again, he is trying to sell coffee mugs also.

The main thrust of Mr Spineless’s post is that I am an ALP member, and that I have tried to conceal that from my readers.

He does have a point there. Clearly as anybody can see I have been hiding my ALP membership, it explains many of my actions. My Twitter account @pwicksalp for one. The contributors bio on Independent Australia that says I was an ALP Candidate, is also quite concealing. Maybe the portrait pic’s in his post that he took from my Facebook page, of me with ex ALP Premier Kristina Keneally, yet another secret that I hid on my Facebook page. Or even the blogs I write where I mention it repeatedly, including the one which he asked me about regarding Kristina Keneally’s leaving State Parliament, where I clearly mentioned being a candidate.

But alas, Sherlock Spineless discovered my supposedly well hidden secret…

He even claims I try to pose as an independent, is he for real? Even while he publishes pictures of me with Keneally?

This is so he can call me a troll. Like I went looking for a right wing blog site to trash, once again the pot and the kettle…

Me trolling??

Mr Spineless assumes because I am an ALP member, I must talk to other members. How perceptive, most people assume we are all mutes. He is such a clever boy.

Mr Spineless’s big issue however relates to Kathy Jackson’s children, whose care is allegedly paid for by HSU members, if financial records are to be believed.

I agree with Mr Spineless on this, children should not be involved in these matters. I believe that it takes a particular type of scum, or as one of his readers states someone “lower than whale shit” to involve children in this mess.

That is why I was so surprised when a couple of saints like Michael Lawler and Kathy Jackson would dump their kids in the middle of it.

Kathy Jackson has named her children countless times in relation to this case, in interviews on TV and radio, however when I repeat those names she has mentioned, I am the bad guy. That to me seems odd, and just a bit desperate, not to mention hypocritical.

If naming a previously mentioned child makes you an online child stalker, Justin Bieber best beware, he seems to be mentioned quite often.

Anyway, when Mr Spineless posted his trash piece, he decided to include my mobile phone number in it. I assumed this was by accident and emailed him asking him to take it down. Instead he posted my request on his blog and included my number again.

Not wanting things to get silly, I attempted to phone him, he didn’t answer. A bit later I hid my number and tried again, he encouraged me to email him again, then refused to speak to me and hung up. Real mature.

Anyway, I wouldn’t really care too much, as it is clear by the number of calls I got, a country town dead end street at 3am gets more traffic than his online coffee mug store/propaganda site. Except for the way he chooses to promote his trash is something I take issue with.

Here is the teaser tweet we sent out to his handful of followers on Twitter.

“ALP member stalks children online & takes offence at being outed”

I do not think naming 2 children, whose names I only know due to previous reports where they are named, makes me a sicko.

Nor does it give someone the right to try and portray me as a paedophile, as his tweet seems to do. To me this is the act of a real sicko. What makes someone even think that? I hate to think.

This also belittles authentic accusations against real child sex offenders, and makes a mockery of victims of abuse. This, to me is a twisted mind, to even think that way is blood curdling.

If the Jackson fan club chose to fight evidence by posting unfounded remarks about those with evidence being online child stalkers, and listing their phone numbers, then it is a strange world on the fringes of Jacksonville indeed.

Here are some other tweets Mr Spineless used.

“ALP Troll Peter Wicks & #Thomson supporter takes offence at being outed”

‪”#Thomson & ALP boy Peter Wicks harass intimidate & stalk key witness #Jackson & her children

#Thomson conspires with ALP boy Peter Wicks to harass intimidate and stalk key witness #Jackson & her children

After these remarks I decided to go to the police, as disgraceful conduct like this should not go unreported. The quotes below show my correspondence after I gave my statement, I have only removed the officers details. I cannot show his email due to the police disclaimer, however it gives an event number, and gives me a recommendation on how to proceed, and this line discussing Mr Spineless’s counter claims.

“obviously made counter claims in regards to things you have posted about him and he has received death threats from your supporters.”

My Response:

I appreciate your efforts, I knew he would make a counter claim, and yes I did let people know what he had said about me. He should have thought about that before he made his insinuating remarks, after all he chooses to make his mobile number public on his website, I do not.

I have not encouraged any threats at all, in fact of the people who have rang to abuse me, at least 2 of them were calling him back for misleading them about me.

It is interesting also to note that according to the story about me on his website, one of my “supporters” was sending him death threats due to his story before he even wrote it or put it online, this seems unlikely in the extreme, a bit like me complaining today about something I will see on TV next week even though I don’t know I will be seeing it…

Anyway, thanks again for your assistance on this matter, and if there are any further developments I will let you know.


