Don’t Look Back In Anger

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Dummy Spits, Politics

OK good folks, I’m writing this post with my sleeves rolled up. Beware, this could get ugly…

I’m sick and tired of people whining and crying over the state of Labors public perception. Yes we are doing it tough, but I’m a little over the whole blame game thing…. It’s the media, it’s the Carbon Tax, it’s Julia Gillard, it’s The Greens, it’s the Unions, it’s Craig Thompson, it’s Elvis, it’s the price of fish in China, the list goes on and on….

If you want to know who is really to blame, take a long hard look in the mirror, yes you.

I’m not having a personal shot at you, but we, the faithful, seem to have adopted a defeatist attitude. This is doing us as much harm as any of the things listed above.

Frankly, it’s about time we took a leaf out of the Malcolm Tucker book of diplomacy and hardened the f#%k up….. If you don’t know who Malcolm Tucker is, do a YouTube search.

Yes in a moment of weakness after a long campaign, Julia Gillard made a bit of a meal of the Carbon Price policy…. Build a bridge, get over it….

How many of you remember this interview in the Australian? In the days leading up to the election when interviewed, Gillard clearly stated she would put a price on Carbon if elected, in fact she stated she considered it a mandate. The question of whether it is a price or a tax is just a question of semantics, not a question of honesty.

Earlier in the campaign, Abbott was interviewed on The 7 30 Report, and struggled to explain his relationship with the “Gospel Truth”. Here it is again for those who have forgotten. 

Here is a guy that has gone on national TV, and basically admitted to lying.

What is truly shocking about this, is that we as a party have let him get away with painting Julia as the liar, for delivering on her “Carbon Price Promise” as The Australian put it.

How the hell did this happen? Were we asleep at the wheel?

While we are at it, what the bloody hell are we doing letting the opposition question Labors financial credentials? This question beats the s#%t out of me….

Currently the Coalition are offering up a $70Billion black hole as a economic policy. Not only that, the figures they dumped on us all at the last minute before the last Federal Election were fudged. Joe Hockey’s media statements were blatant lies. This is not theory, this is fact, a fact we should be reminding voters about constantly. Here is the link to an article that tells us how the accountants that fiddled the figures for the inept Coalition, were fined by their own industry watchdog for doing such shabby work.

Tony Abbott keeps talking about “Great big new taxes”, and what do we do? Shake our heads?

We need to fire up at this sort of crap.

Tony Abbott wants to tax every business, big and small, an extra 1.5% to pay for his Parental Leave Scheme. A great big new Parental Leave Tax…. Just so people like Gina Rinehart can have babies without losing a days pay, her staffs taxes will help pay for that, as will ours.

Raising company tax is an artificial way of raising the GST. Imagine the affect on grocery prices when every company in the supply chain has to factor in a 1.5% tax hike. The retailer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the freight forwarder, all of the suppliers that provide raw materials for manufacture, the power company, the internet provider, the telephony provider, the marketing company, the packaging company…. The list is as long as your arm. All these companies factoring in a price hike before the product hits the shelf at your local Coles.

The F%#king gall of Abbott to talk about an impact from a carbon price….

Still, what are you doing to get this information out there….?

When things were tough, Labor provided stimulus for business, Tony Abbott wants to burden business with a great big f#%king ball and chain around the ankle in the form of a Parental Leave Tax, to go along with his Nanny State.

I don’t claim to be the smartest guy on earth, or some kind of rocket scientist, but Abbott’s latest example of math puzzles me.

Labor is using the Minerals Resource Rent Tax to lower company tax rates, Abbott has promised to do the same without the MRRT. How can he claim to be lowering the company tax rate, when at the same time he is saying he is raising it for his funding babies for the rich parental leave tax?

How can the Company Tax Rate go up and down at the same time? Is he using Joe Hockey’s calculator, or maybe those same dodgy Perth accountants, or is he just simply retarded? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those with mental disabilities, but Tony Abbott is making them look bad.

And another thing, how the f#%k can the Coalition claim to have a health policy? The Liberal Party takes immense political donations from the tobacco lobby, how can anyone take them seriously on health?

It should disgust people that Tony Abbott, who is an ex Health Minister for f#%ks sake, would have his hand out for blood money from the nations biggest killers, the Tobacco giants….

Having a party funded by “Big Tobacco” in charge of a health policy is like putting the Pope in charge of delivering a safe sex message, or Al Queda in charge of aircraft maintenance….

What’s the Liberal policy to reduce waiting lists at hospitals? Smoke more, die faster and get off the f#%king queue?

I can’t believe we are struggling as a party against this pack of assholes.

Some point to The Greens, and say that they are taking members from us.

This may be true, but what the bloody hell are we doing letting them? I mean really, they are not a viable alternative, and we should not be letting them get any exposure, or air if we can help it.

