This House Is A Circus

Posted: June 8, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

Well, it seems today the “Jacksonville” Circus really saved it’s finale for Federal Court.

The way the entire case has been handled by “Team Jackson” has been nothing short of a joke.

I would sooner trust Michael Jackson’s doctor  with medical advice, than trust anyone from “Jacksonville” with legal advice. Seriously, it is like a scene from a Jim Carrey movie, instead of a John Grisham movie.

What started with Jackson approaching the judge on the side, then with Michael Lawler asking for findings against him to be suppressed, has ended with Jackson waving her arms about in court like she is trying to guide a plane up the tarmac.

Justice Flick did the only thing that made any sense, and the only thing that might actually help the union members, he appointed Justice Moore as an interim administrator. Hopefully work can now be done to clean up the mess.

The day was clearly going to descend into farce when Jackson allegedly sacked her legal team, led by her barrister Brett Shields. In a media release this afternoon Harmers said the parting was mutually agreed. Given their Liberal party connections, rumours are rampant that Harmer’s are now trying to distance themselves from Jackson, and whoever was covering the costs of their services may have stopped paying the bills. The Liberal party have denied paying legal costs for Jackson.

Then QC David Rofe, the barrister of the VP of Fair Work Australia, Tony Abbott appointee, and Jacksons partner, Michael Lawler, showed up without a robe (apparently at the dry-cleaners) to represent Jackson.

Luckily, Mr Rofe charges by the hour, as that’s what his bill will have to be rounded up to. After 15 minutes with his new client, Mr Rofe decided the gig wasn’t for him and pulled out of the case.

Jackson then approached the bar and asked that Justice Flick disqualify himself from the proceedings due to an apparent “apprehension of bias”.

Jackson flees court
Photo:Natalie Boog

I have to give credit where it’s due, Tony Abbott may be right, Kathy Jackson certainly is full of something, and it may be courage. Imagine having the front, and the gall to step up and ask a Federal Court Judge to disqualify himself, and accuse him of bias.

Things are bound to become even stranger and more surreal next week, when Jackson comes back to appeal the ruling.

This case is becoming so strange it is like that car crash you can’t help but slow down to look at.

As the Vic Police investigation cranks up a notch, it is becoming clear that people will want to distance themselves from both Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson, as things start to unravel.

In my dealings on this matter, I can say there are many people within the union who have the member’s best interests at heart. My hope is that they are able to regain the union for its membership, and allow the membership the ability to choose how the union is best run. Today’s court decision is the first step in that process.

Another thing that may interest some next week is the HR Nicholls Society Dinner is on next Tuesday night in Melbourne. The Guest Of Honour, for the evening is Kathy Jackson.

HR Nicholls for those who are unaware is a Liberal Party think tank. Contributors include Peter Reith, Eric Abetz, Peter Costello, Mal Brough, Andrew Bolt, Michael Kroeger, barrister Stuart Wood who is providing free legal services to Jackson, and of course Tony Abbott.

It will be interesting to see if the event goes ahead, or if she has her invitation and Guest Of Honour status cancelled.

I fail to see any way that an opposition, with any sort of credibility, can continue to support Jackson. Someone who has shown herself to be so lacking in judgement, by the way she has handled herself both in and out of court this week in regards to the case. How can a political party support somebody who would approach a sitting judge privately?

So, what happens now, do the Coalition back the woman that Tony Abbott has described as “courageous and worthy of admiration”. Alternatively, do they admit that Abbott is reckless, desperate, easily led, and lacking any sort of reasonable judgement by distancing themselves from Jackson.

By Wednesday, we will all know whether the HR Nicholls Society and the Coalition have dropped anchor in “Jacksonville”

  1. joe carli. says:

    We all know what that machieavellian mob in the Liberal Party will do….; lock the front door and when Ms. Jackson knocks, will cry out in unison..: “There’s no-one here but us chickens..plARck, pluk, pluk, pluk!!”

  2. Marilyn says:

    I wonder if Kate McClymont will raise her head now that her source proves to be a complete fruit cake as often stated by her former colleagues.

    Peter you need to send every story to her for her enjoyment over a good liver and glass of Chianti because more and more any claims made against Thomson look delusional.

  3. Helen says:

    Bwahahaha Wixxy you make my day with these blogs. You put main stream media to shame with both the level of investigation and your witty lines. Keep em coming. You are a genius and it’s great to see some fact on these issues being reported.

