Last Stop This Town

Posted: June 29, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

Over the course of the last couple of months I have been looking into the goings on within some parts of the HSU, and into a place I have often referred to as Jacksonville.

Today I wanted to take a small peek into another town that shares a part of the border with Jacksonville. Its name is Lawler Creek.

I thought it might be beneficial to look at some of its citizens.

Most of you will know Michael Lawler from my previous posts on the HSU.  Michael is the Vice President Of Fair Work Australia, which seems to have unwittingly become based in Lawler Creek, despite attempts by its President, Iain Ross to see it doesn’t. Michael is also the partner of Kathy Jackson

Kathy, is of course Craig Thomson’s accuser, Craig is an MP in a place that I like to refer to as the “real world”. It seems Craig must have done something in the past to upset Kathy, and we all know what they say about women scorned, and hell hath no fury…

Kathy is also the Whistle-blowing, cheque req signing, credit card thrashing, secretary of the number 3 branch of the HSU, or at least she was until an administrator was appointed by the Federal Court to clean up the mess.

Michael of course is devoted to Kathy, he helps her with all sorts of things around the house, and offers words of advice. Michael has even been alleged to help Kathy with affidavits for Federal Court, and is rumoured to have written speeches for Kathy to give at HR Nicholl’s events for her new Liberal Party pal’s.

Michael and Kathy

It has even been reported that he hacked emails of former HSU employee’s., and allegedly made threatening phone calls on her behalf. Michael is even reported to have initiated a police investigation into the HSU for Kathy, as a “private citizen”.

Ain’t love grand?

Of course, now that things are starting to turn around, Michael now believes he should stay out of it. After years of being so deeply involved in the HSU debacle that he needed a snorkel to find clean air, it is suddenly inappropriate for him to comment, other than to say he is supporting Kathy.

Michael shows support by checking Kathy’s tonsils

It is sweet that he supports Kathy in the face of overwhelming evidence against her. Being a member of the Jacksonville Supporters Club is turning out to be a lonely hobby. The only sounds Michael will hear at those meetings will be the sound of his own voice echoing and bouncing back at him off the walls. Unless of course Peter Reith drops in…

Michael now wants us to know, that he had absolutely no influence over the investigation by his organisation. The investigation that devoted most of its findings to speculation on the guy his partner was accusing, Craig Thomson, and devoted little space to his partner Kathy’s, or her ex husband Jeff’s, activities. Ignoring, or somehow incompetently missing mountains of evidence that we are to believe, a professional investigation by an industry watchdog missed over 4 years, but a blogger found in 2 weeks from his study.

I don’t see how anybody could have suspected Michael would have influenced the investigation, it all sounds pretty Kosher to me….

Another citizen of Lawler Creek, is Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader. Although it seems Tony has his bags packed ready to go.

Tony has always been a citizen of Lawler Creek, however recently he seemed to enjoy a holiday in Jacksonville. Whilst in Jacksonville, he proclaimed to the world that Kathy Jackson was courageous, heroic, and worthy of our admiration.

Going back to when Tony worked under John Howard, Tony was even in a position where he was able to appoint Michael Lawler to his current position, as the Vice President Of Fair Work Australia.

Now a few short weeks later, Tony has seen the error of his ways. Rather than admit it though, Tony has chosen to retreat from Jacksonville, and move to the relative comfort of Lawler Creek. It seems however that Tony has his bags packed and is ready to bail, perhaps Lawler Creek may not be quite far enough away from Jacksonville to escape fallout.

Two young members of Jacksonville are Michaels sons, Matthew and Donald. These two lads were unfortunate enough to become embroiled in Jacksonville when Kathy gave them a job at the HSU. Still, at least they got a much higher rate of pay than the average union member.

Lawlers Sons Payslips

Another citizen of Lawler Creek is John, Michael’s brother.

John is the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission, with a list of accolades as long as his arm. John is a man who is greatly respected, and would more than likely shudder at his potential sister in law’s predicament.

John and Michael’s father, is Sir Peter Lawler, and Sir Peter, as his title suggests, is a man with an impeccable record, and an esteemed work history.

Sir Peter is Liberal Party Royalty to put it mildly, not only that, he is a highly respected member within the Catholic Church. Sir Peter was even knighted in 1981.

A portrait of Sir Peter Lawler from The National Library

Sir Peter worked for Prime Minister Robert Menzies, serving as Deputy Secretary Of The Department Of Prime Minister And Cabinet, and Secretary Of The Department Of The Special Minister Of State.

He was also the Australian Ambassador to Ireland between 1983 and 1986, and was Australia’s first ever Ambassador to the Holy See, which is the official government of the Catholic Church based in Rome.

