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Posted: June 20, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

In breaking news, it has come to my attention that last Tuesday 12th June,  in Melbourne, and despite an administrator being appointed, Kathy Jackson held a meeting with Marco Bolano.

This meeting was held in what could be viewed as open defiance of The Federal Court, after all Justice Flick ordered the suspension of union officers at HSU East. In addtion he also ordered that officers of the HSU East Branch be prevented from exercising any powers. Given that this meeeting took place on the premises of HSU East, it could easilly be viewed as open defiance of the courts orders.

When the new organiser, Kevin Bradford, tried to join the meeting, he was allegedly refused entry, and Bolano reportedly used threatening bully tactics to keep Kevin away.

Meanwhile, Kathy Jackson has had to hand her mobile phone over to administrators. Despite the administrator being in Melbourne where she lives, Kathy decided to fly to Sydney for the occasion.

Waiting to greet her apparently, with open arms and a big smooch was Andrew Lillicrap, Andrew and Kathy then proceeded to have a lengthy, behind closed doors, meeting. This was also done in Union offices, which some some would say makes a mockery of Justice Flicks orders.

Kathy Jackson, looking shady…

I guess this tells members when voting in any upcoming election, that a vote for Lillicrap is a vote for Jackson, something best avoided.

Lillicrap, who is the current Manager, Industrial Services, stated this, prior to a secret meeting with the Medical Officers sub-branch of HSU East. Although the meeting  never eventuated, he  emailed details of sub-branch resolutions to branch members on 3rd May 2012. This clearly shows Lillicrap’s position.

“This sub-branch commends and supports ms Jackson for her principled and courageous stand in investigating and uncovering corrupt practices and mismanagement”

Lillicrap was sacked for misconduct on the 9th May, but was re-instated after Kathy Jackson got the numbers of required votes at the Executive Meeting, and overturned the decision shortly afterwards, Lillicrap returned to work 18th May.

In other more pleasant news, Stephanie Jackson is about to celebrate her 16th Birthday. I hope she has a great birthday, and I hope mummy remembers how many candles to put on the cake. She tends to forget these things…

Recently on 2UE, she told Paul Murray, when discussing her court appearance, where the appearance of children may help with the sympathy vote,

“My children on Friday turned up to court because I haven’t seen them for three weeks I flew them into Sydney and Nick who’s 11 says to me, you know ‘Mum who’s on your side?’

Really tugs at the heartstrings doesn’t it?

According to family friends, Nick was born in December, 1999. That would make him 13 this year according the basic rules of mathematics. Then again, I didn’t attend school in Jacksonville…

There have been theories and rumours that Jackson’s crazy court antics, erratic behaviour, and failure to address important issues are part of a plan to try and plead insanity in the event she faces criminal charges.

An upcoming Insanity plea? I guess that would explain the endorsing of Tony Abbotts Industrial Relations policies…

In the meantime, after a more in depth study of the transactions  on the HSU number 3 branch cheque account, there are some transactions that I think need to be explained, some of them may be simple explanations, but some seem highly irregular. Below is a spreadsheet showing the transactions that need further explanation.

HSU Cheque Account Queries

It is also important to remember that this is only 13 months of statements, just over a year’s worth.

There is credit card expenditure of over $176K. Cheques totalling over $225K, including over $126K of cashed cheques. Also a $58,000 payment to Kathy Jackson’s ex husband Jeff.

Also some strange funds coming into the branch, and a set of bizarre transactions with law firm Minter Ellison, including a credit for $170K.

Another odd thing, there is also a $77,500 payment for a Hyundai for a SUV,  that Jeff Jackson, who has not been an employee of HSU for a number of years now, has used, up until it had to be handed in to the administrator. Do members really need to pay for Jeff Jacksons car as well?

I am sure one day all of these questions will be answered, probably in a courtroom I suspect.

Another thing I often wonder, is the Australian Tax Office  following this story? Tax evasion carries some pretty heavy penalties, and I sense the distinct possiblity of undeclared income.

The saga continues…

  1. mafalda says:

    Peter – it occurred to me last night watching the 20 years retro of a “Foreign Correspondent”, that George Negus might be about to help you with presenting your articles/documentation/story – he is well networked (as you are no doubt), but I’m guessing he wouldn’t be frightened to run with it. just a thought, as I can feel your frustrations …. and I’d really like to see it out there for all to hear and decide. I too no longer respect the MSM, especially given the wealthy women are trying to “muscle” in.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Rosina, indeed, I just want the story out there so people know the truth. Thanks for your support, maybe one day the MSM will join us…

  2. Kimward says:

    What Hyundai costs $77,500? I cant find one

  3. debbiep says:

    Hope people are watching this closely to verify if our system is flawed. The results will tell us.

