Comin’ Under Fire

Posted: May 17, 2012 in HSU Saga, Politics

In what can be described as an “action packed” lead up to the long awaited speech to be given in parliament on Monday by embattled MP Craig Thomson, today came the confirmation of a “knockout blow”

Some of you may have read my report on the tangled web surrounding the Health Services Union HSU, Fair Work Australia, and the Coalition that was published here on Wednesday, it is fair to say more information is coming to light.

The big news is that Michael Lawler, the Vice President of Fair Work Australia, has today been distanced from these issues.

I contacted Fair Work Australia today after anonymous sources informed me that he had been stood down. Initially I spoke to Michael’s PA, who informed me she knew nothing, only that he was not in the office all day.

I again contacted FWA as rumors persisted. late this afternoon I was contacted by FWA’s Communications Manager, Judy Hughes who informed me that Michael was on “Long Leave”. Not Long Service Leave, Sick Leave, or Holidays, “Long Leave”.

She would not expand on this, citing “privacy reasons”, however based on my earlier conversations with both her and Michael’s PA, I was left with the impression that this decision had been taken rather suddenly. I was also left wondering who actually made the decision, as when I asked Judy if Michael had chosen to go on leave, I was told that Judy”did not have that information”.

Reasons for his “Long Leave” are, as yet, unclear — however questions are being raised as to whether it is connected with the HSU investigation in which his partner Kathy Jackson was the Union “whistleblower”. Questions have been raised about Lawler’s relationship with Tony Abbott, and how this may have had an influence on any investigations taking place in FWA which involved Craig Thomson.

The Fair Work Australia investigations findings were also dealt a heavy blow yesterday when the Australian Electoral Commission AEC, found that the vast majority of Union funds used in Craig Thomson’s election campaign had been appropriately disclosed. This has taken the sting out of the tail of both the FWA Investigation, and the Coalitions accusations and calls for Thomson’s vote to be considered “tainted”.

A source, who can not be named, has today leaked to us an email trail that was saved as a PDF document, allegedly by Kathy Jackson, from a computer within Fair Work Australia. The document has Jacksons name in the documents properties, and in the same properties it also tells us that the license for the software comes from Fair Work Australia. This all seems very odd indeed.

Note date and author name

We cannot share the contents of this file with you, however what I can say is that involves an angry exchange of emails between Michael Williamson, and several HSU Representatives.

Note company name

One can only speculate why this exchange may have been saved by Jackson in a file curiously named Kafka, however the date is noteworthy. This file was allegedly created by Jackson on the 6th May, the day before the findings of the FWA investigation were released. This also raises questions as to why Jackson, as the HSU secretary, would have access to the computers of Fair Work Australia at all, let alone the day before announcing its findings on the investigation of her union….

The sky is starting to fall on Kathy Jackson

While we are on it, Craig Thomson has been painted as a bit of a delusional man the last few days it’s fair to say. It is hard not to feel sorry for Craig’s family who must be having a hard time dealing with all the extra attention. I also spare a thought for Craig’s staff, who face the public daily in his electorate, as those with other political interests try to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

Kathy Jackson has been touring the country telling anybody who will listen that Craig’s conspiracy theories regarding fiddling credit cards, setting up people with prostitutes, and elaborate private expenses on a union credit card are all nonsense, absolutely unheard of ridiculous stories…

Some of you may have followed my link yesterday to a remarkably similar story from a few years back, if you didn’t, here it is again. It also involves prostitutes, credit cards, and the man being set up was from the HSU.

Here is an small exert:

“The statement of a Bendigo Gold Visa card allegedly issued to Jackson shows expenditure on services that fall far outside his normal duties. It includes a string of prostitutes, designer clothes, dental work, gourmet food and drinks at a favourite Melbourne hotel. Jackson challenges the authenticity of this credit card account and dismisses allegations he has misused any funds as part of a “dirty tricks campaign” mounted by opponents within his union…”

I understand that Kathy Jackson may have not remembered this case, as it was a while ago. Except for one minor detail that I didn’t mention in my last article…. This person happens to be her ex husband. I would have thought she’d remember that…. just maybe…

In the meantime, Kathy Jackson has been travelling around doing interviews, telling everybody that will listen how badly the HSU East branch had been run.