    • savetherange says:

      I’d like to see mainstream media voluntarily take a week off to show their contriteness.

      • stephen curle says:

        Agree. i cant understand why there nothing on main stream media about this circus,if there is please tell me where.

  4. Catching up says:

    We also have Slipper before the courts next week. Any takers for the matter being withdrawn.

  5. savetherange says:

    While this is fun, we should be careful we are not completely distracted by red herrings. What else is happening next week that is more important than scandalous behaviour?

  6. Robert Williams says:

    Thanks Wixxy for making me smile or should I say for making Jackson and Abbott frown. Anticipating more fun and games with Slipper’s case.

  7. Sue says:

    Re KJ accusing the judge of bias, she certainly knows how to pick ’em.

    “Federal Court Practice is your authoritative guide to the practice and procedure of the Federal Court of Australia. …The author, Justice Geoffrey Flick is a judge of the Federal Court of Australia and the distinguished author of High Court Practice and Federal Administrative Law. Federal Court Practice is a current, clear and authoritative practice tool to prepare for litigation and to take to court.”

    Justice Flick has also published articles – many years ago – about natural justice and impartiality.

  8. Sue says:

    With the winter break for pollies coming soon, no doubt Abbott will flee to Cape York. That should almost be far enough away from his heroine Kathy.

  9. salzagal says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, is there any sign of anybody finding anything to charge Thomson with, or sue him for?
    Are any of the previous investigations of him that found he had no case to answer accessible through FOI or through any other means?

  10. Bob Lloyd says:

    Another fascinating instalment in this ongoing soap opera.It would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious. Like you I wait for the Lib’s reaction. Keep up the great work. maybe some day the mainstream will bother to take this investigation seriously. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  11. silkworm says:

    Kathy should make an honest woman of herself and marry her squeeze.

  12. Miglo says:

    Wixxy, unfortunately this fiasco isn’t getting any currency in the MSM, so I doubt that Abbott will distance himself from Jackson. He’s not risking anything while it’s a non-event with the likes of the Murdoch media. They won’t let him sell himself short.

  13. hayzeee says:

    Hi Wixxy, the MSM collectively deserve the anti-Walkely award for journalism. You my friend deserve a “Golden Assange” for chasing this story all the way! ~ Hayzeee

  14. Sue says:

    The appoinment of an interim Administrator and the order that assets such as credit cards had to be returned within 7 days is good news for the members of hsu

    “Justice Flick ordered the suspension of union officers at HSUeast and ordered that officers of the HSU East Branch be prevented from exercising any powers.

    He gave officers of both organisations seven days to return all property to the interim administrator, including credit cards”

    exactly what property and by whom would have to be returned? and do they still recieve salary?

  15. johnward154 says:

    Reblogged this on johnward1 and commented:
    Delusional , impossible, criminal, incapable, ….

  16. «Q» says:

    The HR Nicholls Society web site lists one “Michael Moore” as Secretary/Treasurer. What the …. !!?

    • shiggyshiggy says:

      After an exhaustive search I found this: ‘Michael Moore B.Comm (Melbourne) 1958. Mr Moore’s principal interests have been in the small business area. Up to 1985 Mr Moore was involved with developing the production of broiler chicks and the establishment of Australia’s first computer controlled hatchery at Pakenham. Mr Moore’s interests included development of the Turoa Skifield on Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. He was also involved with the merger of Statewide Building Society and RESI and the emergence of the Bank of Melbourne. Mr Moore has served as Councillor 1975-84 with Pakenham Shire Council, Councillor Central Award 1988-91 with Melbourne City Council and has held appointments with various organizations connected with rural Australia, latterly with the Melbourne City Chamber of Commerce in developing a proposal for the reform of the Melbourne City Council to become a central business district council. Mr Moore is currently Chairman Finance Committee Geelong Independent Rural Education College, Vice Chairman Pakenham Racing Club and Council Member of Melbourne City Chamber of Commerce’

      Not Justice Michael Moore, had me going for awhile though!!

      • «Q» says:


        Thanks for that timely clarification. One more question though: didn’t a Michael Moore make a movie about systemic dysfunction in the healthcare industry, “Sicko”? Spooky! ….

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  18. Marilyn says:

    I wonder if she will have to give back the Volvo, the merc and the MG?

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