  4. Marilyn says:

    MSM have lost interest now that the two cases designed to bring down Gillard have been proved to be completely bogus.

  5. deknarf says:

    Why isn’t four corners running with this?

  6. Marilyn says:

    4 Corners are far too busy making bogus stories about non-existent people smugglers using war criminals from Iraq to help them.

    • pete says:

      non-existent people smugglers.. he sure up and fled the country? – where to you get your info marilyn? just make it up?

  7. WatsonGirlsDad says:

    Sorry Wixxy. I have come to the conclusion that you are either a figment of my imagination OR this is part of an elaborate social networking experiment. It defies belief that the MSM are all holding barge poles and refusing to touch you. Not just the MSM either. Once again I say where the heck are the politicians ?? (especially those with vested interest)

  8. Colin Mr Singles says:

    A double episode of Four Corners is the way to go…

  9. Steve says:

    WatsonGirlsDad, unfortunately its true. MSM now leaning so far right they are toppling over. Three things to think about 1. libs have gone mute on subject since Wixxy Leaks started showing documentation 2. MSM have also gone mute since same time 3. KJ no doubt got herself an immunity deal before “whistle blowing” 4. KJ has blackmailed key labor front benchers prior to “whistle blowing” she’s been playing this game for a long time

  10. Steve says:

    Oops that would be four things to think about!

  11. Steve says:

    After receiving a link by email to your first HSU article, I have been hooked, checking both wixxyleaks and IA daily and posting comments on other blogs as well as telling people to check out your articles.
    There are many of us that appreciate your work, and are spreading the word.
    I think it is appalling that the MSM has so badly dropped the ball on this and many other issues, especially politically, seemingly pushing their own agendas.
    Australia needs more independent news outlets interested in truth not spin and you and IA are shining examples of what true journalism should be about.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. We need democracy not pay as we go says:

    The MSM have to protect the LNP and Abbott – If this leads back to Abbott, the fllod gates will open..You notice everytime the PM is out of the country or if LNP did not make an impression during QT, or they are taking hit due to their lies..Leadership questions arise..This is to divert attention away from the failings of the LNP. Like I have always said – Fairfax and News need to be destroyed and real independant media has to rise to overcome these corporate manipulators of our DEMOCRACY. is about time the LNP/ Labor made all donations over $200.00 public – Put on a public register to ensure WE the public know before an election on who is trying to buy favours from our so called democratic Elected Government – It is who pays the most wins.

    • peter says:

      i wonder if you where so keen to destroy fairfax and News Ltd when they were on the KRudd bandwagen? – leadership issues are always going to arise with this PM while she can only hover around 30% of the vote. Unfortinately she grates with alot of people – so many infact that she has made TA more popular than every thought possible! – Surely the Labor party can find better than her? It makes them look devoid of talent.. which is a shame – If they could find half a leader they would be well infront of TA.

      • thereal2bob says:

        The fact that you care more about personality than policy detracts mightily from your argument. Grow up pete, wixxy has gone to a fair amount of effort to cater to thoughtful people and the least that you could do is to stay on topic or one might conclude that you are a concern troll as your actions already imply.

  13. The Bull says:

    Just read reports of Jackson’s allegations that she was bullied by Shorten in 2007 (AFR). Apparently its part of the affidavit she wants Flick to consider. Why? Relevance? Who knows? But really, someone needs to sit her down and explain to her that the earth, the moon, the planets and the whole bloody universe do not revolve around her. The shock might make her go away.

  14. Steve says:

    The fact that there has been not one mention that, I have seen, in the MSM about Jacksons court appearance says that they are still hoping beyond hope that there will be some sort of Devine intervention that will save them from having to admit that they got it soooo wrong. However as with the Chamberlain case most that declared their guilt have remained less than forthcoming with the necessary apologies or at least retractions, the difference being that there will be no great passage of time to help hide their Hypocrisies, and their only hope is that the aforementioned insanity plea will gain some traction.
    Although I suspect that an insanity plea will be harder to prove than her guilt, based on the evidence so far uncovered.

