Memory Serves

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Politics

Sitting down to write this, slurping away on a White Russian (shut up it’s after midday) one thing has become clear…. there is more infighting in Parliament House at the moment then there ever was in the Big Brother house, celebrity version or not….

We watch on with morbid fascination as Gillard and Rudd, once the dynamic duo, try to verbally tear each other’s limbs off. We see them fail at this, and only end up tearing apart Australia’s strongest political party as they battle it out….

With all of this going on, it is important to look at the other side of the house, the opposition, a motley crew made up by the dysfunctional marriage of a few political parties that can’t make it on their own.

Right wing commentators like Alan Jones, and Andrew Bolt keep saying “Let the people decide”, calling for an election. This is the same election that they have been calling for since the last one was finalised.

You see, we had an election, the people did decide… just because you don’t like the result doesn’t mean we should do it again, what if the same thing happened again, would these imbeciles want to try for best of 3, then maybe best out of 5??

If the election told us anything, it told us that people don’t want Abbott as Prime Minister. At the time of the election, Labor as a party were at a low point, Rudd had just been toppled, people were unsure which one the real Julia was, the ALP were a basket case…. Any Coalition leader worth anything should have walked home with that election with a massive majority….

Instead we had Abbott, desperately trying to woo the independents and failing dismally. Then slagging them off when waht Gillard told them made sense. Clearly the man couldn’t negotiate diddly squat….

So with all the drama that is going on at the moment, maybe we should see how our memory serves us and have a look at what the option B is…

Option B is Tony Abbott, and most of us wish he was option Z.

Forget Bob Brown, I mean viable options, realistically The Greens have nowhere near the number to ever come close to challenging Abbott. If they doubled the number of seats in the House Of Reps, they would have 2. This means Abbott is the only other option currently.

Tony Abbott is the man who overthrew Malcolm Turnbull by an absolute majority of 1 vote. That 1 vote probably cost the Coalition power ironically…

Tony Abbott keeps telling us that Julia Gillard is a liar, even though she told us pre election that she would price carbon, in fact she considered it a mandate. But let’s cast our minds back and see who tells the gospel truth…

Watching that interview again makes it hard to believe that anybody could take Abbott seriously.

Some may remember Tony Abbotts show of class when he put the boot into Bernie Banton when he was John Howards health minister. That was good form, a Health Minister putting the boot into a dying man in the last days of his life. Bernie should have known better than to ask for Abbotts help when it came to helping the working men who were dying as a result of a large corporation… But Bernie dedicated the last months of his life to helping others, a true hero. But to Tony Abbott, just another of the little working class to kick….

I could knock Abbott for days on end about what he has done and said, but I don’t want to delve too much into his past… more relevant to look at what he offers now.

Looking, looking, looking…. hmm not much to see by way of policy….

Julie Bishop hinted towards an Industrial Relations Policy last week on Q&A, lots of big buzz words like flexibility, transparency, and productivity, but could give absolutely no details at all…. all bun no burger…

Then there is The Direct Action Policy, not a single economist or environmental expert can find an merit in this waste of a policy.

Abbotts Asylum Seeker policy, is not really a policy, more of a slogan, or maybe a bumper sticker for rednecks to put next to their “F%$k Off We’re Full” sticker.

Some may remember that a final blow to the Coalition last Federal Election was the $11Billion dollar hole in their budget numbers. Numbers that were verified by two accountants in Perth ,who were this year fined for misleading the public with those same figures.

This year, the 3 Stooges Abbott, Hockey, and Robb are proud to offer us a whopping $70Billion black hole in their budgeting.

$70 Billion hole? This is our alternative?

Say what you like about the current battle being fought over leadership, and I’m not going to tell you which person you should support. What I will say is this, support the party, it is all that stands between us and oblivion under the rule of the man they call the “Mad Monk”

Under a Labor government, a record number of bills have been passed, even through a hung parliament. Major policies have been put through that are visionary.

Our so called 2 speed economy will be balanced by the Mining Tax. While Abbott’s alternative is to hand Billions back to the Billionaire mining chiefs.

Climate change is being addressed, rather than being denied.

When all is said and done, you may well detest the behaviour of Labors MP’s lately. However it is worth remembering, sometimes it is better the devil you know…. better than the Mad Monk you don’t anyway….

  1. wrb330 says:

    Glad you didnt delve, else you would still be writing about his love and assistance to our sick while Health Minister, an effort equalled only by Bronwyn running those good kero bath nursing homes.
    I think the people will begin to realise next month that our PM isnt all promise & no delivery as claimed. Right around the same time the cheques hit the banks.
    Then they can take comfort in the fact Tony not only wants to cut health (again), reduce pensions, take the dole off under 30’s he also want to rollback the carbon tax.

    Shame he wont be able to roll back the raised prices after removing the subsidies, as we know business loves dropping prices.

    Good blog wixxy, informative pleasure as always.

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