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Posted: July 6, 2012 in HSU Saga

I have been writing articles about Jacksonville, and it’s inhabitants for quite a while now. So, just for a change I thought it was about time we looked at another friend, well, ex-friend of Kathy Jackson, and his involvement in alleged misadventures with HSU funds.

However, you may have to bear with me, as there is not a lot of documentation I have received on any of these allegations. It seems any evidence against him was either found by police, or is rumoured to be held by someone else.

Dark Forces at work perhaps?

His name is Michael Williamson, and for many years he was the General Secretary of a union we have all become rather familiar with, the Health Services Union, or HSU.

Michael Williamson ex-friend of Kathy Jackson

Some of you may also remember a post I did a while back which went into some family favours that were going on inside the HSU in regards to paid positions. I reported that Michael Lawler, the VP of Fair Work Australia, had two of his children working at girlfriend, Kathy Jackson’s branch. FWA, of course were the body that did that investigation into any aspect of the HSU that seemingly didn’t involve a Jackson, the only investigation to implicate Lawler’s girlfriend’s apparent scapegoat, Craig Thomson.

Speaking of “Fair Work”, Lawlers kids seemed to be paid a real “Fair” wage for “Fairly” little work, if any…. A good deal more than some of the unions members who work a “fairly” long day in “fairly” crappy conditions…

Well it seems that Michael Lawler wasn’t the only one with family that was involved in lucrative dealings with the HSU. Michael Williamson’s family were well entrenched also. In fact, they appear to be in it so deep they need Wellington Boots and a shovel.

Some of you may be wondering why I am bringing this information up now, when it has been readily available previously.

The answer is simple, although the majority of the documentation, and questions involving Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler, and even Jeff Jackson are related to new findings, I believe it is important to show a complete picture. The picture would be in no way complete without looking at Williamson.

Michael Williamson was elected to the position of State Secretary of the Association, known as the Health and Research Employees Association of NSW in 1995. Whilst there the rules changed, and he became General Secreatary. In 2003 a decision was made to adopt a new logo, and change the name of the union to the Health Services Union.

Changing names and logo’s were not the only changes made unfortunately. It is fair to say that there was a drastic change in the way the union was run, and a union that is supposed to be “for the members” seemed to become anything but.

Below is an email from Kathy Jackson to Peter Mylan, raising her concerns quite spectacularly regarding Williamson’s behaviour and the police investigations into his conduct, such as she herself is facing now. I wonder if she has a feeling of Deja Vu, or maybe a sense of irony…

Jackson email

So, what is all the fuss about Canme Services, at any rate?

In a situation that is remarkably similar to the Neranto Number 10, or the K. Koukouvaos Consulting scandals, the consulting companies owned by Jackson, that invoiced the HSU for vast sums of money. Canme Services is owned by Julieanne Williamson, Michael’s wife.

Canme Services, for those who doubt the Williamson family connection, owes it strange name to the family. You see, Christopher, Alexandra, Nicholas, Madeline, and Elizabeth, CANME, are the Williamson children.

Canme Services were paid the extortionate amount of $384,625 by the unions membership. That is an awful lot of money to be shelled out by any stretch of the imagination, and one would hope that everything had been disclosed to the membership, and the executive committee of the union, given that the company being paid is owned by General Secretary’s wife.

One would be disappointed. It seems that nobody was aware of the family connection other than Williamson himself.

The services provided by Canme Services were to do with the electronic storage of old documentation. Old records and documentation were to be scanned in, and then saved onto the HSU network.

Although this seems both an expensive, and a lengthy process, it does seem to be a task that needed performing. However, where it becomes a bit puzzling is where the records list this as clerical or secretarial services. Not only that, it seems that although Mrs Williamson was flat out for 7 years doing it, a substantial amount of document scanning and uploading still had to be done in-house. From what I understand, there is not a lot of information on the system from the periods supposedly scanned in anyway. Hardly one years worth of scanning allegedly, let alone seven.

Anyway, these matters are being looked into by the NSW police.

Nice Singlet

On a separate issue, I’m a bit of a music fan, I love seeing bands perform at pubs and clubs. It is important that these bands have places to rehearse, and these places can be quite pricey to set up.

There is a way of setting up a rehearsal studio cheaper though. Ensure that you daddy runs a union.

