Fuel My Fire

Posted: June 5, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

Well, today was a first….

It’s not an average day you are mentioned in The Australian, let alone the front page.

But then again, it’s not every day that facts, presented by a part-time blogger, published on an online news source upset the strategy of a so-called union “whistleblower’ and her partner who is the second highest ranking industrial judge in the land.

One would wonder what this apparent powerhouse couple would have to worry about. After all, I am just a lowly blogger, and they are a power couple with all the might of seemingly every Liberal party connected law firm behind them working for free.

So, let’s have a look at the article in today’s Australian, under the headline “Thomson Fuels The Fire”, by Milanda Rout.

The story appeared after Craig Thomson tweeted a link to an article I wrote for Independent Australia, which is until now, the only news source I am aware of to mention any of these documents, or ask the tough questions of Ms Jackson.

Jackson’s comment regarding Craig Thomson’s  tweeting of a link, and comparing that to Thomson’s please for calm from the media, is so out of touch it borders on being offensive.

“I find it particularly ironic that Mr Craig ‘Just Leave Me Alone’ Thomson is tweeting that malicious material. Clearly, one of the many qualities he lacks is a sense of hypocrisy.”

I find it delusional in the extreme to compare the clicking of a mouse button twice by Thomson, to the more than two years of media harassment of Thomson, his family and staff.

I hope someone has informed Jackson for example that to sending of a tweet does not at all compare with a television reporter lurking outside your bathroom window while your pregnant wife showers.

It would be a strange place where those two events would compare. I will refer to this place from now on as “Jacksonville”.

Jackson, refers to me as a “failed ALP candidate” often, it’s a neat throwaway line that would make a nice sound-bite if required.

Some would say this is true, I wouldn’t, but some would, and they would be correct. You see it all depends on your perspective, and your definition of failed.

I ran for the State seat of Hawkesbury in the 2011 NSW election. I was defeated by the Liberal candidate in a manner that was quite convincing, that much is for certain.

However, the seat of Hawkesbury is the safest Liberal seat in NSW, and the backlash against the ALP that year was huge. If I was to say I didn’t expect to win, it would be understating the situation, I knew it was an unwinnable seat.

The branch that I am a member of asked me to stand for the seat, and I accepted. In my view there are thousands of Labor voters in the electorate who deserve a voice. In my area, we call it “taking one for the team” and we do it proudly. By contrast,  in “Jacksonville” clearly speaking out for others is a sign of failure. A strange attitude for a union official I would have thought.

Only in a place like “Jacksonville” would someone like Kathy call me a failed ALP candidate. After all, this is the woman who tried to win pre-selection to become an ALP candidate in Victoria, and lost. Then, just for another shot at humiliation, Jackson took the ALP to court to try to overturn the election result, alas she lost once again.

Does that make Jackson a failed ALP “would be” candidate?

I believe I have mentioned the pot and kettle before….

Failed Candidate?

Jackson once again alleges I am part of a Williamson “conspiracy”, and now throws in Peter Mylan as well for good measure. Once again I will state for the record that neither I, nor the editor of Independent Australia have ever met, spoken to, or had any form of correspondence with either of these men.

Next week I am half expecting Elvis to make an appearance in Jackson’s theories as they are getting wilder. Maybe Elvis is currently touring Jacksonville.

As for the evidence that Independent Australia has posted, over the eight articles on this matter, Jackson ties to explain how these documents were uncovered.

“As I will show in court, both have gone to a lot of trouble to secure them all and then have them scoured to find anything at all that can be spun or misrepresented as evidence of wrongdoing”


As I explained from the start, I have a source inside the HSU, who came to me with some of this material.  I did not seek it out at all. The rest of the documents have been sent to me from other reliable sources who have approached me after the first articles were published.

In fact, it is safe to say that posting these articles have opened up a floodgate of information for people to take back control of the union from Jackson.

The most trouble I have gone to in order to receive these documents is to meet a friend for coffee. As for the rest of the documentation, all I have done is check my inbox.

In “Jacksonville” that may be regarded as “a lot of trouble”, where I’m from, it’s often referred to as a breeze…

Where we have gone to considerable trouble, however, is checking each documents authenticity, and then looking into the background of each document. As I have said before, there is much information that has not been published.

Jackson also describes the documents uncovered as “malicious”. She then  goes on to try to explain some of them, particularly those regarding her employment of two of Michael Lawler’s children, thus admitting their authenticity.

Interestingly, many of our “malicious” documents appear to contain Jackson’s signature.

The payment to Numbat Consulting of $134,524, mentioned in the article, still remains unexplained as far as I am concerned. Both myself, and Independent Australia received an email from Kerren Clark saying that the post was inaccurate.

Kerren, whom I have been told attended Monash University with Jackson, told us a couple of interesting things, one of which is mentioned in Rout’s article.

