An Open Letter To Andrew Crook Of Crikey

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Dummy Spits, HSU Saga


I am sorry I did not respond to your Thomson “Scoops” post earlier, I was unable to read the article as I don’t believe in having to pay to read online articles as your publication requires, fortunately a friend set up a temporary account and I was able to read and print it.

Firstly, neither I nor Independent Australia has ever used the word “Scoop” in relation to any of our posts on this issue, so your headline is both misleading and incorrect.

Independent Australia, you may have noticed had links throughout the article that pointed to previous articles on most of our points of interest. We did not claim to break those stories, or we would not have put a link in to a previously published article, that would be a bit silly….

We did not claim that we “broke” the story of a complaint letter written by Lawler, in fact we put in a link to an article in The Australian to justify it. Far from it “not being news” as you state, it was worthy enough of news content for News Ltd to run with it.

Your claim that Jackson produced a letter explaining the $522,570 figure signed off in the auditor’s report was incorrect is wrong. According to Age,  and John Agostinelli ,who signed the report and whom I spoke to,  Jackson has no letter only an email, there is a distinct difference that I shouldn’t need to point out.

What we did do, is publish leaked documents for the first time, As far as I am aware no other publication has done that.

Most of what I have reported is not new, however, I have not seen anybody put all the pieces in one article, as judging from the reaction it paints a different picture to the one the mass media has painted.

The point I emphasise, is as you rightly say, I am a blogger and a small business owner, doing this as a hobby. This is a journalists living…

If I have got access to these documents, and put all the stories together, what the bloody hell have the media been doing?? Waiting on Jackson, Lawler and Pyne press releases for information?

I notice you make no mention of the travel expenses marked HESTA, we have produced, or the child care centre payment receipts, denied by Jackson that we have produced. Nor have you mentioned the massive “postage” costs receipt we have produced, or the honorarium payment of $63,000 while she was supposedly asking for a pay cut…. maybe you missed the 2 companies she set up to charge consultancy fees to the unions whilst also receiving a wage there… a substantial wage as even she admits.

Clearly, it is more important to write articles that criticise myself and Independent Australia than to actually research the story.

However, to the thousands that have contacted us in support of our un-newsworthy articles, we will continue to look into this matter. We would be doing more if we didn’t have to respond to articles such as Andrew’s.

In your article, Andrew, you say;

Crikey is all for new independent media players. But it might help to check the clippings before leaping into print with “revelations”


I thank you for your kind advice, and I can only suggest you follow it yourself.

Peter Wicks

  1. Woo hoo!! Well said Wixxy!

  2. Dafid says:

    Says it all Peter, Crikey have lost their way, hence my not renewing sub, quite happy to donate to IA, that is value for money

  3. Buff McMenis says:

    Bravo!! Peter, I tend to look at bloggers and Tweets more than ever these days. Chastised by a journalist yesterday for taking such information sources as “quality journalism” I did deny it being quality but there are more and more indications of the blogs and Tweets being quality and the supposedly quality journalists from the main-stream media being the nonsense sources! Print media and the TV media are becoming more and more suspect. Sad, but true.

  4. Pyne O'Clean says:

    Andrew’s surname seems ironic.
    Is he an honorary or paid member of the Liberal party?
    If he is neither he should watch his arse.
    Using their highly prized /copyrighted tactics ‘to damage reputations’ may see his wrist getting SLAPP-ed.
    He sure has his ego wrapped around his hypocrisy,that’s for sure.

    Isn’t Crikey a launch pad for lazy journos, plying their wears,auditioning in hope?
    Wanting a job in the illustrious MSM?Or are they the ones who’d like to root for Murdoch,but don’t want to endure workplace D&A testing?
    Maybe they are not geeky enough to tap phones?
    Or smart enough to use them.

    Gives Steve Irwin a bad name,really.

  5. Sandra says:

    great reply Peter, Crickey is just so right wing when it comes to reporting. I just hate being called a ‘Squatter’. Isn’t there anyone else out there in media land that is as prepared to find out the real truth about things that really matter other than the Independent Australia and some more like minded people like yourself. I have reached the ripe old age of 71 and am appalled at the lack of interest that most people show in what is truth. Come on folks, get behind these good people who are doing such good work in exposing deception especially when it comes to who is trying to gain control of our country.

  6. Catching up says:

    Well, that is an compliment. You have forced them to sit up and rake noticed. Did he actually find anything that was not correct.

    I was one of the first to subscribe to Crikey, and did so for years. I do not believe that the present Crikey justifies the cost.

    The blogs have replace the work that the likes used to do.

    Whats more, we do not have to pay.

    There is much more to come out in this sorry tale. the one that will not get any mention is Thomson. He is ancient history.

    Keep up the good work, but keep yourself safe.

    PS. It is not hard to Google and come up with the same links. Does not even take much time. As Thomson said, it is all out in the public domain.

  7. Catching up says:

    PS they are having a division. Wonder if Mr. Abbott has his two cockatoos in place

    No rush for the door yet. Is being in the Advisers box, the same as being in the House.

  8. Makes you wonder if Crook read your work at all, doesn’t it?

    Either (a) he’s too incompetent to recognise links and evidence when he sees them, or (b) he wilfully ignored them in favour of thumping a smaller blogger.

    Threatened much?