In 2006, the HSU under Williamson’s control spent $800,000 of the members money on a warehouse. That, to me is 800,000 litres of blood sweat and tears, from some of the countries hardest working, yet most underpaid workforce. So it would want to be a warehouse that the members thought held something pretty damn important.

Important to a member it may well be, if they are in a rock band.

You see, this $800,000 warehouse near Sydney Airport was used as Studio 19, a rehearsal studio. Funnily enough, the person running the studio goes by the name of Chris, or Christopher Williamson, also known as the C in Canme Services. The members will be pleased to know however, that Michael didn’t overcharge his son Chris on the rent. Actually, it would seem he forgot to charge him rent at all.

I wonder if Union members got a discount rate?

Chris was a part of Tank Stream Productions, the media studio arm of the HSU. Interestingly, Kate McClymont reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, that according to the HSU Financial report, in 2010 the HSU spent $140,000 on the “HSU History And Media Centre”.  Hmmm

This does not even include salaries, or payments to freelancers for the “so-called” Dream Team… what a nightmare.

The members must be chuffed to bits….

The saga continues.

  1. DP says:

    Un … believable. I guess the Williamsons, Jacksons and Lawers are ‘trying to teach’ their kids how to ‘rip of a system’…
    How could you every ‘trust’ any of them , let alone employ. tsk tsk. Shame on them and what they are teaching their kids.

    • Bella 888 says:

      This is truly bizarre! How could these people even think they’d get away with rorting on this scale.
      With such a highly developed sense of entitlement they’d blend right in with Sophie Mirabella, Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer.

  2. savetherange says:

    One by one…..I’ve almost given up reading MSM. So that is the Rock Band story. I do hope you can get stories together about Nassios and Belano, the opera.

  3. WatsonGirlsDad says:

    Increasingly, the challenge for Four Corners is to present this in one episode. I am seeing at least two weeks of classic viewing. I do live in hope that one day they will report on it (preferably in my lifetime).

    So I am now losing track of time. How long have the police been investigating this? If the member for Dobell was as guilty as Mr Abbott would have us believe – surely there would have been some action by now?

    I saw Abbott when asked about Clive Palmer – he just replied “Oh that’s yesterdays news” and scuttled away.

    I am wondering if he would now give a similar reply if asked about the member for Dobell.

    I know – I will ask him during the next #asktony session. I am sure I will get a reply.

  4. Umberto Ledfooti says:

    Wixxy, I’d be very wary of taking the word of one of the LNP’s gutter-geishas like Kate McClymont about anything. Apparently her only journalistic ‘standard’ is to enjoy “being paid to cause mischief” (her own words).

  5. Marilyn says:


    Here’s a strange little overblown chicken coming to roost on Ashby’s and Lewis’s heads.

  6. Catching up says:

    “Phe services provided by Canme Services were to do with the electronic storage of old documentation. Old records and documentation were to be scanned in, and then saved onto the HSU networhe services provided by Canme Services were to do with the electronic storage of old documentation. Old records and documentation were to be scanned in, and then saved onto the HSU network”

    Maybe that is were the missing documentation is that , could either clear or convict Mr. Thomson.

  7. WatsonGirlsDad says:

    Gutted !!! Not one reply from his nibs during the #asktony session.

    I just cant figure out why he doesn’t want to talk about Kathy Jackson / HSU / Craig Thomson any more.

    Maybe I’ll get a chance if he fronts #QandA in the next few weeks.

    Kind Regards

    Eternal Optimist

  8. jaycee says:

    W-T-F!!!!!! What sort of cockamaymie satup has been going on there??? What the HELL are the wollopers doing?? Surely there is enough details there to arrest a dozen financial swindlers??
    I have to ask..: What with this cockup AND the Ashby/Slipper cockup AND the obvious Liberals involvement in BOTH scandals, are we being shafted by the authorities and their little “club” of mates? Christ!! if we were talking “dole-bludgers” here, the MSM would be all over them like a pox!

  9. Marilyn says:

    And our frigging media don’t help. They report what they believe Justice Rares means but fail to understand that the civil case Ashby brought is fictitious but his breaking the law is not.

    They are such imbeciles they report that it has back fired on the government but it has not – the government have the resources to get Ashby and all the other trolls on criminal charges and make the civil case go away in one fell swoop.

    But then our cretin media think we can make refugee law by committee and fail to realise we have binding refugee law already and have done for decades, the major parties simply do not like it.

