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Posted: May 8, 2012 in Local Politics, Politics

I started this post a while back, but kinda got a bit sidetracked by other issues. Anyway….

I wanted to do a post to send out a huge congratulations to Michelle Rowland MP. It’s a bit late I know…

So, this is it…Congratulations Michelle, for two reasons, one for becoming a mother for the first time, and two for being such a fantastic local member for your community.

Firstly, at 6.29am Feb 23, Michelle became the proud mother of Octavia Susan-Marie Chaaya. She weighed 2.93kg, and had a full head of black hair, and is as cute as a button.

Now I know this is not the sort of blog site where you will normally find cutesy baby pictures, so take note… this is likely to be a rare occurrence….

As for Michelle’s working life, I have yet to hear a bad word said about her, she is a pillar of her community.

Michelle is always out and about, at a school, out in her mobile office, at the shopping centre talking to her electorate. In fact, Michelle must wear out that many pairs of shoes doing what she does, that I am surprised she hasn’t been approached by a shoe manufacturer for a sponsorship. …

Now, I’m not going to try and tell you that Michelle is the hardest working politician ever, that would be a hard thing to prove… However below is a picture of Michelle visiting Access Industries, in her electorate, with Jenny Macklin, the Federal Minister for Disabled Reform, discussing disabled employment.

“Big Deal” you may well be thinking…. Well, the next morning Michelle was giving birth….

Here she is 3 days before giving birth, visiting schools and local business’s with Stephen Conroy, the Federal Communications Minister.

Wow, what a week, 2 Federal Ministers and a birth.

What is also impressive, is Michelle has ensured that her electorate is the first in Sydney for the National Broadband Network, quite an achievement indeed.

Between myself and Michelle’s electorate lies only a couple of hundred metres and a road… but the contrast in political representation could not be greater.

In my electorate, the Federal seat of Mitchell, we have Alex Hawke of the Liberal Party.

I occasionally work in an office at Norwest Business Park, which also right across the road from Michelle’s electorate.

Norwest Business Park is the fastest growing business district in Australia, nothing else has come close for 5 years. It is the home or head office to giants such as Woolworth’s and ResMed…

Most of the office space there is in 6 storey buildings which house many small offices, such as the one I occasionally work in.

You would think with all the businesses there, and it being the largest growth area it would have great internet…. You would be wrong….

The office I occasionally work in, which is typical of the area, has a high speed ADSL2 connection… Brilliant. However that is the cable that goes to the building, once that is shared across around 50 other offices that also occupy the building, it slows down considerably, actually drastically would be a better word….. If I was to tell you that the speeds were about the same as an old 56K modem, it would be an exaggeration. It is nowhere near that fast.

You would think that Alex Hawke, who if he was serious about looking after this electorate, would be jumping up and down, waving his arms about, desperate to have the NBN rolled out here, as it is desperately needed by business in the area. You would be disappointed.

Alex has opposed the NBN right from the start, not because he should, or because we don’t need it in the area, but because he is told to. Looking after his constituents doesn’t matter to Alex. Being the puppet that he is, he will do whatever that hand up his butt makes him do. This electorate deserves better, much better.

A bystander looks at Alex Hawke with disdain

It is funny, although not in a ha ha way, that the Liberals clearly have no idea when it comes to broadband. Even Malcolm Turnbull, who bears the burden of having to oppose the NBN, something he probably thinks is a good idea, comes off looking silly with his jigsaw puzzle of different technologies approach.

We are told by the Liberal Party, that the majority of houses in Australia have access to high speed ADSL2 internet, and that is true. What they don’t tell us is this, having access does not necessarily mean you can get it….

Take my street for example, I have ADSL2, the whole street has access to it. However the lady who lives across the road can’t get it, and hs been waiting for it for over a year now. The access is there, but at the local exchange, the infrastructure is not there. She sits on a waiting queue, a line of people that have to wait for others to disconnect before they can get a connection, meanwhile her husbands business and children’s homework suffer.

Malcolm Turnbull can talk about smoke and mirrors all he likes, the NBN is the only serious fix.

If you think I don’t know what I am talking about, here is a brief part of my history. I have worked at a manufacturer of broadband and networking equipment. I was part of the sales and planning team to offer the first broadband solution to be supplied to the retail market. I also acted as a consultant on the largest wireless broadband service in the country.

Does Alex have an understanding of the issues suffered by local business due to lack of infrastructure of this type? I doubt it, based on what he has said so far on the issue I think I could have a more constructive debate on the topic with a monkey at the zoo.

Meanwhile as the NBN rolls out in the electorate over the road, those of us unfortunate enough to work in Alex’s electorate will soldier on at a snails pace.

Alex Hawke, a man once described by Alan Jones as ” a cancer on the Liberal Party” even has his own Downfall parody, made after he gutlessly called the police on his own branch members when a factional fight broke out during preselection. Unfortunately the clip has been removed from YouTube, but type Alex Hawke in the search menu on YouTube, there is plenty to see and hear.

Ironic, as locally we don’t see or hear much from him….

But hold your horses… Last week Alex Hawke came out swinging against his own decisions on the NBN, saying that those in his electorate “have received a slap in the face from the Federal Government.”

Alex also complained that Michelle’s electorate, Greenway would have “58% of the electorate connected within three years.”

Connected? Isn’t this the NBN that Alex said nobody wanted and that hardly anybody would connect to? Hmm, 58% seems like quite a few to me…

Like a big “Sooky La La”, and in a fine display of Liberal principles, Alex is now crying like a baby because the neighbour has something better than him.

You cannot have it both ways Alex. You cannot argue against something, say it is no good, vote against it, and then complain you aren’t getting it first. That is just plain childish.

Or maybe you just chose to misrepresent your electorate to earn some brownie points from your party… Nice.. I hope it was worth it.

In the Rouse Hill Times this week, Robyn Baird of the Hills Business Chamber, spoke out on the NBN not rolling out in the Norwest Business Park, “We’re gobsmacked it’s not included” she stated, clearly upset that the areas represenation in parliament was inadequate.

Well Robyn, I can only suggest that the next time an election comes around, you vote for, and recommend that your colleagues vote for somebody more like Michelle, somebody who will put the electorates needs before that of their party, somebody with the letters ALP after their name. Someone with a bit of integrity.

Not a Sooky La La like Alex….

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