The fact is, in the House Of Representatives they hold one seat, that’s right, one. The same number of seats as Bob Katter’s Australia Party. In fact, in the last election in Australia, the Queensland State Election, Katter’s Australia Party won 2 seats, The Greens won none, zero, naught, nil…. Given Katter’s Australia Party is new, it makes you wonder who Australia’s number 4 Political party is, given the Nationals are number 3.

Yeah they hold a balance of power, but so what? In NSW the Shooters and Fishers Party hold a balance of power, but you don’t see them having a circle jerk in front of the press every time they get to make a decision….

The Greens are a fad…. Those who think that they should be let be while we pick up their preference votes need to wake the f#%k up. I would take nothing for granted from The Greens.

The Greens are a party with no integrity at all, they will sell out every time. I’m not saying every Greens MP is a dud, some of them I know are quite good people, with good morals. It’s their party machine that lets them down.

A political party that prides itself on its attitude towards equality, in terms of women’s rights, and the rights of gays, should actually take a stand for their supposed beliefs. Instead, after years of sanctions, The Greens seem to think we should pull troops out of Afghanistan and leave the Taliban to keep oppressing women and murdering gays… Or maybe they think singing Coom By Ya Will do the trick.

If you think that is a stretch, bear this in mind…. The Greens have campaigned heavily, to drastically reduce, or eliminate corporate donations to political parties.

However, just like a whore advocating for virginity, The Greens continue to fight for this principal today, even though they were the recipients of Australia’s largest ever donation to a political party, approximately $1.5Million from the owner of Wotif. What sort of new levels of hypocrisy is this???

If The Greens are willing to sell out their own principles for $1.5Million, how much will they sell yours out for?

The Greens are in the safe position of knowing that they can say whatever they like, and they will never achieve enough power to be held accountable for those words.

Public Toilet loiterers like Alan Jones like to say we are in a Coalition with the Greens, and call it an unholy alliance…. An unholy alliance would be having an imbecile from the National Party who talks like he was dropped on his head at birth, as a Deputy Prime Minister, with a Liberal Prime Minister. This is what could be on the cards with Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbott. Dumb and Dumber, running the country….

In fact, as I write this, Bob Brown has just resigned, he probably knows that the party has gone as far as it can and it’s all downhill from here….

We, as a party need to get off our asses, and start throwing some punches. Serious punches. Otherwise we will all be sitting around on our butts, feeling sorry for ourselves, wondering where it all went wrong.

If you want to know what you can do, here are a couple of ideas…

Start a blog, or get active on social media.

Ring up a Shock Jock, here’s the number 131 873, Tell them you want to put them in a Chaff Bag and throw them into the sea, not too far though, just off the coast of Malabar where the other sewerage gets dumped, see how they like floating out there with the other turds.

Write a letter to your local paper. You never know, they may even publish it.

Even better, if you haven’t already, join your local ALP branch. Don’t go on your own, take a couple of mates with you as well.

If you live in an area with a Labor MP, get in touch, ask what you can do to help sell brand Labor, they won’t bite you… If you don’t have a Labor member, get in touch with the local branch and ask how you can help to get one elected.

Help with a campaign, it won’t kill you. There are strong Labor role models out there now campaigning that could do with your help and encouragement. One that springs to mind is Cassandra Wilkinson, here is a link if you want to help her out.

As a party we are currently acting like a puppy that has had the s#%t kicked out of it.

We have a bloody good story to sell, and it’s about time we all pulled our fingers out and started selling it en masse….

It has come to the stage where we need to stop being spectators and climb into the ring…

Your party, and your country need you. One can only imagine the f#%king mess we will be cleaning up 4 years later if a Coalition Government gets in….

  1. Catching up says:

    Good effort.

    Waiting for the doomsayers to come with more than insults about our intelligence. I am hoping they come with some facts, to convince us of our stupidity.

    Maybe they can take the time to explain why Mr. Abbott the alternative leader has all the answers.

    Yes, we have much to be proud of in this government. Much to be glad for.

  2. Marian Rumens says:

    Tried to explain to Queenslanders the dangers of wiping out an opposition. This is what I wrote

    Why is it so difficult for people who make these comments to understand that this is nothing to do with who won the election and who you vote for. This is about democracy. Without an effective opposition, democracy doesn’t work. The alternative is a dictatorship with no opposition. If there is no opposition and the government you voted for does something that you do not agree with, there will be nothing you can do. You will have no voice to object to anything in a dictatorship . If you voted LNP then enjoy your triumph by all means but please give a little thought to what it means to have no opposition”
    All I got for my trouble was sneers and abuse. One bright spark wanted to wipe the opposition out altogether. Nevertheless, I’ll keep plugging away

  3. Helen says:

    Agree with what you say, except about the Greens….. It makes me really scared for Australia when I see how bad the Labor brand has got. Who would have ever thought the millionaires and the masses would be both backing the same horse. Very scary for the future of fairness and equity in Aus. Cmon Labor fight back! Its time! You’ve done so much good for the country since Julia was elected, start telling people

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