Sir Peter is also a Patron of The Australian Family Association, which is a catholic lobby group with apparent strong ties with Opus Dei, and the far right faction of the Liberal Party.

Sources have also told us that they believe Sir Peter is also a close personal friend of Tony Abbott’s father.

With the connections to Robert Menzies, the Queen, the Liberal Party, the far right, and of course the Catholic Church and Vatican, I can only imagine how excited Tony Abbott must have been to appoint Sir Peter’s son to the Vice President’s position at Fair Work Australia. It must have felt good to give the important role to somebody so like minded.

Michael has 6 siblings in total in Lawler Creek, the previously mentioned John is one. The others have maintained a low profile, although I am led to believe that one is a high ranking police officer in NSW.

The problem for those living in Lawler Creek, is that the impending explosion in Jacksonville is going to send massive fallout across its border. This could well damage the name Lawler Creek forever in the public’s eye. A town that was once seen as family friendly and clean could forever be known as smutty and smeared with dirt from the fallout.

Other villages that share a border with Jacksonville are already seeing their populations turn their backs to flee. Villages such as Pyne Gap, Brandis Bush, and Abbotts Knob, have been startlingly quick to disassociate from those in Jacksonville.

For the residents of Lawler Creek though, I fear it may be too late.

  1. Roger Grealy says:

    One of your best yet Wixxy; have u spoken to my friend Peter O’Toole ex HSU ?

  2. Lachlan Ridge says:

    Gold! I knew about the coppers but not the old man. All we need is David Clarke MLC and David Smith to step out of the shadows of some laneway in Lawler Creek and all the ducks would be lined up. Anyone heard from Erica Betz lately?

    B.A Santamaria would be proud of this lot. There’s a reason why the Catholic Right in Ireland are called Fianna Fail; only the first word is in Gaelic.

  3. Tom O'Brien says:

    Ah yes Wixxy, all tomorrows parties are coming to a sad end, and Kathy will be the clown who cries behind the door.

    Yours faithfully,
    Velvet Underground Refugee.

  4. jaycee says:

    Peter…people should be very, very leary of the Vatican connection. They have the personel and skills to behave like real bastards!…they have been behaving as such for over a thousand years…they are THE experts at political bastardry!
    Be very, very afraid…these jokers are betting on forever and they play a patient game as such. I know it sounds a bit silly in this day and age, but catholics like Tony Abbott really, really believe in heaven and its’ rewards and have little respect for earthly social policy as against “Gods’ word” as written in the Bible.
    Don’t ever underestimate their duplicity.

  5. Lachlan Ridge says:

    It occurs to me that when Lawler made his complaint to the NSW Police about the HSU “as a private citizen”, the police “raid” that resulted seemed remarkably coordinated (with K Jackson there in person to speak to the waiting media that amazingly were also aware of this operation). Now, could Lawler be in a position to influence operational matters (and the raid on the HSU didn’t look like a bargain-basement el-cheapo affair) with the NSW Police so as to, gee, I dunno, give the media a “heads up” and, maybe, come in and out through the front door in front of the TV cameras rather than using the usual goods entrance for removing bulky items? Now I couldn’t answer that question, but has any of the bright young things from the fourth estate popped this question to, say, gee, I dunno, the NSW Police Minister? Of maybe a judicial inquiry could establish the sequence of events that led to that “raid” and to what benefit it served the safety, security of the citizenry of NSW and the upholding of the Queen’s statutes? The official allegedly apprehended leaving the building with “documents” was widely reported, but we haven’t heard anything about that matter since? Is there any development there? This is a most curious affair.

  6. dafid1 says:

    Everything in this sordid scandal and set up of Thommo appears to lead to the Catholic Church and associates of same, a church of which I am currently ashamed of as a non practising member. I have warned of the secret dealings of Opus Dei time and again, they have their grubby hands deep in the cookie jar here. I only hope the catholics in Labors ranks, of whom there are many, keep well out of this, which I am sure they are intelligent enough to ensure.
    Another great undoing of the major players Wixxy, I hope Thommo and his family are sleeping a lot easier after your excellent journalism

  7. Marilyn says:

    I really needed a good laugh – this is awesome.

  8. Paul Wilson says:

    Maybe we can enter Ashbyville, Lewistown and Broughhill to the list of neighbors as well.

  9. Lachlan Ridge says:

    Someone has brought out a range of Jeff Jackson dolls:

  10. Catching up says:

    What is amazing, no charges have been laid. The police said at that raid, it would only be a matter of a week or so

    The same goes for FWA.

