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Posted: April 12, 2012 in Local Politics, Politics

OK, let’s face it, the Labor Party is at a bit of a low point currently, whether we like it or not…

Anybody who does not agree with me on that, probably needs to invest in some Vasoline or KY so that they can lube up and pull their head out of their ass.

We need some fresh ideas, some fresh faces, and some fresh ideas. Did I say fresh ideas twice? Oops, I meant to say it 3 times…

One of the fresh ideas that came out of National Conference and is now getting a run, is the idea of a pre-selection campaigns for key seats, similar to that of the US Primaries. One of the first of these campaigns has just started for the selection of a Labor Candidate for the high profile position of Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Given the position that we are in as a party, and given that this is a high profile position, I think it is important that we get this one right….

So, with that said, we need to know what qualities are needed in a candidate to ensure we are putting our best person forward. After all, Clover Moore has been Mayor since Fred Flinstone married Wilma, well it feels like it anyway… Clover was elected Lord Mayor in 2004, and has a lot of community support, so she will be a tough cookie to crack.

Some of the qualities needed to win are integrity, honesty, openness, determination, creativity, leadership, being community minded, and the ability to bring a fresh perspective to the table. Fresh ideas and the ability to debate them publicly, whilst fighting for the Labor principles we all hold dear.

Coming into this pre-selection campaign like a breath of fresh air is Cassandra Wilkinson, and for what it’s worth, she gets the nod from Wixxy….

Cassandra in The Australian. I love the quote they use too...

Some of you may recognise Cassandra from her many appearances on The Drum on the ABC, or Agenda on Sky News. However there is much more to Cassandra than just her ability to stick it to the Tories on the tele….

What many of you probably don’t know is Cassandra is a wife and a mother of two, a former senior political advisor to various ministers including two police ministers and a Premier. Cassandra is a current opinion contributor to The Australian. She is National Business Development Manager for Social Finance, a start up company which is developing one of Australia’s first Social Impact Bonds.
She is the co-founder and president of a Sydney radio station, FBi94.5FM, a station that is proud to play at least 50% local content. She has held several high profile positions in public office, including a Director within the NSW Ministry Of Transport. She is a Director of the Human Capital Project, which is a privately funded tuition loans program for students at Cambodia’s University of Economics and Management. Cassandra has presented at the Sydney Writers Festival, and the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas. She also gave a much praised and much downloaded speech on Internet Censorship at the 2008 Battle Of Ideas, and in her spare time managed to have authored a book and have it published.

"Don't Panic - Nearly Everything is Better Than You Think" by Cassandra Wilkinson

Just for good measure, Cassandra was also named among Sydney’s 100 most influential creative catalysts by VIVID.

I think it is fair to say that Cassandra comes with a wealth of knowledge, and a breadth of experience that can quite simply described as colossal. Not only that, she has managed to keep a level head, and maintain a “down to earth” perspective.

These things are important, as it shows not only know how, but also strength of character, and this is what voters in Sydney will be looking for when it comes to electing a mayor.

Another thing that voters will be looking for is ideas, and little things called policies…. Cassandra comes out swinging in this area. Cassandra is not just asking for ideas and suggestions from the public, as the other candidates are doing, the difference with Cassandra is, she is actually talking about plans and policies as well.

In what I would call a gutsy decision, Cassandra has even offered to go to people’s homes to discuss policy with them, if they can get a group of at least ten people together. This is a bold move indeed, but shows the passion Cassandra has for actually serving the public, and hearing what they say, first hand, absorbing it, and using it to shape policy.

Cassandra on The Drum on The ABC

I’m not going to go into all of Cassandra’s ideas and policies, I think she can do a far better job of explaining them herself. I’ll just give you the links.

Unlike others in this process, Cassandra is not asking for money to help her campaign in the pre-selection, she is merely asking for feedback, ideas, and a bit of support and encouragement.

If you are interested in Cassandra’s campaign, you can follow her blog here, or you can watch her progress via her campaign Facebook page, or you can follow her on twitter here.

I for one, wish her all the best, and will be fighting the good fight for her.

I encourage anyone who wants the Labor Party to take a positive step forward to do the same.


  1. Roger Grealy says:

    Does that poster she sits in front of mean she is not a fan of natural/herbal medicine?

    • wixxy says:

      To be honest Roger, I don’t know…. but I’m sure she would be happy to answer it for you if you ask her. Just follow the links on the blog and ask, I did think the quote was funny though…

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