Quick And To The Pointless

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Dummy Spits, HSU Saga, Politics, Random Stuff

Howdy All,

There are a few things that I wanted to point out in relation to my looking into the HSU scandal, and the attacks on Craig Thomson, and also the entire system of justice in Australia that is built upon the notion of innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

For those who missed that, I said court of law. Not the place your boyfriend is employed as Vice President.

Firstly, I wanted to point out that I am happy to provide any of the documentation that I have come into the possession of to any relevant authorities investigating this matter. I also want to make it clear that I do not intend to keep these documents, and will be returning them to whomever the relevant owner may be.

A few people have said that I needed to be more open about who I am and, and that I should have pointed out that I am a member of the ALP and was once a state candidate.

I do understand that knowledge of this changes the evidence, alters signatures, changes payment, invoices and receipts…. so I should have mentioned it previously. I thank Mr Pyne, Mr Brandis, and Mr Bernardi for their correspondence…. (that is a joke by the way)

I have never tried to hide that I am a Labor Party member, and damn proud one I might add. Anybody who has read any of my previous posts, tweets, or blogs would know that… some seem to think that I need to put some sort of disclaimer on every single post…. I mean, really???

So, how about this one?


The contents of this post may contain FACTS. It is undoubtable that these FACTS will offend right-wingers, climate change sceptics, racists, fear mongerer’s, and members of the Coalition. I highly recommend those who prefer life wearing blinkers, to cease attempting to read and instead go and listen to a shock –jock.

To all the people who continue to cheer us on via social media, your posts, tweets, and messages have been greatly appreciated. So I just wanted to say that….


For those who have questioned the main stream media, fear not… you will see a lot more coverage over the next day or two.

In the meantime, you will see more from Independent Australia soon.



  1. No, no. YOU ROCK, Wixxy!

    Thanks for exposing this sham.

  2. Eve says:

    Keep writing facts Peter – a novel approach to journalism. Most people are getting heartily sick of the spin merchant and sporting team mentality in Australian politics. Both sides of politics are guilty and the nonsense over the Thomson affair has sunk to new lows regardless of the final outcome of the case.

    I see there has not been the same coverage or concerns from the Liberals regarding Craig Kelly’s alleged failure to disclose certain business matters nor the fact taxpayers may be paying for part of the legal/Court costs for Senator Fisher. There were no prostitues involved so perhaps the news was not deemed worthy or as titillating. In all of these cases each person should be given the presumption of innocence until the evidence is presented. This is an essential part of democracy and separation of powers. If our governments and opposition do not act with integrity forget banana republics, we are nothing but barbarians.

  3. Shane Marsh says:

    typo, mate: for those who have questionED the mainstream media (you left out the ED)

  4. wrb330 says:

    Your a Labor party member… whaaaaaat OMG I had no idea, must have ignored those post where you mention being a proud Labor supporter and former state candidate… Must pay closer attention to details like those whom pointed out you dont mention it much…(-;

    Mate good post as was the original showing payment reciepts, I myself became quiet facinated by the alleged reason for payment.
    And of course nothing beats a healthy disclaimer like the one above to highlight something of interest to todays headline skimming fact evading dipsticks.

    Top notch stuff wixxy, keep on punching.

  5. Jeanne Hart says:

    Thank you for raising the obvious evidence that the MSM including the ABC is ignoring. Another issue that doesn’t seem of interest to them is the Sophie Mirabella scandal where she got Prof. Colin Howard to leave her all his estate plus $100,000 for her Indi campaign despite his having children and grandchildren who received zero. Maybe the fact he was showing the first signs of dementia had something to do with it?

  6. Marilyn says:

    I had to laugh about Uhlmann pompously reporting news that was reported in all the media in February as if it only just being found out.

    But at least the so-called newspoll has showed again that Australian’s will severely punish bullies like Abbott.

    And now Abetz is being touted as an honest broker.

    Grech anyone.

  7. POD says:

    Keep up the good work Peter, hopefully what you have uncovered is exposed in greater media and a more realistic picture of the HSU debacle is exposed. Along with those who are behind the disfunctional mess that is a festering boil on a whole movement that is overwhelmingly run and supported by dedicated and hardwoking officials and activists.

  8. Marian Rumens says:

    You do Labor supporters and Labor Party proud. Only for people like you, we wouldn’t know half of the evil skulduggery Libs get up to. Thank you just don’t cut it really but Thank You

  9. joe carli. says:

    Interesting, I note more and more posters on the ABC. Drum are looking to independant news blog sites like this one for info….massive shift in the air??

  10. Marilyn says:

    That would be because the
    Drum has been taken over by the IPA and that moron Reith being passed off as the Honourable.

    I wonder though when the media are going to understand that the collusion between the so-called complainer about HSU who is the biggest thief of them all, and the Vice President interfering means that any findings and the whole saga is over.

    It might finally get to the High court but HSU workers now all just have to plead collusion and it will be thrown out.

    The notion that wasting $1 million to gain $127,000 in fines for breaking non-existent rules is rational beggars all belief.

  11. As long as the information that you are presenting is accurate – and I believe it is – then your political affiliations don’t matter.

    What counts is the truth – and we have not been seeing it from FWA, the HSU, Kathy Jackson, Michael Lawler and possibly even Craig Thomson.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. P.S. The funniest part about 7.30 reporting what you’ve already reported is that just a month or so ago, they were defending Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler in an email to me and declaring that there was no conflict of interest.