Yes, I did post Mr Spineless’s mobile number on my Facebook page, in good faith I have removed it now, and via Twitter once. However, I choose to keep my number private, his number is openly available to all via his online store/propaganda site, as such any complaints he has about making his number public are ridiculous.

As for death threats to him, I am not involved in any way with that. However, if you put your number on your site, and advertise the site by accusing others falsely of stalking children, here’s a tip for young players, I think you should expect the odd angry call…

As for this Eric bloke, described as one of my “supporters” like I’m a footy team. Eric who allegedly sent the death threat described in Mr Spineless’s post is according to Mr Spineless a regular at his site.

Judging from Mr Spineless’s  Twitter follower numbers, it’s safe to say nobody much has heard of his site, or if they have, they were not impressed. I certainly had never heard of it.

This alleged Eric person is someone I do not know, Mr Spineless seems to be the one emailing him, certainly not me…

Despite the call from the police, my number remains on Mr Spineless’s site. Not that I’m surprised.

In other related news, in the upcoming HSU executive elections, it seems Kathy Jackson herself will be running her own ticket. This has come as quite a surprise to all, maybe Jeff needs another car.

Still, if Mr Spineless is a member of the HSU, I guess she has at least 1 vote.

If anyone really wants to read his trash piece, you read it via the link below.

Trash piece

That way he won’t get the hits he so desperately hopes for.

  1. dafid1 says:

    Wixxy you have been dealing with son of Abbott, a totally insane individual. Trust you gave his details to the police, he needs putting away.

  2. Heather says:

    Not bothering to read it. The world needs positive people (like yourself) and constructive opinions. I don’t need to read the thoughts of sicks – not even out of curiosity. Cheers. keep up the good work.

  3. Catching up says:

    I would like to remind all, it was Ms. Jackson that introduce the children to the saga when she turned up in court with them.

    It was Ms. Jackson’s barrister that pointed out to the judge, because of her commitments to the children, she had with her, she need more time to make her affidavits/

    Not one single charge of any nature laid, from any of the many investigations.

    Suspect the solicitors in each of the agencies involved, are having trouble with the so called evidence.

    Making allegations is one thing. Proving them is not so easy.

    Who put the evidence on the front counter at FWA?

    Good luck, wixxy.

  4. Lynnie says:

    After 2 seconds thought, I decided NOT to read the trash piece, Peter. Your articles have been well written and well researched, and this is what appears to be a problem for the ultra right conservatives who seem to rely on rhetoric and people’s laziness. Don’t let a few crazies get under your skin. You’re doing a great job and I hope you keep it up

  5. Catching up says:

    Where is the name and particulars of the person who wrote that article. Where is the place one can male comments.

    I am sure you will hear from her solicitors. Take it as a compliment, you will be one among many. Many, many, many, as Abbott would say.

    Raise the flag if this farce eventuates. I am sure most of us have a dollar or two to spare.

    PS. Did not bother reading in depth. Nothing new jumped up, glancing through it.

  6. Lisa Vantanen says:

    I read through all of this, and even though I have no legal background, cannot understand why this person is making these accusations about you. They fly in the face of the objective information you have resourced. Personally I think that Thomson has done the wrong thing, because there’s ‘no smoke without fire’, but if there was organisational corruption on a larger scale, it needs to be examined, in order to put in place preventative measures for the future.

    Unions get such a bad rap anyway, and this entire fiasco has done even more damage. Still, ALL of the wrongdoings should be exposed, no good can come out of hanging, drawing and quartering one man, one element of it.

  7. Eve says:

    Unfortunately too many people do see political allegiances as a ‘footy team’ and which often leads to normally ‘good’ people supporting the insupportable. I have always found your posts to be upfront and honest including no secrets about your background or allegiances. Comes down to the evidence. That is all that is relevant. Whether Thomson used his union credit card for prostitutes will be determined (I imagine) in due course through a proper process. There are many hands sticky from the union honey pot in the HSU story and each are accountable.

  8. Anon says:

    This is all the proof you need that your efforts are making a difference. Keep up the great work!

  9. DP says:

    Sounds Like MR Spineless wants to vilify thruthseekers. Reminds me of something the nazis would do?

  10. Sue says:

    Hi wixxy
    I won’t go to the trash site because I’m not interested in the vile rantings. I have noticed that across the sites that support Labor the trolls are visiting and ramping up the abuse and outrage. They must feel there is a need.

    Keep yourself and wife and friends safe.

  11. Mandy says:

    I have seen that bloke’s website before – one word: Whackjob.

