An Open Letter To The Independents, Windsor, Oakeshot, Wilkie, and Katter

Posted: June 10, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics


I write to you today, safe in the knowledge that you are all men of principle.

I may not have agreed with every decision that you have each made. I am sure, however, that your decisions have been based on what you genuinely believe is best for our nation.

If there is one thing I know that we all agree on, it is the need for transparency.

It is only through transparency that we can guarantee honesty, and maintain the integrity not only of the parliament, but also the integrity and accountability of those public servants in high-profile positions.

With this in mind, I was hoping that one of you may take the initiative to seek a Judicial Enquiry into the conduct of Michael Lawler, Vice President Of Fair Work Australia, in relation to the FWA investigation into the HSU.

As you would be aware, due to Mr Lawler’s relationship with Kathy Jackson, Secretary of the HSU, many questions have been raised about the integrity of the investigation.

Statements from both Michael Lawler, and Kathy Jackson have included admissions that the investigation was discussed in private between them. Further statements have shown that Mr Lawler initiated Strikeforce Carnarvon to investigate the HSU prior to the FWA investigation.

Evidence has also surfaced that shows that Kathy Jackson both accessed, and copied evidence from a FWA computer during the investigation.

I will not go into all of the evidence, and all of the statements, as I am sure you have been made aware of them.

What I will say, is that Michael Lawler is the second highest ranking industrial judge in Australia, and holds a government appointed position. He is answerable to government only.

The public, need to have faith in the industrial relations watchdog. The public need to be assured that Fair Work Australia has the public’s best interest at heart. Most of all the public need to know that FWA has integrity, and is able to make judgements that will hold up under scrutiny.

There is a huge amount of skepticism in the FWA investigation into the HSU, and the level of involvement by Michael Lawler. I, and many others are of the opinion that this places a cloud of doubt over Fair Work Australia’s integrity, and taints any future investigations and rulings in the mind of the public.

I therefore ask that you consider the option of a Judicial Enquiry carefully. Transparency is always the best option, and if there is nothing to hide, then Mr Lawler should welcome the opportunity to clear his name.

May I also suggest that you don’t consider this for me, and that you think of what those in your own electorates may think?

Ask yourselves how you believe your electorate would answer this question.

Do you believe that because somebody holds a government appointed position, that they are above the law and beyond investigation, when evidence of corruption, and allegations against them come to light?

I trust your answer to the above question, and your determination to uphold the integrity of the government will help you reach a decision.

I thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Wicks

  1. Di Pearton says:

    Apparently Four Corners has become the High Court of Australia. Have you sent your evidence to 4 Corner’s producers?

  2. Sue says:

    good work wixxy
    i hope at least one of them takes this seriously, as it desrves.

  3. kazann says:

    While I think these guys have in the past shown they have the guts to make unpopular descisions, I that determination to be gutsy has eroded. I suspect they will do nothing for fear of being seen to take sides. Of course this matter shouldn’t be about sides. I should be about transparancy and truth. I hope at least they take the time to read through the articles. To ponder the injustice of a system that allows such obvious questions to arise and yet not be answered. .
    Wilkie in particular will find this difficult. He has long campaigned for the rights of whistle blowers. Quite understandable considering the unjust treatment he received for telling the truth. I think while most whistle blowers deserve protection it has to be understood that sometimes you may get the odd person attempting to hide behind smoke and mirrors for reasons of their own..

  4. kasia says:

    Thanks for this Wixxy, hopefully Mr Windsor will take it up.

  5. Bella says:

    Good step Peter. This whole sorry saga needs to be seen for what it is; a ruthless set-up of Craig Thomson to deflect attention from Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler and others who’ve been rorting the HSU funds for years. Let’s hope the Independents have the courage to help clean up this mess once and for all, for the sake of all unionists around Australia.

  6. Robert Trezise (NFP) "Bertee says:

    I have sent every posting of Independent Australia on this subject to Rob Oakeshot and so far yet to receive an acknowledgment.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for one Peter.
    Friday’s antics by Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler only reinforces my concern that there is much more to this saga than meets the eye.
    We need a Royal Commission into FWA and the whole Thomson affair.

    BTW What has happened to the contents of Williamson’s suitcase seized in the Police raid on HSU in Sydney last month ?

    • wixxy says:

      Yeah, not much has been said about the case… I had heard there was a case taken from him, but the fleeing part and the supposed contents were a media beat up…
      Still, it would be nice to know…

  7. Marilyn says:

    Well all the Indies had and have more integrity than most of the ALP or Liberal/National crowd and refused to fall into line with the persecution of Thomson and all seemed to believe his explanation which he did not have to give, was credible.

    And so it has proved.

  8. debbiep says:

    With OUT transparency , honesty and accountability , we are all stuffed. So those with the power should act on our behalf. Or the trickling down effect of that NOT being done- will have a bad outcome for one, and ALL.

  9. The bull says:

    Re the raid on the HSU in Sydney. My mail is that KJ and her supporters arrived early and had a front row seat while waiting for the police to arrive to execute the warrant. Amazing prescience. Particularly as she lives in Melbourne.

  10. I wondered if this was not also something the Greens should consider so I asked Adam Bandt and included the text of your letter to the independents.

  11. Anne Powles says:

    This is the issue that has struck me the most from the beginning. I do not think Mr Lawler necessarily did anything illegal, but it is just de rigor, as a judicial officer, investigator, or even a mediator, to disqualify oneself from any investigation if there is any involvement with or private knowledge of events or people involved.

  12. The bull says:

    Congratulations on your tenacity Peter. Jackson’s been playing with a loaded dice against good honest people in the HSU who knew nothing about the corruption she alleges. You might like to pursue why the Temby report has not extended its inquiry into the Vic No 1 and 3 branches under the Jacksons. You would think Temby was entitled to do this after the merger.

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