  10. jaycee says:

    Is it just me, or is there something weird going on here with our justice authorities? Now, we all are somewhat aware of the rather too close affiliarion between the conservative establishment and our judiciary and police and they do sometimes act to delay or stall certain sensitive enquiries that they feel will threaten to destabilise THEIR status-quo…but one has to wonder just how far reaching this cosying-up is!? These series of exposures by Mr. Wicks, of details seemingly damning to those involved and by no means complicated research (full marks to Mr. Wicks!)revealing so much in so little time makes one wonder just how the constabulary in the fraud squad earn their money!
    In that other “little” affair, we now read neither Mr.Ashby nor Mr. Lewis appear to have to reveal their swapping and swanning about of emails and snail-trails because the magistrate states the bleedin’ obvious that the whole affair has become politicised!!…HELLO!!??…I thought THAT was the whole idea of the LNP. involvement in the first place??!!…Perhaps all Messers Ashby and Lewis AND the entire crew of LNP. culprits need is a little authorised legal time to shred and delete and “lose” such information that would otherwise embarass those parties?

    • WatsonGirlsDad says:

      Jaycee – if you haven’t yet seen the film The Adjustment Beureau – I would hold off if I were you. You would think you are living it – I know I do.

    • John Greer says:

      Our legal system is a truth avoidance system rather than a truth seeking one. This allows criminals and politicians to get away with murder. 49% conviction rate for murder under our system 95% conviction rate under the European system. Our system supports the more money you have the more justice you can buy.

  11. jaycee says:

    Elementary, dear sir..elementary! But I am not THAT far down the conspiricy trail ..YET!! If there WAS anything going on I’d assume it was so much more pedestrian than that film scenario! In my experience, most conspiricies are so bleedin’ clumsy and obvious (Godwin Gretch??) they make one wince with embarrassment for the parties involved (Think : Brandis or Palmer OR Barnaby!!).

  12. chantal says:

    I think with the current parlous financial state of the HSU , care needs to be taken by the administrators on the obscene demands being made by Jackson & co to be paid out her “entitlements” post suspension (believed to be in the vicinity of $1 million). I would hope that after members funds have been spent trying to keep Ms Jackson in her $270k job???..that it be considered by the administrators that all board memberships , ex-gratia payments, irregular payouts to estranged ex-husbands, suspicious looking double dipping company invoices,brothel visits by estranged ex-husband,employing family members to stuff showbags, exhorbitant legal fees, invisible volvo SUV’s, phantom consultancies by highly paid experts who never “turned up” , and luxury car purchases dressed up as legal fees etc… be thoroughly investigated by astute Govt. appointed auditors and resolution passed by HSU membership that entitlements be witheld till that time where proper financial conduct is ascertained.

  13. The bull says:

    Nicely covered Chantal. The opportunity to recover member’s fees needs to be optimized. Arguments that the revolting nose-in-the-trough gobbling of member’s money was approved by Jackson acolytes should be rejected. The worry with Jackson is that unlike Williamson there appears to be no confirmed official investigation of her spending.

  14. […] it has not been confirmed what the charges are to be in connection with, my suspicions are that it will be regarding the CANME Services, a company owned by Michael Williamson’s wife Julieanne. CANME were contracted by the HSU for […]

  15. […] it has not been confirmed what the charges are, my suspicions are that they will concern CANME Services, a company owned by Michael Williamson’s wife Julieanne. CANME were contracted by the HSU for […]

  16. […] it has not been confirmed what the charges are, my suspicions are that they will concern CANME Services, a company owned by Michael Williamson’s wife Julieanne. CANME were contracted by the HSU for […]

  17. […] I can only speculate on the makeup of the new charges tomorrow, and while it would seem likely that they may involve Canme Services, this is only one aspect of the investigation. Those looking to refresh their memory on the case against Michael Williamson, might like to review this previous post which provides an outline of allegations against him. […]

  18. the jacksonville occult says:

    That email sent by Kathy Jackson was not written by her. Someone with many years of legal training put that together. I wonder who that could be?????? Michael Williamson’s actions were obviously deplorable but I would not trust Kathy Jackson. This is a woman who is totally self absorbed, money-hungary and obsessed with gaining power for herself and she is happy to use men to get what she wants. Underestimating just how ambition Ms Jackson is was one of the things that brought Michael Williamson down. Her current partner should proceed with caution, he may become her next husband but I’ll bet he won’t be her last, especially if he loses the power he welds.

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