    I pointed a few things out to them and that was the last I ever heard of them.

    7.30 is not what it once was.

  13. P.P.S – this is the email I sent in response to their email (February 9, 2012).

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    In regards to your response:

    That may be so, however it has not stopped Michael Lawler from becoming involved in HSU business.

    For example, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/industrial-relations/fwa-chief-calls-in-police-over-hsu-row/story-fn59noo3-1226261316028 .

    I quote:

    FAIR Work Australia vice-president Michael Lawler has made sensational allegations to NSW police that two senior officials of the Health Services Union may have engaged in serious criminal activity.

    Mr Lawler, whose partner is HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson, has written to the head of Strike Force Carnarvon, Detective Inspector Dave Christie, making allegations against HSU East acting assistant general secretary Gerard Hayes and the union’s former Victorian divisional secretary, Carol Glen.

    As you can see, Michael Lawler has taken a direct interest in HSU activities, and there is an involvement with the ongoing activities with the HSU, particularly where Kathy Jackson is involved.

    It is important to note that I am not alleging and wrongdoing – I am merely pointing out that there is a connection, and Michael Lawler has involved himself with HSU activities which goes beyond his role at the FWA.

    Taking Michael Lawler’s actions into consideration, and considering that Kathy Jackson has made a number of unproved allegations against FWA, in the interests of impartiality, I believe their relationship should be mentioned.

    Also, I am sure that you are aware of the past allegations against Jeff Jackson, of “allegedly” misusing HSU funds and also “allegedly” paying for prostitutes with his HSU credit card – while he was still married to Kathy Jackson.


    None of this was pointed out in the 7.30 story that went to air.

    If the ABC wants a *real* story, I strongly suggest looking into Kathy Jackson’s background.

    The allegations against Craig Thomson are very serious and need to be investigated appropriately – however, in the interests of fairness, it should also be pointed out that Kathy Jackson and her ex-partner Jeff Jackson have had some very serious allegations made against them in the past.

    And this is something that 730 has failed to make it’s viewers aware of.

  14. Marilyn says:

    Actually there are no allegations against Craig Thomson left to talk about.

    he has won on every point to date.

  15. Marilyn says:

    And no-one was investigating Thomson until 2010.

  16. Marilyn says:

    I wonder what Kathy Jackson did with that $636,000 dollars she gave herself.

  17. Catching up says:

    But the Central Coast Liberals had a dirt file on him before the 2010 elections, probably earlier. The ex member for the seat told us this weeks ago.

    There is one reason they did not bother to use it, because this was one seat they were sure they would win.

    Instead, it was one of the few Labor seats to increase the votes in the last election.

    Why was Hefferman and all those heavy weights at that meeting, that has ended up with police involvement.

  18. Marilyn says:

    Well as most of the dirt seems to have turned into dust they wouldn’t have got far anyway.

  19. Shane Marsh says:

    Please feel free to delete my earlier comment, now.

    Has anyone addressed the discrepancy between Thomson’s name spelling and the spelling on the credit card in the 2UE photograph (real or concocted) yet? Also, I’d be interested to know where 2UE obtained that photo and whether it is genuine (given the date of the licence, etc).

  20. Marilyn says:

    Where has part 6 gone?

  21. marcelles wallace says:

    You’re an inspiration Peter. You should be running compulsory workshops for the MSM “journalists” on the basics of investigative journalism…god knows they need it.

    If its good enough for your posts to require an ALP membership disclaimer, then its good enough for the stable of NLP/News Corp journo’s to also add similar to their material. eg: *Please note, the background and substance of this investigation is written and authorised by Messers Abetz, Pyne and Abbott

    Looking forward to your next edition.


  22. Adam Findlay says:

    We need a few more like you in the Labor Party Wixxy !! Keep up the good work mate.

  23. JohnB says:

    On your latest piece on the HSU and the “conspiracy”, published by that bastion of objective journalism, Independent Australia, you have a picture of Kathy Jackson and “unknown friend”.

    Unknown friend looks a lot like Victorian state Labor MP, Martin Pakula.

  24. Sue says:

    Have just read part 6. thanks

    A question for the Labor party to ponder on the recall of FWA to the Senate committee, tonight.
    Did Abetz find out about the “smoking gun” email through contact by Pyne with Lawler and Jackson?

  25. Marilyn says:

    It makes no difference because no-one was investigating
    Thomson in 2009, they didn’t start until George Brandis kept pushing and pushing in 2010 and that call to the cops was about that charming brawl with Kathy Jackson.

    Abetz and emails – what a hoot that our pathetic group think media still believe this idiot.

  26. Jane says:

    Thanks wixxy, following you on twitter now =)

  27. Sue says:

    just how many articles will you have to write before ANYONE in the msm starts taking an interest?

    Even if one of the many, Kathy the heroine, supporter journalists decided to prove your information as false. But all they do is totally ignore and this is what is so depressing about the msm.

    The little effort by 7.30 on monday was mashed in with the supposed crisis and leadership challenge in labor, and so lost any attempt to shine a light.

  28. sal says:

    Second try….
    Go you Good Thing.

  29. Umberto Ledfooti says:

    It’s been a pleasure reading your factual articles. Unlike Anal Joens and several others, you’ve been up-front in your affiliations.

    However, the facts – and they are facts – which you’ve brought to light in the HSU affair simply highlight the inherent bias and politically-inspired censorship in the so-called mainstream media.

    Please maintain the rage. 😉

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