    I suspect that legal team had told them, sorry, not enough evidence in both cases..

  11. LOVO says:

    Abbotts Knob ??? Now where is that ??? (….and dose he have to move his balls out of the way to see the see …. 😀 )

  12. Sue says:

    Had the same thoughts as Lachlan Ridge about the police complaint, raid etc, .

    so interesting wixxy, but wanting to know more

  13. Steve says:

    Abbotts Knob, is that where the LNP formulate their policies for screwing this great country?
    Another great article Peter, keep the wheels turning.

  14. hayzeee says:

    Has Channel nine negotiated the mini-series rights with you yet?

  15. Sue says:


    When Brandis wrote to the NSW police, who was Brandis talking to, Abbott, Lawler, Lawler or Lawler?

  16. Marilyn says:

    And with all the information available now what does McClymont write about?

    A Wikipedia war.

  17. The bull says:

    McClymont’s role in msm coverage of the HSU brouhaha needs investigating. If you read her latest you would be under the impression that damaging documents disclosed by Wixxy only pertained to Jeff Jackson. Why is she ignoring the Vic 3 docs published by wixxy suggesting Kathy Jackson has some explaining to do? Reeks of agendas that involve the protection of KJ from any scrutiny. But what’s the motive? Cant be Jackson’s endearing personality.

  18. chantal says:

    One has to ask how things have worked out quite fortuitously for Ms Jackson. Throughout this saga the media have given her the velvet glove treatment , not even primary evidence presented here seemed to sway her media fan club. Things are starting to change , albeit slowly , but irrevocably. Kathy’s stronghold was NSW where her media trumpet played her tune in Victoria everyone was well acquainted with the Jacksons and their factional bravado , their sense of political “entitlement” and lavish lifestyle on the back of the poorest union members. Many Victorian’s found her “whistleblower” status a bit rich , when for years she was a known key factional player in the ALP who (Jackson faction) who’s union delivered vital votes and support for her own factional allies ,and as you primary evidence here shows the Jacksons were not averse to the good life , running company’s to double dip into the unions funds and employ phantom consultants , whilst the membership toiled and struggled to get an EBA.

    I’m sure Kathy felt the Lawler’s were nothing but a “buy in” into the NSW “establishment” . A pity they didn’t check her credentials first , a simple view on you tube at the last HSU meeting general meeting would have given the Lawlers a taste and appreciation of the way the Jacksons ran the HSU , a pity the disturbing and brutal vision was taken down , at one point you could clearly see Kathy Jackson verballing Bolano (her deputy secretary) on what to say , instructions given by the union boss at a members meeting?? I rest my case, the Jacksons controlled the union for their own personal benefit and not the benefit of the membership.

    It appears the truth will slowly emerge , and the collateral damage will be extensive. Already whoever trumpeted Kathy’s” brave whistleblower” role have gone silent, the court appearance would have further cemented the “reality deprivation” of one who believed they were somehow above the law of the land , by giving stick to a diligent Judge , this apalling lack of judgement and decorum is again the sense of “entitlement” Jackson believes is hers . Also reflected in the whole messy FWA report , which left more questions then answers as well as lines crossed and irrevocable damage to it’s role as an independant umpire.

    Keep up the pursuit of facts Wixxy, blogs like these have become far more reliable and as we have seen this morning has the other journos on the backfoot.

    • wixxy says:

      You can count on me doing that.

      You too have quite a way with words, you should write yourself, I’d love to read a blog by you 🙂

  19. jaycee says:

    Anyone who would allow themselves to be assocciated with such filth as the “Nichols” crowd..: A society that would steal the nasal scrapings from under a childs fingernails and then come back to lick them clean is totally unworthy to be anything at all in any union. To be seen chatting and laughing with Reith is akin to french-kissing Quasimodo!
    Send her and the lot of them away!

  20. jaycee says:

    After reading McClymont’s piece, I gat a picture of her as one of those old “late-night-knitters” mumbling to themselves ;”…knit one, pearl one, plain…” so intent on not dropping a stich for her boss that she ends up knitting herself a babys’ bib !

  21. savetherange says:

    A quick google of Immobilaire and vatican gives a wikipedia entry that says: ‘ Immobiliare’s largest share holder was the Vatican, which held fifteen percent of the shares. However, most of the Vatican’s holdings in the company were sold in the late 1960s to Gulf and Western. It is the predecessor of group SGI which was brought under the control of the Opus Dei in the early 1990s. The company was also involved in the scandal of Banco Ambrosiano.

    Curioser and curioser.

  22. bigal says:

    thanks for the good work..keep it going.emailed my local member and the reply,.. about libs content on abc was…(party big boys wont listen to complaints)..