“Although I have written many articles for HSU newsletters, these do not appear over my name. I just get on with the job and let somebody else have the credit.”

I thought this statement odd, as it kind of backs up the theory that nobody knew what roles they performed, it even seems much of the alleged work was done under other people’s names??? Very strange…

Then also;

“I am willing and able to produce my records to police or administrators but I refuse to be embroiled in internecine warfare. “

The article was regarding Numbat’s refusal to co-operate with the acting General Secretary, Peter Mylan’s request for information as to the services provided by Numbat. The email sent to us seems to confirm that, saying she will only produce records for police or administrators. Also strange that she would mention administrators…

Yes, we were asked to take that down on the basis that it was wrong, however, we refused as the information is correct.

Only in “Jacksonville” would someone ask something to be taken down as incorrect via email, and then confirm its accuracy in the same email.

I spoke to The Australian’s Milanda Rout, briefly yesterday afternoon regarding this article before it was published, and she seemed to be interested in doing a fair and balanced article.

Whilst I am not thrilled about some of the article seeming to portray Jackson’s version of events in a more favourable light, after talking to Rout, I remain confident that as a professional, Milanda will look into some of the documentation provided in the interests of seeking the truth for her readers. I also sincerely thank her for looking into the story.

Some of you may be surprised that I have not done a Murdoch, News Ltd bashing post that is full of cheap shots. On the contrary, I thank Milanda for taking the trouble to contact me for my comments.

I will leave the cheap shots to those at Crikey who do not first contact those they write about, god forbid a balanced article….

I would also, once again, like to thank Kathy Jackson. By continuing down her arrogant and predictable path of shooting the messenger, and smearing the source rather than explain the facts and answer the questions, you highlight our credibility, and continue to fuel our fire.

Links to the Independent Australia articles can be found here.

  1. Tony Bonnici says:

    Mate you know you’re on to something when the Australian throws dirt at you… LOL

  2. tincan says:

    Thank God you are a failed politician, else we would not be getting articles like this.

    • CrazyHorse says:

      failed politician? That would seem to be someone who did not represent effectively or honestly, so as Wixxy has not represented ….

  3. Miglo says:

    You’d make a good politician, Wixxy. 😉

  4. dafid1 says:

    You are acting honourably, openly with immense restraint peter. On the other hand Jackson lacks such qualities along with many more. Keep taking the fight to them. Obviously the inhabitants of Jacksonville are in it over their heads. Thousands of good decent Aussies are with you.

  5. Roger Grealy says:

    well done ; keep up the good work. Have you spoken to Peter O’Toole? I know him & he is an honest ex -HSU official.

  6. dafid1 says:

    PS Todays revelations about Jackson allegedly trying to make contact with a judge hearing the case to place the Health Services Union’s allegedly corrupt East branch into administration, speak for itself.

  7. Jason says:

    Go you good thing!!!

  8. schick says:

    Keep up the excellent work, perhaps you could run for the seat of “Jacksonville”, a word of caution don’t put too much faith in the Australian or it’s minions.

  9. Buff McMenis says:

    Keep going, Peter .. maybe it takes the 5th Estate to show the truth but this is a very, very good piece! Analytical and honestly sourced makes such a huge difference from the LNP propaganda of the MSM these days!

  10. Min says:

    Wixxy, I’ll bet that you never imagined that you would end up front page on The Australian.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Now Jackson let’s her madness slip by contacting the federal court in breach of court rules.

  12. deknarf says:

    It’s common practice to use ‘smear’ in an endeavour to debunk and obscure factuality. Discredit the messenger and you discredit the message. It would appear that you have disturbed enough rats to become the focus of the smear campaign in an endeavour to discredit your message. Fact will always beat fiction — eventually.
    While I reserve my view of Thomson I still believe in ‘rule of law’ not of ‘rule of rabble’, and I’d like balanced reportage, so that I can actually make up my own mind — not be told what to think!
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Sue says:

    Well done Wixxy
    I hope you are able to expose some more documents. The last articles really must have caused a stir with Jackson, with her deciding to go straight to the judge to get back what is “rightfully hers”.

    Fancy making the Australian, next thing Barry will wonder if you know more than his Insiders.

  14. More fascinating stuff. All I need now i for you to find something placing Pyne or Abbott at the heart of this. That would really make my day.

  15. Sue says:

    Hi Wixxy
    I have just read David Donovan’s reply to the Australian article. Although Wixyy you thank Milanda, as David so aptly points out she got her facts wrong from the start and had a very biased take on you.

    Congratulations on all your work.

  16. wrb330 says:

    I am so loving your work.
    I think my favourite statement is – Jackson also describes the documents uncovered as “malicious”.