  12. chantal says:

    What of Ms Jacksons attempts to contact the court registrar (judge) prior to court proceedings ? Is that not interference or contempt? Jackson’s behaviour was indicative of someone who thinks they have carte blanche , take aim at anyone and everyone (affidavit), with the back up of pro bono . Sound familiar?, aka Ashby ? However Jackson’s defense and inference that she was some kind of political “innocent” being scorned by big bad factional heavies is so weak, they aren’t worth investing the time. The Judge administered the appropriate remedy of administration(of which she herself supported) because the affidavits pointed to one fact , she was one of they central players of the dysfunction . Spineless needs to do some research on Jacksons little factional “taliban” group in Victoria, backed by the SDA , feeney and others who have since quietly distanced themselves along with Abbott and co. once they realised her moral currency as a “whistleblower” had become junk bonds overnight.

    Pluggers like spineless , are in the lonelist fan club of all , desperate get some/any traffic, and using personal attacks on investigative bloggers to rope in some content . The accusations he makes against our legal system are disturbing , and baseless perhaps he would like to focus his rants on the damage the FWA have done on natural justice, by allowing Jackson herself to deliver boxes of evidence personally to the FWAJudge heading the HSU investigation, and then conveniently flying overseas becoming uncontactable, hmm and conveniently discussing HSU matters with Judge Lawler or the raft of fake invoicing , phantom consultants, brothel visits by her “estranged husband” hmmm etc.. . There is only one travesty of justice here, and that is the members have been fleeced by Jackson & Williamson the primary evidence presented here and in MSM are the prima -facie case , spineless ignores all of that, playing the person and not the facts.

  13. What a vile waste of space and oxygen this Mr Spineless is.

  14. Steve says:

    Wixxy, you have always conducted yourself with honesty, declaring your interests, and going out of your way to present the facts and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions, in my opinion that is the mark of a true investigative journalist.
    Don’t need to read that crap, you are the one with credibility.
    Keep up the good work, and look forward to the next instalment, Cheers.

  15. Saaq Madiq. says:

    Onya Wixxy keep it up mate. Mr Spineless is typical of right wingers everywhere, they just hate people who use FACTS to back up their side of the story. They are so loose with the truth it drives them crazy when confronted with facts. You only have to see the lies and distortions everyday from Abbott and his bunch of misfits. Keep up the attack on the Lieberals because they can’t handle the truth.

  16. Rob says:

    I found his website and I wish I hadn’t. For a moment I thought it might have been trying to sell me Viagra. What a nutter. Welcome to Jacksonville!

  17. Miglo says:

    Wixxy, whatever you do, don’t let these people get to you. They play mind games. You might have seen that I’ve been the subject of some of the nastiest allegations ever to come out of an asshole’s mouth lately. They’re all nut jobs. They’re total scum.

  18. tibor says:

    I’m sorry Peter but I had to google it, My God I am appalled, what a pack of lies and rubbish they publish, how can they get away with it? I have only recently left the MSM and found sites like yours and IA and others and Boy what an education I am getting. Please keep up the good work. I am not good at very much but I would stand in the trenches with you any day mate!

  19. Ken Atkinson says:

    Keep the pressure on Peter. You have done such an amazing job with honest and open investigative reporting and exposed the ugly truth for all to see. You have a lot of supporters here and all we want to see is the truth and you are dealing it up in spades! Mr. Spineless, you are an idiot and ain’t that the truth!!

  20. The bull says:

    Just read that Jackson is appealing the decision to put the HSU into administration. Her argument is that she should not have been sacked. The decision was designed to allow HSU members to belong to a functioning union. Does anyone still believe Jackson started all this in the interests of those members?

  21. Lizzie says:

    To paraphrase, the grounds of her appeal are that:

    “His Honor erred in law in that he didn’t give me what I wanted”.

  22. Nick Valentine says:

    Hey Peter…as they used to day in ancient Rome: “Nil illegitimi carborundum!”

  23. pete says:

    It’s surpirising it’s taken them this long to resort to the old “don’t listen to him, he is a alp member, liar , chocolate ice cream eater, stalking, election candidate” strategy , clumsy what! You knew it would happen.
    I admire you for your courage to continue, knowing it will probably get worse. I thought there was something in the telecommunications act that forbad the posting of phone numbers without permission, check the privacy act as well

  24. mafalda says:

    I hope you have the stamina to rise above all this horrible mud slinging – the truth will come out, and I appreciate all your hard efforts (and those of your wife). take care and “maintain the rage”.

  25. Kimward says:

    The NSW Govt is also considering intervening it is upset with the choice of Adminsitrator, seems they prefer Jeffrey Phillips SC.

    What’s going on here? who is backing KJ in this process? these actions cost money.

    Not happy Jan

  26. William says:


    Good work, I hope you can keep going, despite having to deal with scum like this. I know I would struggle, so good on you.

