The Voice Of The Voiceless

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Politics

We hear about them a lot, so I thought it was time that I take a look at some of what many call the “Faceless Men” of politics.

These men would be powerbrokers or factional leaders judging from the opposition spin, and resulting public perception of their supposed dastardly deeds.

With that in mind, I would assume men like, Cory Bernadi, Michael Kroger, David Clarke, and Arthur Sinodinos would fit the bill. I mean they are the behind the scenes types, factional heavyweights, and they have faces that most would not recognise, and that is the point of them being called “Faceless” one would assume…

The only thing is, these men are all from the Liberal Party, so that doesn’t really fit the bill at all. After all, we are led to believe that only Labor has truly “Faceless Men” . Men whose faces nobody would know or recognise.

Men like Bill Shorten, Simon Crean, and Paul Howes we are told. Funny thing is, most people know their faces rather well…

So if everybody knows their faces, what sort of idiot would think of this lame excuse for propaganda? Tony Abbott would apparently…..

So if all this faceless talk is foolish, then instead of worrying about a face for the faceless, maybe we should be worrying about a voice for the voiceless.

Then it occurred to me we would be looking for the same people.

You see, these “Faceless Men” of Labor, came, or come from the Union movement. Men who have spent most of their lives defending the rights of others, those others being most of us, the workers, often considered the voiceless. These men have always acted as a voice for the voiceless.

These are not men to be ashamed of, these are guys we should be bloody proud of.

In fact, arguably the counties favourite Prime Minister, certainly one of the most accomplished, Bob Hawke came directly from the Union movement. They can’t be that bad…

Some of you may remember from back in the Dark Ages under John Howard, there was a thing called “Work Choices”. This policy was despised by the virtually everyone, somebody needed to take up the fight on behalf of the vast majority of the population. Guess who? Labors “Faceless Men” and the Union movement. Now, instead of the public thanking them, we have to put up with them being written off as faceless.

Those in the Coalition, and The Greens would like to take that voice away, we should fight them all the way. Without organisations like these, and without men like these, how does the average worker get a say in how the country is run, and protect their own rights.

It seems to me that the Union movement has become to the public, what the cops are to a teenager. We absolutely despise and hate them until we need them, then they are suddenly our best friends, and the best thing since sliced bread.

This would be OK, except we are not teenagers, we are supposed to be grown up, and we are supposed to know better now. We do, don’t we?

So if we are all grown up now, why do we let the Coalition, the shock jocks, and some members of the press treat us like children?

Now I can understand totally the public fear of the Unions. These Unions clearly have too much power and over the years have got away with some terrible things. They even have the hide to call these catastrophic things that they have forced on us all achievements….

Achievements like the introduction of paid annual leave, maternity leave, equal pay for women, long service leave, paid sick leave, even meal breaks. They were also responsible for the setting up of award rates, and even penalty rates…. There are too many other hideous things to mention. I mean how the hell is the average billionaire supposed to cope with all these things being given away.

If these are the type of things these so called “Faceless Men” spend their lives defending and fighting for, then we should be sending out a cheer squad every time they are mentioned.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really fancy licking the back of any of their heads, but these faces should be on postage stamps, banknotes, coins, medals…. Hell there should be bronze statues of their heads outside libraries and courthouses. Every person in the country should know these faces, these are the faces of friends.

Our Faceless friends, fight for people like us, the workers, the regular Jill’s and Joe’s, the 99% if you like… Those on the other side fight for the big bosses and Billionaires in their struggle to give the average worker less and less, so they make more and more.

I’d take our “Faceless Men” over their heartless bastards any day….

  1. Lorraine Milo says:

    I negotiated a much better deal with my bosses under work choices than any union ever did for me. And In a previous job to that one the only time I needed my union they shafted me with nepotism, and negotiated away 2RDOs, a meal allowance and other stuff I’ve forgotten (about 20 years ago). I agree they have their place but all I ever got from the. Was trouble!

    • wixxy says:

      I guess there are good and bad experiences to be had from any organisation, however in the vast majority of cases we only rememmber or talk about the bad… Nobody has ebver told me about how Telstra were great on the phone, or how easilly their power bill issue was resolved, but I have heard countless stories of where it goes bad…
      I’m glad you were able to negotiate with your boss Lorraine, thousands weren’t. I too have had issues with unions in the past, although my total experience with them is overwhelmingly positive
      Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.

  2. Susan Nlan says:

    Where are the faceless women?

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