Shoot To Thrill

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Politics

I love a good show. I love the atmosphere, the sense of thrills and excitement in the air, the festivities, the concept of everybody coming together for a good time.

After the NSW State Budget kicked the people of NSW in the teeth, we were in need of a good show. Something to really lift the spirits.

After being told that 10,000 were going to lose their jobs at the hands of the Coalition, that the states power generators were going to be sold (a broken election promise), the government buses could be sold soon, cut-backs left right and centre , and we still have $1Billion worth of pain still to be announced, we need a bloody good show.

Add to that, the promised surplus went missing somewhere in the mix. After all the pain and heartache, we are still left with a massive $824Million deficit. Just think, they were left with a surplus from Labor too…

Luckily, Barry O’Farrell, Mike Baird, and the Coalition, to their credit, kept some money aside from hospitals and schools to fund a show that we could all enjoy.

It was called the “Shot Expo”, a show to display the latest in guns, knives, and hunting equipment, and it was on over the weekend.

The shows Barry O’Farrell funds with our money aim to please

The show is run by SSAA, Sporting Shooters Association Of Australia. Below is a link to a copy of one of the many magazines they publish.

Junior Shooter 9

The people who run the SSAA seem like a nice bunch of people, although we have differing opinions on some things. I for example, don’t consider it fun to kill something just for fun. I am happy to eat meat, and some may say that is hypocritical, but I don’t believe so. To me killing something for fun and entertainment, is a short step away from being a serial killer. But that’s just me…

Don’t give me that crap about sport either, just because it involves a skill doesn’t make it a sport, otherwise knitting would be considered a sport.

Still. I accept that there is a need for hunting for protection of livestock, and crops. I also believe that on occasion feral animals may need to be culled as a means of environmental protection.

However, I think that these culls should be done by professionals, not any Tom, Dick, and Harry with a gun. This will ensure that the cull is carried out safely, and in the most humane manner possible.

Changes to the laws in NSW under the Coalition Govt have allowed 74 of our National Parks to become shooting ranges for amateurs. Think about that next time you’re going for a bush walk or having a picnic with the kids. This change of policy saw people killed when it happened in New Zealand. Still, not to worry, Barry knows best…

Aww, how cute

You would think that as Brazilian students are killed by cops with Taser Guns over a pack of bickies, and as bikie gangs shoot up our neighbourhoods in Drive-By’s, that Barry may have found something better to fund. Maybe hospitals, so gunshot wounds could be treated faster. Maybe the police, so that gun crimes could be solved quicker. Maybe even it could have been used to help save our workers compensation scheme, now shot full of holes under a Coalition govt.

I do understand that there are those who think that sports shooting is OK, and that is fair enough, it is still a reasonably free country. I have no drama’s with the holding of a gun show at all. My issue is why it has to be funded by the taxpayer in NSW.

Why after such a harsh budget, that the Coalition tried to convince us was “responsible”, do we have money to throw at gun shows?

With gun crime rising, and a climbing budget deficit, and essential services being slashed, how can anybody keep a straight face and claim to be “responsible” when our money is being used to promote guns?

Those of us who live in NSW know why Barry has a sudden love of guns. The Shooters and Fishers Party hold the balance of power in the Upper House of Parliament. They are the party Barry has to rely on to get the Coalitions bills through. Most of the Coalitions bills wouldn’t get through without negotiation, so the Shooters and Fishers have suddenly become “Barry’s Besties”.

Barry O’Farrell, in his defence states that he “has to work with the cards he has been dealt”. Maybe so Barry, but even high stakes poker has its limits.

I guess we should be grateful that the Nazi Party doesn’t hold the balance of power under Barry’s Rule.

  1. Fooles Troupe says:

    Seig Heil 😛

  2. Bob Lloyd says:

    Is it Barry’s Besties or Barry’s Beasties?

  3. joe carli. says:

    “A fool and his vote are soon sported!”

  4. deknarf says:

    So much mediocrity, held in one place, promising manna from heaven, and delivering nothing! All hail the Australian politician!

  5. […] have two years to soldier on through with targets on our heads desperately trying not to become a statistic or collateral damage in O’Farrell’s war against the living standards of those who elected […]

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