    The IPA / Coalition knew full well what they were introducing to Australia with their Tea Party tactics. The Liberal Party under Tony Abbott is damaging this country, a little bit more each day, as this Mr Spineless proves. For everyone’s sake I hope the Liberal Party gets rid of Abbott and gets back on the right track. But sadly I don’t think it will. What a horrible time to be an Australian.

  27. sb says:

    i don’t normally post comments, but wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided. keep up the good work.

  28. soilisms says:

    I would hate to be mistaken for a right wing troll. I think people’s children and families should be kept out of it, they really have nothing to do with it. I can follow the argument that Jackson talks about her children in the public sphere but it just doesn’t sit well with me.

    Above all, I take exception to the use of 90’s rock songs as post titles.

  29. savetherange says:

    Brush it off. It is always just a matter of time, if you are outspoken, that someone will try to get you to play with them in the gutter. His attack on you is a red herring, don’t waste time on it. I read some of that guys posts a while back in relation to corruption in the legal system and I think that is entirely possible. If not why would a judge or ex judge not sue him for accusations of taking bribes? This story about corruption and theft in the HSU executive is your story, not his. Keep on keeping on. It is obvious you have evidence and that you have support to reveal the truth of the matter to get justice for HSU members and, it cannot be overstated, the wider community who will benefit greatly in many ways from every fight against self serving, arrogant opportunists whereever they may be, in unions, churches, parliaments, corporations, bureacracies, law courts, media just to mention a few that have popped up from time to time.

  30. Min says:

    Pete, you know that we’re with you. Huggs and double huggs.

  31. Rama5 says:

    Keep up your fab work Pete (a must read each day you share it with us), and thanks for taking some of the heat from the far lunar right. Must be very hot out there. And just think, for every day this not entirely stupid, but dangerously deranged blogger (not your average troll eh, sorry, read it) expends his vitriol in your general direction, that’s probably a whole lot of grannys who haven’t been frightened by refugees or the climate for a while, so are feeling cool and relaxed.
    The price on carbon is working in mysterious ways.

  32. alfred venison says:

    dear friend
    you are superlative! and exemplary! a model-in-action of evidence based reporting. a living national treasure. love your style, too; more power to your writing hand!
    yours sincerely
    alfred venison

  33. BSA Bob says:

    Skimmed the trash piece until I got bored, which didn’t take long. I must say, though, that accusing someone of concealing their political allegiance whilst admitting the existence of a formal photograph showing them in the company of a senior party leader surely sets some new standard for stupidity.

  34. bella says:

    Well done Peter, your investigative journalism is nothing short of brilliant.
    As the MSM falls deeper under the reign of Murdoch et al, you and other IA contributors show we may still have an informative, truth-sharing press in this country into the future. And that’s very, very reassuring.

  35. thereal2bob says:

    Well Wixxy it serves you right for hiding your ALP credentials behind the thin veil of posts like declaring that you ran for an ALP seat in the past NSW election and your admiration for KK. See thats hiding it to the halfwits that support the coalition. In order for them to see it you must declare front and centre of every document your full affiliation with the Labor party.
    The whole thing is contemptuous and in my belief calling the pathetic individual spineless is an insult to worms and slugs. This mans behaviour is well beneath our that of our invertebrate friends who actually preform a positive service for us and our environment. This fellows contemptuous behaviour speaks volumes about his morals and personality and does more damage to him and his reputation than anything any of us could do.
    In addition I would like to suggest that the threats made against him should be referred to the police. Emails and phone calls can be traced and to me it sounds as if these are not the actions of your more thoughtful supporters. It would not surprise me in the least if these prove to have originated from right wing sources in an attempt to discredit your followers. It certainly smacks pf right wing projection where they expect that we all share their contemptuous disregard of human decency.
    Cheers mate, I really enjoy your work and I hope that our support helps somewhat in your risisng above these unjustified attacks.

  36. The Rogue Element says:

    You are hitting the nerves.
    Keep it up

  37. Oscar Jones says:

    I’ve probably commented enough on IE about this but Spineless infuriated me probably because I’ve spent the last 4 years defending another who was the subject of baseless rumour and lies and Spineless is like a mirror image of the perpetuator.

    IE: he alone perpetuated hurtfull rumours about Bill Shorten after Shorten basically begged the media to cease their chatter about the lies..basically put-up or shut-up.

    Mark Day takes Spineless to task and reminds us all the combined media have thoroughly investigated the Shorten rumour to the nth degree and there is nothing to it…it’s just village gossip.