    I assume she refers to things such as the childcare payments, how could exposing such be seen by her as malicious.

    Its not like childcare payments are NOT tax deductable, while staff uniforms ARE…. “just sayin”..(-:

    No Wixxy the attention is deserved, the articles are most enlightening, and nobody who has nothing to hide bites and fights like they do in “Jacksonville”.

    Kudos mate, keep up the good work and its nice to see it getting serious attention which it deserves.

  17. Catching up says:

    “He also asked Mr Shields if he expected the judge to rule on whether particular allegations were factually true, or if the allegations were just proof that the union was so dysfunctional that it needed to be put into administration.
    He gave Mr Shields to 4pm to make his position clear.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/judge-criticises-jackson-for-contacting-his-chambers-20120605-1ztei.html#ixzz1wuLw4b8D

  18. Sean says:

    Jackson’s calculated comments and attacks on Wicks are much, much more the work of a calculating politician than a genuine whistle-blowing union official – who is behind Kathy Jackson?

  19. Bella says:

    Hi Peter,
    Well done! Your clear sighted, logical investigative work and intelligently written articles are really stirring up the hornet’s nest. Keep at it. You’ll have all fair minded Australians with you on this when the truth finally comes out. .

  20. paul walter says:

    I wish the day would come when the Murdoch press is up-ended and journalists back to reporting “withour fear or favour”.
    Back to the subject.
    It’s looking more and more like an ugly boil burst. The Abbott opposition is just a disruption to the country and it is a very selfish, thuggish type of opposition.
    By Christ you wish the ALP would get its shit together at organisational level and remember its mission goals, though.

  21. fleasworld says:

    Have to say am damn proud of my husband. He is doing an awesome job with these articles. Well done Peter, I know the sheer amount of work going into this is huge. A quick well done to David at IA, as well.

    • Sue says:


      we he readers are all proud of the work your hubby is doing and as wixxy has said you are very much part of the team, congrats to you as well.
      hip hooray

      • fleasworld says:

        Thanks Sue. It has been mind blowing. The sheer amount of information coming through to us. I wonder how deep the rot goes with Jackson and her Jacksonville associates….

  22. Crowey says:

    Now you can see why the Media(LNP backers)has become dead silent on the Thomson case.

  23. Eve says:

    Nothing like the stirring of pots to bring out the…(better remain polite). A mention in the Australian is not surprising when bloggers like yourself, Grog’s Gamut (RIP) and others are filling the gaps in good investigative reporting without the pressures of the 24 hour news cycle and the malaise of the hype media.

  24. ann odyne says:

    great work and here is another bolster 8pm 6th June:
    ‘Mistaken identity’: prostitute unsure if she slept with Thomson
    Sydney Morning Herald – ‎12 minutes ago‎
    The former sex worker at the centre of allegations against federal MP Craig Thomson tonight recanted her story that she had slept with him while he was at the Health Services Union – and accused the Nine Network of misrepresenting her

  25. jane says:

    Great work, wixxy. If Rout and the other hacks at the OO had done an even halfway decent job these last 3 years, you wouldn’t have had to do it for them.

    The ball is in their court. They could all write well researched, truthful unbiased articles if they weren’t pushing a political barrow. You’ve not only shown them how possible it is, but have highlighted what miserable failures they are.

    Predictably, their only response is to go the smear!

    Go, wixxy! Keep showing these failed hacks what a real journalist does.

  26. Marilyn says:

    Well Thomson was right all along, but the SMH headline now claims she has doubts.

    She was not in the country, how could she have doubts.

  27. Marilyn says:

    Well done Peter.

  28. SG Warren says:

    Marilyn, Fairfax may be about to have to stage the hugest backpedal in the history of Australian journalism.

    Given that if Craig Thomson was exonerated now any reporter involved is looking at being ridiculed as the example of what not to do in journalism ethics classes for the next 100 years or so, I can understand their reluctance to do the honourable thing and say they have messed up.

    It’s not like journalists are decent people who are big enough to admit they are wrong. Lets face it they are societies bottom-feeders living on the pain and misery of others.

  29. joe carli. says:

    We are all left in no doubt as to whom the REAL prostitutes are in this saga! The ABC. ought to be reamed for its’ lack of capability to honestly report ….Step down Mark Scott, step down “most respected Canberran journo'” ; Uhlmann….purge the entire editorial dept for utter ,utter incompetance!

    • dafid1 says:

      Love to see it happen Joe. Can only hope the Govt has the ticker to establish a full Royal Commission into all media and who better than retired High Court Judge Michael Kirby to oversee it

  30. Wollongong says:

    A mention in The Oz. You really must be poking the right hornet’s nest. Hopefully their attempt to describe you in ways meant to discredit will give you a higher profile just as their attempts to destroy Grog Gamut’s career did for him.

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