    • peter says:

      The trouble with Wixxy’s articles is that they make you believe that the MSM has it soooo wrong as you put it – becuase they are only telling half the story.. The MSM may not have the full story, but what they have is actually SOOOOO right.. its just that the story and smell from this Union is far worse that been reported – basically they are all in it up to their necks rather than just half of them..

    • WatsonGirlsDad says:

      Even the bloody ABC !!! Happy to report that Jason Akermanis is in court today about giving a false name after a car incident. No mention of K Jackson !!! This is cobblers !!!

  15. shiggyshiggy says:

    well all I can say is “Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out Kathy”

    • mafalda says:

      thanks Shiggyshiggy for providing this up to date information – I’m speechless at KJ’s reaction to the Court’s decision.

  16. shiggyshiggy says:

    I couldn’t give two shits what KJacks thinks. And you know what? Neither does Justice Flick.

    We should all steal ourselves for the inevitable. Jackson is going to become pretty pathetic pretty fast without access to HSU resources. I wonder if her supporters will organise a sausage sizzle in aid of Kathy getting a new 400 hundred dollar haircut? Seems unlikely.

    • We need democracy not pay as we go says:

      Shiggy – This question that needs to be asked now..but no one has from the MSM…It was reported earlier by Wixxy that KJ may of had acces to FWA computers…I don’t know if this has been proved yet..but there was some evidence…if she did, then does she still have it?..especially if Mr.Lawler is her partner…I would ask him in front of cameras…and let see how he responds..Could be interesting…@wixxy…have you had the chance to chase the above up – re earlier article..cheers.

      • wixxy says:

        She was asked about this by someone from the press a while back apparently, and gave some excuse about Lawler not knowing how to use a Mac, rather than a PC, therefore she had to do it.
        Apparently nobody in FWA knew either, so the head of the union being investigated had to do it for him…. talk about conflict, and talk about crap excuses…

      • We need democracy not pay as we go says:

        If this was supposed to of been done remotely i.e working from home or remote location – A client login..either by terminal services or thin client – meta difference..same with the token keys, encryption keys etc would of needed to be created and configured??..It is just that the software you may have to install on a mac may differ..But either way you would need a lan account if you access a corporate network. Unless she had a local account on the pc with privs and only used the PC and nothing else??then that may be different..but she would or should not have access to a corporate pc or network in fwa..if it was accessed..I don’t know.. Unless the PC was already on the network..Also why did he / she not get IT support? It is against corporate policies to let someone else use of even touch your PC? Minor MB..but still…What was he / she doing on the mac?..more questions than answers…Does she have a FWA corporate login??? If so, then some serious questions need to be asked..and helping someone with a MAC will never cut it…If an account is ever found on the FWA corporate login hosts, the privs should be checked..what shared drives?, what corporate email groups?, backups checked etc..this is why we need a royal commission or something.

  17. Where oh where is the evidence of a stitch up of Thomson implicating Abbott and Pyne. Please let it be found so I can die happy.

  18. Kimward says:

    Its coming
    please god I promise to be good

  19. Steve says:

    Peter, you wish!

  20. shiggyshiggy says:

    I know we’re all GAGGING for a sackcloth and ashes kind of penance (does Prada do sackcloth’s?)
    However, we should think what losing her power and salary (even if temporarily) means for a person such as Jackson. This is what drives her……That and a union paid for imported car.

  21. Marilyn says:

    Precisely how is Jackson going to expose corruption? She has no job, she lost the Volvo and the phone and her credibility is in the toilet due to her own part in the disfunction.

    Really she is in la la land.

    And she will never be re-elected and her chances of cleaning toilets in country dunnies look slim.

  22. Bella says:

    Hallelujah, the tide seems to be turning at last with 2 articles in SMH today and this…

    7:30 tonight Chris Uhlmann did a long piece on the HSU. Not once did he refer to Kathy Jackson as a whistle blower. In fact he said she has been accused of rorting union funds herself. Check it on ABC iview. I’ve just looked and tonight’s episode isn’t available yet.|730_AdWords_:730%20abc%20iview_b_g_19619359279_&

    Peter, all your great work might be about to bear fruit.

  23. Lizzie says:

    Hey Pete can you clarify if in being sacked from HSUeast she is still receiving a $150k salary as HSU national secretary. Still living off members money it would seem. Do you have contacts to verify?

  24. frjustice says:

    Peter, If you think our corrupt legal system will sort this out, well we are going to need a truth seeking system rather than the truth evasion version we have at present.

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