    But Spineless is never wrong-it’s Day who is wrong because all Spineless did is repeat the rumour (which involved Shorten’s family)…Spineless tells us the details of the rumour because..according to Spineless, Shorten is “corrupt” (no proof offered) and therefore Bill and his family can be publicly humiliated (when the MSM backed off..presumably in Spineless’ view “black mailed as Gillard has already done…just imagine Julia Gillard being capable of ‘blackmailing” News Ltd !!).

    And Spineless has the very hide to accuse Wixxy of involving family members !!!

    He is today’s equivalent of the Poison Pen Letter writer.

  38. Oscar Jones says:

    And I mean by IE- Independent Australia but age diminishes the mind sometimes. Not the passion though !

  39. Eldred says:

    Hello Wixxy, I’ve been a reader here for a while and also have been an email recipent of the updates to your site for a while – also excellent the Independent Australia.
    Old style journalism rules OK.
    I also read a host of others on the left of centre comment
    I was a little disappointed to come across an item at Vex News concerning Mr You Know Who, but I’m sure it demonstrates the faux believabilty of this guy when THEY get conned to sympathise with him.
    The comments section below pin his nose to the wall and are revelatory about the paranoid nature of the person…although you probably know this already.

    • Eldred says:

      A small teaser:

      “If the police came and arrested you and did not tell you why and took you to court and the Judge said these are the allegations against you, now defend yourself, would you consider that to be right. That is the sort of thing that happens under Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Well that is not far of[f] my situation.” Posted by Mr You Know Who I Am

      “I loved your Mugabe analogy. Quite helpful…it’s exactly what you did to Freehills’ solicitors but you tried to push them into a court of public opinion presided over by the honorable Shane Dowling. Rules of evidence – none. Evidence – none. Suppositions, speculation and wild allegations will suffice – that’ll do.”- Posted by NinjaWins!

      Mind you, this all started off over some workers compo thing…!

  40. St John Smythe says:

    Hi Peter,
    I have sent links to your blog and your IA articles to many friends and family. I hope you keep up the excellent work and see some recognition for the many hours, days etc you have spent researching for the public good. I am sure there are many HSU members out there also very thankful for your efforts.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks John, I have received a lot of comments from HSU members, glad to say 99% positive
      Nobody has been able to dispute any of the evidence so far, even Jackson herself…

  41. Tom of Melbourne says:

    I’ve looked at some of the commentary from you, I wonder whether you could explain-
    • How Lawler could have influenced the FWA Thomson/HSU investigation given that it was mainly supervised by Tim Lee, who is a former ALP ministerial advisor, union official and an ALP appointee to FWA?
    • Given that Iain Ross was FWA President when the report was released, how could it be tainted as Ross is a respected jurist and a former ACTU official?
    • Given that there is a clear organisational separation between the investigatory division and the tribunal function, who was Lawler able to exert such influence?

    If you are unable to specifically address those points, I think your examination of Jackson could simply be a case of union bashing.

    Thanking you in advance for your reply.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Tom, I’m just about to cook dinner, but I will do my best with a rumbling tummy 🙂

      Lawler and Nassios work in the same office. No matter who supervises them, they share an office, I understand they work seperately, but if you have ever worked in an office, it is not uncommon for people to mix with other departments and form relationships, if fact, it would be awfully strange if they didn’t.
      I work in sales, but I have always known, socialised with, had drinks with, had lunch with, shared an office kitchen with people from accounts, marketing, shipping….
      This would not be the first time a work colleague helped out another, influenced another, scratched anothers back etc
      Also interesting is that the investigator in question has been on some form of leave ever since the findings were released.
      Iian Ross said himself, on 7 30 that he kept out of the matter and washed his hands of the report, and the investigation repeatedly. Saying he could not comment on something he had no working knowledge of. He flat out refused to endorse the findings despite being asked by Leigh Sales several times.

      I’m majorly pro union, however, even the ACTU agree, this one is disfunctional as it is.

      My hope is that the likes of Chris Brown and Peter Mylan can get it back to it’s glory days. The members deserve it.

      I know I’m not union bashing, because of the countless support messages I have recieved from members.

      I hope this answers your question… kind of at any rate.


  42. Tom of Melbourne says:

    So that’s your evidence for saying Lawler exerted influence over the FWA findings?

    The investigation was supervised by Tim Lee. Do you honestly think he’d allow such a damaging report if its compilation was so tarnished by Lawler?

    Have you been to Lawler’s office? I don’t think he “shares” it with anyone.

    • wixxy says:

      Tom, I have never said I had evidence that the investigation was corrupt
      I merely point out that they missed enough evidence to sink a ship, call it what you like, but I think it warrants looking at and I’m not alone

      Sources tell me there are questions being asked internally at FWA

      Nassios just today faced questions from an inquiry into the investigation from a senate committee dealing some of the issues I have addressed

      I’m not the only one questioning it mate.