Kathy has spoken out about how her members are doing it tough, as members are mostly made up of low paid workers. Therefore, Kathy tells us, it is sad to hear of members funds being wasted.

I wonder if she has spared that any thought as she spends union members money traveling around giving interviews, not to help members, but to condemn Craig Thomson. I also wonder how much she pondered on members funds when she set her own salary at over $ 270K, making her one of the highest earners within the trade union movement. Maybe it was a consideration when she decided that the Union should supply her a new SUV to get around in…

Once again these events cast a huge shadow of doubt over any investigation that has been done into the HSU.

As this story gets even murkier by the hour, I await Monday’s parliamentary speech by Craig Thomson with bated breath…. There may be some apologies due afterwards….

  1. David Fawcett says:

    Can’t share angry emails with us.

    I know you probably don’t want to get yourself sued but you should tell your source that wikileaks loves that sort of thing and will happily publish it anon for your source. 🙂

  2. Catching up says:

    Listened to Judith Sloane mouthing off about Thomson. Thomson who has not been on the scene since 2007.

    I believe the problems that the ACTU have voiced concern about would have little to do with Thomson. He is ancient history, and would be easy to manage.

    What is true, the problems with the union are still there today.

    We have to look more closely at the officers that were there before Thomson, during his reign and after.

    I believe the public needs to know what role has Michael Lawler has played in the matter.

    The relationship between the two must raise some concerns.

    The corruption still appears to be in the East branch.

  3. Catching up says:

    Why use FWA computers. Maybe because the person was aware that they police might confiscate their computer or those of HSU.

    Which has occurred.

    Maybe a police raid on FWA would not go amiss.

  4. dangulberry says:

    Allowing 3rd parties to use your computer (even if they are employees of the same organisation) is an instant dismissal offence. That would certainly explain Lawler being on “long leave”.

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  6. Marilyn says:

    Wow, I am gobsmacked.

  7. Marian Rumens says:

    Is anybody with the surname of “Jackson” working at FWA?

  8. Transaction fees says:

    Someone needs to stick a microphone in either the Oppositions or jacksons face and start asking questions. From what I have seen from the opposition, if a question is too close to home..the interview in terminated and they walk off..not a skeric of an answer. If the opposition run off when asked..they should be chased and bagered by the reporter. Dig deep my friend and dig true..sooner or later the opposition will have to comment and I believe it will be in the frame of Thompson is delusional or along those lines. Unless we demand an investigation this will end up being an injustice with the real perpetrators running off scot free. I have posted the url on many MSM sites..still no story..Makes you wonder really how sad our so called free press in the MSM have been silenced unless it put the govt in disrepute. This is Australiaaaaaaaaaa.

  9. Transaction fees says:

    If this is found out to be true..will the MSM be charged in being complicite in a cover-up? They have this information but yet not one story putting this all together

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  11. Marilyn says:

    Ah but Michelle Grattan still thinks it is terrible for the ALP and Craig Thomson and that the FWA report was devastating.

    Guess she can’t be bothered reading her own paper or she would know the whole report was a fabrication based on things like ‘there were not travel rules or policies, he broke them”.

    The problem is none of the morons read the reasonings behind their so called findings and what is the relationship between Terry Nassio and Michael Walker?

  12. Sally G says:

    You say her salary, at over $270,000, makes her one of the highest earners within the trade union movement. How do we know what everyone earns within the trade union movement?

    • wixxy says:

      It is openly avaolable from ACTU for most Unions.
      Paul Howes, who was until this episode,was probably the highest profile union official, earns nowhere near $270,000

  13. Marilyn says:

    Thomson was on $154,000 according to the report. And Jackson claims he was greedy.

  14. silkworm says:

    It includes a string of prostitutes, designer clothes, dental work, gourmet food and drinks at a favourite Melbourne hotel.

    This doesn’t add up. It is men who order the services of prostitutes and women who purchase designer clothes. It is obviously made up.

  15. silkworm says:

    What would Craig Thomson want with designer clothes? Is he a tranny?

  16. Fred says:

    Which branch of the ALP are you in?

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