  23. debbiep says:

    I know it may be a minor thought in the scheme of all this. But I cant wait till the SMH looks foolish for one of the worse front page photos I have ever witness. And that was when they did Thomson as Pinocchio. Doesnt matter what side of politics you are on. To judge a man before knowing all the facts shows to me that they are not worth the print they print with.

  24. Kimward says:

    McClymont gets quoted in the “Kangaroo Court of Australia” site in an item about Bill Shorten she gets cited as someone knowledgable.

    • wixxy says:

      I just spent half an hour on the phone with Shane from the Kangaroo Court tonight. In his next post he is going to accuse me of witness tampering or something or other…. Because I’m an ALP member, I am not allowed to write anything that may be considered as an opinionated about her, as it may damage the reputation of a witness???
      What a crock of shit….
      I answered a heap of questions for him, but I won’t respond to his post as I don’t want to give it credibility…

      • hayzeee says:

        Thats a half hour of your life you’ll never get back. I’m glad you made a record of the conversation, I don’t expect you’ll be accurately quoted…he exposed his inherent bias!

  25. Steve says:

    Wixxy, just tried to post a comment on Kangaroo court giving them a few facts, but he would not allow it, but he is happily promoting the idea that KJ is being set up.
    I then tried to post another comment telling them that the name “Kangaroo court was the only right thing on the blog.
    Needless to say that was rejected also.
    As you so eloquently put it “What a croc of shit….”

  26. Steve says:

    BTW, I also read his reasoning behind his blog.
    Also what a croc of shit!

  27. The bull says:

    According to their affidavit, the women were ‘wired’??? !!! And relying on the Surveillance Devices Act!!?? Better install a cone of silence in all HSU offices ASAP.

  28. chantal says:

    Jackson is having her last hurrah pouring acid on as many in the ALP as she can via her affidavit. She was a factional player herself , who used her votes backed by Feeney (whom she also sprays in her affidavit) to get her people in Kororoit is a perfect example where she ensured her factional friend Kairouz ( SDA ) got elected .Lets not be coy here she played the factional warlord, to suit her own needs and political ends for the last 2 decades . Claiming she’s some kind of cleanskin, unfamiliar of the political territory , is just a blatant lie. In the end all of her allies realised what a loose cannon she was , and wisely isolated her like everyone else in the ALP after she made it quite clear her next stop was political advancement in the LNP courtesy of her Abbott- friend Lawler.
    Primary evidence also shows she had also abused , misused and possible dishonestly obtained union funds along with her exiled partner Jeff Jackson for years. Kangaroo court should do the math, rather then read the rants (affidavits) of Kathy and her groupies whom one is a relative (Lorraine sister in law), Fleur (running Kathy’s next ticket) both will be discredited by their association and involvement in the Jackson faction.

    • hayzeee says:

      …Chantal, perhaps your last sentence should now read ‘fraction’ rather than faction as former associates flee from the disgrace that has been exposed.

  29. chantal says:

    The festering dispute in the Right can be traced all the way back to 2008, when Yigit’s POSC numbers were a crucial factor in a tight vote held on the same night as the local ballot (under ALP rules, preselections are decided by a 50% vote of the POSC and a 50% vote of local members). After rebel candidate Marlene Kairouz triumphed over Natalie Suleyman with Yigit’s assistance, the pillar of the Turkish community was employed as an electorate officer and the relationship flourished.

    Crikey understands that as part of that arrangement, Feeney and the SDA’s Michael Donovan promised mutual support for Yigit if and when a vacant state or Federal seat — most likely Calwell — came up. Insiders say the futile court challenge aimed to demonstrate that backing and that a lack of action could have seen Yigit walk to the ShortCons, further entrenching the state-wide pact that leaves fringe agitators powerless.

    Another curious factor was the involvement of Jackson — who, in her position as HSU national secretary would not appear crucial to the democratic aspirations of the seat’s battler constituency. Insiders say that the fiery chief remains embittered over the internal split in her union’s ranks with Stephen Conroy’s forces, that mirrored the Victorian ALP as a whole.

    “A spontaneous challenge isn’t beyond her. Even a very expensive one,” the source said.

    A spokesperson for Senator Feeney did not comment on the various scenarios when contacted by Crikey.

    • Lachlan Ridge says:

      That would be the SDA that represents shop assistants in retail yet spends a lot of its energy opposing gay marriage, stem cell research and anti-cervical canver vaccines. the same SDA who allowed Dominoes Pizza delivery drivers to have their wages cut by about four dollars an hour (from an already rediculouskly kow rate) because of an SDA fuck up and stitched up a deal with McDonalds to pay rates as low as six buxcks an hour after a group of Trotskites started unionising Maccas with demands for a far better outcome. It would be nice if this Titanic of a story took old Joe de Bruyn down with it.

