Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Politics

Nobody likes to see people suffering needlessly. Nobody would willingly take food, shelter, or medical needs away from a poor family, would they?

Actually, some would… The Taliban, Nazi’s, and of course the Coalition.

After all, why should the poor, and the struggling working families get a helping hand from the government, when there are Millionaires and Moguls out there whose pockets can be lined?

One major difference between these “haves and have nots”, is that the “have nots” actually pay their taxes which in turn pay for necessary govt services, and they tend to pay their tax at the correct rate too. On the other side, we see the “haves” who rather than pay tax at the correct rate, spend a fortune on tax deductable accountants, so that they can set up tax offsets, Cayman Island cash accounts, and do everything possible to avoid paying their way.

Joe Hockey’s declaration of class warfare earlier this week, shows clearly the direction that the Coalition intends to take the country should they win the next Federal Election. That direction is backwards. For all his talk of finances, budgets, debt, surpluses, and affordability, he has shown us that the Liberal Party is morally bankrupt.

Under a Coalition Government, Australia will become the land of the Hungry Homeless, the Pathetic Pensioner, the Suffering Sick, and the Pampered Pets. While those who need help suffer, those who have climbed to the top on the backs of the suffering send their pets to pet holiday resorts, and have them pampered and preened.

To say my heart sinks at the thought of the suffering that will come from a Coalition Government if they are elected is an understatement. Joe Hockey has indicated that nothing is off limits. That means the Coalition are now threatening things like Medicare and the pension. This will have the biggest impact amongst the most needy in our society.

Joe Hockey tells us that the “Age Of Entitlement” is coming to an end, and for once I couldn’t agree more.

Rich people are NOT entitled to huge parental leave benefits paid for by the poor

Nanny services paid for by the taxpayer to the wealthy are NOT an entitlement

Billionaires are NOT entitled to pay less tax than the rest of us by finding tax loopholes

Mining companies are NOT entitled to walk onto someones property uninvited to drill for Coal Seam Gas

Mining companies are NOT entitled to take the resources from under our feet without paying a fair share back to all Australians

Companies are NOT entitled to pollute our air without paying a price

Right wing commentators are NOT entitled to print or state lies as fact and then claim “Freedom of the press”

And of course….

Being in Government is something you need to be elected into, it is NOT a Liberal entitlement.

The “Age Of Entitlement” coming to an end?

Too f#%king right…..

  1. Doug says:

    nicely said.

    I wish the labour party were so eloquent.

  2. Samuel says:

    take away the welfare and there will just be more crime and the economy floats to the hands of the Elite, which will lead to a more unstable even less prosperous economy.

  3. Hockey wants us to be like Asia. Clearly when he visits those countries he doesn’t see the living conditions and hopelessness of the poor. For most girls from very poor families, prostitution is the only “career path”. Sure let’s be like that. His interview made me feel sick to the stomach. God help us.
    Thanks for this post

    • wixxy says:

      Cheers Annalisa, I could not agree with you more.
      Maybe if we protest against Hockeys aim to be more like our Asian neighbors, they will run over us with tanks in the town square?? There’s a model to look up to….

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