  9. Terence Grange says:

    I totally agree with you Peter. Keep up putting the facts out there because clearly the media are starting to pick up on it. You are showing that Jackson is a liar and a rat and that Craig Thompson has been set up by Abbott and his right wing mates at Fair Work Australia. I wouldn’t wait for the Police to ask for a copy of the documents because that may never happen I suggest you simply take them a copy. We have to push back against these neo cons

  10. Marilyn says:

    It was pointed out to Crook that the point of your articles was to expose the lazy media who report things then pretend they don’t exist or couldn’t happen.

  11. Sue says:

    Well done Wixxy

    Rather than IA just having the links in red, for readers such as Andrew Crook, you will need to have an appendix with instructions.

  12. SG Warren says:

    Is there a link to this comment? It would be good to be able to read the original for context to this reply.

    Great work on these articles btw Wixxy.

    Glad you looked into my comment over on IA (and made a couple of corrections to some points I messed up too). It’s good to know you read the comments.

  13. Oscar says:

    Unfortunately crikey is becoming a sort of echo chamber for the MSM but does still bring new slants to daily news.
    However Crook’s criticisms were very hollow and not worthy of crikey. Wicks has made some quite remarkable discoveries with his stories on IE and is showing up the big guns like Fairfax & News Ltd.

    Perhaps all that has been written about Thomson is true-perhaps there has been extraordinary skullduggery and we should never forget Utegate as a recent history lesson on how easy so many can be taken in.

    But this is the crucial point : the Thomson affair has the capacity to bring down a lawfully elected Government. Large outlets like Fairfax, News Ltd ,ABC etc have an important duty in this matter-to examine every minute detail. They are not except for the ABC which is catching up.

    Journalists like Kate McClymont who have written so much (and much of it speculation and personal opinion) have a duty to the public when they are listed as “senior journalist”. That title carries responsibility.
    To dismiss or fail to see an obvious mistake like the Thom”p”son credit it card name as McClymont did is quite extraordinary. In a court case such a matter would come under intense scrutiny an could sway the case.
    However being ignored would be an even worse scenario. As it is, Wicks seems to have many people worried.
    I have a prediction : Peter Wicks will come under far more attacks in the short run. But then the MSM will pick up all his evidence and present it as their own discoveries and claim credit.

    • wixxy says:

      That attack has already started….. via statement by Jackson to MSM, and silly posts by Crikey…

    • Dafid says:

      Peter more and more people are reading your articles, realising there is a hellava lot more to Thomson situation and starting to question Jackson and friends real involvement. If the MSM and Crikey choose to attack you then they are worried about something. Everything you have written has been backed up by facts and documents. Your critics would rather push innuendo, gossip, heresay, sleaze. You have huge growing support, seeing, appreciating at last a journalist of independence and integrity striving for the truth not destruction.

  14. SG Warren says:

    I think Crikey is beginning to suffer Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.

    There was a time that Crikey did stuff like investigate the allegations against Assange in detail, looked into ASIO’s misuse of control orders, and investigated many stories the rest of the media ignored. They attracted a lot of readers who wanted to know about things the MSM ignored.

    Now they have started to take themselves too seriously and avoid any risk in their stories. They’ve managed to coast without any real attempt to cover anything the rest of the MSM was covering in detail for about a year in what I can only presume is an attempt to get the MSM to take them more seriously.

    But their shift to emulating the MSM is hurting their customer base and they are worried they will lose their readers to bloggers. Thus the attacks. Crook goes out of the way to point out he doesn’t think Wixxy is a journalist but maybe he’s projecting the MSM’s views on Crikey onto Wixxy here.

    Just look at yesterday’s “article” about the Fairfax strike.

    “Today, journalists have lost all their power. They still make an important contribution to democracy, but the collapse of the old media business model means that going on strike — as Fairfax journalists are doing today — is something less than a futile exercise.”

    Dry your tears Crikey. If journalists actually investigated stories, posted references to their sources when possible and were willing to engage with their readership people might actually want to read their material. Hell we might even be willing to pay for it.

  15. cairnsnomad says:

    I can only say thankyou for the work you’re doing, and assure you I have passed the information on to many people who didn’t have much idea of the misinformation being published and spoken about by vested interests.

  16. frank knight says:

    On Crikey: my reason for taking out a subscription last year was the incomparable ‘First Dog on the Moon’, followed a distant second by the odd article by Bernard Keane. It will be a difficult decision when subs time comes around. I can’t envisage life without ‘First Dog’ or the dancing bandicoot.

  17. Donna says:

    Am in my 70’s and not used to reading bloggers, but I wish to commend you for the wonderful work you are doing for Australia. One can no longer rely on mainstream media for any useful, impartial analysis or comment, so it is imperative people like yourself continue to offer opportunities for ordinary citizens like myself to discover facts behind the events shaping our nation. Our democracy depends upon people like yourself.

  18. helen says:

    keep up the good smoke without fire

  19. James Adelaide says:


    thank you for existing. without you Jackson, Lawler, Abbot and Abetz might have gotten away with it.

    Do you have any information on the Slipper / Ashby /Brough/All of SE Qld LNP controvosy? Not that it really matters as the Sunshine Coast Daily and Brisbane Times are covering it.

    What is your opinion of the following theory:

    try to collapse the government using a stressed out public servant faking stuff to frame the Prime Minister. See that one conspiracy failed, try two at the same time…

    Could our conservative politicians really be that illegal and immoral?

    • wixxy says:

      I know that Independent Australia has a big story on the Ashby case coming this weekend apparently

      But it is quite dodgy to say the least.

      Brandis & Abetz I would put nothing past, nor Pyne

  20. James Adelaide says:

    I’m sorry, I only found IA about a month ago. and am reading backwards. I think you answered my question back in May,

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