  30. Kimward says:

    Is he trying to silence you?
    I guess thats democracy and free speech at work, the word hypocracy does comes to mind

    • wixxy says:

      Yes to both Kim.
      He actually sugested I back off the case… what a nerve.
      He is going to post a piece that is aimed to encourage legal action against me… God forbid someone be alllowed to speak against Saint Kathy…

      • Kimward says:

        “I am working on a post on Peter Wicks and Independent Australia. In the post you will see Peter Wicks is nothing like me at all as you claim. So lets leave it at that. You can raise him all you want then”
        Bloody hell Peter what did you say to him? seems as if you have stirred up the right wing conservative rednecks, these freedom of speech fighters, who believe in truth, justice, and their jaundiced view of the world.
        Keep it up mate

  31. Kimward says:

    I just read what he says is the aim of his site. it is to expose corruption!!! oh reallycorruption I guess he approves of the corruption you are exposing so therefore you must be silenced.

    • wixxy says:

      He told me on the phone that the Federal court judge Flick was corrupt, the administrator, another judge Michael Moore was corrupt, and by having an opinion I was breaking the law because I’m an ALP member
      Tin foil hats all round….

  32. Steve says:

    wixxy, lets hope he posts all those claims, then a few people can have a piece of him, what an idiot he is, and as I told him Kangaroo court is the only RIGHT THING on his blog.

  33. Kimward says:

    Oh I see, so if you look or sound even remotely to the left you are therefore corrupt? wow thats someone with an open mind seeking to expose corruption. If you care to browse his articles its all about the labour party not hard therefore to work out what his agenda is

    Anyway enough about him , looking forward to episode 14 of Life in Jacksonville, or better still some announcement by some authority that what you have uncovered is being investigated, then we can check out your friends web site again and see why that authority is corrupt as well , hope its not the Vic police

  34. Kimward says:

    The truth cannot be surpressed !!!

  35. Eric says:

    Hey Wixxy shane dowling from kangaroo court reckons he’s doing a post on you . He’s that caped crusadader against labor party corruption . He and his followers think what you’ve done in exposing Kathy Jackson is a revenge. Job he will reveal all in a few days wAtch his blog

    • wixxy says:

      I know I spoke to him last night…
      He refused to take off his tin foil hat….
      I’m not bothered, he can’t be taken seriously anyway, and I won’t be commenting on his post to direct traffic to his site…
      Thansk for the heads up though Eric

  36. Eric says:

    It was me that Kangaroo court man had a go for telling one of his stupid followers the facts about Kathy Jackson. Kangaroo court Australia is nothing more than muckraking site .he was the only one who ran with the story ‘ Shorten gets his secretary pregnant’ it was rubbish but he has a few followers that stroke his ego . He moderates himself I put a letter in saying what has Shortens private got to do with judicial corruption and it got removed. The reason why he created the blog was to unveil judicial corruption.

    • hayzeee says:

      Hi Eric, this guy was the subject of a dismissal from Fairfax Media, he claims it was an unfair dismissal and pursued his legal remedy which took several years and apparently he wasn’t too pleased with the result. Everyone since has been determined by himself to be corrupt. The forensic medico-legal reports from his case against Fairfax should be mandatory reading.

      If he IS Fair Dinkum, he should reproduce them ALL here to allow us to all form our opinions about the validity or otherwise of his website dissertations.

  37. Stratton says:

    Wixxy – the Jacksons had another scam going when they were married. Jeff Jackson was liable for child maintenance for children of his previous marriage so they arranged for part of his salary to be paid into her account thus reducing his liability. Not content with ripping off poorly paid union members they also ripped off his children! I know this because my daughter worked in union circles and it was common knowledge.

  38. DP says:

    Maybe the Kangaroo court is just doing what they are accusing you of.

  39. DP says:

    I see I may have only sent half of my comment earlier. Doesnt matter. Point being the Kangaroo court have to dispute the FACTS.

  40. […] KMPG report was completed with the co-operation of all of the FWA staff except one, Michael Lawler, Kathy Jackson’s fiancé and appointee of Tony Abbott. However Michael has stated that he had no involvement in the investigation at any rate, despite […]

  41. This is genuinely weird and somewhat scary stuff.

  42. Thank you for your great Post. I think things are going get much worse before they get better. But optimistically, disseminating information like you do may facilitate people think twice about just how much degradation of their world they are willing to overlook.

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