The First Cut Is The Deepest

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Politics

You won’t hear me saying this very often, so take note. I wanted to send big congratulations to Barry O’Farrell, and his team of apprentice ministers.

Barry and his Coaltion government, need to be recognised for their great achievement. It has taken them only 2 short years to achieve what it took the Labor Party 13 years to achieve., The achievement, 2 budget deficits. One for each year we have been forced to put up with the government of broken promises and political spin beyond belief.

That’s right, Barry’s promised surplus has turned into a whopping big deficit, and it seems that no matter what the Coalition sell off, and no matter how many people they sack, they are still unable to balance the books.

Barry’s broken promises are legend now in NSW, it has been hard to keep up with them all, however below is a link to 100 of them after Barry’s first year in the Premiers role.

100 Broken Barry O’Farrell Promises

You would think that 100 broken promises and lies in a year would be enough, that is more than 1 every 4 days. But Barry has to keep pace with his first year it seems, below are some of his latest lies that he has sold to the people of NSW.

“We will need more public servants, not less.” – Fate of our State debate, February 24 2011

“I can’t envision a situation where we would have more [speed cameras].” – ABC News, 7 April 2011.

“There will not be a decision to turn our national parks into hunting reserves.” – Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 2011

”We have absolutely no plans to privatise either the generators or the poles and wires.” Lithgow Mercury, 28 January 2011

“We have no intention of doing deals with the minor parties.” – Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 2011

I wonder when the National Party will wake up and smell the coffee and abandon their coalition with this extremist right-wing party. A party that seem to have stolen the Liberal Party branding from back when the Liberal’s had a sense of decency.

This is the party that has decided to continue to punish farmers, and those who live in rural communities.

The Liberal Party is the Party that supports the big miners who want to come in and drill for coal seam gas on their property. The party that refuses to support the NBN, and will likely stop rural communities having access to it if they win the next election. The Party that always support the big end of town, no matter the cost to those in the bush.

Why would a political party, like the Nationals, side with a party that seems intent on declaring war on those it claims to represent.

Barry O’Farrell, and NSW Treasurer Mike Baird have stated that they are delivering a budget that is “responsible”. I agree totally.

Responsible for the sale of our power generators

Responsible for 10,000 people losing their jobs (plus 5,000 from last year)

Responsible for a backroom deal so that amateurs can shoot up the local National Park while you picnic there with your family (a policy that caused deaths in New Zealand)

Responsible for prices soaring as the cost of power skyrockets (at least 18% from Barry’s previous budget price hike starting July 1)

Responsible for cut-backs at our local schools and hospitals

Responsible for making Sydney the most expensive place in Australia to live.

Still to come, are rumoured hikes in the road tolls, with the M2 already confirmed to skyrocket, and rumours of the sale of the Government bus service.

If Barry could find a way to get 5 quid for your soul, it would be gone by now…

Gone, just like your workers compensation scheme, the worse you are injured. The less you are compensated. Liberal logic at it’s best.

The NSW Coalition set up shop?

Still, we need to spend the money on another level of bureaucracy like Infrastructure NSW , states Barry. Indeed, why not? We clearly have a heap to spend.

Infrastructure NSW, may be expensive, and another layer of beaurocracy to cause delays, but at least they are independent and know what they are doing.

Run by a former Liberal Premier, Nick Greiner, it must have made Barry feel good to help out an old mate with a good government paycheck.

However, it wasn’t all back slapping and secret handshakes, at least Nick knew his stuff… After all, Nick was the man responsible for the state’s biggest infrastructure failure, the Airport Rail Link, which went into liquidation not long after opening. The state has its fingers crossed that he has learnt from this colossal and hugely expensive mistake. Maybe we should cross our toes also.

Also in the budget, is Mike Baird’s promise that he still has $1Billion worth of cuts still coming. But in the interests of full transparency he won’t tell us where these cuts are going to be. What arrogance, and what a disgusting display of total disregard for the people of NSW.

Please stop asking Mike about that $1Billion

This budget that is being handed down by the NSW Coalition should serve as a stark reminder of what we can expect under a Coalition government at any level.

Barry O’Farrell, and Mike Baird may consider this the budget that the state deserves, I am of the opinions we deserve better. Far better.