      Like I said, I am just asking why the investigation was totally inadequate…

      The evidence that is was is all on my posts, vast amounts of it.

      But hey, if you want to attack me, or try to put words in my mouth, go for it, it’s the cowards way, but of that’s your choice…

      I’ll stick with the documents and evidence that even Jackson has verified with her comments, and that the police are investigating
      Nobody has been able to dispute them yet….

  43. Tom of Melbourne says:

    No one has suggested that there isn’t evidence against Jackson.

    But she’s a union officials, and ultimately has to answer to the members and to the law.

    However, you appear to be of the mind that the more mud you throw at her, the more it distracts from Thomson. Thomson has presented himself as a community leader, on the public payroll.

    FWA has about 180 findings against him and so far he’s seen off one of them.

    Which of the other findings against Thomson are not properly based on evidence?

    As for – ” it’s the cowards way

    Mate, that’s crap and you should lean to grow up.
    But specifically, in what way does Nassios “share” an office with Lawler? Are you familiar with the set up of the chambers of a FWA VP?

    How would Tim Lee have allowed such a damaging report, given he was supervisor and given his background?
    You’ll probably get an email soon suggesting that you ban my comments. Good luck.

    • wixxy says:

      I only block posts that people may find offensive.

      I bring up Thomson in many of my posts, but I see no reason not to sling as much “mud” as shows up about Jackson, I’m not going to stop posting evidence if it appears.

      As for Thomson, he has had several police investigations into “the evidence” and all the investigations have dimissed the evidence and have closed the investigations. I’m going to assume the police know more than you and I about that “evidence”

      People who attack me re this are cowards, I’m sorry, but that is what I think. If you are not attacking me, I am sorry, I thought you were.

      I’ve never been to FWA offices, but I know others who have, they may not sure an office, but they certainly share an office building.

  44. Tom of Melbourne says:

    VP chambers are nowhere near the workstations used by any other division.

    You’ve cast a shadow over Lawler, and suggested that he inappropriately influenced an investigation.

    I only want to ask you about the actual evidence that allowed you to make this assertion.

    • wixxy says:

      Again…. I have not said that anywhere, and for the 3rd time, I don’t have evidence that he did
      However I do say that based on the evidence all through my posts of documents concerning his partner that were missed, the investigation was either inept or influenced.

      My readers are adults, they can make up their minds based on my findings. Findings that were found from my office in a couple of weeks but were somehow missed by Nassios with total access to files etc over a few years

      I suggest that may be why a senate committee is asking the same questions of him….

      I don’t care where they worked in the same building, I would not want to be one to guarantee they had no relationship whatsoever working for the same company. Hell, you thought Iian Ross had influence not long ago…

      • Tom of Melbourne says:

        So, in summary-
        • Your views about Lawler are speculation, with no evidence
        • You are unable to suggest how the Thomson/HSU report could be issued given the role of Tim Lee, and Iain Ross
        • Your campaign against Jackson is just a non traditional version of “union bashing” for political/partisan ends.

        I’m glad we’ve cleared all that up.

      • wixxy says:

        Great… Enjoy Jacksonville

  45. Tom of Melbourne says:

    No problem. Equally, I hope you enjoy your baseless speculation, nontraditional union bashing and evidence free blogging!

  46. Kimward says:

    You made mention of a senste select commitee asking questions now

    I cannot find any reference anywhere about this

    There is nothing listed on Parliament website that I can find

    Are you sure this is taking place now or maybe later?

  47. Kimward says:

    Ah ha found, dont know how I missed it have there been any revelations or difficult questions asked yet?

  48. chantal says:

    Tom of Melbourne , accusing this site of nontraditional union bashing ?If anyone has taken a wrecking ball to unionism it’s Kathy Jackson and her new life support system the HR Nicholls & LNP Obviously not big on research Tom also disqualifies primary evidence provided here and to the police as baseless speculation? i used to believe in fairytales too Tom, but i grew up ,it appears there is a very strong prima facie case there to warrant an investigation into financial mismanagement of the Vic HSU under the Jacksons watch, someone needs to ask questions on whether the whistleblower , is infact “whisitlin Dixie ” .

