Posted: April 28, 2012 in Dummy Spits

Anzac Day, is in my mind the most important public holiday of the year on the Australian calendar, for a few good reasons.

It does not involve any sort of religion, it does not involve the birthday of a woman from another country with a crown on her head, and it does not involve the massacre of Indigenous Australians (although many did die in the wars). It does however represent the Australian spirit of mateship, bravery, and our willingness to sacrifice for our country.

However, what puzzles and annoys me is the need to use this day to promote sporting codes.

You can call me a wowser, or a spoilsport, or just a plain dickhead… but I believe a hell of a lot of what I see and hear on the idiot box on Anzac Day is straight out disrespectful.

These sportsmen that we see on the news talking about Anzac spirit would have no idea. Then they pay their respects by having a game of cricket or Rugby League….??? Please…

They could start by showing some f#%king respect…. These guys get enough limelight and press coverage, can’t someone else more deserving have it for a day???

Isn’t Anzac Day supposed to be a day of reflection? Not just another day to go to the cricket or footy. These sportsmen should stick to what they do best… cricketers with KFC commercials, and NRL players with getting drunk and assaulting women. Leave the country to reflect on something that real heroes achieved.

Why do they get asked about Anzac Day at any rate? Can’t the press find someone relevant to ask, like a war veteran, maybe someone just back from fighting in Afghanistan, or maybe someone from the military, a war historian perhaps…. but no, clearly Ricky Ponting would know more…..

Here’s a tip lads, when someone sticks a camera in your face and asks you about Anzac Day, just say “It would be inappropriate for me to comment, you should ask somebody who has first hand experience, after all it is their day”. But no… far more important to have your sponsors logo shown on TV again, so you don the T Shirt or cap, and become part of the news of the day.

Also, what is all the crap with the war euphemisms and the footy??? Battle hardened warriors, putting it on the line, risking life and limb, fight to the finish, battlelines are drawn, vicious clash, some of the commercials even have explosions (WTF)…. it just goes on and on and it makes me wanna puke…

To use phrases like these on a day like Anzac Day is an insult to our diggers as far as I’m concerned, it is a bloody disgrace. There is no comparison whatsoever. In fact, gymnastics leads to higher percentages of broken bones and injuries than the NRL, but you don’t hear the all girls under 15 gymnastic team carrying on with all the battle bulls#%t…

I am sorry, but a bunch of blokes getting paid big dollars to throw a ball around a field, does not warrant comparison with jumping out of a trench and into enemy gunfire, any way you look at it.

Nobody calls halftime during a fire fight so the troops on either side can stop for a Gatorade, and a bit of a massage. Nobody blows a full time whistle so you can leave the battlefield and go home after 90 minutes. I have yet to see any footy players dragging their mates dead bodies off the field as bombs and mortars explode around them.

I am not saying that there are not injuries in sport, but only an absolute idiot would try to compare war injuries with footy injuries.

I know many of you will disagree and say you enjoy the games on Anzac Day. All I am asking is, would they be any less enjoyable on the Saturday?

Also, on Anzac Day in particular, if we can stop the stupid war euphemisms, they do nothing but belittle the efforts of our brave soldiers.

Our soldiers risked their lives every day they were away from home, often for years. They faced struggles, hurdles and hardships, both mental and physical, that even in our darkest days we could not begin to imagine. They didn’t do it for money, glory, or a sponsor, they did it for their country. They did it for you and me. And you know what, they still do…

It’s only one day in the year, can’t we show a little respect….?


  1. I agree, there is far too much bullshit that surrounds what started as a day of respect and remembrance – effectively a protest march, as ANZACs marched in London to remember their fallen comrades.

    The tradition of playing cricket on ANZAC Day goes right back to Gallipoli, however. The diggers played it on the beaches at Anzac Cove, right under the noses of the Turkish artillery. This started as a way to thumb their noses at the enemy, then became a way of passing time as the months dragged on.

    When they started the withdrawal, some volunteered to play cricket, to give the impression that all was business as usual. Between that, and some clever jury-rigging of drip timers so that unattended rifles would fire now and then, they managed to keep the Turkish gunners from realising that the rest were safely escaping.

    So perhaps cricket is not so disrespectful – it’s squarely within the ANZAC tradtion, after all.

    • wixxy says:

      Cheers for that, I didn’t know the history with cricket.
      However, if that was their motive for playing, it should be something they promote, rather than just the usual sponsors…
      If there is a tradition that is war related, I think it is lost on the masses…
      That is an awesome piecve of history though, and a pretty cool story
      Thanks for telling us that 🙂

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