If Barry wanted to save a few dollars, he could lose some of his parliamentary secretaries, they have shown themselves to be a waste of space and money. After all, Barry promised smaller govt, and delivered bigger govt. Then Infrastructure NSW, more fat-cat beaurocracy, as my old mate Ray Williams likes to say on the days he gets out of bed. Getting rid of that dead weight around the leg of the state would save a few quid…

We seem to be spending a lot of money marketing, and providing information on the North West Rail Link, despite it not even existing as yet, or construction even close to starting. Surely there is a dollar to be saved there.

Instead, this Coalition believe it is better to sack thousands, and then beg the Federal Government for stimulus. Similar stimulus to that which they ridiculed when the Federal government decided it was timely.

However, if you wanted to raise some money, you could ask the rich to pay a fee that allows them to smoke anywhere.

After all, you did sneak an exemption through that allows “high-rollers” to be allowed to smoke at Sydney’s Star City Casino. Nobody else though, just high rollers.

Apparently, according to Liberal Party Scientists, the same ones who deny climate change allegedly, the second-hand smoke from a rich person is good for you. There are theories that it has Vitamin C in it, and actually prevents cancer. Those forced to breathe it should be bloody grateful.

Unfortunately, second-hand smoke from the regular person is still deadly, so you will have to continue to stand in the rain, shivering and huddled under an awning to have a smoke.

It is also important to remember that both O’Farrell, and Baillieu are considered moderates in the Liberal Party. Think of this when someone you know is made redundant, or when your next power bill gives you a coronary, and makes you join those waiting in casualty department at your local hospital that has been left short-staffed.

Tony Abbott is not considered a moderate…


For further failings, here is a link to my post after O’Farrell’s last budget.

  1. sebastian sutton says:

    Spot on, now if only you could tone it down a bit so that it didn’t read like a partisan rant, after all -do we really care if disgustingly rich (usually international) gamblers breathe a bit of second hand smoke, they already can in Melbourne and any other casino they frequent.

    • wixxy says:

      I’m sorry, I do find it difficult to tone down sometimes… 🙂
      it’s not just the gamblers though, it’s the staff that are serving them also, they will one day be claiming compo from it no doubt…

  2. Jane says:

    I totally agree about this foul government and cannot wait for the day that we get another chance to vote at the polling booth. But if Labor hadn’t decended into farce at the end of 13 years in power they’d still be there. (I actually am a Greens member but don’t seriously think that we’ll be a major political force to reckon with for a while yet.) People vote a government out, not in. That’s the major reason why Rudd got in.

    • wixxy says:

      Geez, that looks a bit shady…

      • Sue says:

        hubbie while travelling yesterday, listened to an abc northcoast radio interview with a councillor. the councils action was always illegal, (under the councils own guidelines) but for the council the “get out of jail free card” was the epa saying no gasses could be detected.
        the lock the gate people detected the issue and took it to the press

  3. Sue says:

    here is how you will get rail and roads in NSW, through the generosity of an abbott govt. It must be true its what the smellograph says will happen
    “But the state will have to sell the $10-15 billion electricity poles and wires and get some funding from a future Abbott government for roads and rail to get what it really wants.

  4. Prince05 says:

    I agree with everything except the “Amateurs shooting up National Parks” comment, that is baseless and while I am a Lefty I am a keen sports shooter, we will be the one’s wearing bright blaze orange clothing and being well away from walking trails, camping and picnic areas (which thanks to the Greens) are close to main roads and access points. Feral animals are a real problem and you all want a solution as long as the animal isn’t shot! I’ve watched animals dying of poisoning (1080) and disease (Myxo and Callesi), a bullet is much more humane, if you were real conservationists you would be wearing feral fox, cat and have goat skin rugs, instead of the champagne socialists many appear to be. OK Rant finished, good work Wixxy! LOve your work!

    • kazann says:

      Do Rangers stick to walking trails? In every group in society their is almost always a moronic fringe or people who abuse a situation to suit themselves. They don’t always follow or have any intention of playing by the rules. Feral animal control should be organised and controlled by rangers. They should be able to freely move about to do their job. They shouldn’t have to consider where groups of shooters may or may not be or whether gun shots are coming from responsible shooters or some nutter or drunk with a gun.

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