    Many questions abound on the actual FWA report besider the ridiculous length of time and money it took to complete , the fact that Kathy Jackson herself hand delivered boxes to Terry Nassios, makes me ask, what of the boxes of evidence that weren’t delivered?? Is that infact a fair report if Kathy’s partner a Senior Judge was by Jackson’s own admission on national TV discussing union matters with her? Is it infact judge behaviour to call up a union official employed by the HSU who’s had a gutful of the Jackson factional powerplays and decides to resign , called up by the her partner the Senior Judge (which hat was he wearing lets see??) and tell her not to resign so that Kathy still retains her as an ally ?? A formal complaint was made against the Judge , and the complaint has mysteriously dissapeared in the FWA ether. Is this the way a court of law should behave??I believe the FWA has been tarnished irrevocably and even the president talks of the brand damage to the FWA over the incompetent handling of this whole affair. How fair are it’s findings?

    Insofar as Jackson’s current appeal to be reinstated (how selfless of her) her whole premise that the Shorten dark forces were out to destroy her factionally and tear her away from the union she clings to with great desperation and her self professed $270k “obscene” salary. I have one thing to say that will disqualify this , and that is why in her claims does she then chose to re-instate her own “factional allies” as part of the appeals process ??, if she infact is not a factional player herself??? The credibility of that argument is paper thin . She is infact and has always been a factional player herself for years, she used her union votes as a block to support her own factional pals like Sen David Feeney and at ALP conferences . Yet now she is suddenly no longer factional?

    Tom, this campaign was driven by the LNP because they sniffed blood in a minority Govt failing that stunt , even they don’t want a bar of Jackson, then was conveniently used as a “union insider” by HR Nicholls who are desperate for relevancy , and that’s a club every unionist wants to help out…just ask them.

  49. Tom of Melbourne says:

    Wicks agrees that he’s attacking a union official he’s opposed to for political ends.

    Maybe it isn’t even “non-traditional” union bashing.

    Personally, I don’t particularly care about Jackson. That’s a matter for teh HSU. Thomson on the other hand presents himself as a community leader, he participates in the legislative program, but won’t even participate in an investigation on grounds of self incrimination!
    By the way, I don’t think the FWA hearing rooms and VP chambers are even in the same building. Do you have the applicable addresses Peter?

    I think even this claim is just made up by you.

    • wixxy says:

      Why do you continue to try & put words in my mouth???

      I have not said I am “attacking a union official I am opposed to for political ends” So I will take your comments as confirmation that you are happy to include lies in an attempt to make your point, which is vague to say the least…

      The address for FWA can be found here…

      It seems even Nassios agrees with me, yesterday he told a senate committee in regards to his own investigation “it would not stand up to police scrutiny”

      His words not mine

  50. Tom of Melbourne says:

    Fine, have it your way.

    “I see no reason not to sling as much “mud” as shows up about Jackson”… for political ends.

    It just happens that Jackson is a union official whose interests are opposed to your political interests. Traditionally attacking a union official for political ends is “union bashing”, that’s why your attack is “non-traditional”

    But I really don’t mind. I’m just glad we agree that you have no evidence, nothing, zero to suggest that Lawler did anything at all to influence the investigation.

    • wixxy says:

      Again with putting words in my mouth with your political ends crap…

      You really are an individual who is desperate to prove something that can’t be proved…

      I have to wonder why…

  51. Tom of Melbourne says:

    Again have it your way… you’re “throwing mud” at Jackson. Who happens to be politically inconvenient to your political party.

    But I think this is where I’m up to regarding your assertions-

    *You’ve got no evidence that Lawler has ever even spoken to FWA Investigator Nassios.
    *You’ve retreated from the ‘they shared an office claim’
    *You say you’re writing about Jackson is ‘throwing mud’
    *You’re attacking a union official, for political ends. This is usually regarded as union bashing.
    *Nothing that you’ve written disproves FWA findings against Thomson.
    *You’re unable to explain how the report could have reached the adverse outcome given the involvement of Tim Lee (former union official, ALP ministerial advisor) and FWA Pres Iain Ross (former ACTU official).

    Have I missed anything?

  52. Kimward says:

    Some interesting comments were made by Nassios on Monday at the short hearing.

    1) The BDO Kendall report was ‘Significant” in that it gave them a lead as to which way the investigation should take place.

    2) Information from Fairfax was CRUCIAL for making conclusions in terms of expenditure on escort services.

    3) It is not to be made public who he interviewed and transcripts of those interviews.

    4) And that the report would not stand up to police scrutiny.

    Fair and forensic?

    • wixxy says:

      Exactly Kim, I am going to be doing a post over the next couple of days regarding that
      Just waiting on some other info to come in 🙂

      • Kimward says:

        Look forward to it
        He aknowledges that the report wouldn’t pass police scrutiny, then surely that means the report is not worth the paper its written on and needs to be ,basically ,thrown out?

  53. Tom of Melbourne says:

    Did you know that FWA operates on the civil standard rather than the criminal standard?

    Was it in FWA’s brief to seek evidence to meet the criminal standard? That would be news to me.

    Good luck with that line.

    • Kimward says:

      Maybe you need to tell the Shock Jocks, the LNP, the MSM and everyone else who has tried, judged, and convicted CT
      Otherwise some people could accuse you of having a biased agenda or even a hypocrite heaven forbid

      • Kimward says:

        Oh and while your doing that maybe you should read the transcript of the hearing and ask why B Bishop the LNP front bencher spent so much time asking why the report wasnt handed over to the police when all she had to do was ask you

  54. Tom of Melbourne says:

    Not at all Kimward!

    I’m only pointing out the nature of FWA investigations. I mean, if Peter Wicks was critical of the report because it did not meet a criminal standard of evidence, he’s be misrepresenting its purpose.

    I don’t imagine he’d want to do that. I’m only pointing this out to be of assistance!

    • Kimward says:

      Peter is pointing out what you are saying i.e. it fails to present evidence or criminal standards that would “stand up” agreed
      So the question is put why has the LNP and their supporters spent so much energy in accusing the ALP of hindering this report being sent to the police if in fact it fails?
      You must recall Abetz I think it was whipping himself up into a lather because he had “found the smoking gun” that is the email purporting to recommend the report going to the police.
      The treatment by the MSM towards CT quoting parts of the report and the shock jocks doing the same, even today Alan Jones had B Bishop on his programe tipping a bucket on C T based on the report.

      So we agree I assume

  55. Tom of Melbourne says:

    I’ve no idea what you’re on about mate.

    All that doesn’t concern me, I’m only noting that Peter Wicks has written a range of posts about Michael Lawler, inferring some knowledge or involvement in the investigation.

    He agrees though that he has no evidence about Lawler and Nasios even having a single conversation or ever meeting.

    He’s also retreated from his assertion that they “shared an office”.

    I’m only pointing out further potential pitfalls.

    • Kimward says:

      But thats a long way away from your initial post.

      • Kimward says:

        Tom I respectfully suggest you check out Peters Jacksonville number 2.

        Then maybe you will understand.

    • wixxy says:

      I’ve been out at a meeting, I have not retreated from anything thanks Tom. If I need a spokesman, I will let you know, maybe…

      Fact is they work at the same place…Lawlers girlfriend delivered the documents to Nassios personally despite being in charge of the organisation being investigated, and in the FWA findings, Nassios complains of missing documents that Lawlers girlfriend, Jackson has seemingly lost on her delivery run…
      When Nassios says his so called investigation wouldn’t stand up to police scrutiny, he was understating…
      If you can’t see issues with this, well I think you are probably involved in it…

  56. Tom of Melbourne says:

    So you think this comment (among others) is factual?

    ”Lawler and Nassios work in the same office. No matter who supervises them, they share an office”

    Or have you retreated to “maybe they work in the same building”.

    • wixxy says:

      The building is the offices of FWA, if your argument is symantics, than it is a pointless one.

      Many organisations call their building an office, most in fact, have you never heard someone refer to head office?

      As I said I am not retreating, but yes I agree with you, this is a fact, and there are several others, many in fact…

  57. Tom of Melbourne says:

    The “office” they share…

    Which one? Are they next to each other? Or on the same floor? Do they even use the same lift?

    Mate, face facts, you’re making it up as you go.

    • wixxy says:

      It’s past your bed time mate

      I don’t know what your link was meant to prove, but if you could try and get the state they are based in right it would be a start… Then we can work on city, suburb, and office

      If not going to waste any more time answering you, your stupid childish attempts to trick me are both weak and ridiculous

  58. Tom of Melbourne says:

    OK then, which office is it that Lawler is in? Where is Nassios’ workstation?

    Where is it they meet? Do Commissioners and VPs even use the same lifts as everyone else?

    I mean, a central plank to your assertion about conflict of interest/interference/inadequacy of the report is the relationship between Jackson and Lawler, and Lawler’s level of influence in FWA and therefore over the report.

  59. KatieJ says:

    @Tom of Melbourne
    I work in the same building of Lawler and Nassios.
    I can tell you that they work in the same building. Their offices are on different levels.
    All FWA staff, the Members (incl the President,the VP and SDPs,DPs and Cmrs) have access to the private lifts to all levels. Staff can freely go to the Members’ chambers if they need to.
    Nassios and Lawler can freely email, phone, meet face to face with each other.
    Lawler can be spotted smoking in the side lane a few times each day and is always very approachable.
    I just done understand what your problems are!!

  60. Miglo says:

    Wixxy, I see you’ve been making new friends. 😉

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